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Solar installation services are offered by 3 Guys Solar to both residential and commercial clients. Planning, developing, and installing whole solar energy systems for both new construction and existing structures is their area of expertise. The business also provides complementary services including energy storage systems and audits of energy efficiency.

3 Guys Solar LLC overview

Solar installation services are offered by 3 Guys Solar to both residential and commercial clients. Planning, developing, and installing whole solar energy systems for both new construction and existing structures is their area of expertise. The business also provides complementary services including energy storage systems and audits of energy efficiency.

What 3 Guys Solar LLC has to say about itself

3 Guys Solar LLC provides the best solar energy solutions to our domestic and international clientele, and we are the industry leader. Custom solar energy systems are our forte, and we provide design, installation, and maintenance services for them. Our crew has worked in the solar sector for years and is well-versed in the newest innovations and products on the market. We are committed to offering our customers affordable, high-quality solar energy products and installation services.

3 Guys Solar LLC Solar Review

Year Started2013
Company Website3guyssolar.com
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and hybrid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SEIA, BPI, IREC

3 Guys Solar LLC website review

3 Guys Solar at their official website, 3Guyssolar.com. The website has a sleek design and provides comprehensive details about its offerings. Solar energy finance choices, maintenance suggestions, and interesting data regarding solar energy consumption are all readily available to site visitors. Information on how to get in touch with their American, Canadian, and European branches is also available online. If you're looking for reliable information on solar energy, 3Guyssolar.com is a great place to start. Customers may trust the information shown on the website since it is regularly updated and maintained. Online testimonials attest to the company's dependability and professionalism. Consequently, 3Guyssolar.com is an excellent website for anybody curious about solar power.

3 Guys Solar LLC price policy

PackagesSolar PV System Installation - Starting at $10,300, Battery Backup Installation - Starting at $6,000, Solar Pool Heating - Starting at $3,000, Solar Hot Water Heater - Starting at $4,000, Solar Attic Fan - Starting at $500, Solar Shade Structures - Starting at $3,000, Solar Landscaping Lighting - Starting at $500, Roof Mounting Hardware - Starting at $2,000, Maintenance and Monitoring Services - Starting at $500
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and wire transfers.
Payment discounts10% discount for military personnel, 10% discount for first-time customers, 5% discount for returning customers, 10% discount for senior citizens, 10% discount for referrals, 5% discount for veterans

