Solar Trek review

We take responsibility for our work and are really pleased of what we do. We aim towards fulfillment.
Solar Trek review

Solar Trek overview

We take responsibility for our work and are really pleased of what we do. We aim towards fulfillment.

What Solar Trek has to say about itself

Vincent Biel established SOLAR TREK, Inc. in Florida in 1981. In 2010, Patrick Altier, Mr. Biel's son-in-law, acquired the privately owned company. As a maker of thermosiphon solar home hot water systems in the beginning, SOLAR TREK now creates solar hot water components using its own patents. The business has developed into a full-service provider of solar renewable energy, including solar power, solar air conditioning, and solar pool heating systems. Since its founding in 1981, SOLAR TREK has won several accolades. In terms of solar power installations, our business came in at 116th overall and 14th in California in 2014.

Solar Trek Review

Year Started1981
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

Solar Trek website review

The website offers in-depth details on the products and services that Solar Trek offers in the area of solar energy. The information is well written, condensed, and divided into several areas, such as solutions for household, business, and governmental solar panels. Each area includes comprehensive information on the advantages, procedure, and financing choices offered. The website makes good use of images to highlight solar projects, installations, and goods. Throughout the website, high-quality photos and videos have been put carefully to improve user experience and show off Solar Trek's potential. The website contains obvious call-to-action forms and buttons that nudge users to take action, including obtaining a price, scheduling a consultation, or looking into financing possibilities. These components aid in boosting user interaction and conversion. Solar Trek's website includes customer endorsements, qualifications, and ties to prominent organizations that assist build confidence and trust in the company. Social media icons on the website make it simple for users to connect to Solar Trek's social media accounts. Overall, the website for Solar Trek does a good job of communicating the company's solar energy solutions via user-friendly design, educational material, and attractive imagery. It effectively promotes solar energy's advantages and nudges visitors to act.

Solar Trek price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Financing Options, Checks, Online Payment Platforms
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

