Windmar Solar review

Throughout the Caribbean and more recently in Florida, WindMar Group has established itself as a market leader in solar installation. is providing more than 58 megawatts of solar energy.

Windmar Solar overview

Throughout the Caribbean and more recently in Florida, WindMar Group has established itself as a market leader in solar installation. is providing more than 58 megawatts of solar energy.

What Windmar Solar has to say about itself

Marc Roumain founded Windmar Solar in Puerto Rico in 2002. It also goes by the names Windmar Home and Windmar Home Florida. The business installed a tremendous amount of solar panels in Puerto Rico, and it has subsequently expanded to Florida, where it now has a much smaller operation.

Windmar Solar Review

Year Started2002
Service AreasFL, Puerto Rico
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryNot specified
CertificationsTelsa Certified Installer

Windmar Solar website review is a comprehensive website that offers a variety of solar energy solutions for both residential and commercial customers. The site talks about environmental friendliness, availability and high quality of installations for each client. The pages of the site contain real photos of already installed systems for homeowners. The prices for the installation of panels are indicated. However, there are no detailed technical specifications of solar systems that would be useful for customers.

Windmar Solar price policy

Packages$16,850 to $28,083 for solar panel systems
Payment optionsCash
Payment discountsSolar Lease, Tax Credits, Utility Rebates, Payback Guarantee

Windmar Solar online reputation

Regrettably, Windmar Solar frequently fails to provide post-installation customer assistance. Nevertheless, there are a lot of complaints regarding the lack of service and call-backs after the system is commissioned. Many customers are happy with the communication before and throughout the installation.Several clients have experienced problems with their equipment failing to work properly or failing to save them the money Windmar promised, and in many cases they have been left without a response or compensation from Windmar.
"Misled me about the cost and the tax credit. service issues. There is no monitoring mechanism in place. No savings are being made. I wish I could take their method and get my money back from them." - Vera
"I've been waiting about five months for a problem to be resolved, and it hasn't. I'm so disappointed with that company that I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. In other words: I was really disappointed with that company and would not suggest it to anybody because it took them about 5 months to resolve a problem that they were meant to fix." - Jesus A Rodriguez
"I hired them for this service more than three months ago, but I haven't heard from them yet. Customer service is awful. They promise to come to my residence, but they never arrive, so I have to constantly checking on my case." - Sandra Soto Bayó
"When the permits were issued with the city, which we had to verify, we started the contract paperwork back in September. Nevertheless, they lied and said they had not received it. We agreed to install it on December 20. But, they didn't phone to let us know they were coming, indicating that we were behind schedule. Now they want to install it on December 28. I canceled and said." - tommyb600
"My installation took eight months to arrive, and since then, I've had a variety of problems that have all required weeks to months to fix. Even though I reminded Windmar more than two weeks ago, they still have not reacted to the most recent issue, which was a reoccurrence of an earlier one. Gosh, do I regret working with this company." - jeshuey
"I had my fair share of unpleasant encounters with unreliable businesses that wouldn't deliver and expensive solar intermediaries last year. That is, up until Bryan Parra, one of my reps, introduced me to WindMar Home. He expertly helped me through the precise design I want. Among all the estimates I had, it was the most accurate and affordable. After registering, Bryan quickly helped me through the process while WindMar Home obtained the required permissions and scheduled the installation date in the midst of the epidemic. All I had to do to ensure a successful no-contact installation was to open my garage door for them. On the first day, they prepped the electrical connections and put the rails on my roof. On the following day, they brought and set up my Tesla PowerWall II battery, solar panels, and other control boxes. On the third day, they tested the system and switched it on while doing final inspections through video conversations. I'm done now! Installation without any interaction or fuss, despite the fact that they were always well-dressed and quite competent. I received my 26% federal tax credit at the end of the year when I submitted my taxes. My monthly power cost decreased from $350 to $79 after I built an 8 Kw system. To increase my efficiency even further, I'm now using an EnergyStar hybrid water heater and LED lighting. What Bryan told me was completely accurate, and WindMar Home carried through his promises in a way that no other business could. Very strongly advised. A+++" - Erik C.
"My husband and I are really excited to switch to solar energy after Brandon visited us. Call Brandon at Windmar if you're interested in going solar." - Samuel and calistra corbin
"Overall excellent company! I had the opportunity to visit their workplace, and it was a great space with superb service." - Max033
"You always worry that after you pay one of these solar panel installation businesses, you won't have them anymore. Nevertheless, such does not occur with Windmar. Everything happened as it had been described to me. They answered any queries I had and assisted me. Even while dealing with items from the Electric Power Authority, they were always accessible (AEE). Using the double-track counter correctly After my system was erected, I gave my neighbors my recommendation, and they immediately bought it. They are the greatest, and I don't regret it or question it." - JulioA
"Outstanding Service. They managed the permitting procedure in conjunction with the regional incentive fund and PREPA. Excellent installation and customer service." - rafa123

Windmar Solar Social media
On their Facebook page, Florida-based Windmar Solar shares vital details about the solar energy sector, their business, and their dedication to environmental preservation. The page has an astonishing quantity of content, from reviews and client testimonials to essays outlining the background and future of solar energy. The business's tweets also highlight its own most recent initiatives and successes, emphasize its dedication to providing excellent customer service, and share news from renewable energy conferences. The portal provides a number of helpful resources, including financial calculators to assist clients in calculating their return on investment, a blog that distributes educational articles about solar energy, and how-to videos that discuss the effectiveness and safety of the company's equipment. Additionally, the page gives clients direct access to Windmar Solar's customer service representatives and contact information, making it simple for them to request help or ask questions. All in all, customers may discover more about the business and the sector on the Windmar Solar Facebook page thanks to its professionalism, professionalism, and efficiency.
Customers and professionals in the solar business can gain valuable insight into Windmar Solar and the products and services it provides by visiting the company's LinkedIn page. On the homepage, you may view photos and videos from the company's installation projects, along with descriptive captions that shed light on the reasoning behind and outcomes of such endeavors. In addition, there is a wealth of information available, from corporate updates and industry news to downloadable guides. Customers can read about the company's dedication to sustainability and environmental management, as well as stay updated of the latest developments in solar energy policy, on the page. In addition, members of Windmar Solar's management team are present and eager to engage with visitors to the page. People interested in Windmar Solar, the solar energy sector, and related technologies would do well to peruse the company's LinkedIn page.
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Windmar Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2004.4


Windmar Solar Pros & Cons

  • Many years of experience
  • Free consultation and design
  • Quality of materials
  • Low BBB rating
  • Issues with post-installation support
  • Pricing

Windmar Solar Final Conclusions

According to unfavorable customer evaluations, Windmar Solar has been criticized for offering subpar customer service and communication, delaying installations, and having problems with the caliber and dependability of its solar panels. Several clients have complained that it is difficult to get in touch with the business and receive sufficient assistance for their solar panel installations.These unfavorable ratings are problematic since the solar panel business depends heavily on excellent customer service and high-quality products. Since that solar panels are a big investment for both individuals and companies, it is imperative for solar panel suppliers to guarantee that their clients are happy with their goods and services.

Windmar Solar locations

Main Address7575 Kingspointe Pkwy, Suite 11 Orlando, FL 32819 United States
Phone Number(407) 308 0099

5 local offices

Puerto Rico – San Juan Calle San Francisco 206, San Juan PR, 00901
Florida – Orlando 7575 Kingspointe Pkwy, Orlando FL, 32819
Florida – Orlando 6753 Kingspointe Pkwy, Orlando FL, 32819
– Ponce , Ponce Ponce, 00716

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