Vibe Solar review

There are several ways in which going solar may improve both your quality of life at home and your bank account. If you have questions about whether or not solar is a suitable investment for you, Vibe Solar's team of trained solar consultants will take the time to evaluate your home's energy bills and use.

Vibe Solar overview

There are several ways in which going solar may improve both your quality of life at home and your bank account. If you have questions about whether or not solar is a suitable investment for you, Vibe Solar's team of trained solar consultants will take the time to evaluate your home's energy bills and use.

What Vibe Solar has to say about itself

Vibe Solar is a solar installation business established in California that serves the whole state. They are committed to protecting the environment and improving the world. In light of the current energy crisis confronting the country, it is time for us to lead by example and make the necessary changes. We have been providing excellent service to our consumers for over 20 years, and this is all because to our hardworking and knowledgeable staff. Since we are a turnkey solar installation firm, you'll be working only with Vibe Solar staff and never an outside contractor.

Vibe Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

Vibe Solar website review

The website of Vibe Solar seems to be a well-designed, professional website devoted to advertising solar energy products. With a mostly white backdrop and vibrant graphics of solar panels and renewable energy, the website has a simple, contemporary style. A favorable and interesting user experience is facilitated by the use of high-quality images. Visitors may simply move through the different areas of the website thanks to its clear and easy navigation menu. The menu enables customers to get the information they want fast by offering alternatives like Home, About Us, Services, Projects, and Contacts. The website gives detailed information about the business and its services. Vibe Solar's goal, values, and solar energy expertise are all covered in great length in the "About Us" section. The several solar solutions they provide, including installations for homes and businesses, upkeep, and financing choices, are described in the Services section. A quotation request form or calling the business for further information are just two examples of the call-to-action buttons that are prominently displayed on the website. Potential leads and user engagement are both boosted by this. Customer endorsements emphasizing their pleased experiences with Vibe Solar may be found on the website. This increases the company's services' dependability and trustworthiness. Overall, the website for Vibe Solar successfully communicates the company's expertise in solar solutions via a polished design, enlightening information, and simple navigation.

Vibe Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash or check, Financing, Solar loans, Electricity Purchase Agreements (EPAs), Solar panels rental, Property Based Clean Energy Financing (PACE)
Payment discountsCash discount, Financing Options, Federal tax breaks, State and local incentives, Referral programs

