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With access to exclusive video bulletins and invites to nearby events, become a member of our solar community and remain on top of the game.

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With access to exclusive video bulletins and invites to nearby events, become a member of our solar community and remain on top of the game.

What Treepublic has to say about itself

Solar energy is often pictured as a cosmic gift to our little blue planet, or as a warm handshake with the sun. We at Treepublic Solar want as many people as possible to enjoy and gain from using our closest star's photons for their regular residential, commercial, and industrial energy needs.

Treepublic Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline panels, as well as thin-film and double-sided panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SEIA

Treepublic website review

The website offers in-depth details about the business and its solar solutions. An summary of Treepublic Solar's personnel, purpose, and beliefs can be found on the About Us page. The numerous solar panel alternatives are shown in the Products section together with full information, specs, and advantages. Each page's information is clear and succinct, which makes it simpler for visitors to comprehend the products. Strong call-to-action buttons on the website, such as Get Started, Contact Us, and Request a Quote, nudge users to perform certain tasks. These buttons are prominently displayed and situated in a way that promotes interaction and engagement. A portion of the website is devoted to customer testimonials and reviews from happy clients. This increases consumer trust in Treepublic Solar's offerings. Information on the different financing alternatives, such as solar loans, leases, and power purchase agreements, is provided in the Financing section. Visitors may contact the website using the phone number, email address, physical address, and contact form on the Contact page. This makes it so that prospective customers can simply contact us to ask questions or acquire more information. Overall, the Treepublic Solar website successfully exposes the company's solar offerings, emphasizes its dedication to sustainability, and gives prospective consumers easy access to a wealth of information.

Treepublic price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCheck, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer
Payment discountsFinancing options, including solar loans, leases and power purchase agreements.

Treepublic online reputation

It is evident from the client testimonials that Treepublic Solar has a reputation for both satisfied and dissatisfied customers. However, the majority of the reviews lean in favor of the good. According to appearances, Treepublic Solar is a dependable and trustworthy solar energy supplier with a significant focus on client happiness. Numerous customers have voiced their delight with Treepublic, praising different features of the service. The business is acclaimed for its all-encompassing strategy, which includes the initial inspection, installation, and follow-up maintenance. Customers appreciate the company's dedication to using solar energy and protecting the environment, as well as its passion in these areas. Numerous customers also laud Treepublic for being approachable and educative, which has improved their understanding of solar, invoicing, and system design. The organization is not without faults, however. Some unfavorable evaluations highlight problems with cooperation and communication, particularly with outside businesses like roofing contractors. There have been cases when these communication breakdowns have caused issues with the installation procedure, leading to subpar outcomes. Overall, Treepublic Solar has a good reputation among pleased clients who laud the business for its professionalism, expertise, and commitment to client satisfaction. However, in order to further improve its image and preserve its position as a reliable source for solar energy solutions, the firm should make an effort to solve the difficulties identified in unfavorable evaluations, particularly in terms of communication and app usage.
"Negative outcomes and a challenging procedure. There was a lack of communication when we began the installation week for the project, and I struggled to receive any answers. Problems arose at the outset of the project since the firm wasn't accessible or communicative with my roofing company. The installation week was a nightmare for me since the solar firm (Treepublic) and the roofing company couldn't get along. The Treepublic representative insulted the owner of my roofing firm. And he was disrespectful to me, too. Bad communication made the process difficult and the outcome unsatisfactory. Treepublic is not the right choice if you require a solar business that will work in tandem with your roofing company. Even though the Solaria solar panels are sleek and futuristic in appearance, the installation doesn't have a low profile due to the 6 inch footings that were built. destroying the purpose of the high-priced minimalist panels. At first, Treepublic expressed regret and pledged to address the issue. The representative eventually refused, became angry, and hung up on me a few days later. The panels probably turned out well, but getting them probably hurt like hell. I would never suggest working with this firm. Irreversible buyer regret." - Joseph
"The panels from Treepublic Solar have served me well over the last year. When I had a query regarding my bill, customer care was quick to respond, and the problem was quickly fixed. However, there is room for improvement in the usability and functionality of the solar production monitoring smartphone app." - David
"The ideal platform is Treepublic. They evaluated my flat roof, selected high-quality components, and expertly installed 28 panels to my complete pleasure. From sales to installation to service to accounting, everyone maintained a "customer first" mentality and worked diligently to do things properly. Most significantly, there was a little problem with the installation, and the staff was quick to take responsibility and rectify it, making it all the more comforting to know that this crew has your back in the event of any future complications. I have nothing but praise for this company; they provided excellent service at a reasonable price." - Brian
"Make the switch to solar energy with Treepublic. You won't find a better firm than this one; they are trustworthy, dependable, diligent, and professional. Keep reading to find out more! Ours is the sort of family that does its homework before hiring a professional of any kind. After months of research, several in-person meetings with different installers (both large and small), recommendations from friends, and even a trip to City Hall to find out which installers and systems were preferred, we ultimately settled on Enphase, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. Friends' suggestions led us to Treepublic, and our interactions with Vladimir (sales) and Omar (business owner) solidified our decision. Their professional collaboration has exceeded our expectations. Omar and Vladimir were trustworthy, well-informed, and accessible (they always answered the phone or got back to us promptly) while we developed the concept and budget for our project. They were really kind and helpful in answering all of our (many) questions so that we could choose the system that would be the greatest fit for us. When you meet with Treepublic, you'll quickly see that they really care about providing excellent service and about making you happy as a client. There is culture in every company. The atmosphere at Treepublic is enthusiastic and productive. They have a deep interest in solar energy. Considering how well they treat their customers, it's no wonder that a business of Treepublic's size is seeing rapid expansion. Our house overlooks Treepublic's massive solar array at the nearby high school, so we felt confident in their ability to handle both small and big installations. Our ideal corporation would be large enough to meet our needs but not so massive that we couldn't expect individual attention in the next decade or more. That business is Treepublic. Quickly schedule a time to meet with them. We were all pleasantly pleased by how terrific the solar panels made us feel once they were up and running. It's incredible to use the app to see your house power itself while also saving money, helping the environment, and being ready for a power outage. I'm relieved that Omar and Vladimir suggested we go with the Enphase system, which includes I8 micro-converters and a battery bank. We found the Enphase system to be considerably more versatile and secure than competing options." - Charles
"Treepublic provides unrivaled knowledge and individualized support. Treepublic should be your first (and only) visit when looking at solar, storage backup, and electric vehicle charging options for your house or business. Sean spent a lot of time explaining things to me so that I could make sense of my LADWP bill, where my energy was going, and how to build and construct a sustainable, scalable system. After your time at Treepublic, you will feel both more educated and happier." - Peter
"They delivered everything we needed. Even though we live rather far away, they nevertheless responded to our ad when we posted that we were having trouble getting our solar system to display output. On Saturday night, after finishing their respective tasks, they came to make the necessary repairs. They were really helpful and had it up and running quickly. They even work out how to incorporate the new component into our existing setup. " - Connor
"The staff at Treepublic is fantastic. Due to the ever-increasing cost of my monthly power bill, I made the decision to install solar panels on the roof of my garage. The installation looks amazing and was completed quickly. Since my roof is flat, the installation was simple and, hopefully, leak-free. Until it rains, we won't know for sure. They finished the job on schedule and have been responsive to inquiries after implementation. They were chosen in part due to the positive feedback they received on the review website Yelp. I simply wanted to add my own praise to the pile. Out of all the solar panel installers out there, they were my clear choice." -Mikie

