Top Solar Companies in Bloomington, Minnesota

Top Solar Companies in Bloomington, Minnesota

Find the Best Solar Installers in Bloomington, Minnesota

We have compiled ratings of local solar installers in Bloomington, Minnesota and recommend proven solar panel installation companies you can trust.


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How To Save Money When Hiring a Solar Company In Bloomington, Minnesota

Considering Bloomington’s cold winters, pick a solar company familiar with local climates. The proper setup ensures efficiency, even with less sunlight. It’s key to research local installers that demonstrate understanding of seasonal efficiency variations. This will optimize your solar investment year-round.

Minnesota offers solar incentives that can reduce installation costs significantly. The Solar Rewards Program, for example, credits homeowners for the solar power they produce. Make sure the company knows state-specific incentives and can help you apply. They should simplify the process and maximize your financial benefits.

The solar company should comply with Bloomington’s building codes and regulations. Choose a company that liaises with local authorities for smooth permit acquisition and installation. Delays due to non-compliance can cost you time and money. A reliable solar provider will navigate these legalities efficiently.

Opt for a company that provides a strong warranty and after-sales support. Good warranties protect your investment against unforeseen equipment failures. A company with prompt customer service can address issues quickly, avoiding long downtimes.

Finally, check the company’s track record for installations in snowy conditions. Reliable snow load management on panels is crucial in Minnesota. It preserves panel integrity and maintains energy production during heavy snowfall. An experienced solar provider in Bloomington will ensure your system remains robust and operative throughout diverse weather conditions.

What Is the Price Situation of Solar Installers In Bloomington, Minnesota?

Going solar in Bloomington, Minnesota can be a smart investment and an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. Let me help you understand the costs and potential output for residential solar panel systems of various sizes.

Solar panel system costs can vary widely based on factors like the size of the system, the quality of the panels, and the complexity of the installation process. As a general guide, a solar array can range from $3 to $5 per watt before tax incentives.

Here’s where the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) comes into play. The ITC offers a 30% tax credit on the installation cost of your solar system, significantly reducing your net investment. For example, if your solar panel installation costs $15,000, the tax credit could reduce your cost by $4,500, bringing your net cost to $10,500.

When estimating the output of solar panels in Minnesota, you must consider local weather conditions and sun exposure. In Bloomington, you can expect around 4.7 peak sun hours per day. Multiply this by the size of your system to get the daily output, and then again by 365 for the annual output. The output will vary throughout the year with longer days in the summer and shorter in winter.

Installation costs will depend on whether your roof needs reinforcing, the type of panels you choose, and your chosen installer. The good news is, solar systems require little maintenance and many panels come with a warranty for 20-25 years.

Remember, the exact cost will depend on your home’s energy needs and site specifics. Local installers can provide you with a detailed quote and help you maximize local rebates and incentives. Going solar isn’t just about the costs; it’s an investment in a cleaner, sustainable future. With energy savings over time, your system could pay for itself, all while you contribute to a healthier environment.

Incentives and Tax Credits

Incentive Savings Explanation
Solar Panel Property Tax Exemption 100% exemption for 10 years Installing solar panels increases your property value but does not increase your property taxes. This exemption lasts for a decade, ensuring your improvements won’t result in higher property taxes during that period. Be sure to apply through the county assessor’s office once your solar system is operational.
Local Utility Solar Rebate Programs Varies by provider Bloomington residents may be eligible for rebates from local utilities like Xcel Energy. The amount can vary, so check with your utility provider for current programs. These rebates can significantly lower the upfront cost of solar panel installation. Eligibility typically requires meeting certain energy efficiency standards.
Net Metering Varies; credit on utility bills Through net metering, the excess energy your solar system produces can be sold back to the grid, giving you credit on future utility bills. In Bloomington, utility companies offer this incentive, but rules and rates may differ. It’s best to confirm specifics, such as rates and cap limits, with your local provider.
Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) 26% of installation costs This federal incentive allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes with no cap on its value. However, the credit is set to decrease to 22% in 2023 and expire by 2024, unless extended by Congress. Ensure your system is operational before the deadline to qualify.

Can Solar Increase Home Value in Bloomington, Minnesota?

In Bloomington, Minnesota, solar system installations are beneficial investments. Here’s how they can increase your home value:

1. Energy efficiency savings:

  • Immediate reduction in electricity bills.
  • Protection against future utility rate increases.

