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By providing payment plans that make sense for you, we make solar accessible. Whatever your financial situation and energy requirements, we collaborate with you to discover the ideal match. Our knowledgeable staff will set up your system to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Your house will gain value, and you will see instant savings that increase over time.
Suntria review

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By providing payment plans that make sense for you, we make solar accessible. Whatever your financial situation and energy requirements, we collaborate with you to discover the ideal match. Our knowledgeable staff will set up your system to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Your house will gain value, and you will see instant savings that increase over time.

What Suntria has to say about itself

Owning a Suntria solar & battery system is the best method to preserve the value of your property and reduce your electricity costs.With the most qualified team of professionals at our disposal, we provide exceptional service, workmanship, and solar technology as part of our dedication to excellence.Our systems are covered by a 30-year labor and parts warranty. In the last 17 years, we have installed solar systems for more than 15,000 of your neighbors throughout AZ, TX, and NV. In the solar business, we have the highest NABCEP® accreditation.

Suntria Solar Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasAZ, TX, NV
Service TypesSolar energy, Energy monitoring, Off-grid systems, Hybrid solar systems,
Types PanelsNot specified
Backup BatteryNot specified
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

Suntria website review presents Suntria's solar products and services to both residential and commercial customers. The site contains useful information about various solar solutions, the benefits of solar installations and savings for consumers. Website design is modern, animated. Posting links to the company's social networks and existing certificates inspire confidence among potential customers. The disadvantage is the lack of a price list for the installation of solar systems.

Suntria price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discounts0% Financing, Solar panel rental, Tax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

Suntria online reputation

Based on customer feedback, Suntria, a solar panel installation company, has provided quality and reliable services to its customers. Most of the clients reported a positive experience with the company, praising their professionalism, expertise and customer service. However, some homeowners have been concerned about customer service after installing solar systems.
"The project took 10 months to complete, and throughout that time, three payments were required. Customer service never responded calls. I wouldn't suggest Suntria to anybody and I wouldn't do business with them again." - Steven McClanahan
"The contracts and agreements were effectively signed right away. I'm still waiting for the installation after six months. My entire impression was one of bad leadership, poor communication, and inherent disorganization. By sending a group SMS to every Suntria participant expressing my unhappiness and threatening legal action, I was able to have the system working in 2 days. It's really too bad that it came to that since Suntria has let down not just me but ALL of the potential future references Suntria may have had. Several people have asked me about my system, and although I like it, I can't suggest Suntria for installation. I thus advise folks to purchase it but to go elsewhere for installation. With the exception of selling the system, Sutria has failed in every area of customer satisfaction. Yet, the system is now functional. It would be better if I just put the incident behind me by writing the review I promised and taking pleasure in the results of MY effort." - Glen
"I've just been a client since 10/2022, but I've been wholly dissatisfied with this business from the start. To have all of my panels mounted and operational, it first took a month. My first power bill came to $734. In response to my worried call, I was informed that "the bill and system had to cycle through." The next month's power bill was $641.06; I phoned once again. I was informed that it must be your power provider this time. Bear in mind that they suggested I switch to this power provider. The next month's bill comes in while I'm on the phone with the power provider to determine whether the problem is their fault. It is $1466.80. Now that the energy provider has verified the problem is not on their end, I've contacted Suntria once again. Suntria dispatches a technician at last. According to the technician, 13 of the 52 installed panels are broken and have never operated. When they were first installed, they WERE NOT properly connected. I advise Suntria customer service with this information. My current bill is $984.69 in the interim. The only thing they can do, according to customer service, is reimburse me $114. I have spent more than $2500 in energy bills over the past five months for a service that was supposed to lower the average $200 I was spending before Suntria. I can't possibly come to a resolution with them. Nevertheless, at this point, since NO ONE wants to talk, I'll be getting legal counsel because they've broken the contract. The contract promised that my equipment would be installed and completely operational, but that has not happened, and as a result, I have lost a significant amount of money. One more point: the house only holds two people and is of ordinary size, not football field proportions. I would only suggest them to the BBB because I am so completely repulsed and annoyed by them!" - Brock
"I had no idea there was a way to keep track of my solar panels. I saw comments in other reviews mentioning SolarEdge. While I haven't set this up yet, I was informed that monitoring was in progress when I first installed the system. I phoned customer service for troubleshooting after seeing a high power bill for the fourth month in a row. I was informed that it might take up to 24 hours to hear back from a tech representative, but I am still waiting. My inability to monitor my solar panels was the problem, and because my energy usage has decreased but my electric bill has up, there must be a problem. As I've only owned my system for a little over a year, this indicates that a problem occurred during the first six months of ownership." - Chris
"Their drop-down menu here in California does not permit My system was set up by them more than a year ago, but it has never delivered as promised. From the beginning to the end, Suntria was problematic for me, and it still is. I can back up any claim I make with evidence. The system was supposed to generate an estimated 11,138 kW at first, according to their contract. Around 9000 kW are being produced at the moment by the system. They said that the predicted power output of 11,138 kW was closer to 9000 kW than it was, so I got 80% of what I paid for and everything was working as it should have. To address consumer concerns, they are not returning calls or answering their phone. It goes without saying that they are now working with a Contractor's License that is suspended as of March 23, 2022. It would probably give me a cause to not answer or return calls." - Jim N
"The sales representative was Zac, who was helpful, polite, and ready to address any concerns before, during, and after the installation. We put up a 36-panel ground mount system. Our objective was to generate 1600–1900 kilowatt each month. We average around 1800 kilowatt every month. We generate 65–78 kw per day on a bright December day (which are fairly few right now). Around 20 kilowatt is produced on cloudy days. We chose Suntria over the local businesses who are now abusing the energy tax legislation since they offer the greatest overall warranty and have been in business for a much longer. (For those who are interested, Texas's energy tax is 30% of the cost of your panels plus installation.) We like how simple it is to utilize the app with enphase. We are able to easily observe how much electricity we generate and use. Once when we phoned customer support, they informed us that our system was just updating. I spoke with Karina from customer support. She advised me to save her phone number in case I ever needed assistance with the system again. She phoned me again the next day to make sure my system had been updated and was functioning correctly. Our whole experience was fantastic!!!" - S Banks
"My decision to go solar has always been on the borderline, but after meeting with my agent, Jeremiah, all of my worries have been allayed. This choice was an easy one to make because of his product knowledge, skill, and ability to explain the advantages and procedure. Would absolutely suggest and carry out again!" - Nick Myers
"I've been researching solar firms for the last six years and have now made the decision to proceed. All of my queries were handled by Chandler Brooks in sales, who also suggested that we should apply any tax credits we get to the loan debt in order to maintain a constant payment. Jeff, the electrical contractor, installed a new panel, examined everything, and then returned to address more queries. Our method was well explained by Mike and Tom. They said that the connection has been going for 30 years and advised me to contact them with any queries. Robert Smith and his assistant did a fantastic job installing the system. The salesperson is also a local." - Dorrie Mann
"Simple installation with no issues. Every week, Tom phoned to check in on the status and to answer any queries. We have the best-looking system in the neighborhood thanks to the fantastic panels, which don't need any unsightly fasteners to keep them in place. Also, all of the conduit was expertly painted to match the home." - Mike
"Jose, a Suntria technician, arrived to resolve the issue. He was punctual and really competent. He had a few remedies in mind. He identified the issue and corrected it in less than 30 minutes. He is highly competent and polite. Keep him close by." - Service call

