Ellensburg Solar review

For a variety of solar applications, Ellensburg Solar offers a wide range of solar system solutions. Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union, through which we provide financing, offers a loan with no money down and affordable monthly payments that are generally lower than your current energy bill. One of the cleanest sources of renewable energy is solar energy. When utilized in a house or company, it creates no emissions and considerably decreases (if not completely eliminates) the demand for non-renewable energy sources.

Ellensburg Solar overview

For a variety of solar applications, Ellensburg Solar offers a wide range of solar system solutions. Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union, through which we provide financing, offers a loan with no money down and affordable monthly payments that are generally lower than your current energy bill. One of the cleanest sources of renewable energy is solar energy. When utilized in a house or company, it creates no emissions and considerably decreases (if not completely eliminates) the demand for non-renewable energy sources.

What Ellensburg Solar has to say about itself

We aim to assist you in reaching your goals if you want to start saving money on your monthly power bills and lowering your carbon impact. For residents and business owners in the Pacific Northwest, Ellensburg Solar offers a wide range of solar services. Regardless of whether you need a system repaired, improved, or installed, we will develop a proposal based on your particular project.

Ellensburg Solar Review

Year Started2011
Company Websiteellensburgsolar.com
Service AreasWA
Service TypesSolar panel installation, Solar system design, Solar system maintenance, Solar system repair, Solar energy consultation, Solar financing options, Solar energy monitoring, Solar energy education
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsSEIA, NABCEP

Ellensburg Solar website review

The website features an eye-pleasing, minimalistic style with a limited color palette. A summary of the business and its services is provided on the home page. In order to encourage visitors to get a free quotation, it has a big call to action button. Additionally, the page has client endorsements that support its reliability and trustworthiness. Detailed information about the services and goods offered by Ellensburg Solar is available on the website. The advantages of converting to solar energy are also highlighted on the website, including financial savings and environmental benefits. An educational piece, a how-to guide, and solutions to commonly asked solar energy issues are all provided in the website's resource area. This shows how dedicated the business is to informing and educating its clients. The blog section builds upon this by recurrently uploading pertinent articles on solar energy and related subjects. A contact form, phone number, and physical address are all available on the website as options for visitors to get in touch with the business. Users may enter their information and special requirements on the Request a Quote page, which enables the business to deliver customised proposals. The website for Ellensburg Solar does a good job of conveying the firm's capabilities, knowledge, and dedication to renewable energy. It is an invaluable resource for people and businesses interested in solar energy solutions because to its user-friendly design, educational content, and obvious call-to-action components.

Ellensburg Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash or Check, Credit or Debit Card, Solar Loans, Solar Leases or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Financing Options
Payment discounts$0 credit, 22% federal tax credit (22% off!)