2. Attractive to environmentally conscious buyers:

  • Solar homes appeal to a growing eco-friendly market.
  • Promotes a greener community image.

3. State incentives and rebates:

  • Minnesota offers Solar*Rewards Program, reducing installation costs.
  • Federal tax credits also available, enhancing ROI.

4. Increased property appeal:

  • Modern solar installations can be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Advances in technology increase home functionality.

5. Minnesota’s climate is suitable for solar:

  1. The state has an average of 198 sunny days per year.
  2. Colder temperatures can improve solar panel efficiency.
  3. Snow cover can actually reflect light, boosting solar panel performance.

Installing solar panels in Bloomington represents a savvy choice. These systems don’t just reduce carbon footprints. They’re financially wise, too. Local incentives make it easier than ever to go solar. Minnesota’s weather patterns also support solar efficacy. Homebuyers often search for eco-friendly homes, so solar installations can make your property stand out. If you’re considering solar panels, remember they’re an investment. Not only in a sustainable future but also in the value of your home.

Should Residents of Bloomington, Minnesota Hire a Professional Solar Installer Or DIY?

When considering solar installation in Bloomington, Minnesota, hiring a professional comes with benefits. Pros include expertise in navigating local zoning laws. They ensure installations meet state-specific electrical codes. Climate considerations are critical; professionals account for seasonal variances. Moreover, their work often comes with warranties, providing peace of mind.

There are potential drawbacks, though. Professional services can be costly initially. The process might take longer due to company schedules. You’re also dependent on another’s time and quality standards.

On the other hand, going the DIY route has its own pros. It can significantly reduce upfront costs. It offers a sense of personal accomplishment. DIY also allows immediate start and pacing on your terms.

However, the cons should not be overlooked. Without expert knowledge, regulatory compliance may be challenging. Mistakes can be costly or even dangerous. DIY often lacks warranties and can result in higher maintenance costs.

Given the pros and cons, hiring a professional installer seems more beneficial for Bloomington residents. The importance of adhering to state laws and regulations cannot be overstated. The climate in Minnesota requires specific installation expertise to maximize efficiency and durability. Professional installers have the experience to ensure your system withstands Bloomington’s unique weather conditions. Furthermore, the reassurance provided by warranties and professional standards outweighs the potential savings from a DIY approach. Ultimately, for a city like Bloomington, this is not just about installing solar panels; it’s about investing in a reliable energy future.

How To Find Solar Installer In Bloomington, Minnesota

  1. Check for Licenses and Certifications. Bloomington mandates solar installers be certified.
  2. Examine Customer Reviews. Seek local testimonials about installation experiences.
  3. Look at the Warranty Offerings. Warranties vary; longer terms suggest confidence in service.
  4. Understand Financing Options. Minnesota has specific solar incentives and rebates to consider.
  5. Evaluate Their Experience. Choose installers with a proven track record in Bloomington’s climate.
  6. Assess Post-Installation Support. Reliable support ensures system longevity and efficiency post-install.
  7. Review Technology and Brands Used. High-quality equipment is crucial for Bloomington’s varying weather.
Remember, Bloomington experiences diverse weather conditions, so durability matters. Be informed, and you’ll choose wisely.

Is It Worth To Invest in Solar in Bloomington, Minnesota?

Bloomington, Minnesota, is becoming increasingly solar-friendly. The city’s Sustainable Bloomington initiative encourages renewable energy. Yet, whether solar investment is worthwhile depends on several factors.

One argument for going solar is the financial incentive. Bloomington offers various solar rebates and incentives. For instance, Xcel Energy customers may be eligible for Solar*Rewards. Additionally, federal tax credits can reduce initial costs significantly. Over time, these reductions can lead to meaningful savings.

Another consideration is Bloomington’s climate. Minnesota might not be California, but it gets ample sunlight, especially in summer. Bloomington averages about 198 sunny days annually. This is sufficient for solar panels to produce energy effectively. Seasonal variations do affect output, but overall efficiency is reasonable.

On the regulations front, the city’s laws facilitate solar panel installations. Bloomington’s zoning ordinances accommodate residential and commercial solar systems. Moreover, the state’s Solar Bill of Rights protects individuals’ access to solar energy. This legal framework supports solar investment.

However, upfront costs can be a deterrent. Installation and equipment are expensive. Without rebates or financing plans, these costs can be prohibitive for some household budgets.