Suntria Social media
This is the Facebook page for Suntria Solar, a firm that provides solar panel installation assistance to owners of residential and commercial properties. Since the page's launch in May 2018, it has seen a lot of activity. Currently, the page has more than 3,400 likes and over 11,000 followers. The page mostly updates details about their solar projects, offers, and solar energy news. The entries also include instructional material on solar energy, client reviews, and other relevant material. Additionally, it appears that the page is pushing sustainability and environmental awareness programs. Overall, Suntria Solar's Facebook page is a fantastic channel for connecting with your target market, advertising your products, and emphasizing your dedication to sustainability.
The solar energy company Suntria Solar, which assists owners of residential and commercial property with the installation of solar panels, has a LinkedIn presence. The page has amassed over 1,200 followers and over 2,000 posts since its introduction in October 2018, indicating that it has been extremely active. The majority of the content on the page is professional content pertaining to their energy business, such as updates on their solar projects, client endorsements, and industry-related publications. On sustainability, the switch to renewable energy, and other connected themes, there is additional content all year round. Overall, it appears that Suntria Solar has a solid presence on LinkedIn because to the updates they often provide about their efforts, services, and products that show their dedication to sustainability. By answering comments and favoriting posts on themes relevant to their profession, the page also interacts with its fans.
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Suntria average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1844


Suntria Pros & Cons

  • Simple and effective consultations
  • Payback of the solar system
  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • Support issues after installation
  • Limited service area
  • Installation quality

Suntria Final Conclusions

According to user reviews, the solar panel installation firm Suntria has given its clients dependable, high-quality services. The majority of clients gave the business favorable reviews, complimenting their expertise, knowledge, and customer service. Clients have also reported that Suntria's solar panels have greatly lowered their power costs and effectively generated energy for their residence or place of business. Also, a lot of clients applauded the business for its dedication to environmental sustainability. Yet, after installing solar systems, some homeowners have expressed concerns regarding customer service. Overall, Suntria is a respectable and reliable solar installation business committed to offering its clients high-quality services and goods. The firm is the greatest option for people wanting to install solar panels since the positive testimonials demonstrate that it has successfully satisfied the demands and expectations of its clients.

Suntria locations

Main AddressSuntria Arizona (HQ), 2141 E Broadway Rd. Ste 202 Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone Number(877) 786-6691

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