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Because FreeVolt produces its own panels, it can cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to its customers. When comparing solar panels of similar quality, FreeVolt guarantees to not only meet, but surpass, the price of the competitors.

FreeVolt overview

Because FreeVolt produces its own panels, it can cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to its customers. When comparing solar panels of similar quality, FreeVolt guarantees to not only meet, but surpass, the price of the competitors.

What FreeVolt has to say about itself

When it comes to sustainable energy, FreeVolt is at the top of the game worldwide. Your whole solar power installation process may be managed by this one company. FreeVolt's solar modules are among the most efficient available and are covered by a 30-year guarantee, making them an industry leader. The Palm Desert, California office is only one of more than a hundred global outposts operated by FreeVolt.

FreeVolt Solar Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasCA, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Energy Auditing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNot specified

FreeVolt website review

A platform that provides household and business solar power solutions is the FreeVolt website. With a primary graphic of solar panels and a call to action button urging visitors to learn more, the site features a simple, contemporary style. It gives a succinct summary of the company's goals and the advantages of solar energy. Visitors to the website may quickly browse through areas like About Us, Products, Services, and Contact Us thanks to the website's top-level, well labeled menu. A portion of the website devoted to customer testimonials features gratifying remarks and experiences from past clients. This aids in gaining the confidence and trust of prospective clients. To educate users about solar energy, its advantages, and the installation procedure, FreeVolt offers materials including blog posts, tutorials, and FAQs. This section aims to answer frequent questions and worries that prospective clients may have. There are many options for users to get in touch with FreeVolt under the Contact area, including a contact form, a phone number, and an email address. A map and the company's actual location are also provided for your convenience. Overall, the FreeVolt website successfully showcases the company's experience, promotes its solar solutions, and gives prospective consumers access to useful materials. A professional and trustworthy online presence is facilitated by clear design, simple navigation, and user reviews.

FreeVolt price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000
Payment optionsCash, Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, Financing Options
Payment discountsCash Rebates, Financing Options