In the long run, sustainability and rising energy costs make solar appealing. Bloomington’s legal and climatic conditions favor solar investments. If you’re considering solar power here, it’s a wise move. You reduce your carbon footprint and potentially save on energy bills. Plus, you’re investing in a greener future for Bloomington.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How we estimate solar installers?
    Our decisions for the best solar installers were meticulously crafted. We evaluated installer experience first. Expertise came next, showing proven skills. Customer reviews helped gauge satisfaction rates. We then scrutinized the quality of products. Material standards followed in importance. Pricing and financial options were key. They provided accessibility and affordability insights. Warranty terms shaped our trust assessment. Local regulations and standards were checked for compliance. The company’s installation efficiency weighed in heavily. Lastly, after-sales service defined long-term reliability. Each factor had equal weight in our comprehensive analysis. This ensured a fair, well-rounded selection that you can trust. With this rigorous approach, we aim to connect you with top-notch solar options.
    1. Local Climate: Understand that Bloomington’s varying seasonal sunlight affects solar production; evaluate your home’s exposure to ensure maximum efficiency.
    2. Energy Needs: Assess your household’s energy consumption to determine the size and type of solar system required.
    3. Rooftop Condition: Ensure your roof is in good condition and has enough space; consider orientation and tilt for optimal solar panel placement.
    4. Local Regulations and Incentives: Familiarize yourself with Bloomington’s zoning laws, building codes, and permits; take advantage of federal, state, and local solar incentives and tax credits.
    5. Installation Costs: Compare quotes from multiple reputable solar providers in the Bloomington area to find the best deal and ensure a quality installation.
    6. System Quality and Warranty: Opt for high-quality solar panels and components with strong warranties to secure your investment.
    7. Utility Policies: Learn about net metering and other utility company policies to understand how excess energy production is credited.
    8. Financing Options: Explore various financing arrangements such as loans, leases, and power purchase agreements to find the best fit for your budget.
    9. Long-Term Savings: Calculate the potential long-term savings on your energy bills against the initial outlay for solar panel installation.
    10. Reputation and Expertise of Solar Provider: Select a solar installer with a solid reputation and proven expertise in the Bloomington market for a reliable system and professional service.
  • When searching for affordable solar installers in Bloomington, Minnesota, compare installation costs, as they can vary widely between providers. Look for experienced installers with a proven track record to ensure quality work that stands the test of time. Check for reviews and references to gauge customer satisfaction. Investigate the warranties offered, as they will protect your investment. Assess the types and quality of solar panels used, as higher efficiency panels may offer more value long-term. Consider financing options, as some companies may offer better terms, impacting overall affordability. Lastly, inquire about any available federal, state, or local incentives that can significantly lower initial costs. These factors will help you make a cost-effective choice while ensuring your solar installation meets your energy needs and supports local businesses in Bloomington.
  • Choosing between a national solar company and a local installer in Bloomington, Minnesota, involves several factors. National companies often have extensive resources. They can offer competitive pricing due to their scale. However, local businesses may excel in customer service. They understand Bloomington’s unique climate and legislation. They can sometimes respond quicker to service requests. Local providers are familiar with Minnesota’s incentives for solar installation. They can offer tailored advice. On the other hand, big companies might provide more diverse product options. They have streamlined processes. For Bloomington residents, the best choice might depend on which factors you prioritize. Consider personal support versus the benefits of scale.
  • Certain solar companies may not appear in our rankings due to a variety of factors:

    • Limited Operating History: Companies with a shorter track record in Bloomington may not have enough customer feedback or installation data to qualify for ranking.
    • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer reviews and testimonials. Companies with lower ratings and unresolved customer complaints might be excluded from the list.
    • Licensing and Certification: Only fully licensed and certified installers are considered. Those without proper accreditation are not featured in our rankings.
    • Scale of Operations: We focus on companies that have a significant presence in Bloomington. Smaller or newer companies without a substantial local footprint might not be included.
    • Financial Stability: Firms demonstrating solid financial performance are more likely to be ranked. Those with unstable financial records are excluded to ensure customer confidence.
    • Quality of Equipment: Companies not using industry-standard, high-quality equipment might not meet our criteria for inclusion in the top rankings.
    • Industry Engagement: Those not actively involved in industry advancements, such as adopting new technologies or best practices, may be left out from our list.

    It’s important to us that our rankings reflect the best in the business, providing Bloomington residents with trusted solar installation options that meet high standards of excellence.


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