Solar Trek online reputation

It is clear from Solar Trek's customer testimonials that its clientele have provided the company with overwhelmingly good feedback. The recurring themes in these evaluations include Solar Trek's staff members' professionalism, subject matter knowledge, and top-notch customer service. Customers have expressed pleasure with the business's pool heating systems, solar panel installations, and maintenance services, among other elements. The effectiveness and quickness with which the business responds to any problems or complaints is a characteristic that consistently receives high marks in the ratings. Customers have praised Solar Trek for responding to issues quickly, such as patching a squirrel hole in the pool heating system, offering assistance with a corroded chlorine generator cabinet, and managing minor installation glitches. Additionally, Todd, Kyle, Kris, and Nate have all been singled out for praise for their professionalism among the sales team and installers. Customers have recommended Solar Trek for solar energy solutions in part due to their great experiences with the team. Customers have also acknowledged their happiness with the installations' quality, particularly in the instance of a solar pool heater that made swimming delightful all summer long. The firm swiftly examined and replaced the damaged panels even after a hailstorm caused damage, demonstrating their dedication to providing excellent customer service. However, a few unfavorable reviews bemoan specific parts of Solar Trek's customer service, including an unprofessional salesman and problems with communication and follow-up. These rare occurrences serve as a reminder to the business to maintain consistent and polite client relationships. With the majority of its clients expressing high levels of satisfaction and recommending the company for solar energy requirements, Solar Trek looks to be a credible and trustworthy business. The favorable reviews emphasize the workers' professionalism, expertise, and response, making Solar Trek a well-liked option for solar installations and services in the Citrus region. However, there is room for development in the areas of customer service and communication to guarantee a continuously satisfying experience for every client.
"Unfortunately, we were unable to try out the device because of the sales guy, Jim. In the course of our 1.5-hour session, he spent 45 minutes talking about himself. He gave us an estimate and a brochure and then said he didn't have time for anything else. Despite our reservations caused by his lack of professionalism, we sent him an email with the questions he was too busy to respond since we really believed the product was superior. His SMS messages to us were abrupt, unhelpful, and unpleasant. He said he was too busy multitasking to give us thoughtful responses to our queries when we voiced our unhappiness with his tone and demeanor. That did it for me. We phoned the business and talked with the owner/CEO, who offered a lukewarm and rote apology and assured us that Jim is a "good guy." Because this firm doesn't seem to care about our $5,500 pool solar purchase, we've decided to go elsewhere." - James
"My husband and I made the mistake of hiring them to replace our solar panels. The installation crew obviously lacked experience, as they connected the system wrong and we had to contact for help the next day to find out why it wasn't turning on at the designated time. While installing the panels in our attic, they accidentally dropped a tool, which shattered the ceiling of our living room. Then they dispatched a drywall worker to our house to repair it without giving us any advance notice (my husband and I both have full-time jobs). After the installers left, the repairman came to my house twice without warning to finish the work that had been left undone; a call would have been appreciated and would have demonstrated that they valued our time. After almost a month following the installation, we are still arguing with them regarding the loss of two drinking tumblers that were taken from our house. My husband was home all day while the new system was being installed. He kindly offered them some water, but they never bothered to return the glasses. When he has phoned their office, nobody has ever been able to assist us out. It's been at least a week since my husband last heard from anybody after the lady promised he'd hear from the owner. We doubt there has ever been a worse corporation to do business with than this one. I don't see how a company can function if its employees are this inept and disrespectful. Everyone I know will be told to stop doing business with you." - Tim
"This business should have remained in the hands of its original owner. Current owner "Patric" is the least professional person I've ever dealt with. They provide NO WARRANTY FOR THEIR WORK AND WILL NEVER FOLLOW UP ON ANY ISSUE. THIS IS NOT A TRUSTED BUSINESS. DO NOT APPROACH. The panels they placed in the house I just bought (with warranty) are a total mess." - Kevin
"The absolute worst customer service imaginable. The proprietor ought to employ cordial workers capable of addressing customer issues in a mature approach. I should not have worked with this firm." - Michael
"The nasty lady who answered the phone was persistent in her questions and short with me when I finally explained the problem. Then we were charged since it wasn't covered by the warranty and they didn't bother to notify us before they came out to repair it. Disappointed with the quality of their work. They first put them up in 2014, and then they came out and pulled them down and put them back up again last year when we redone the roof. Once treated their clients with the utmost professionalism, but lately everything seems to have changed." - Nurse
"The employees at this firm are among the best in all of Citrus. My pool heating system was built by them a few years ago, and with the exception of the occasional squirrel, it has been a lovely addition to my backyard. They were fast to react to the squirrel hole, and their work was thorough and reasonably priced. After having my roof redone, I required Solar Teck to take down my panels and then rebuild them. They arrived on time and worked nonstop to finish the installation. I just cannot praise this ensemble enough. INDEED, CALL THESE PEOPLE FOR ALL YOUR SOLAR REQUIREMENTS." - Juno
"Both the sales staff and the installers were really professional. Solar Trek is an excellent choice. Working with Todd and Kyle is a pleasure. The Tesla Powerwall installation was spotless. Permitting and connectivity was a breeze thanks to Solar Trek, particularly Caitlin. This solar energy firm comes highly recommended." - Jon
"About seven years ago, Solar Trek installed my first solar panel system. After making certain adjustments to our lifestyle, I decided to update my solar panels in order to once again reduce my electricity bills, and they carried out this second installation with the same level of professionalism they showed during the first. In both the original installation and the subsequent maintenance and support, Solar Trek has exceeded my expectations." - Sandra
"Several years ago, we had Solar Trek construct a solar heating system for our swimming pool. My chlorine generator's cabinet was severely corroded after a salt water leak from a valve in the system leaked salt water over it, and so Kris and Nate from Solar Trek came out to fix it. Without their intervention, the computer within the cabinet would have been exposed to the weather, and I would have had to spend well over $1,000 on a replacement. Not only did they move the valve, but they also provided me with helpful tips on how to make the most of my generator. I might have (and maybe should have) seen what was occurring sooner, but they took ownership of the issue and resolved it enthusiastically. Really appreciate it, folks." - Brent
"The technician from Pinch a Penny who fixed our pool pump highly suggested Solar Trek for installing our solar pool heater. We were quite satisfied with every aspect of our interaction with the company, from the salesman to the installation team to the office's follow-up. There was an initial hiccup, but they sent someone out the same day to correct it. When it comes to the solar heater itself, we couldn't be more pleased. Our pool was swimmable a few days after the equipment was installed in late March. As an added benefit, we were able to keep the pool at precisely the temperature we needed all summer long by running the cooling cycle at night. The pool was a little chillier than usual after all the rain that storm Ian brought. After reverting to the warmer setting, the temperature stabilized after a few days. As of today, October 12th, we are still making everyday use of our pool. Extremely satisfied! In other news: In less than two years after installation, our solar pool heater was destroyed by a hail storm. Matt came out and inspected everything meticulously. He advised that, given the level of damage, I have nine of the 10 panels replaced. Since the installation was so recent, he phoned the office, and Patrick gave him a discount. I would have paid full price since we are so pleased with the pool heater, but this experience has convinced me that Solar Trek is an outstanding business because of its outstanding customer care." - Cyndi

