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A full-service solar company in New Jersey is called Voltaic Solaire. Since 2015, we've offered straightforward and cost-effective renewable energy services to households and companies throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Voltaic Solaire overview

A full-service solar company in New Jersey is called Voltaic Solaire. Since 2015, we've offered straightforward and cost-effective renewable energy services to households and companies throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

What Voltaic Solaire has to say about itself

Voltaic Solaire has completed a wide range of solar projects for homes, businesses, and factories with great success. Voltaic Solaire also lays a premium on being environmentally conscious and sustainable. They have earned the continued confidence of homeowners and businesses alike by demonstrating a dedication to quality, innovation, and environmental consciousness in their pursuit of solar energy.

Voltaic Solaire Solar Review

Year Started2015
Company Websitevoltaicsolaire.com
Service AreasNY, NJ, MA, PA
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, Solar System Design, Solar Financing, Solar System Maintenance, Solar System Repair
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, NYSERDA

Voltaic Solaire website review

The website offers in-depth details on the initiatives, services, and goods offered by Voltaic Solaire. Both technical and non-technical readers may easily comprehend the text, which is well written, succinct, and clear. Case studies and recommendations help establish trust and highlight the company's experience. Solar panels, energy storage devices, and electric car recharging stations are just a few of the sustainable energy options Voltaic Solaire provides. The website does a good job of highlighting the advantages and characteristics of these products, showing how they may save energy costs, increase sustainability, and advance a more environmentally friendly future. A portfolio of completed projects including samples of Voltaic Solaire's work in many industries, including residential, commercial, and non-commercial, may be seen on the website. This part aids prospective customers in understanding the qualifications and background of the business. Visitors may easily get in touch with Voltaic Solaire because to the website's clear contact information. Additionally, the availability of a live chat feature enables real-time communication and help. The introduction of a Frequently Asked issues (FAQ) section offers further guidance and answers to frequently asked issues. Social media platforms are integrated within the website, making it simple for users to access Voltaic Solaire's social media accounts. Overall, the Voltaic Solaire website successfully conveys the business' knowledge of renewable energy, gives prospective clients useful information, and encourages sustainability.

Voltaic Solaire price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsBank Transfer, Cash, Check, Credit or Debit Card
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

Voltaic Solaire online reputation

The general opinion of Voltaic Solaire is divided, according to consumer reports. While the majority of evaluations praise the company's expertise, services, and the outcomes of dealing with them, a few unfavorable encounters are also highlighted. Positive comments emphasize the staff's professionalism, quick processing of paperwork and enquiries, effective installation procedure, on-time cost savings, and overall superior service. The team's competence, understanding, and readiness to handle any complaints or difficulties are valued by the customers. Customers enthusiastically suggest Voltaic Solaire as a result of these great encounters and think highly of them as a company. Concerns are raised by a few unfavorable reviews, however. After the initial setup, one client expresses unhappiness with the communication, citing delays in responses and an inability to resolve issues. Another client complains that the business hasn't kept its promises to do away with the power bill and provide them a bonus. Additionally, they add that it might be challenging to find out how to finance solar panels. While the majority of reviews are favorable and praise Voltaic Solaire's professionalism and customer service, the unfavorable comments emphasize the company's need for development, particularly in post-installation contact and delivering on stated advantages. Addressing these problems and enhancing customer service will improve the entire customer experience and further solidify Voltaic Solaire's reputation as a reliable solar installation supplier.
"Hi, How Are You Today? In November of last year, we settled on having VOLTAIC SOLAIRE install solar windows. They assured us of various benefits, including government subsidies and introductory offers. The horror began once we signed the contract. This is not a business I can endorse. When I switched to solar energy with this company, they assured me that I would no longer receive electric bills, but I have been receiving them, in addition to a loan for the solar panels. They also promised me a bonus, but I have yet to receive it. Furthermore, when I call customer service, they are always helpful and never give me the run around. After having no luck with the previous sales rep, we reached out to Alejandra Castro, but she hasn't been any better. Marc Donner, another solar representative, was contacted and promised to make every effort to remedy our problem. It's terrible how they exploit people." - Eva
"After the first setup, communication slows to a halt. There was no more communication. VERY annoying to have to deal with. When I have a problem, I never hear back from anybody for a long time. If I had listened to my instincts, I wouldn't have done business with them. I am a very dissatisfied buyer." - Paul
"Not recommending this business. I have been experiencing problems with my electric bill ever since I switched to solar energy with this firm and have yet to get the promised bonus or information on the financing for the solar panels that I was promised. " - Alberta
"My loved ones and I are thrilled with the results we got from working with Voltaic Solaire. They were on top of everything and the whole staff was polite and professional. We had expected to hire just solar installers, but they sent us a whole crew that has done an excellent job from the very first minute we made contact with them. I would put stock in their claims of expertise. There were a few structural issues, but they fixed them all, and now I'm pleased with my solar panels. We'd welcome them back into our house with open arms." - John
"Highly recommend working with them. All paperwork for permissions and messages is filed promptly and efficiently. They promptly answered all my concerns and inquiries. Everything went well throughout the installation, which took just a day to finish. I immediately began to observe the cost reductions that had been promised to me. Company, staff, and service are all excellent. I've really enjoyed using Voltaic Solaire." - Harry
"Despite receiving several solar system price bids, I settled with Voltaic Solaire. Everyone I interacted with, including the proprietors, was knowledgable and kept me informed of developments at every stage. Service to customers is excellent. I have already and will continue to suggest them to others. Excellent business!" - Boris
"Our choice to collaborate with Voltaic Solaire was the finest one we could have made; we are thrilled with the results. They fulfilled all my needs and were always helpful. In the end, I was able to save money on my utilities, so it was a wonderful investment." - Vanessa
"The Project was finished on schedule, as promised, and the team's knowledge and professionalism were much appreciated. The installation procedure has gone well thanks to the team's cooperation. The management deserves praise for the quality of the assistance they provide after the sale. In sum, I had a fantastic time there and would suggest them to everyone." - Nicholas

