Evoke Solar, Inc. review

Evoke Solar Inc., serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, is an established and reliable solar design and installation business. To help you generate clean, renewable power for your home or company, we provide the equipment you'll need to collect solar energy. We are constructing a green and efficient future as a team.

Evoke Solar, Inc. overview

Evoke Solar Inc., serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, is an established and reliable solar design and installation business. To help you generate clean, renewable power for your home or company, we provide the equipment you'll need to collect solar energy. We are constructing a green and efficient future as a team.

What Evoke Solar, Inc. has to say about itself

Located in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, Evoke Solar provides comprehensive solar energy installation and design services to its clients. From the first free consultation to utility connections, utility interconnection, installation, rebate applications, and post-installation permit approvals, we handle it everything. Everything is handled by us. All counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York are covered by our service. We'll come if you want us to construct it. Evoke Solar is more than a company; it's a group of people who are passionate about solar energy and who value friendship and family above everything else. We feel this sets us apart from many other businesses because, at heart, we value the success of the projects we undertake, as well as the satisfaction of our employees and clients.

Evoke Solar, Inc. Review

Year Started2013
Company Websiteevokesolar.com
Service AreasNJ, PA, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film modules
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries

Evoke Solar, Inc. website review

The website is well-designed, with a user-friendly interface and a professional, contemporary look. The company's services, including solar installation, energy storage, and maintenance, are described in general on the webpage. About the company's services and goods, which include solar panels, battery storage options, and solar hot water systems, is provided in-depth information on the website. Along with testimonials from pleased clients and details on the advantages of solar energy, the website also includes a gallery of the business's earlier work. To contact the business, website visitors may utilize the contact page, which includes a contact form, a phone number, and an email address. A part of the website devoted to commonly asked questions (FAQs) concerning solar energy and the company's services is also available. The IES Texas Solar website offers a wealth of information on solar energy and the company's services, and overall, it gives the impression that it is a professional and educational business website.

Evoke Solar, Inc. price policy

PackagesFrom $5,000 to $30,000 or more.
Payment optionsCash, check, money order, and credit card
Payment discountsIncluding cash discounts, retirees, veterans, and military personnel are offered a referral program that gives customers a discount for referring new customers

Evoke Solar, Inc. online reputation

According to consumer testimonials, opinions on Evoke Solar are conflicting. While some customers have had wonderful interactions with the business, others have had unpleasant interactions. The absence of a reaction from the business is one of the most frequent consumer complaints. Customers have complained about having trouble getting in touch with the business and receiving a prompt response. Additionally, some customers have had issues with the way their solar panel systems were designed and the company's unwillingness to address these issues. Customers gave favorable feedback about the staff's professionalism, the quality of the products and installations, and the financial benefits of solar power. In conclusion, customer experiences with Evoke Solar seem to be varied, and prospective clients should extensively investigate the business before using its services.
"It would seem that this firm has no need for new customers. They haven't returned a basic phone call after being left for a few days. Extremely disheartening, considering they were recommended." - Terri
"After filling out the online form to contact them and hearing nothing back, I decided to give them a call and leave a message. They have the resources to employ someone to answer the phone and return messages if they are too busy to do it themselves." - John
"Due to the fact that they did not appropriately design my inverter (13.395 kW on a 10kW inverter), I have substantial clipping and am below my production/SREC quota. I've asked them multiple times to come out and install an additional/smaller inverter so that I can withdraw some panels from the present system and add a few more panels, but they constantly tell me that they're "going to get back to me." I've tried to have them come out and install an additional/smaller inverter numerous times." - Tim
"Since January, our system has not been operational, and we continue to pay rent on the solar panels. Despite the fact that they installed the solar panels, Evoke Solar is now too busy to make a service visit. Because of this, not only do we have a significant monthly power bill, but we also have to pay rent on the solar panels and constantly ask the solar firm for assistance." - Denise
"The service I received from Evoke Solar, Inc.'s customers was less than satisfactory. It took days for them to respond to my inquiry concerning my solar panel setup. When they did get back to me, they weren't really helpful or interested in resolving my issues. Overall, not a very satisfying experience." - SA
"I finally settled on installing solar panels after giving it a lot of consideration. I decided to hire Evoke Solar after doing some research and getting recommendations. I feel very strongly that everyone should make the same choice. They finished the job ahead of time, and their professionalism and assistance were much appreciated. They kept me informed at every stage and were quick to respond to any queries I had. I used to pay $450-$500 monthly for electricity during the winter, but now I just had to pay $15! Get in touch with the Evoke Solar staff; you and I will be grateful you did." - David
"Team Evoke, Prior to meeting the Evoke Team, we had given a lot of thought to Solar and had even done some research into the many commercial Solar Vendors and the products and financing alternatives they offered. After working through a number of revisions with Stefan in particular, we learned a great deal more about solar products, the industry, and the major differences between the Evoke team and commercial vendors, as well as the products themselves. In the end, we narrowed it down to Evoke Team as our go-to, recommended Solar Installation provider. The local team, the fact that they are a preferred SunPower vendor, and the fact that the company's CEO, Wes, is also a member of the installation crew all contributed to our decision to go with them. Complete professionalism from beginning to end on the part of every member of the team, Clean, uncluttered work, with a well-thought-out strategy and the necessary permissions in place. In a nutshell, they delivered exactly what we'd hoped for from a team that takes itself seriously but isn't trying to trick us into buying anything just so they can meet a sales goal, like many commercial suppliers. I think you'll be happy with your decision to go with Evoke, and you'll find that the entire process has been rewarding and worthwhile. I appreciate your hard work, Evoke Team." - Sanket
"Evoke Solar was a pleasure to work with. When the salesman is also able to assist with the set up, that's when I know he's really got some brains. When we had queries about the roofing work, Stefan and Wes had solutions. The solar panels seem to be functioning normally. We like seeing the amount of energy produced by the solar panels on our phones using the SunPower app on bright days." - Debbie
"The folks at Evoke are fantastic. Everyone at Evoke was really helpful, courteous, low-pressure, educational, and professional throughout the whole process, from the first sales consultation to the final walkthrough of the system after installation. The staff was very helpful in explaining the benefits and drawbacks of adding a battery to our solar setup, and they did an excellent job of installing it. Our black SunPower panels and basement batteries have received nothing but compliments for their modern design and quality construction. All of the electricians who have worked on our home, including the city inspector, have praised Evoke's professionalism and attention to detail. As predicted by Evoke, our system has been generating at a high enough rate to reduce our monthly power costs. The SunPower app serves as a production monitor and emergency power source. Having solar panels installed is mostly a "set it and forget it" process, but we had to rave about Evoke. No greater endorsement possible." - Jeff
"Evoke Solar performed a fantastic job installing solar panels at my home, and I have no reservations about recommending them. Multiple solar firms have informed me they are unable to place panels on my slate roof. Evoke was able to pull it off, and they were careful every step of the way. There are many more moving parts to each work, and the team handled them all with precision and open communication. They worked nicely with the utility company, inspector, roofer, electrician, and energy credit administrator. They also provided advice on how to proceed with the procedure in a risk-free manner even while the COVID-19 epidemic spread. My queries were always welcomed, and they continued to be answered cheerfully even after the solar system had been installed. Their customer service was excellent, and I have no doubt that they will be there for me if I ever have any problems." - Nigel

