Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC review

One of the top solar energy service companies is Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC. Design and installation of solar power systems for home and commercial applications are our team's areas of expertise. We collaborate with customers to develop specialized solutions that optimize environmental advantages while lowering energy costs. Sunrise Solar Solutions work hard to provide the most dependable solar energy solutions and the greatest customer service.
Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC review

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC overview

One of the top solar energy service companies is Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC. Design and installation of solar power systems for home and commercial applications are our team's areas of expertise. We collaborate with customers to develop specialized solutions that optimize environmental advantages while lowering energy costs. Sunrise Solar Solutions work hard to provide the most dependable solar energy solutions and the greatest customer service.

What Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC has to say about itself

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC is a prominent supplier of cutting-edge, environmentally friendly energy solutions to homes and businesses around the country. We provide everything from full solar panel installations to maintenance and upgrade services for energy systems. Superior customer service and dependable, high-performance solar energy solutions are our areas of expertise. Our professionals collaborate with you to create a unique energy solution that fits your demands and budget using their years of knowledge.

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasCT, NY
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, UL, ETL

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC website review

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC's website gives you a thorough introduction to the business, its offerings, and the advantages of going solar. The website has a polished design, and the information is well-organized, with clear sections devoted to things like customer reviews and the business's stance on environmental responsibility. Information on how to get in touch with relevant people inside the organization is also provided on the website. The site as a whole seems trustworthy and dependable. If a business is serious about serving its clients well and keeping them abreast of its newest products, it has to have a website that reflects that commitment in both design and content.

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC price policy

PackagesBusiness Package: Starts at $5,000, Residential Package: Starts at $4,500, Multi-Family Package: Starts at $7,500, Government Agency Package: Starts at $9,000, Commercial Project Package: Starts at $10,000, Utility-Scale Project Package: Starts at $15,000, Grid Services Package: Starts at $20,000, Custom Solar Design Package: Starts at $2,500, Solar Installation Package: Starts at $2,000, Maintenance Package: Starts at $1,000
Payment optionsCredit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), ACH bank transfer, cash, and check.
Payment discounts10% discount for senior citizens, 10% discount for veterans, 5% discount for first-time customers, 10-20% off select solar panels, 10-20% off select solar batteries

