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The company Bestway Mechanical offers a comprehensive suite of solar energy solutions. Both home and commercial solar energy systems are their forte, and they design and install them from the ground up. From initial site inspection and system engineering through final system commissioning, they do it all. Turnkey solar solutions are what Bestway specializes in, and they're what they provide to companies and homes that want to lower their power costs and maximize the return on their solar investment.

Bestway Mechanical overview

The company Bestway Mechanical offers a comprehensive suite of solar energy solutions. Both home and commercial solar energy systems are their forte, and they design and install them from the ground up. From initial site inspection and system engineering through final system commissioning, they do it all. Turnkey solar solutions are what Bestway specializes in, and they're what they provide to companies and homes that want to lower their power costs and maximize the return on their solar investment.

What Bestway Mechanical has to say about itself

A seasoned, full-service energy provider, Bestway Mechanical Solar focuses on the design, installation, and maintenance of photovoltaic (PV) systems for homes and businesses. Our group of qualified engineers, installers, and technicians offers our clients cutting-edge solar energy solutions. With years of expertise in the field, Bestway Mechanical Solar is glad to provide the most cutting-edge solar technology and energy-saving solutions to satisfy the requirements of a variety of clients.

Bestway Mechanical Solar Review

Year Started2000
Service AreasCO
Service TypesInstallations, design, engineering, maintenance, and repair services
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Bestway Mechanical website review

The firm Bestway Mechanical's official website is well-maintained and offers thorough information about its goods and services. The website includes an online shop as well as quick access to customer assistance contact information. Customers may browse all the items that are offered via this site, evaluate them, and make orders for them. The website also offers useful details about the business, its personnel, its customer service, and its policies. Overall, the website is engaging and reliable. It guarantees everyone's privacy and protection while upholding the requirements for internet security. Customers may thus feel safe and assured when making purchases on the Internet. To guarantee that users have access to the most recent information available, the website is also updated often. Because of this, it is highly trustworthy and dependable.

Bestway Mechanical price policy

PackagesGrid Tied Solar System: starting at $3,999, Off-Grid Solar System: starting at $6,999, Hybrid Solar System: starting at $7,999, Backup Solar System: starting at $5,499, Pool Heating Solar System: starting at $2,999, Home Battery Storage System: starting at $5,999, Solar Equipment: starting at $1,299
Payment optionsCash, check, and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).
Payment discounts5% discount for customers who purchase a new solar system, 10% discount for customers who refer a friend, 10% discount when signing up for regular maintenance service, 15% discount for customers who purchase an energy monitoring system, 5% discount for military personnel, 10% discount on solar panel replacements, 5% discount on solar hot water systems, 10% discount on repairs and installation services, 5% discount on energy audits.