FreeVolt online reputation

While some customers have enjoyed working with the business, others have had significant issues and voiced their displeasure. The favorable comments emphasized the advantages of the FreeVolt system, including getting a sizable loan from the power provider, smooth transactions, and high-quality gear. Customers praised José and other workers of the business for their professionalism, expertise, and effective work. Indicative of FreeVolt's favorable reputation is the fact that it is a big player in Europe and has received recognition for its effectiveness and performance. Negative reviews, however, pointed to a number of problems, including installation delays, property damage, inadequate communication, unfulfilled promises, and a lack of customer service. Numerous support calls, lengthy wait times, and unsolved problems have allegedly been reported by several consumers. False promises, unmet payments, and dubious conduct toward consumers and staff were among the issues with the company's business operations that were mentioned. It's important to note that there are more negative than favorable evaluations. These bad encounters could be a sign of inconsistent project management, business operations, and customer service. Given the conflicting opinions, it's important for prospective clients to think carefully before choosing to engage with FreeVolt. You may make an educated choice by doing extensive research, verifying references, and seeking for further customer reviews. To address any concerns or questions before moving forward with any transactions, it could also be beneficial to get in touch with the business directly.
"The whole process was a nightmare, starting with the damage they caused to our house (a leak in the roof) and the money they owe us for equipment rentals and a hotel stay when they accidentally shut off our electricity for days. I had to miss a few days of work to take care of their crew when they unexpectedly showed up (because of our dogs, etc.) They also caused extensive damage to our inner walls when installing the external electric panel, which resulted in the walls crumbling for more than a month. They are terrible at returning calls. Emails go unanswered for weeks. They said they'd pay us back on the last day of installation, but they never did. That was last December!! We've been told to be patient for a few more weeks, they say. It's nonsense, and I'm sick of being lied to. CANCEL ALL TRANSACTIONS WITH THEM!" - Kaitlyn
"Everyone at Freevolt, including Bart, Mohammed, and the others, will tell you a lie till the day they die. Choose another nearby business instead. They can and will use any possible justification to put things off indefinitely. Their "technology" is really a sales gimmick, and I wouldn't put my faith in their panels—they import them from Poland, which is why it took them a full year to complete four separate installations for me. A YEAR! They made false promises to get me to join their team, and they are now holding $9,500 ransom. That's not good business practice. Good business sense is just not in their heads. It's the same thing whether they're treating consumers or workers poorly. You may be pleased with your system at the moment, but wait till their company collapses and they go. Pardon me, Freevolt I've put off writing this review to give you one more chance to make good on your promises, but no one has gotten back to me or helped me out. This evaluation is objective and wholly truthful, but it's not good news." - Trevor
"From the minute you first interact with this firm, you will be lied to, and then made to feel guilty for your distress. My husband has been informed by the CEO that we are the most patient clients he has ever had, yet we still keep getting the runaround. Our power bills have now been doubled. Solar panels that are not linked to the grid need payment, and so does electricity from SCE. The CEO claims that I ignored his call. Totally false. I had requested a call, and when it came I didn't waste any time in picking up. It's too late for me, but I hope others heed my warning. They broke in and wrecked both the interior and outside of our house." - Billie
"In September of 2022, I agreed to have FreeVolt install solar panels and replace my roof. I was assured repeatedly that everything will be done by the end of November. As of the 24th of February, 2023, not a single piece of solar equipment has been installed, and I am writing about this. Midway through October, the roofer completed his job, but he has yet to be paid. SoCal Edison and FreeVolt have scheduled three de-energize/re-energize appointments for the new main power panel installation over the course of three months (December, January, and February). Edison was there on all three occasions, however FreeVolt failed to show up twice. The one time they did come up, the installer didn't have all of the necessary tools with him and canceled the appointment instead of phoning the office to arrange for delivery. If there was an option to rate FreeVolt with no stars, I would have done so. Worst company ever." - William
"My wife and I cannot stand this business any longer. We cannot imagine a worse contractor or business to work with. There have been nothing but problems ever since the installation began. It would take too long to write everything down. The major problem was that it took them a full year to return after installing the system to switch it on and explain how to use it, including with regards to invoicing and system monitoring. After all the errors FreeVolt has made, you'd think they'd be willing to provide a hand. Nope! They're still the same awful business they always were. The most recent problem was a leak in the roof. It took an eternity before the proper team was sent. Over the course of the last three months, they had made no less than five service calls. People are continually complaining that we lack something. Most recently, they have been short on roof tiles, mounting hardware, and a new solar panel (which had to be replaced after being tied to the chimney and blown onto our roof in the middle of the night, causing us great fright). There is zero customer service with this firm. Once they have been paid for the installation, they will have no interest in contacting you again for any reason. Poor customer service, poor communication, and unpleasant employees!" - Natalie
"It's been over a year since I got my Freevolt system. My plan to never pay an electricity bill again has been realized, since I am now sitting on a sizable credit from Southern California Edison. Last year, Freevolt's staff worked tirelessly to build the system in spite of the heat, addressing any and all unforeseen complications as they arose. They also acted as a go-between for me when I had problems with the HOA and the utility provider. I chose a flat roof solution since it would be unobtrusive." - Phillip
"We had a Freevolt solar panel system installed, and now we're having an electric vehicle charger built in our garage. The installer was taken aback to find that the installation site wasn't prepared when he arrived. He was driving his personal Explorer since the company vehicle was broken. He went back out to retrieve the components, including conduit that was too lengthy to fit in his car, despite the fact that he had not bargained for the extra labour that would be involved. So he figured out a method to make it work by having the conduit chopped into pieces that were more manageable in the confines of his vehicle. He was kind and efficient, keeping me updated the whole time and even double-checking with me before he flipped a few switches to make sure there would be no interruptions. Those in need of a reliable installation, take my word for it: Jose is your man." - Tom
"Over ten solar quotations from area companies were compared. We went with Freevolt because their technology is top-notch, and they heeded our input to design a solution that works for us and doesn't break the bank. Due to the consistent contact and follow-up, closing transactions has been a breeze. The city accepted the system's design in under a week. Incredible in every way." - Margo
"The firm I signed a deal with, FreeVolt, is a major player in Europe but not so much in the United States. I decided to take a chance and purchase a solar system from FreeVolt because I was impressed by the quality of the equipment and the thoroughness with which the sales agent responded to my many queries. I was a pioneer client; I've had my system in place for more than four years and have been nothing but pleased with it and eager to sing the company's praises to anybody who asks." - Stephen
"Mohamed and his crew are experts in their field and take their work very seriously. Their expertise and ability to work with the energy sector never cease to amaze me. Their output and efficiency are superior to the market standard. I really wish FreeVolt Energy had been available when we bought our system. Every single one of my recommendations has been well taken care of by them. I enjoy that, unlike some other solar salespeople, they don't badmouth their rivals or spread untruths about their goods. It's invigorating and competent." - Alex