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC online reputation

Customers that used Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC have mostly left mixed reviews. Customers have appreciated the business for its skilled employees, speedy installation, and high-quality service. Others have said that they believed there needed to be more openness regarding prices and services and that customer service might be improved. Overall, Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC has served a large number of delighted clients, but it should keep aiming for excellence to enhance client interactions.
"A member of the Sunrise team just gave me a call. I was talking over her, and I told her four times that I wasn't interested, and yet here I am, getting calls from solar firms after visiting their website. Where do you want to put it? She kept asking me. I can offer you a commercial/residential pricing quote over the phone. Keep chatting over me like you don't want to end the call. I had to say "hello" three times before she would let me finish my sentence. I politely declined and asked that my name be removed, but she abruptly ended the call." - Jeffrey P.
"Make sure the panels and inverters' model numbers are included in the contract so that he can't swap to a cheaper or older type later on. Andre's energy audit is a farce, as well. Everything he said can be found by anybody with an internet connection. A valid energy audit will often include both a blower door test and thermal imaging/infrared camera technology. It's the most accurate indicator of whether or not there are leaks and their location. Look it up on Google and you'll see." - Raymond L.
"When a potential suitor knocked on our door, my husband said we weren't interested. Then, two weeks later, they contact me by phone and text to say they'd want to meet up. I politely requested to be removed from their mailing list, and he responded with sarcasm and rudeness. Not someone I'd suggest. Their service to customers is subpar." - Avery S.
"This organization won't give me any space. I get a spam call from a number every other day claiming that my power bill is too high and that you can lower it by installing solar panels. I've asked them to stop phoning repeatedly, but they ignore me. Pay a bit extra for native English speakers if you must use a call center to irritate folks." - Tucker D.
"Have ordered solar panels. A week has passed with no answer or movement. I called Sunrise Solar Solutions and they said there was an issue with the system and I couldn't see the suggested design. I'm finally getting it. Lots of questions, and asked Sunrise Solar Solutions by phone, text, and instant message 5 times. It's been two weeks since I last heard from anybody. I'm planning to cancel this purchase." - Drake E.
"Among the quotes I received, these stood out as the most well-considered. My power bill has dropped from $400 per month to $13.20 after having solar panels installed for 2 years; I am even able to charge my electric vehicle. Good news so far! The finance options they provided were accommodating, and my family was able to purchase the whole thing. Additionally, Sunrise provided a 25-year efficiency guarantee on the solar panels, which is why we selected them over competing choices." - Brendan K.
"A close friend of the family in the area was the one who first told me about Sunrise Solar. Sungevity, One Block off the Grid, and Solar City were among the other national companies that offered solar energy systems that I was researching at the time. Sunrise was noticeably more effective in communicating and explaining the process to me than any of the other organizations I spoke with. It was fantastic to be able to rely on their nearby support after we had things rolling, as opposed to a distant contact center. The setup went through without a hitch, and I have been keeping in contact often to verify that my newly coned invoices are accurate. Sunrise is the best service provider in the region, in my opinion. Yes, the staff there is really friendly." - Jared K.
"Our recent installation by Sunrise Solar at our Irvington, NY, house was a great experience for us. On this project, we dealt with a large number of suppliers, and although we had problems with several of them, Sunrise Solar was always professional and straightforward throughout. The market is murky, and we didn't know what we were getting into, but they came highly recommended. My husband takes pleasure in keeping tabs on our solar system remotely (you can check how much energy it generates and how much it sends back into the grid daily). We live in a challenging city, and they made it easy for us by being extremely straightforward and transparent as they walked us through the installation/equipment and the permits paperwork." - Ala J.
"Two years ago, I had solar panels put by Sunrise Solar. They survived two severe winters after that. The primary reason I am writing this evaluation now is to share my satisfaction with the panels' performance so far in meeting our yearly power demands for the home and the electric vehicle. Sunrise Solar's dedication to detail in the technical design, business case, planning, and preparation leading up to the installation was crucial to its success. This has solidified my recommendation of them for solar panel installations." - Braylon S.
"This is an update to my previous analysis. About a year and a half ago, Sunrise put in a 90-panel system that has been responsible for generating 75% to 80% of our energy needs. Earlier this week, I got a message from Sunrise claiming that they had detected an issue with some panels. (The web-based monitoring system had emailed me earlier, but I hadn't gotten around to looking into it.) When I responded yes when they inquired if they could come out, a repairman showed up the very next day. They had to remove panels to look, so the next day they came back with another worker and finished the fix. Great service! There was no cost to me since it was covered under warranty." - Andy F.

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC Social media
The Facebook page for Sunrise Solar Solutions provides a wonderful glimpse into the bright and cheerful field of solar power. That 500 people like the official page speaks volumes. There's a ton of great material on the page, including articles, postings, photographs, videos, and references to linked sites. To maintain communication inside the group, the information is updated and sent often. The website has an up-to-date design and plenty of eye-catching pictures to clarify the concept and advantages of solar power. Since this site is updated and managed by qualified individuals, we know we can rely on the information presented here. Overall, the website is credible, educational, and often updated, and it presents solar energy as an exciting, lucrative, and environmentally beneficial option. Well worth keeping an eye on.
Sunrise Solar Solutions' major objective is to provide customers with goods and services that enable them to live more sustainably and hygienically while paying less for energy. Due to all the likes and recommendations, the business has earned from pleased clients, its LinkedIn profile exudes professionalism and dependability. This website provides details about the company's goods and services, client endorsements, and staff updates. Sunrise Solar Solutions is a recognized business with a long track record of achievement. Excellent customer service is provided, and it is clear that they care about their patrons. The target market likes and trusts Sunrise Solar Solutions LinkedIn profile.
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Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews163.8


Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC Pros & Cons

  • Professionalism
  • Quality Products
  • Green Initiative
  • Limited geographical reach
  • Lack of financing options
  • Limited inventory

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC Final Conclusions

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC provides comprehensive solar installation services to homeowners, businesses, and even charitable organizations. Customers benefit from a cheaper, cleaner alternative to traditional power sources. Customers have praised their expertise and attentiveness. On a scale from 1 to 5, this firm has 4.5.

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC locations

Main Address510 North State Road, Briarcliff Manor NY, 10510
Phone Number9147627622

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