Voltaic Solaire Social media

The Voltaic Solaire company's official Facebook page may be found here. It has a certified blue checkmark on it to show that it is real. The page's main purpose is to spread awareness of and provide a forum for discussion of the company's solar energy-related products and services. The page constantly posts informational articles, news updates, and advertisements for their goods and services all relating to solar energy. The carefully chosen information seems to be intended for both prospective consumers and people with an interest in renewable energy. The page's posts get a respectable amount of likes, comments, and shares, indicating a moderate degree of involvement. Customers may submit ratings and reviews on the page in the reviews area. Numerous clients have expressed pleasure with the company's services and goods, giving the impression that the general evaluation is favorable. It seems that Voltaic Solaire is reacting to user messages and comments on their page. They are quick to answer to questions and address client concerns, which is a sign of strong customer service. The website includes movies displaying their solar installations, client endorsements, and information about solar power. These movies provide their work a visual expression and interest the viewer. In overall, the Voltaic Solaire Facebook page portrays the business's professional image, successfully advertising its solar solutions and enticing its audience.
A concise synopsis of the goals and experience of Voltaic Solaire may be found on its LinkedIn profile. It states that it is a solar energy business that specializes in the planning, setting up, and upkeep of solar systems for private, public, and commercial clients. Voltaic Solaire is headquartered in New York, however the website does not specifically specify how big the business is. The page has over 1,000 subscribers at the time of study. This shows a fair amount of participation and interest in the business's operations. The Voltaic Solaire LinkedIn profile often publishes articles about solar energy, sustainability, and business news. Information about their efforts and accomplishments is included in articles, news, and updates. By responding to comments and inquiries, the page also engages with its fans. Some staff profiles are included on the website, highlighting their experiences and job functions within the organization. On their LinkedIn profile, Voltaic Solaire has received a number of recommendations and endorsements. There are no LinkedIn shops for Voltaic Solaire. Voltaic Solaire's LinkedIn profile is generally well-managed, with frequent content updates and active follower interaction.
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Voltaic Solaire average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews264.5


Voltaic Solaire Pros & Cons

  • Long term investment
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • High initial costs
  • Weather dependency
  • Competitive market

Voltaic Solaire Final Conclusions

In the solar energy sector, Voltaic Solaire is renowned for both its performance and reputation. The majority of client testimonials emphasize their satisfaction with the business, praising its professionalism, knowledge, and general level of service. Customers like the expertise and helpfulness of Voltaic Solaire staff. Clients report receiving the cost reductions and advantages promised during their first session. There are both favorable and bad reviews, however the bulk of them are positive. These include unfulfilled promises and poor post-installation communication. Voltaic Solaire, in general, has built a solid reputation in the business for professionalism, experienced employees, and top-notch service. Nevertheless, their performance and reputation will be further improved in the future if they continue to make an effort to address any consumer concerns and boost communication.

Voltaic Solaire locations

Main Address120 Old Camplain Rd, Hillsborough Township, NJ 08844
Phone Number9084275080

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