Blossom Solar review

Since 2017, Blossom Solar has been serving the state of Washington as an installation of solar panels for homes and businesses. Brands like Silfab, REC, and Enphase are just a few that we work with when creating one-of-a-kind designs and price quotations for our clients. In addition to working directly with homeowners, Blossom Solar collaborates with builders to earn them energy credits for their projects.

Blossom Solar overview

Since 2017, Blossom Solar has been serving the state of Washington as an installation of solar panels for homes and businesses. Brands like Silfab, REC, and Enphase are just a few that we work with when creating one-of-a-kind designs and price quotations for our clients. In addition to working directly with homeowners, Blossom Solar collaborates with builders to earn them energy credits for their projects.

What Blossom Solar has to say about itself

Blossom Solar is a Washington State-based solar panel installer that provides backup generators and charging stations for electric cars. Blossom is unlike any other Washington-based installation since it prioritizes their clients' happiness above anything else. While solar panel installation is the company's main business, client satisfaction is a top priority. They strive to provide the finest contractor experience possible by providing low prices, individualized control panels, and expert installation to their clients.

Blossom Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasWA
Service TypesBattery Bank Services, Ground-mounted System Services, Virtual Consultations, Solar Panel Installation, Solar Electric/PV System Repair, Off-grid Solar System Services, Solar Electric/PV System Installation, Solar EV Charging System Installation, Solar Panel Repair.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial.
Backup BatteryLlithium-ion, lead acid, and flow batteries.
CertificationsBBB, NABCEP, REC, Solar Washington.

Blossom Solar website review

Blossom Solar is a sleek, aesthetically attractive, and easy-to-navigate website. Information on Blossom Solar and its offerings may be found here in great detail. The site presents the pictures and messages that the organization wishes to express in a way that is appealing to the user via the use of contemporary design features, fluid animations, and beautiful imagery. Information provided on the site is reliable and up-to-date with regard to the firm and its products. In a nutshell, the Blossom Solar website is an expertly crafted resource for patrons to get familiar with the business and its products. Its sleek style and animations provide a more enjoyable experience while providing users with up-to-date and correct information.

Blossom Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation starts at $20,000, Backup Battery System starts at $10,500, Electric/PV System starts at $12,000, and EV Charging System starts at $8,500.
Payment optionsCash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
Payment discounts15% discount for Senior Citizens, 20% discount for Military and Veterans, 5% discount for those who Refer a Friend, and 10% discount for Bulk Purchases.