FreeVolt Social media
The company's official US Facebook page is FreeVolt USA. A validated blue check mark on the page denotes that it is an authentic and authorized FreeVolt USA page. With more than 2200 likes and follows, it has a respectable following. The page looks to be updated and active, with frequent entries. FreeVolt's renewable energy-related goods and services, particularly its wireless charging technology, are the main focus of the page. Posts showcase the advantages and features of their technology via the use of product photos, videos, and descriptions. The informational and instructive material seeks to increase knowledge of the advantages of wireless charging and green energy options. Additionally, the page posts news updates and information about environmental problems and renewable energy. There are a few likes, comments, and shares on the majority of the posts, indicating a modest amount of user interaction on the page. Since the website lacks a separate review or rating area, it is difficult to determine client happiness right away. Overall, the FreeVolt USA Facebook page serves as a useful forum for disseminating information on wireless charging technology and interacting with prospective customers. Content is educational.
You can learn more about FreeVolt, its goals, and its offerings, as well as connect with its team, on the company's LinkedIn profile. You may learn about the latest developments in energy harvesting and how Freevolt technology can be put to use in many contexts by reading this. In addition, you may learn about the latest corporate developments including collaborations, product launches, and conferences where company representatives will be speaking. Articles and blog postings about sustainable technology, RF energy harvesting, and other hot subjects may also be found on this page.You may also learn about the people that make up the firm, what they bring to the table professionally, and what they do in their respective positions. It shows how the expertise and background of the people behind FreeVolt came to be. The information shown on FreeVolt's LinkedIn profile, like any online resource, is subject to change at any moment.
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13 Subscribers

FreeVolt average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews573.2


FreeVolt Pros & Cons

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy Independence
  • State benefits
  • Space Requirements
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Long payback period

FreeVolt Final Conclusions

FreeVolt has shown that it provides exceptional customer service. From initial consultation to post-installation assistance, they are renowned for their promptness and eagerness to help customers at every step of the way. Due to their dedication to customer satisfaction, they have developed a solid reputation and a following of devoted clients. FreeVolt is also renowned for its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The business actively participates in the effort to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change by encouraging the use of renewable energy sources. This dedication has enhanced FreeVolt's image as an ecologically conscientious firm and is in line with the rising need for sustainable energy solutions on a worldwide scale. With an average grade, FreeVolt's reputation and general performance might be deemed acceptable. In order to maintain its position in the market, the corporation exhibits sound financial performance and a dedication to environmental effect. However, there is room for development in terms of both product quality and consumer happiness, as well as in terms of bolstering CSR programs. FreeVolt's sustained expansion and improvement of its reputation in the renewable energy field will depend on a continuous emphasis on innovation, customer service, and community involvement.

FreeVolt locations

Main Address42005 Cook Street, Unit 310 Palm Desert, CA 92211
Phone Number8883733865

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