Top Solar Companies in Pittsburgh

Top Solar Companies in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is not the sunniest city in the United States, with about 160 sunny days each year, but the city still needs to maximize its sunshine.

According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Pittsburgh is the 19th biggest city in the United States regarding its energy efficiency initiatives (ACEEE). Pittsburgh was named among the 2020 Shining Cities by the Environment America Research & Policy Center for installed solar capacity.

Pittsburgh is ranked 50th for a total installed solar capacity as of December 2019, with 4.96 MW, and 46th for solar energy capacity per capita, with 16.47 Watts per person. Since 2013, Pittsburgh's solar energy output has increased fourfold.

There is plenty of opportunity to develop, given that the city has an estimated 78,600 solar-capable roofs, some of which have space for big installations. The most considerable single-sloped rooftop solar array in the United States is located at the Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC) Mill 19 building. The 2.5 MW, 110,000 square foot system, which was built in 2020, produces enough energy to run more than 250 houses.

Leading solar energy supplier Scalo Solar Solutions is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since its founding in 2009, the business has developed into one of western Pennsylvania's most reputable and trustworthy suppliers of solar energy solutions for homes and businesses.

For both residential and commercial projects, Scalo Solar Solutions provides a comprehensive range of services, including design, installation, maintenance, and repair. The business specializes in photovoltaic (PV) systems, which use solar-powered panels installed on buildings or other surfaces to turn sunlight into electricity. To assist customers to optimize their savings from renewable energy sources like solar electricity, Scalo also offers turnkey solutions like battery storage systems.

With more than 20 years of combined experience working with PV technology across a variety of industries, including agricultural, educational institutions, and governmental organizations, among others, the staff at Scalo Solar Solutions is highly skilled. They are dedicated to offering their clients a high-quality service while also assisting them in saving money by making effective use of renewable resources like solar electricity, which may cut monthly energy costs by as much as 50%.

Scalo takes great pride in its dedication to environmental sustainability initiatives like reducing carbon emissions through clean energy production methods like rooftop PV installations, which can generate enough electricity annually to generate up to 1 million pounds of CO2 emissions per year! In addition to providing excellent customer service backed by industry knowledge, Scalo also offers competitive pricing. They have received recognition for their attention to environmentally friendly methods in the community from groups like Green America's "Green Business Certification Program," where they have held Gold Level certification since 2011!

Overall, it is evident that Scalo Solar Solutions, situated in Pittsburgh, PA, is the only choice when it comes to selecting a knowledgeable supplier who meets your expectations while producing exceptional outcomes! When you work with this regional pioneer in sustainable & economical clean-energy solutions today, you can be sure that you're receiving nothing but the best. This company has over 10 years of expertise servicing thousands of pleased clients around Western Pennsylvania.

Since 2011, the city of Pittsburgh has received clean, renewable electricity from Exact Solar, a solar energy firm established in Pittsburgh. The business offers services including system design and engineering in addition to specializing in residential and commercial solar installations.

Since its establishment, Exact Solar has expanded quickly to rank among Pittsburgh's top solar energy suppliers. Over 200 locations in Allegheny County alone have had photovoltaic (PV) systems installed at a total capacity of over 1 megawatt (MW), or the equivalent of roughly 800 houses.

Exact Solar offers a wide range of additional services in addition to their amazing installation rates that are intended to make becoming green simpler for their clients. These include no-cost consultations with knowledgeable experts who can assist homeowners in deciding if installing a PV system is good for them, financing choices from nearby banks, and even maintenance programs that guarantee each customer's PV system will function at its best over time.

With projects ranging from tiny residential rooftop systems to massive commercial ground mount arrays generating hundreds or thousands of kilowatts, the team at Exact Solar takes satisfaction in assisting individuals in reducing their carbon footprint while saving money on power bills (kW). In fact, they finished projects with a combined capacity of more than 500 kW just last year alone!

As estimated by Exact Solar themselves, customers can expect an average return on investment within 5 years of installation thanks in large part to tax credits offered through federal programs like ITC/ITC Step Down. This not only means cleaner air for everyone living nearby these sites but also significant savings on electric bills.

All things considered, it's obvious why so many Pittsburghers are turning to businesses like Exactsolar when attempting to make greener decisions: not only do you have access to top-notch products supported by top-notch service, but you can also save money while helping to protect the environment!

In Pittsburgh, solar energy is more inexpensive than ever. We are Western Pennsylvania's and Pittsburgh's most seasoned solar panel installation company. Our commercial solar installations have been extended into OH, WV, NJ, DC, and MD. EIS Solar will assist you with harnessing solar energy, whether it's for your house, company, farm, municipality, or non-profit.