3 Guys Solar LLC online reputation

Both satisfied and dissatisfied clients of 3 Guys Solar LLC have provided feedback on the company's performance. Customer service and the speed with which their equipment was installed were praised by many. However, several consumers complained that the customer support employees lacked knowledge and that they were not given adequate information about solar systems. Overall, 3 Guys Solar LLC's solar systems and services are high quality; nevertheless, the company should be more transparent with its consumers about the specifics of the systems it offers.
To replace my roof, I had three solar panel removal specialists come out. The panels were swiftly removed. The process of putting up the panels was less than ideal. One, the panels weren't being installed in the same spots as before. The panels were not placed level, resulting in visual inconsistencies. Third, I had to locate a panel that had been broken but was still in place. There were empty water bottles left on the roof, hidden by the solar panels. Fifth, they lacked the equipment needed to work on Tesla panels. The panels weren't cleaned before being reinstalled. No response to my warranty request after seven days. - Allen C.
The solar coop I used was recommended to me, and I hired them. They performed an excellent job of making sales, but the service thereafter was terrible. It took many tries and complaints before I received a response to my email or phone call. Lack of attendance and lack of professionalism in scheduling. This has been a successful product. However, it was obvious that the installers were not up to par. While wiring the inverters, one person was following along with online tutorials. The yard was littered with trash. Poorly fitted inverters (just over my windows) and panels that were scraping into the roof had to be moved when I complained. The foreman saw the problems right away and didn't dispute them, but the terrible workmanship continued to rip holes in my roof and stucco. It's been a difficult ordeal all around. Even though I saved money on the installation, I wish I had spent more and had it done by an expert. I was hoping for more for the cost of a vehicle. - Raul T.
I was assured that the 28 panels would be sufficient to meet my annual electricity needs. The opposite has happened, and now my monthly outlay on energy costs and solar panels is more than it was before. Some of the panels should have been installed on the west-facing roof slope for maximum efficiency. Instead, they installed all the panels on the east side of the roof, which faces into the shade for most of the day. More sunlight might reach the panels if they were placed on top of both sides. This may have simplified the setup process, but it wouldn't have been optimal. - Randy S.
Don't let 3 Guys Solar into your area unless you want shards of shattered glass all over the walkway after they've finished working there for the day and torn up your neighbors' rubbish (neatly piled for collection). When this crate was knocked over, the worker promptly fled the scene, opting not to clean up his mistake. That he did it in a corporate vehicle with the firm's name and emblem is even more startling. Would you let these knuckleheads work on your high-voltage systems? Recycling items that would otherwise be trashed is OK with me, but littering on purpose makes me angry. Please don't return. The proprietor and I will soon be in contact. - Holden W.
For over three years, we have been using their technology. Someone was supposed to come to repair my daughter's bathroom after several panels fell on the floor, but that person never showed up and now they won't return my calls. For three months, ASI's system was down, my costs skyrocketed, and we received no help. They aren't interested in you at all. I'm very disappointed since we'd already referred them to more than five of our friends. - Darius I.
I have experienced a handful of issues that turned out to be factory flaws. After the final problem arose after over three and a half years after installation, they sent a technician out to repair it without any fuss. A handful of my acquaintances have made the mistake of doing business with fly-by-night" firms, and they have all reported terrible service after the transaction. I'm happy I went with this team since they're committed to the long term." - Trent D.
Everything about this has been positive for me. The sales representative I talked with took the time to explain how everything works and the many customization choices that were available to me. The solar panel installation crew that came out was kind and did a great job. Every day, they made sure everything was in working order and cleaned up the premises. My solar panels are now linked to Duke Energy's power system thanks to the efforts of 3 Guys Solar, who handled all the necessary paperwork and applications on my behalf. When anything isn't quite right with the equipment, they phone me to arrange a time for someone to come out and fix it. As planned, once the panels were wired into the grid, the system began producing an abundance of power. Everything from the solar panels to the inverters to the batteries seems to be of the highest standard. Three Guys Solar is a company that deserves endorsement. - Dean P.
We reached out to 3 Guys Solar after having a major incident with a competing solar panel provider. They were able to complete our job with the few resources we had. Thank you, very much; we valued that. Once we had a set date for installation, we were able to get the job done swiftly and easily. Three Guys Solar performed an excellent job. Communication delays were the only real problem. They have my enthusiastic endorsement. - Bennett F.
Several solar companies were contacted to get quotes for our solar installation. I whittled down the field to a select few installers and had in-depth conversations with them about my project. Mike Novell, of 3 Guys Solar, helped answer my questions and make recommendations for improving our project. Ultimately, we decided to go with an installer not affiliated with Energysage for a variety of reasons, but after speaking with Mike, I had no doubts that they would do a great installation and stand behind their product. There are a lot of scam solar companies out there, but not 3 Guys Solar. Their reviews from satisfied customers are consistently high. I think anybody thinking about getting solar panels installed should get in touch with them to get a quote. - Danny E.
The whole team at 3 Guys Solar in Orlando, from Mike in sales to Andy, who oversaw my installation, is top-notch. The solar panels were erected by a top-notch staff in only one day. The whole team not only responded to my inquiries but also guided me through the procedure. If you're looking to purchase a solar energy system, go no further than 3 Guys Solar. - Jakob O.

3 Guys Solar LLC Social media

The official Facebook page for this well-known solar energy firm is 3 Guys Solar. The website has a polished appearance with several images and videos showcasing the offerings of the business. It's a fantastic approach to find more about the products and achievements of the business. Additionally, the portal provides useful resources including information on switching to solar, energy-saving advice, and solar project costs. This page has a lot of user involvement as seen by the many comments and likes it receives. Customers may trust this page since it includes connections to 3 Guys Solar's website and social media accounts. This website is an excellent resource for clients wishing to learn more about their services and solar energy in general because of the volume of customer contact.
3 Guys Solar's LinkedIn profile gives the impression of being authoritative and well-informed. Products, services, and geographical data are easy to find. The page is popular as it has several followers (around 120). The page looks active and up-to-date, which inspires confidence. The company promises to provide high-quality and eco-friendly services as well as responsive and friendly service. Several comments on the site are rave reviews from satisfied consumers. Thus, 3 Guys Solar's LinkedIn profile is a reliable option to find solar products and services.
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3 Guys Solar LLC average reviews

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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews314.4


3 Guys Solar LLC Pros & Cons

  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Large upfront costs
  • Lack of Resources
  • Limited Reach

3 Guys Solar LLC Final Conclusions

3 Guys Solar provides solar panel installation services. They install solar panels, advise on solar energy system design, and check the integrity of existing solar systems. The expertise, understanding, and assistance in choosing the best system for the customer's requirements are often praised by the customers of 3 Guys Solar. Based on feedback from previous clients, 3 Guys Solar has 4 out of 5 stars.

3 Guys Solar LLC locations

Main Address4382 L B McLeod Rd. Orlando, FL 32811
Phone Number4078660080

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