Bestway Mechanical online reputation

Bestway Mechanical has received universal praise for the quality of its work. Their professionalism, quickness to respond, and high quality of work have been praised by many. The personnel was praised for being helpful and kind. However, not all consumers have been pleased; some have complained about sluggish service and high prices. Bestway Mechanical still provides trustworthy service to its consumers despite certain problems.
In 2020, we had an HVR system installed throughout our new home. The system was flawed from the get-go. They came out and replaced the circuit board after many phone calls. The device functioned normally for the most part, however, we sometimes had to disconnect it to reset it. In 2022, the device suddenly ceased functioning entirely. I called Brian four times and never got a return call. At long last, I received a call from the front desk informing me that they would be unable to inspect the apartment at this time. They suggested I contact Eagle Plumbing & Heating, which I did; they answered the phone immediately, sent someone out, and ended up having to repair the transformer. After the installation is complete, Bestway doesn't care a rat's behind about you. I have zero confidence in whatever they produce. - Wesley H.
It seems as if all the individuals who rated this firm well are brand new clients. Mine is about 4 years old. The installation process was smooth and easy. They say it requires regular servicing (maybe once a year), but they never send someone out to do the work. Since I have been dealing with this issue ever since the software was installed, COVID is not to blame. The first year, I lucked out and they sent a technician out to service the equipment at a reasonable fee (I think it was about $350.00). After that, however, you won't hear back from them despite their promises to set an appointment as soon as possible. But no one ever seems to call. One of the owners previously told me they just don't have somebody to service them when I made that effort. They refused to provide a recommendation to a service provider, saying, We won't recommend anyone because nobody out there is good enough." They will take your money, and then you will be completely on your own. There has had to be some competition out there offering sales, setup, and maintenance for their wares." - Travis L.
Last year, we had Bestway Mechanical put up a new electrical box and solar panels. The whole work was a sloppy, poorly executed mess. Our tiles' connection to the solar support's legs looked like a first-grader had done it. Nothing about the panel was done right; we still don't have the proper cover, and nothing is labeled appropriately. They ran conduit down the center of a stucco wall when they could have run it 1 foot over by the gutter, as I had requested. Due to incompetent installation, we failed our first inspection. I had issues with the monitoring system for months before estway Mechanical finally responded to my concerns. I was able to expose several of their falsehoods. Stay well away from these crooks, all they care about is cashing your cheque. - Fernando K.
Regarding our boiler, the service we have received from Bestway Mechanical has been less than satisfactory. They inflated the amount of time they spent servicing the boiler and did not adhere to the agreed-upon hourly fee, costing us an unnecessary sum of money. Despite promises to the contrary, they dispatched a technician who was unfamiliar with our boiler and who did not bring the necessary item. The technician from Bestway put in the incorrect component, which didn't work, but we still had to pay for his time. They denied being aware that the most up-to-date boiler components list is available online from the manufacturer. They kept us waiting for three hours after telling us the technician couldn't make it that day and we'd have to wait until the weekend for our boiler to be fixed, and they offered no apology for the inconvenience. The Bestway salesperson who provided the quotation avoids my emails and never calls back. - Shane O.
Our $25,000 installation has never been successful. When we contacted Bestway for help, they said we just didn't understand what it was like to live in the mountains or how cold it might get there. Been at this location for the last 18 years. They barely got the boiler up and running, and now, years later, they still haven't figured out how to get the solar panels to do anything. Do not hire this firm, please. - Maddox L.
It has been two years since Bestway Mechanical installed solar panels for me and I could not be happier with them or the service. Before, during, and after the installation they have always responded quickly and accurately to my inquiries. I am pleased with both going solar" and my decision to work with Bestsway Mechanical." - Francisco J.
The BestWay Mechanical crew performed a fantastic job. The setup went well and is performing as expected. We have yet to pay" for our electricity, but every month we end up "making" money with the system. I can't stress enough how important it is for you to contact BestWay Mechanical and learn all you can about solarizing (if that's even a term).home to you." - Jude R.
Anybody who cares to read this. I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on the finest shopping experience I've ever had, which happened to include solar panels. Jacqueline is a breath of fresh air who always exceeds expectations. She made it simple to make a crucial choice. She clearly does her research, as she responded intelligently to every question I posed. She does not exert any pressure on you but rather provides you with all the facts you need to make an informed choice. Thanks to Jacqueline, everyone in my family is now making use of solar energy for their homes. Consider Bestway Mechanical and Jacqueline if you're interested in solar energy. - Abraham W.
My solar panels will be installed by Bestway Mechanical (and in particular, the superb Scott) in the winter of 2021. In addition to the great satisfaction I get from knowing I'm doing my part to promote clean energy, I also often get credits on my account for the energy I create in excess of my consumption. An amazing case of mutual benefit! From the first consultation through the installation (which, by the way, was quick, easy, and painless), Scott exemplified the utmost professionalism, support, and acuity. The assistance I've received from Scott and Sunrun has been unparalleled. Scott has always responded quickly to my inquiries, and he also checks in occasionally to make sure I am not worried about anything. Bestway Mechanical also offers an excellent referral program where you may get a financial reward for referring new customers. Especially in these trying economic times, this has been a wonderful blessing. To sum up, if I could offer Bestway Mechanical and Scott more than 10 stars, I would give them 11. Call him right now for an appointment if you've ever thought about going solar. - Garrett T.
Kim, our sales representative, has been outstanding. Everything has gone off without a hitch thanks to her. She was kind, well-informed, and with tremendous assistance at every stage. She gave us prompt and detailed answers to our queries. Kim's excitement for the product and assurance that we are receiving the greatest quality on the market were crucial factors in our decision to purchase; Bestway Mechanical is lucky to have someone of her caliber on staff. - Braden A.

Bestway Mechanical Social media
The Facebook page for Bestway Mechanical's solar energy business has an outdated appearance. The page hasn't been updated in a while and has a little amateurish appearance overall. While there are many images of solar panel installations, there are no evaluations or videos. It barely has around sixty followers, so it doesn't seem to be a very popular page. There are no more intriguing linkages, and there are no chances for clients or locals to participate. Overall, it's difficult to recommend anybody utilizing the Bestway Mechanical solar energy firm's Facebook page since there aren't many current changes and there aren't many followers. account not registered
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Google reviews233


Bestway Mechanical Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Professional
  • Trustworthy
  • Limited Markets
  • Limited Financial Resources
  • Limited Service Area

Bestway Mechanical Final Conclusions

A firm called Bestway Mechanical offers a variety of heating and cooling services. Unfortunately, client testimonials show that the business has a dubious reputation, mostly because of its dubious customer service. Before committing to any of the services provided by Bestway Mechanical, it's crucial to do research.

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Main Address2526 Platte Place Colorado Springs, Co 80909
Phone Number7195990830

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