Blossom Solar online reputation

Customer testimonials show that Blossom Solar gives an excellent product and helpful service to people in need of solar power systems. Customers are generally pleased with the service and enthusiastically recommend it to others; nevertheless, some have had issues throughout the procedure or in receiving a satisfactory answer from the customer support staff. Blossom Solar has built a solid reputation for its expertise and professionalism, as well as its dedication to its consumers, despite the negative experiences some of its clients have had.
"Stay away from this business. A significant number of difficulties, with an inadequate reaction to those issues. Any business is willing to accept your money. The way in which a firm deals with problems is the best indicator of its overall quality. Their only option is to tell lies and shift the blame for their issues onto other parties. Stay away from this business." - Linda F.
"It seems like a nice idea at first, but when problems develop, they don't actually try to find solutions to those problems. Even when I emailed them many times, I did not get a response. Concerned about the future contacts in case we need help and anything requires care owing to warranties or something like" - Andrew Y.
"When the salespeople came, I thought I was receiving panels for my business's roof on both sides, but when they were installed, they had only been placed on one side of my shop since I wasn't feeling well at the time. They also failed to adequately notify me of the project's finances. Although it was already too late, I would never have consented to pay such a hefty price for what I obtained. They also failed to clarify how I was to get my government's reimbursement, and it took me a while to do it." - Leroy S.
"I was able to get a price (the woman was extremely helpful), but after that, there was no real follow-up despite the fact that I phoned and sent emails as well. I am relieved that anything like this occurred before I made an order. I am going to do business elsewhere. In addition, the woman who had presented me with the quotation phoned. It's possible that my event was an isolated incident." - Harry K.
"Still "not "commissioned" after 60 thousand dollars and six days off work, avoid bloom and enphase like the plague. Since of the amount of money I have already lost as a consequence of making the stupid decision to utilize them, I will not be letting them complete since it would be irresponsible of me to do so." - Gloria V.
"We began looking at solar around two months ago, and we are now completely solar. I cannot express how much I adore Solar Blossom. After doing some internet research, we immediately discovered that solar company pricing ranges widely. I'm impulsive detail-oriented, and do extensive study before making decisions. We could tell we were going to be in excellent hands after our first contact with Justin. We made the finest choice by jumping right in. He and his crew patiently answered all of my concerns and clearly described each procedure. We had an excellent time." - Rendy O.
"Blossom Solar was a great experience for us! The whole staff was incredibly attentive, really knowledgeable, and highly responsive from the first sales contact to installation and getting things up and running. The workers maintained the yard tidy and cleaned up at the end of each day when the installation started (just when they said it would). We couldn't be happier with the whole procedure and the outcome, and Blossom Solar comes highly recommended!" - Bred L.
"From the very beginning to the very end, my experience with Blossom Solar was really positive. They showed incredible patience throughout the whole process, addressing our queries and making adjustments to our project until we felt as if it had satisfactorily satisfied all of our requirements. Excellent service and hardworking staff members. Many thanks for the outstanding work that you've done." - Jani S.
"The best it got was Blossom, in my opinion. The pricing was really reasonable, and the communication was first-rate. They have discovered the ideal balance between contacting you and irritating you. Everyone was proficient and kind. I spoke with a couple of other solar businesses, but they seemed to be more knowledgeable in "closing deals" than solar systems themselves. Blossom was an exception to this rule. Instead of a high-pressure salesperson, it seemed like I was dealing with a real technician. The installation personnel was on time, kind, and effective. The system seems to be working well so far. The permitting procedure was the sole issue. The county mishandled the situation and failed to deliver it on time. Blossom informed me very away, and they collaborated with the county to complete it fast. In the end, choosing Blossom is a no-brainer!" - Paul N.
"Just installed my 12 Kw system, couldn't be happier! Sales representatives did an excellent job of outlining the who, what, and where of the program, solar, and installation. The installers arrived promptly and worked nonstop to do the project in a single day. All of them were kind and professional. When I had any problems, Roxxane at the office was kind and responsive right away! Terrific folks and a terrific business! Tell everyone to use them!" - Erin B.

Blossom Solar Social media
Keep up with the newest in solar energy news and innovations by following the Blossom Solar Facebook page. Displaying photos and videos of completed projects with details about their offerings makes the website appear polished and interesting. A sizable number of "Likes" and subscribers have been amassed in a very short period of time thanks to their regular publication of blog entries, instructive postings, and events. They strive to have more interaction between the page's followers and experts in the field by reacting to comments and postings. That's why you can rely on the data and analysis presented on this page on solar power.
In my opinion, Blossom Solar's LinkedIn profile is reliable. Superior to other solar firms because of its many unique features. To begin with, they provide articles that their readers will find useful on the topic of solar power. Because of this, their audience may benefit from the deepest possible insights and expertise on the subject matter. What's more, they have attracted the attention of 718 individuals who have decided to follow them, which is a significant figure and indicates that these people have trust in the firm and its offerings. For a comprehensive and trustworthy resource on solar energy, go no further than Blossom Solar's LinkedIn profile.
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Blossom Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews634.9


Blossom Solar Pros & Cons

  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Prompt installation
  • Knowledgeable team
  • Customer service
  • Payback period
  • Price formation

Blossom Solar Final Conclusions

When it comes to solar power, nobody does it better than Blossom Solar. Its costs are low, and it can be set up quickly. Your solar energy system will be expertly installed by their trained staff. They provide great customer service and offer guidance on how to maximize profits and set prices. Many satisfied customers have praised Blossom Solar for their competence and professionalism. They like the company's accessibility in responding to their questions and concerns at any time. Nonetheless, there have been complaints from a few unhappy clients owing to misunderstandings and lengthy delays in the installation process.

Blossom Solar locations

Main Address1706 Lombard Avenue, Everett WA, 98201
Phone Number4256107067

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