Solar Trek Social media
The official page for the business is the Solar Trek Facebook page. It has a certified blue checkmark on it to show that it is real. It seems that the page is devoted to promoting solar energy and associated goods and services. The Solar Trek emblem used as the profile photo aids in brand awareness. The page often posts solar energy-related information, such as educational pieces, advice, and updates on the company's goods and services. The postings are aesthetically attractive and engaging since they are complemented by pertinent photographs or videos. The interaction on the page is respectable. A modest number of people like, comment on, and share posts. It seems that Solar Trek responds to remarks and comments made on their page. They reply to client questions right away, address issues, and express gratitude for compliments. To reach a larger audience, Solar Trek periodically offers sponsored content or adverts. Overall, the Facebook page for Solar Trek seems to be appealing, well-kept, and dedicated to promoting solar energy.
The Solar Trek profile on LinkedIn offers useful details about the company's background, product line, and market presence. According to the website, Solar Trek employs between 11 and 50 people and is a small to medium-sized company. The corporation has its headquarters in Florida, a state in the United States. The "Specializations" section of Solar Trek's website emphasizes the company's strengths. Installation of solar panels, solar energy storage, solar panel maintenance, and solar system design are a few of these. Based on the information provided, it seems that Solar Trek is a full-service solar energy provider equipped to manage a variety of solar project-related tasks. Recent postings, articles, and interactions with other LinkedIn members are all shown on the page. Employees may contribute their expertise and experiences about working with Solar Trek in a section on LinkedIn. The number of Solar Trek followers on LinkedIn is shown on the website, highlighting the franchise's popularity and reach there. Users of LinkedIn may endorse and promote businesses. Overall, Solar Trek's LinkedIn profile gives a thorough summary of the company's services, background, and market presence. It exhibits engaged behavior within the LinkedIn network and offers perceptions into the corporate culture through employee comments.
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Solar Trek average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews694.3


Solar Trek Pros & Cons

  • Quality Installations
  • Excellent customer service
  • Warranty support
  • Inconsistent customer service
  • Unprofessional sales representative
  • Lack of transparency regarding repairs

Solar Trek Final Conclusions

For its work in the solar energy sector, Solar Trek has established a solid reputation among its clients. The business focuses on residential, commercial, and industrial projects while highlighting its expertise in solar energy installation, upkeep, and storage. The business is renowned for its expertise, high-quality installations, and top-notch customer service. Customers routinely praise Solar Trek staff members, including salespeople and installers, for their knowledge and effectiveness, which has led to a high level of client satisfaction. However, as highlighted in a number of unfavorable reviews, Solar Trek has encountered certain difficulties as a result of uneven customer support. Furthermore, doubts regarding the durability of the installations have been raised due to worries about hail damage to solar panels. The majority of clients have expressed satisfaction with the services provided by Solar Trek, contributing to the company's excellent performance and reputation in the solar energy sector. Solar Trek can retain its solid reputation and position itself as a reliable supplier of solar power solutions by focusing on areas that need development, such as offering consistent customer service and open communication.

Solar Trek locations

Main Address5851 S Pine Ave Ocala, FL 34480
Phone Number3523511333

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