Many businesses, homes, farms, governments, and non-profit organizations in Western Pennsylvania rely on EIS Solar because of our high-quality solar products, excellent building techniques, and industry expertise. EIS Solar can help you lower or perhaps eliminate your increasing electricity costs.

As part of our solar services, we will complete and submit any documentation required for your tax credits, rebates, and incentives.

We are a local Pittsburgh solar firm that does not employ subcontractors. Our crews are professionals, and we invite you to contact them to find out what their current and previous customers have to say.

Since 2011, the city of Pittsburgh has received clean, renewable electricity from the Pittsburgh-based solar energy firm MEO SOLAR. The business offers services including system design and engineering in addition to specializing in residential and commercial solar installations.

Since its establishment, MEO SOLAR has expanded quickly to rank among Pittsburgh's top solar energy suppliers. Over 500 locations in the area now have photovoltaic (PV) systems totaling more than 1 megawatt (MW) installed. This covers both rooftop and ground-mounted systems for both residences and commercial buildings.

The advantages offered by MEO SOLAR's PV systems are numerous: in addition to lowering electricity costs by up to 50%, they also provide a green source of energy that lowers carbon emissions from conventional sources like coal or natural gas facilities. Additionally, consumers can rest easy knowing that their installations are covered by a 25-year guarantee on parts and labor so they won't need to worry about exorbitant maintenance costs in the future.

MEO Solar offers educational programs in addition to installation services for students interested in learning more about renewable energy technologies like PV panels or wind turbines. These programs help students learn important information while preparing them for future careers in fields like engineering or environmental science!

Finally, it's important to note that all MEO Solar employees are certified by the NABCEP (North American Board Of Certified Energy Practitioners), so you can choose your next system installer with confidence, knowing your project will be finished safely & efficiently in accordance with the standards set forth by this organization.

The NABCEP has certified us. SMA PowerUP Partners and LG PRO Solar Installers. We sell solar devices from all manufacturers. We'll offer you a price when you let us know your selection. Owned and run by a family. Emphasized excellent client service. We take great pleasure in our high-quality work and guarantee that we'll be available when you call.

Building relationships is the goal. Together, we work. We are assisting you in comprehending the operation and cost advantages of solar energy systems. A straightforward procedure with no deadlines. How can you receive solar energy without paying extra? For suitable consumers, we provide $0 down loans. We aim to have your monthly finance payment equal to or lower than your current power bill. Why not use the monthly payment you make for power to purchase your sustainable energy? Increase the value of your house, do your part to protect the environment, and become energy independent.

We provide the best warranties on the most reliable brands of solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Our 10-year craftsmanship guarantee is reliable. We simplify finance, and we are a financial partner of Sungage. Among the many lending choices we provide are 20-year fixed-rate loans.

We are a Full-Service Electrical Company with the knowledge to address any demand. Powerstream Solar and Electric will complete the task to your satisfaction. With more than 400 installations, we have been in operation for more than five years. With 14 years of installation expertise, we're still expanding.

Our team has implemented megawatt-scale projects and significant commercial buildings, but servicing homeowners like you are our area of expertise.

Why You Should Switch To Solar Energy In Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is setting the standard for the global transition to renewable energy. Pittsburgh is getting more and more popular for converting to solar energy due to its ample sunshine and dedication to sustainability.

For both people and companies, solar energy provides several advantages. It is a clean, renewable energy source that doesn't release any emissions or pollutants into the atmosphere and may be utilized to generate power or heat a home. Additionally, it is cost-effective because you only need to make a one-time investment in equipment and installation costs, which are quickly recouped through savings on your electric bill over time. This is unlike traditional electricity sources like coal or natural gas plants, where you must pay monthly utility bills.

Solar power is the best option for people living off-grid who want a dependable source of electrical supply at all times because it is not only economical but also environmentally friendly. Solar power also offers reliable access to electricity even during times of peak demand when other forms of power may not be available due to weather conditions or other factors beyond our control.

With more than 1 million PV installations in Pennsylvania alone, Pittsburgh homeowners have already started to take advantage of this opportunity by installing rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems on their houses! Over the coming years, this number is anticipated to increase exponentially as more people learn how simple it is to switch from conventional fossil fuel sources like coal and natural gas plants to cleaner alternatives like solar panels and wind turbines, which can offer them long-term savings while also lowering their carbon footprint.


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