Treepublic Social media
The Treepublic Solar profile's basic details, including name, category (Shopping & Retail), and location, are available on its Facebook page. The company's purpose is also briefly described, emphasizing the company's dedication to sustainable living and renewable energy. Content about solar energy, sustainability, and environmental protection is constantly published on the website. This contains educational news, infographics, and articles that explain readers on the advantages of solar energy and how it can help create a better future. A sizable number of people follow the page, and their postings get likes, comments, and shares. Customers may post testimonials and suggestions on the Facebook page, which can be seen in the "Reviews" tab. Building brand trust via social evidence is made possible by this. According to their Facebook page, Treepublic Solar seems to be reacting to messages and comments from fans. In order to further improve customer experience and develop bonds with their audience, they are fast to answer to questions. In general, Treepublic Solar's Facebook page efficiently supports their website by offering their audience extra material, updates, and possibilities for involvement. In addition to fostering a feeling of community and introducing users to solar power, it showcases Treepublic Solar's know-how and dedication to sustainability.
Basic details regarding the Treepublic Solar profile, including name, location, industry (renewables and environment), and firm size, are available on the LinkedIn website. It also gives a succinct summary of the company's goals and offerings. The website often posts updates on the happenings, news, and activities in the Treepublic Solar sector. Treepublic Solar's industry leadership is on display on their LinkedIn profile. They provide educational material and give their audience useful knowledge. The page showcases the efforts and achievements of Treepublic Solar staff members. Jobs and employment possibilities at Treepublic Solar are listed on their LinkedIn profile. This demonstrates their aggressive hiring practices and business expansion. Customers, clients, and business partners have provided recommendations and endorsements on the LinkedIn profile. These endorsements show Treepublic Solar's good standing and the stakeholders' satisfaction with the company. Overall, the LinkedIn profile for Treepublic Solar portrays the business in a professional manner, creates leadership, features employee successes, emphasizes collaborations, and engages with pertinent business news. It highlights Treepublic Solar's dedication to sustainability and offers a venue for industry networking and cooperation.
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Treepublic average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews224.7


Treepublic Pros & Cons

  • High-Quality Components
  • Professional Installation
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Communication Issues
  • Usability of Monitoring App
  • Warranty Handling

Treepublic Final Conclusions

With an overall rating of 4.61 stars, Treepublic Solar is a reputable and reliable provider of solar energy. Their website is attractive and educational, offering in-depth details about their solar solutions and demonstrating their dedication to sustainability. Visitors may easily locate the information they want on the website because to its user-friendly navigation and responsive design. Customer opinions about Treepublic Solar are conflicting. The majority of the evaluations are favorable, praising several facets of the business' operations, production, and customer service. Customers commended the high quality installation materials, the experienced and qualified installation staff, and the business' dedication to serving their needs first. Many customers also valued the team's expertise and accessibility, particularly throughout the decision-making process. Positives include Treepublic Solar's affiliations with reputable companies like Enphase and their zeal for solar power and the environment. Customers also express satisfaction in the fact that they accept responsibility for any installation problems and work carefully to resolve them. However, certain difficulties with communication both inside the firm and with other organizations like roofing providers were brought up in the unfavorable evaluations, which is cause for worry. In certain circumstances, this has caused delays and undesirable outcomes. Additionally, there have been several instances of problems with warranty services and inconsistent customer assistance. With most clients expressing happiness with their services, it seems that Treepublic Solar has built a respectable reputation for its operation and performance. However, there are still certain areas that need development, particularly in terms of communication and reliability of customer support. To further improve the business's image and guarantee consistent client service, these problems—which may have led to unfavorable reviews—must be resolved.

Treepublic locations

Main Address2337 Roscomare Rd, Los Angeles, California 90077, US
Phone Number8007018073

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