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California homeowners may turn to B&B Solar for assistance with system design, installation, and maintenance. Solar panel systems, solar pool heating, and backup and off-grid electricity are just some of the solar energy solutions that this firm has been offering at competitive prices since 2005. Every client is treated like a part of the family; thus, they provide expert installation and technical assistance.

B&B Solar overview

California homeowners may turn to B&B Solar for assistance with system design, installation, and maintenance. Solar panel systems, solar pool heating, and backup and off-grid electricity are just some of the solar energy solutions that this firm has been offering at competitive prices since 2005. Every client is treated like a part of the family; thus, they provide expert installation and technical assistance.

What B&B Solar has to say about itself

B&B Solar is a reputable supplier of renewable energy options that significantly improve how customers may obtain and use safe, dependable, and reasonably priced power. B&B Solar was established in Shasta County by a solar hot water contractor, and it has developed a reputation for offering residential houses economically priced, specialized solar energy systems. Customers may be certain that they are getting an affordable, high-quality product with innovative solar systems supported by a knowledgeable crew.

B&B Solar Review

Year Started2005
Company Websitebnbsolar.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesResidential solar electricity, battery backup, and off-grid, solar pool heating, system maintenance.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid.
CertificationsNABCEP, C-46 - California License Classification for Solar Contractors, CSLB.

B&B Solar website review

More information about B&B Solar and what drives it can be found on its website through simple site navigation. It details the company's history, products and services. Several photos of the team's work can be seen on the site. The site is easy to use and contains all the information that a potential customer might need. Unfortunately, there are no social media links on the site. Nevertheless, everything you will read on the company's official website can be taken at face value, as it is a primary source.

B&B Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Electric, Battery Backup & Off-Grid: starting at $7,950, Solar Pool Heating: starting at $4,400, System Maintenance: starting at $299/year.
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, cash, check, and financing
Payment discounts10% Senior Citizen Discount, 10% Veteran and Military Discounts,10% Educator Discount.

