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Sol-Up is an organization dedicated to the use of solar energy, with expertise in the planning, construction, and upkeep of solar power installations. The company caters to both residential and commercial clients, offering them clean and dependable energy solutions. Sol-expertise Up's in project management and engineering services guarantee that every project is finished on time and under budget.
Sol-Up review

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Sol-Up utilizes cutting-edge tools to generate individualized price quotes for each client by studying the latter's dwelling, energy bill, power usage, and energy consumption patterns. Using cutting-edge satellite imagery, Sol-Up is able to provide reliable price estimates, complete with visual designs and a production guarantee. The majority of our rivals hire foreign firms to develop your American-based system, but not Sol-up!

Sol-Up Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service Areas NV
Service Types installation, solar panel maintenance and repair, energy storage solutions, energy efficiency services, and solar energy financing.
Types Panels monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead-acid, and AGM batteries.
Certifications NABCEP, LEED, CEC, ISO, UL

Solup website review is the home page of Sol-Up. The company website describes the company, its products and recent events. It also provides a link between customers and the company. It seems legitimate and informative. The design and content of the site is mobile-friendly. There is a comments section, FAQ and a contact form for site administrators. Companies with secure payment methods have a better chance of attracting customers. With constant updates, is a great place to get information about Sol-Up and its products.

Solup price policy

Payment optionsCash, Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Check, Bank Transfer, Financing Options
Payment discounts5% discount for customers who pay in full up front, 0.5% discount for customers who finance their install through Sol-Up, 2.5% discount for customers who pay with a check or money order, 1.5% discount for customers who pay with a credit or debit card, 0.5% discount for customers who pay via wire transfer.