Evoke Solar, Inc. Social media

The official page of Evoke Solar Inc, a solar energy business with headquarters in New York, USA, is located on Facebook. Facebook has confirmed the page as being real and having been validated as the official page of Evoke Solar Inc.Facebook has confirmed the legitimacy of the page by placing a blue checkmark next to the page name. More than 600 people like and follow the page, which is often updated with updates on solar energy events, corporate services, and solar energy. Additionally, there are contact details for the business on the page, including a phone number, email address, and a website link. Additionally, visitors may use Facebook's messaging service to send a message straight to the page. The Evoke Solar Inc. Facebook page, in general, is a reliable and active corporate page that offers details and updates about the firm's solar energy and services.
The study shows that the solar energy firm Evoke Solar, Inc., situated in New York, USA, has an official LinkedIn profile at Evoke Solar, Inc. LinkedIn has authenticated the page, confirming that it is the official page of Evoke Solar, Inc. The page features a solar energy-related cover photo and a profile picture that is the company's emblem. With over 100 followers, the page often distributes articles on solar energy, alternative energy sources, and the company's services and goods. Press releases, corporate announcements, and project updates are all included in the content. On the page, there is also contact information for the business, including a phone number, email address, and website link. Additionally, users of the LinkedIn messaging service may send a message straight to the page. Generally speaking, the LinkedIn profile for Evoke Solar, Inc. looks to be a reliable and active corporate page that offers details and updates about the firm's solar energy and services.
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Evoke Solar, Inc. average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews834.8


Evoke Solar, Inc. Pros & Cons

  • High quality products
  • NABCEP certified installation teams
  • Flexible financing options
  • Higher than average installation costs
  • Limited service area
  • Not full warranty

Evoke Solar, Inc. Final Conclusions

San Francisco is home to Evoke Solar Inc., a solar panel installation business. The firm has been serving the community for many years, during which time it has earned a solid reputation as a go-to for solar panel installations.Evoke Solar credits its success to its dedication to employing only the highest quality solar panel components and offering exceptional customer service. Customers have praised the business for its expertise, responsiveness, and care. In addition, Evoke Solar has a solid reputation in its field and is well acknowledged for its excellent offerings. Evoke Solar's performance has improved continuously over time. The firm spread its operations to other parts of California and completed a slew of profitable projects. Professionals on the Evoke Solar team are well-versed in solar panel installation and can tailor their services to match the unique requirements of each client. Evoke Solar, Inc. has built a solid reputation because to its dedication to providing excellent service and products. You should conduct further study before making any judgments, since the company's performance and reputation may have altered after I lost track of them.

Evoke Solar, Inc. locations

Main Address323 Linden Ave, Hellertown, PA 18055
Phone Number8774490404

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