Ellensburg Solar online reputation

Based on user feedback, it can be concluded that Ellensburg Solar typically offers outstanding service and is reasonably priced when compared to other solar energy suppliers in the Spokane and Eastern Washington regions. From the first contact to installation and beyond, clients commended their exceptional communication, responsiveness, and expertise. The installation procedure is reportedly quick, and the personnel is knowledgeable and helpful. The advantages of Ellensburg Solar include their affordable rates, prompt service, quick installation, and keen emphasis on product quality. Customers like the installation team's expertise and enthusiasm as well as the assistance of corporate officials with paperwork and permissions. However, a few unfavorable reviews criticize the company's poor customer service and communication problems. Some clients claim it's difficult to get a hold of the business, they receive replies slowly, and no one follows up. In one instance, the customer encountered issues acquiring the final paperwork and damage that occurred during installation. Overall, Ellensburg Solar has received appreciation for its affordable prices, professionalism, and speedy installations; but, the unfavorable evaluations point out areas where these services might be improved.
"The quoted price for a grid-tied system without a battery bank was $25,000, and it would take 10 years or more before the 'investment' paid for itself. There would still be an unforeseen power charge on top of the installation and equipment costs that would replace the electricity bill. Unprofessionally, they ghosted us when we asked follow-up questions regarding going completely off the grid and using batteries for backup power. Off-grid PV systems with battery storage are available at much lower prices and can pay for themselves in a year or two." - Mark
"Ellensburg Solar was supposed to install a solar power system for us. Our home municipality only gave its okay to a subset of our proposed infrastructure. Even though we never heard back from ellensburg solar, we decided to move on with the partial system. I tried calling and leaving a message five times. I waited for months, but they never responded. I just got off the phone with the back office and phoned to terminate our loan. Before they discredited themselves, they passed off as a respectable business." - Rich
"I spent time gathering materials for them and even took time off work to have a house visit, but they never showed up, never contacted, and never emailed again. Perhaps there is an explanation, but it speaks volumes to me about their commitment to client satisfaction. Extremely disheartening." - Ivan
"Poor customer service and communication are hallmarks of this organization. When my new panels were being installed, I was shocked to discover that several of my things that had been sitting on a shelf above my breaker panel had been swept off and destroyed. Also, they created a tremendous mess of my shed by taking all my supplies and pushing them over from where they had been neatly stacked in one area. Keep in mind that absolutely NO WARNING was given as to what needed to be relocated or where the components of the system will be installed. On top of that, we had to ask twice for our final paperwork, and when it finally arrived, there were additional fees from the post office since Ellensburg Solar hadn't included sufficient stamps or a return address. Although I've had no issues with my solar panel setup so far, if I were to do it over, I'd choose a different installer." - Terry
"Working with them was a pleasure. Their pricing beat out the competition. But every year I lose 8-12 panels and it takes more than a month to get them restored because of issues with my micro inverters. Also, they always seem to break in the heat, when I need the panels the most. I now have 8 items that have been out for over a month." - Linda
"Ellensburg Solar was the most reasonably priced of three solar energy providers we contacted in the Eastern Washington region. Both their service and their communication have been top-notch. Both Heath in sales and Vic in the electrical department did an excellent job." - Windy
"Ellensburg Solar installed a 25-panel system for us in Spokane, WA, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Ellesnburg Solar was the most reasonably priced of numerous solar installation firms in the Spokane region, so we went with them. During the first stages of the process, when we were waiting for the County and Avista to approve all the required permits, Conner and Regan of Ellensburg Solar were our primary contacts, and they were both exceedingly attentive and professional. The whole process from approval to installation took less than a week. I believe his name was Dominique, and he was part of the installation crew that came out. Has a high level of professionalism, courtesy, and competence. They were helpful and kind during the installation process, answering all of our concerns and even helping to clean up after themselves. Extremely picky and focused on quality output. Furthermore, the system was installed in a single day. The enthusiasm and expertise with which they approached the installation of the system gave clear evidence that they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. After the workers finished the installation, Avista switched our meter to "net" metering, and the next day, Connor came out to turn on the system and get us set up so we could track our energy production online. Our first month of power generation has been successful thus far, and we can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring. I cannot urge you enough to contact the Ellensburg Solar team if you haven't done so already. The entire group is fantastic." - Ken
"The operation of solar panels has been the subject of our studies for some time. This realization came after we realized that our power bill was going to keep going up forever. So, we reached out to local solar energy providers for further details. For their proficiency with solar panels and kind, helpful service, Ellensburg Solar stood out.With 62 panels, we should be ready for the arrival of our hybrid vehicle early next year. Our panels were installed in about 2 days! The service was prompt, helpful, and informative; what more could you want?" - Gavin
"Exceptional work on our home solar + battery backup setup. Our high metal architectural shingle roof made our job more difficult than expected. We spoke with many other businesses, and none of them could install in our challenging environment, but Ellensburg Solar did. They came when they said they would and kept coming back until everything was set up and working the way we wanted it to. The prices are low, the equipment is reliable, and the personnel and installers are helpful and educated. Strongly suggested!"- Damon
"What a fantastic time! Great service was provided at every interaction point. Everything from the first meeting to the final closeout and explanation of the system went smoothly, from the very competitive and fair bid to the constant updates on the status of the project to the special meeting scheduled when our ground did not allow for placement where we had originally discussed. Everything was exactly as said and even better thanks to these folks. Everything went as smoothly as we could have hoped for. Sam was our main contact and he was really nice and prompt with his responses; it was clear that he genuinely cared that our stay was perfect. Ryan participated at critical phases to ensure the project ran well. The front desk was great about sending timely emails with updates and responses to any queries we had. We couldn't be happier with our decision to go with Ellensburg Solar. This firm received high marks from our inspector. The fact that their bid was substantially more than the rest was icing on the cake. Strongest endorsement for this cool, youthful crew! They are experts in their field." - Nancy