Solup online reputation

Sol-Up is a company dedicated to providing solar energy solutions to customers across the United States. They offer a variety of services including installation, maintenance, and repair. Customers have consistently given Sol-Up positive reviews, citing their knowledgeable staff and quality service. Many customers have noted how quickly and efficiently the team works, while others highlight the friendly customer service they receive each time they interact with the company. Overall, Sol-Up has earned a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy solar energy provider.
"This past July I entered into a contract with Sol-Up to upgrade my service panel and install solar panels. The set up was planned for the last week of August. Sol-Up called me on the morning of August 29 to say that the service panel had been back ordered. In the morning, they questioned whether or not I wanted to proceed with the installation of solar panels. When they said they couldn't promise when the service panel would arrive, I declined. Since the electricity was going to be cut off for the day, I made the decision to evacuate my family. Jameson assured me he would cover the costs of my move and I could relax about getting reimbursed. No one from the company has called me back to provide an update on the status of my installation. On the day we spoke, they assured me I would hear back from someone after they had a chance to discuss the situation with the chief operating officer. The call never came through. A couple of weeks later, I called again and spoke with someone; she promised to have someone get in touch with me the following day. Neither of those things occurred. I submitted my reimbursement request via email on October 24, but I haven't heard back. If I went ahead with the installation, I'd have solar panels mounted on my roof but no way to power them. The company boasts about its excellent customer service, but I have yet to experience it. They have apologized for not responding each time I've contacted them, saying that this is not how they conduct business, but they have yet to follow through. Sorely dissappointing." - Everett P.
"After looking into a number of different companies, I settled on Sol-up to provide me with a system. This is a huge blunder. They wanted payment in full on the day of installation, even though they hadn't finished the job. First, the CFO delivered the news on the job site, and then that night via email. My response was to point out that they still hadn't met their end of the bargain, but that didn't seem to deter them at all. The installation of the bird wire was still an outstanding task 2 months after the contract had been signed. Without asking me first, they put up a hideous black bird mesh instead of the bird wire. On the day the original installation was scheduled to take place, I had rejected this exact mesh in favor of the bird wire for which I had contracred. Then I start getting emails demanding payment, despite the fact that they still haven't installed the bird wire I paid for. You'd think taking down the mesh and replacing it with bird wire would be the obvious choice, but that's apparently not how Sol-up does business. Instead, if I don't pay in two days, they're going to put a lien on my house. Lots of other solar energy companies exist. Recruit one of them to help you out." - Hunter A.
"The installation went smoothly, and the sales staff was helpful, so I ended up being satisfied with the service overall. However, this is NOT the company to hire if you require ANY assistance after the initial setup is complete. In spite of the company's assurances that I wouldn't have to worry about inverter failures, I did end up dealing with one a few months after installation. This is obviously not the case. Over the past two weeks, I have spoken with their "customer service rep" three times about the same issue. I've had to leave three messages before anyone has gotten back to me after being transferred to a new department with only voice mail. To no avail, I called again and insisted on speaking with a real person. In my opinion, after-sale support is just as crucial as pre-sale preparations. SolUp has a new business model, and I for one am not a fan. If you're going to spend tens of thousands of dollars, you should get the service and support you deserve, and in my opinion, you can get that from a different company." - Leonardo P.
"The decision to go solar was made in the latter half of May/early June of 2022. My husband discovered Sol-Up, and their sales representative Jose convinced him that they were the best option. Jose assured us that our solar panels would be operational within two months of installation, that we would receive regular updates, and that no outside contractors would be used. Everything they promised and promised to deliver was a lie, as was everything in the contract. Installation began at 7 a.m. on July 25; a hole was cut in my house; at 2:45 p.m., the installers said they wouldn't be able to finish today because of the impending rain; they piled the panels beside my house and left; it rained; a leak was discovered upstairs. After hours of trying to reach someone (during business hours), the next day they came out and said it wasn't their fault and promised to send a report. After 2 days, all of the panels had been installed. Three months have passed, and today is September 29th, 2022. There is no sign of the bird guard we paid for, and when I call for an update, I am told lies instead. I was assured that we would have solar power by the 28th, but we still don't. To patch the hole in my wall that their cheap third-party contractor had created took until the middle of September. Get ready to be lied to if you go with sol-up, and to pay for both solar energy and your regular electricity consumption. I hope I never have to call on the warranty because I know the only way they'll do what they say they'll do is if a judge orders them to. I have been waiting for the report exonerating them from responsibility for the roof damage for three months. I'm hoping to hear back from sol-up, as I do have proof of all of the claims made (and some that weren't), and my reviews may prompt the company to start caring about its customers." - Natali O.
"The installation went smoothly, and the sales staff was helpful, so I ended up being satisfied with the service overall. However, this is NOT the company to hire if you require ANY assistance after the initial setup is complete. I've been in touch with their "customer service rep" three times over the course of two weeks about a problem I've been having. I've had to leave three messages before anyone has gotten back to me after being transferred to a new department with only voice mail. To no avail, I called again and insisted on speaking with a real person. In my opinion, after-sale support is just as crucial as pre-sale preparations. SolUp has a new business model, and I for one am not a fan. If you're going to spend tens of thousands of dollars, you should get the service and support you deserve, and in my opinion, you can get that from a different company." - Austin G.
"Everyone I spoke to at Sol-up was extremely helpful, caring, and receptive from the moment I made my initial inquiry. They gave me the impression that they knew what they were doing. They were helpful, quick, and friendly whenever I needed them. In addition, there was no hard sell or extras. I would highly recommend them because they stayed on top of NVEnergy to get the final hookups and approvals. Fabulous company! Fantastic human beings. Sol-up, you are greatly appreciated." - Connor W.
"When it comes to doing business, I highly recommend Sol-Up. Seven years ago, I hired them to install solar panels, and they did an excellent job. So, here we are, seven years later. Both panels on my computer started acting up on me. Jaxson and his team took full responsibility for their work and rectified all issues. There are a lot of solar panel installation businesses, but the ones that stand out are those that offer exceptional follow-up service to their customers. Years later, when I really needed them, Sol-Up came through for me in a big way. To sum up how much I appreciate them, I will just say "thank you" and offer Sol-Up my wholehearted endorsement." - Jace R.
"The team at this solar firm is highly competent. They are there for the homeowner throughout the entire process. When it comes to customer service, they are among the best there is. On the last day of my hookup, Adam came and patiently explained everything to me so that I could use the system with ease. As far as customer service goes, this business excels at meeting the needs of its clients, who are mostly homeowners." - Rowan O.
"Sol-Up was the most affordable option with the best reviews, so I hired them to install my solar panels. Working with the Sol-Up team was a delight because they were so competent, quick to respond, and pleasant. The salesperson and coordinators were great about keeping me in the loop at every turn, and the installers did a great job getting everything set up on schedule, answering all of my questions, and explaining how to operate the solar panels and what to expect from the inspector and the new electric meter. In conclusion, I am extremely satisfied with Sol-work Up's and would recommend them to anyone interested in having solar panels installed. What an amazing opportunity!" - Micah С.
"Both of our most recent residences have solar panels courtesy of Sol-up. The two homes were comparable in size. Our first home's builder suggested Sol-up because of its reasonable prices and high quality. The whole process, from buying to setting up, was quick, painless, and amiable. I don't know much about the science behind solar energy, but the bottom line has to be the investment required versus the money saved. Our electric bill increased from $14 to $250 between the two homes. The electric bill for our second house has ranged from zero to eleven dollars and forty-six cents. In the last four months, we've had three months with zero spending. The system will pay for itself in about five to six years at this rate. Perhaps in the near future. In my opinion, Sol-up is the best solar panel installation company out there." - Ryder T.

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AVG 4.05

Sol-Up Pros & Cons


  • Innovative
  • Cost-effective
  • Comprehensive


  • Limited geographical coverage
  • High upfront cost
  • Lack of long-term customer support

Solup Final Conclusions

Installing, maintaining, and fixing solar energy systems is what Sol-Up does best. Consultation, system design, and funding are just some of the services they provide. Most reviewers have nothing but praise for Sol-Up, praising both their customer service and the quality of their work.

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Main address 4305 Dean Martin Drive, Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89103

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