Vibe Solar online reputation

Numerous consumers have provided Vibe Solar with incredibly excellent comments. The business deserves praise for its exceptional customer support, help with paperwork, and aid with authorization processes. The installers are commended for their professionalism and in-depth explanations, and the installation procedure is characterized as quick and efficient. Vibe Solar is highly recommended by happy clients who have had good dealings with the business. Customers praise the sales professionals' openness and honesty, praising Joey and Alan in particular for their outstanding assistance and availability. Also complimented for their assistance throughout the whole process was the office personnel. Vibe Solar is also acclaimed for how quickly it can complete installations, manage finances, and organize municipal inspections. After installing Vibe Solar systems, customers see considerable reductions in their electricity costs, demonstrating the company's capacity to fulfill its commitments. A few unfavorable reviews do, however, draw attention to certain potential problems. Some clients complain about the company's communication and response, reporting difficulty getting in touch with Vibe Solar staff members and suffering delays in getting problems resolved. A few reports of issues with panel performance and warranty support are also there. One client regrets having solar panels installed, citing unforeseen power provider fees and an increase in total prices. They believe Vibe Solar ought to have given more precise information on the restrictions and possible disadvantages of solar energy. In general, reviews of Vibe Solar's professionalism, installation quality, and customer service are favorable. To ensure that consumer expectations match the actual performance of the solar systems, there are a few areas where communication might be improved.
"Vibe's inexpensive rate in comparison to competitors is the only reason I would ever recommend them. When I have problems, nearly no one will get back to me. During my installation, I was given a variety of conflicting timelines by various parties. I was promised a $1,000 referral incentive, but was only given $500. In the first week of operation, I lost three panels, and it took several messages before I heard back from anybody. Now a 10-foot-long piece of metal from my solar system has fallen off my roof, and no one has gotten back to me about fixing the damage. Fortunately, it just crashed on the ground and caused no harm. I suppose Vibe is the way to go if you're solely concerned with price and don't care about quality of service." - Kevin
"Vibe Solar provided me with a price proposal for a 22-panel solar array. It had a far higher $/W price tag than standard fare, but its benefits did not warrant the premium. My scheduled phone contact with a sales representative never came. Some of the panels were apparently first positioned on the northeastern part of the roof, where there is very little sunshine." - Larry
"Unsatisfactory service to the customer. My apparatus has been out of commission for more than a year. They do not back the warranty that they tell you that you have in any way." - Danny
"There is no way I could ever suggest vibe solar to a friend or member of my family. It would make me feel ashamed to use their services. utter lack of any kind of communicating ability. I only received a phone call before to the day of the installation; all other times, the technicians just appeared when they deemed it necessary. The Service Advisor is unable to communicate with his office at any time. They have not yet given me access to monitor my system, which is a rather straightforward request, but they are unable to fulfill it. If this is the kind of service they provide when they first start out, I can only image how bad it will go later on." - Taryn
"Now that I've had solar for two years, my opinion has changed. I now really regret installing solar panels. In 2020, at the end of the first year, I owed $600 to Edison. Because of the disappointing results from my panels, Vibe came out to move them and compensate Edition. In the second year (2021), Edison sent me a charge for $1,100. Vibe reports that my panels are productive, attributing this to my elevated consumption and subsequent rate hikes. My monthly solar payment has increased my summer bills compared to when I didn't have solar. My monthly average cost was $400 this summer, and that included my $200 solar investment. I think vibe should be forthright and honest with its clients, telling them that solar power isn't going to cut it. What I know now makes me wish I hadn't gone with solar." - Michael
"Both Rick and Vibe Solar were outstanding! They assisted us with all of the necessary paperwork and permission procedures. My installation was carried out in a prompt and effective manner, and they provided all that was promised. Their installers, James, Joseph, and Adrian, were kind, professional, and explained everything that was going on during the procedure. They took a great deal of care to ensure that everything was done correctly. Vibe Solar comes highly recommended from me." - Prescott
"I just upgraded my solar array by adding 11 panels and am now using Vibe. After reading the glowing reviews, I decided to utilize them. Joey was my salesperson, and he was really honest and straightforward. He was available at all hours of the day and night to respond to my queries and provide continuous support. The installation crew was quick and competent. Last but not least, the office was quite helpful throughout the whole thing. Joey was fantastic, and I can't say enough good things about this company or Joey. I wish I could say the same about my old solar provider, but the past is the past and from now on Vibe will be handling all of my solar needs." - Oberon
"The whole thing was a great time. Unlike with other firms, there was no heavy emphasis on closing the deal immediately. Alan is an awesome man who is straightforward and straightforward with you. When we needed him, we could call him or have a phone discussion with him. We are pleased to be employing Vibe as part of our transition to solar power and to assist in strengthening the California energy system. UPDATE: Recently, we had some stucco walls put up and a new 200-amp breaker panel installed; both contractors performed an excellent job. Both the stucco wall and the circuit breaker panel have been updated. Except for the new breaker panel, I can't tell anybody was ever there because of how well the stucco was textured and the paint was matched. Now that I have a welding outlet, I can also install an electric vehicle charging station in my garage. Way awesome. Very amazing that I can set up an electric vehicle charging station in my garage now for when I eventually get a hybrid SUV, even though I don't do any welding at all. Our current vehicle is a regular gas-powered compact SUV. Eventually, we want to trade up to a small SUV that uses hybrid technology. Super awesome." - John
"We hired Vibe Solar to build our system in July, and they not only organized financing for us but also completed the installation of everything within two and a half weeks. They also took care of the municipal inspection, and by August 1st, our solar system was operational. By September, we had received our very first power bill, which revealed a considerable decrease. Rick Vermeulen served as our sales agent, and he was the one who ensured that we were kept informed and alerted at all times while our work was being completed. At all occasions, he exhibited a high level of professionalism." - Madeline
"We appreciate Alan Truex and his crew for making our switch to solar energy possible. Because to Alan's helpfulness, selecting Vibe Solar was a breeze. In contrast to previous firms who pressured me to sign paperwork and overcharged me, he patiently answered all of my questions and didn't waste my time. The installers performed a fantastic job, finishing in around three days. They also hired a constructor to make the repair to the stucco wall seem completely natural. The solar panels are also aesthetically pleasing. I'm happy I chose with Vibe Solar since they have the best prices, guarantee, and service in the AV region. Do not waste your time looking elsewhere, this is the firm for you. The stucco company and the installers are very appreciated, as is Alen. We are overjoyed." - Jake

Vibe Solar Social media account not registered
Vibe Solar is described as a major provider of solar energy and a leader in both residential and commercial solar installations in the first paragraph of the website. The key business operations are clearly shown by this information. In addition to solar installations, battery storage options, and energy management systems, Vibe Solar offers a variety of services, according to their LinkedIn profile. It is clear from this that the business offers its clients complete solar energy solutions. Unfortunately, the website doesn't discuss Vibe Solar's expertise in the solar sector or how orders for installations are fulfilled. None of the team members' profiles are shown on the LinkedIn page. No job openings are listed on the website, suggesting that Vibe Solar is not currently recruiting new employees. The services, background, and personnel of Vibe Solar are often poorly represented on their LinkedIn profile.
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Vibe Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1314.8


Vibe Solar Pros & Cons

  • Renewable energy
  • Cost Savings
  • Government incentives
  • High initial costs
  • Weather dependency
  • Complicated installation

Vibe Solar Final Conclusions

Overall, Vibe Solar has a solid track record and a good reputation. Numerous clients give the business high marks for their exceptional customer service, quick installation, and helpful paperwork and permit support. Customers like the technicians' professionalism, expertise, and readiness to thoroughly explain the installation procedure. Positive reviews show a considerable drop in power costs after the installation of Vibe Solar systems, demonstrating the company's capacity to fulfill its promises. Customers remark pleasure with the solar panels' overall looks and function. There are, however, some unfavorable evaluations that draw attention to response and communication issues. Some clients have complained about delays in getting in touch with Vibe Solar employees and communication problems. Customers have also complained about warranty assistance in a number of instances when they had problems with panel performance. Despite the majority of excellent ratings for Vibe Solar, the firm needs to improve its customer service and communication. Vibe Solar can further boost its reputation and provide every client a consistently satisfying experience by making progress in these areas.

Vibe Solar locations

Main Address1206 Commerce Center Dr #103 Lancaster, CA 93534
Phone Number8335455050

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