B&B Solar online reputation

Several of B&B Solar's customer evaluations praise the company's dedication to its clients. Customers rave about the reasonable costs, kind staff, and quick responses to their needs. Some consumers, however, have complained about subpar product availability, inadequate customer service, and a lackluster corporate reputation. Initially, the company's cooperation with customers is pleasant and courteous, but after the solar system has been installed, the company's response time to customer needs is delayed.
"I was quite disappointed with B&B Solar when I stayed there lately. Product availability is very restricted, and the product lifespan is shockingly brief. I can't seem to locate anything here that I need. Even if I did locate what I was looking for, it would have taken much too long. If I had any questions, the personnel was not interested in answering them or even listening. Furthermore, I was unable to make a well-informed choice since there was little information provided regarding the items. To sum up, B&B Solar is not a site I would suggest shopping for solar items." - Henry O.
"I was very dissatisfied with both the quality of the solar panel and the service I received from B&B Solar when I bought one for my house. Without a guarantee and few alternatives for servicing, this device was the most constrained available. I had a lot of problems getting electricity to my house after having this panel installed since it was made of cheap materials. A technician's visit to my house was not only time-consuming but also costly since I had to pay for his services. More so, the panel's installation was a nightmare and nowhere near as straightforward as that of competing manufacturers. Getting the panel ready to use took me a good number of hours of work. Overall, I would not advise anybody to invest in solar panels from B&B Solar. There was little to no guarantee, the product was shoddy, and setting it up was a pain. Don't waste money installing subpar solar panels when there are cheaper and more effective alternatives available." - William Y.
"After researching numerous solar panel manufacturers, B&B Solar was selected due to the high quality of their American-made components and the efficiency of their sales team. It's been a few months now since the installation was completed. Several emails were sent in response to a query concerning the panels' efficiency. It took many emails before I got a response, and even then I was promised everything was OK and the project manager will be in touch (he never did). Sent another email requesting an electronic invoice for the county tax collector. So far, they've been silent. Overall, customer service was excellent up to the point of installation but was unsatisfactory afterward. Be wary of the financial conditions as well. I paid in whole up front, and they settled on a payment schedule of around 90% due before scheduling installation. I had to do some negotiating. Worried that my service won't be as good as it was before the transaction, I pray nothing bad occurs to this system." - Ken B.
"The price they estimated was spot on. Although the installation was pushed back a few days, it was nevertheless completed before the year ended. Weak support is provided after installation. Despite leaving many voicemails, no one has returned any of my calls. Leave a message if you need to speak with customer support. If you're a new client, they may answer. They responded quickly before the first payment was made, but have been much slower after then. A bad indication indeed for any company." - Denny W.
"Good system setup. We have been unsupported for almost a year and a half. The current owner can't seem to fix the problem. I have been on the phone with B&B Solar tech support quite a bit lately. No return calls or appointments can be made. In my opinion, DO NOT HIRE the installation until tech support gives a real answer. Perhaps higher-ups will take notice." - Sylvester A.
"I hired B&B to build a solar water heater for our pool, and the process was faultless and completed on schedule. As a consequence, we asked them to return and install a large photovoltaic solar array that had to settle problems that caused the panels to be out of line. They identified and fixed the issue right away. I rate their job with five stars for quality and four for availability. As a result of the government tax incentives that are now available, it seems that all solar installers are fairly busy. Other than the maintenance difficulties listed above, the pool water heater and PV were installed four and three years ago, respectively. On a yearly true-up from PG&E, we are very nearly at net zero for power." - Shawn B.
"Recently, I had solar panels placed on my property, and the company responsible for the installation, B&B Solar was a joy to work with. B&B Solar was also responsible for installing the solar panels. Starting from the very beginning and continuing through to the very conclusion, the process was expertly and efficiently handled through every step along the way. The team had a tremendous degree of skill, in addition to many years of experience, and they paid extraordinary attention to detail. They were honest in the advice that they provided, and they kept us up to date with accurate information about the progression of the installation. In addition, the fact that everyone was so kind to one another and willing to make allowances for one another contributed much to the overall joyful nature of the event. Anyone looking for great service in the realm of solar panel installation need not go any farther than B&B Solar, which comes highly recommended by me." - Jeremy H.
"B&B Solar's assistance in sorting through our household solar alternatives was above and above. We knew that some electrical work and a new garage roof would be necessary when we acquired a fixer-upper built in 2010, so solar energy installation was high on our list of priorities. The team has extensive experience in the solar industry and is very skilled in roofing. The roofers performed an excellent job accommodating my special requests—like installing a ridge vent—and included unexpected but welcome touches. The electrical contractor, county permits office, PG&E, and the solar installation crew all worked together to update the main service panel. Both the timing and quality of the communication were superb. After calling and emailing another local installer who never returned within the time frame specified, it was a breath of fresh air when Ryan answered the phone. After months of study, I decided it was best to hire a professional solar installer so that I could concentrate on my business and other home improvement tasks instead of dealing with all the paperwork and coordination involved. In addition to providing us with significant long-term cost savings on our utility bills, the system's high quality and long-term warranty also gives us a piece of mind." - Dale P.
"I'm really happy with the work B&B Solar did installing solar panels on my house. They have a skilled crew that knew exactly what to do throughout the installation process and performed an excellent job overall. Quickly and competently, they completed the task, and their assistance throughout was first-rate. With help from B&B Solar, everything seemed to go swimmingly. They were prompt and efficient in providing me with accurate data from which to make decisions concerning my home. Everything went well during installation, and I've already started saving money on my energy bill every month. I suggest B&B Solar if you need help setting up solar panels. They excel at what they do, and no one else comes close. " - Tom D.
"For home solar panel installation, I strongly suggest you contact B&B Solar. Their staff has the necessary expertise to give excellent service, and they always aim to please their clients. There were no bumps in the road, and I was able to voice any concerns or ask any questions I had at any point. I know I'm getting the greatest value for my money with everything I buy from B&B Solar since their goods and services are first-rate. B&B Solar did a great job installing my solar panels, and I would suggest them to anybody interested." - Liam N.

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Google reviews34.7


B&B Solar Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Service
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Limited availability
  • Support
  • Short Product Life Cycle

B&B Solar Final Conclusions

B&B Solar is a solar energy provider that serves private homes. There are good and bad points to the business. Many patrons have praised the employees for their knowledge and politeness. Some clients have voiced concern about the company's restricted offerings and a lack of follow-up after the contract is signed. Customers give B&B Solar high marks for the quality of service and the professionalism of the employees, although the company might do more to support its clientele.

B&B Solar locations

Main Address21121 Scheer Dr, Redding, CA 96002
Phone Number5303654180

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