Vision Solar review

Vision Solar is now among the top solar energy firms in the United States. In Arizona, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Florida, our comprehensive renewable energy firm installs solar panels for homeowners. Our quick growth has made us one of the most prominent solar power firms on the East Coast, and we see only more opportunities for development in the years ahead.
Vision Solar review

Vision Solar overview

Vision Solar is now among the top solar energy firms in the United States. In Arizona, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Florida, our comprehensive renewable energy firm installs solar panels for homeowners. Our quick growth has made us one of the most prominent solar power firms on the East Coast, and we see only more opportunities for development in the years ahead.

What Vision Solar has to say about itself

Vision Solar installs solar panels throughout Arizona, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Texas, and their team of installers and customer care representatives are among the best in the industry. We will handle everything from the initial planning stages through the final commissioning of your solar power system, including design, architecture, engineering, permits, installation, and activation. You may expect your system to be installed within 24 hours after approval, however this is often not the case. You may get everything you need to maintain a healthy house here, as we work with a variety of reputable businesses to make this possible.

Vision Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasPA, NJ, AZ, FL, MA, CT, TX, SC
Service TypesInstallation, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup Batterylithium-ion battery
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

Vision Solar website review

The website for Vision Solar, a business that specializes in offering residential and commercial clients in multiple US states solar panel installation services, is The website has a polished and professional appearance in terms of design. The website has menus and sections that are simple to understand and well-organized.In order to prove the company's legitimacy and scope, there is also a part that lists the advantages of solar energy and a list of the states in which it is active. Informational material regarding solar energy's advantages, the procedure of installing solar panels, and the financing alternatives for clients is also provided on the website. A blog area is also available, including posts on solar energy, sustainability, and related subjects. Overall, seems to be a professionally built and educational website that successfully markets the business's products and principles.

Vision Solar price policy

Packagesa typical residential installation will cost around $15,000 and can range up to $30,000 or more
Payment optionscash, check, credit card, and financing options
Payment discountsdiscounts for cash, seasonal discounts and discounts for recommendations, discounts for military personnel, veterans and rescuers.

Vision Solar online reputation

Judging by the customer feedback, Vision Solar has received a lot of negative feedback from customers who had problems installing solar panels. Some customers mentioned that they found it difficult to contact the company for support or that they were misled by the sellers. One client waited two years and got nothing but lies and neglect from the company. Another client unsuccessfully tried to contact the company for nine months and asked them to remove the panels and terminate the contract. Some customers report that they have been deceived by the company's sales tactics and have had issues with misplaced panels or hidden panels. However, there are several positive reviews from customers who have had a good experience during the installation process. They mentioned that the installers were professional, knowledgeable and polite. One client even praised the seller for being helpful and informative. Overall, based on the negative reviews, it looks like there are major issues with Vision Solar's customer service and the quality of their installations. However, there are also positive experiences with the company, so it is possible that some clients have had good experiences with them. Potential clients should exercise caution and do their own research before choosing to work with Vision Solar.
"Even after two years, we are still without service and have received nothing but lies and disregard. They have been dishonest and inept. Evidence presented by Peco indicates that they have not and will not do the tasks required to complete this project. I had been thinking about hiring an attorney and pressing charges. The business is just pitiful." - Jill
"Having solar panels installed on my roof was a huge deal for me. It's been around 9 months after installation, and they're still not functioning properly. I have tried calling many times with no luck. I asked them to remove them and end my contract a few months ago, but I haven't heard back from anybody. At long last, someone from inspection came up today to inform me that they planned to come tomorrow. I awarded them just one rating since that's all that was offered, but I would never advocate doing business with them." - Jeri
"The worst business ever. Using deceptive means to get a contract signed. Despite promises, they never get back to you. Faked a statement claiming having no electricity and a 30% discount. We have misplaced far too many of the panels. Pricey for a retiree of 74 years' means. All fibs from highly educated salespeople. be partnering with Vision Solar, as I understand it. defraud the elderly and the disabled of their home equity has made him wealthy. What you're doing to the elderly is despicable, and you should feel guilt for it. Now we're both anxious because of you. We invite you to come see for yourself what all the fuss is about. solar panels removed and the loan closed. of your team members has indicated that this is feasible. To be continued. In gratitude." - Cline
"Several times, we were misled. Our panels are hidden by a tree. Our agreement calls for both the tree and the stump to be taken out. When we asked when we would be next on the list, they lied and said immediately. Actually, this is only one of many complaints." - Rex
"Signed a contract with them till December 2022 The installation was scheduled to begin on January 20 as per the contract. Of course not. They promised to keep in contact. Of course not. It required a lot of phone calls. I was assured a callback would be scheduled. They could not wait much longer and terminated the contract over the phone with the loan business. Do not hire this firm; they are VERY UNTRUSTWORTHY." - Carol
"Today, Bobby, AJ, and Shawn installed something in my home. They were really kind and helped me grasp everything. I thought it would take all day, but they showed up at my door at 11 o'clock to tell me they were done." - Joan
"The men who are putting up the solar panels have been fantastic. Dale outlined the whole course of action. Devin walked in, introduced himself, and went through the installation process for the electrical components of the task. It was a really respectable and polite gathering. They all carried themselves in a quite professional manner." - Cheryl
"Kevin put up with my barrage of inquiries. He elaborated on the procedure and the operation of solar power. I'm excited to get to work with him. Please thank Kevin for me." - Maria
"Today, Zach and Billy walked in for their scheduled appointment to discuss the possibility of switching to solar power. Both of their salespeople were very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all of our questions, and my husband and I are thrilled with the outcome. Excited to start making financial gains and reducing stress about the roof." - Deborah
"My brother's longtime acquaintance dropped over recently to fill me in on the latest developments in the Solar industry in New Jersey. My family and I am over the moon with what he showed us and how we'll soon have it put in our house." - Joe

Vision Solar Social media

YouTube Channel 83 Subscribers

Vision Solar average reviews

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Vision Solar Pros & Cons

  • Installation may be more expensive than other providers
  • Customer service and response times can be slow
  • Financing requires a minimum credit score
  • Wide range of panel types and mounting options
  • Competitive prices and financing options
  • Payment discounts available

Vision Solar Final Conclusions

Based on the customer reviews provided, it is difficult to give an unambiguous conclusion about the work of Vision Solar. While there are some positive reviews about the professionalism and knowledge of the installers and salespeople, there are also numerous negative reviews about customer service issues, dishonesty and incompetence. These negative reviews indicate that Vision Solar did not live up to the expectations of many of its customers, with issues ranging from poor quality installation to misleading sales tactics. As is the case with any other company, it is important for potential clients to study all the reviews before deciding to cooperate with Vision Solar. While there may be some satisfied customers, persistent negative reviews should be of concern to those considering their services. It is recommended that people carefully research any potential solar panel suppliers and compare them with others in the market before making a decision.

Vision Solar locations

Main Address511 Rt. 168 Blackwood, NJ 08012
Phone Number8777776527

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