Ellensburg Solar Social media

The Ellensburg Solar Facebook page is a venue created to advertise and disseminate details about solar energy options in the Ellensburg region. The page has a neat and expert structure, and the cover image depicts the installation of solar panels. The Ellensburg Solar emblem on the profile photo promotes brand recognition. The entire layout is aesthetically pleasing and adheres to the renewable energy concept. The page routinely posts articles, advice on energy conservation, and news on solar projects and promotions that are all related to solar energy. The information is interesting, well-written, and pertinent to the intended audience. With lots of likes, comments, and shares, the page has a respectable amount of activity. The page contains a reviews area where visitors may post comments and suggestions. The majority of evaluations are favorable and highlight Ellensburg Solar's high standard of customer service, professionalism, and affordability. He routinely disseminates information about neighborhood collaborations, activities, and solar projects, which fosters a feeling of community trust and involvement. In general, Ellensburg Solar's Facebook page utilizes the platform well to advertise solar products, interact with the audience, and develop a strong brand image. He skillfully conveys his knowledge, passion to the community, and expertise.
The company's LinkedIn profile includes a description of Ellensburg Solar LLC. It says that it is a solar power company with its corporate office in Ellensburg, Washington, and that its primary goals are to install solar panels and discover alternative energy sources. According to its LinkedIn page, Ellensburg Solar LLC has up to 10 workers. The company is involved in environmental and renewable energy issues. Users may access the company's website via a link on this page to learn more about their projects and goods in-depth. The company's phone number and email address are also provided as contact details. Details about certain employees' employment and professional qualifications may be found on their LinkedIn accounts. Thus, visitors may get a feel of the team's skills and experience. A small number of users have signed up for the page, demonstrating some amount of interest in how the company does business. There doesn't seem to be much engagement with posts, as seen by the lack of likes, comments, and posts, though. The Ellensburg Solar LLC profile on LinkedIn generally provides a brief overview of the company, its services, and its personnel. Even if there are some engagement indicators and positive reviews, there is still room for development in terms of subscriber interaction and content strategy to raise the brand's online visibility.
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Ellensburg Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews414.6


Ellensburg Solar Pros & Cons

  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Top-notch Service
  • Efficient Installation
  • Communication Issues
  • Limited Off-grid Solutions
  • Long Repair Time

Ellensburg Solar Final Conclusions

An average of 4.37 stars were given to Ellensburg Solar. Ellensburg Solar's performance and customer service have received varying levels of praise from customers, according to reports. Many consumers have expressed satisfaction with the company's affordable rates, effective installations, and emphasis on product quality. The staff deserves a lot of praise for their expertise, professionalism, and eagerness to assist, especially those in the sales and electrical departments. Communication problems and a lack of responsiveness in some instances, however, are some worries. Additionally, some consumers have complained that the whole experience was hampered by concerns with installation damage and delays in the resolution of technical problems with microinverters. Overall, Ellensburg Solar has gotten favorable ratings for its performance and affordable price, but unfavorable evaluations highlight areas that need development, particularly in terms of communication, customer service, and the speedy resolution of technical concerns. Before making a choice, prospective clients who are interested in working with Ellensburg Solar should give careful thought to these criteria. It may also be beneficial to conduct more research, seek advice, and talk about particular concerns with the business. Customers should assess if a company's good attributes are in accordance with their objectives and demands in a solar installation provider because a company's reputation is made up of both strong points and room for development.

Ellensburg Solar locations

Main AddressPO Box 1681 Ellensburg WA 98926
Phone Number5099292728

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