Greenify Energy Savers review

Greenify Energy Savers is a full-service energy efficiency supplier that offers customers in the home and business sectors energy-efficient goods and services. To assist minimize energy usage and utility costs, they specialize in energy management, energy audits, insulation, and other green building solutions. Along with other energy efficiency improvements, they also put in solar panels, energy storage systems, and other things.
Greenify Energy Savers review

Greenify Energy Savers overview

Greenify Energy Savers is a full-service energy efficiency supplier that offers customers in the home and business sectors energy-efficient goods and services. To assist minimize energy usage and utility costs, they specialize in energy management, energy audits, insulation, and other green building solutions. Along with other energy efficiency improvements, they also put in solar panels, energy storage systems, and other things.

What Greenify Energy Savers has to say about itself

You may dramatically lower your energy use by changing a few little aspects of your lifestyle. By demonstrating how to save energy in your day-to-day activities, Greenify Energy Savers enables you to take part in the march towards a society that is both ecologically and energy-conscious. We provide energy-saving options for the home and workplace, assisting our clients in lowering their energy use and carbon impact. Making a difference for the environment doesn't have to be expensive with Greenify Energy Savers.

Greenify Energy Savers Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasUT
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

Greenify Energy Savers website review

Greenify Energy Savers' main website delivers in terms of professionalism and useful content. The site includes information about the company, its goods, and services, as well as contact data, case studies, press releases, and more. The SSL encryption on the website further guarantees the safety of the users' information. This shows the corporation cares about its customers' safety, which is reassuring. Customers may buy with confidence knowing that there is a comprehensive warranty on all goods and services., in general, is a site that can be relied upon.

Greenify Energy Savers price policy

PackagesHome Solar System Package - Starts at $7,900, Commercial System Package - Starts at $25,000, Utility Scale System Package - Starts at $100,000, Solar Technology Package - Starts at $2,000, DIY Solar Installation Package - Starts at $1,500, Inverter & Battery Packages - Starts at $2,500, Solar Panels & Installation Kit - Starts at $1,000
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), checks, and wire transfers
Payment discounts10% Federal tax credit, 10% Utility Rebates, 5% Military Discounts, 25% Solar Education Tax Credits, 5% Veteran Discounts

Greenify Energy Savers online reputation

Greenify Energy Savers users have largely nice things to say about the firm as a whole. Their low prices, helpful staff, and dependability have been hailed by many satisfied clients. People remarked on how thorough they were and how quickly they resolved problems. However, not everyone was satisfied with the service they got, and several customers complained about long wait times and inadequate help. Thankfully, Greenify Energy Savers has top-notch customer service and is always trying to fix any issues that may arise. Greenify Energy Savers is a fantastic option for cost-cutting efficiency since its users have reported largely pleasant experiences.
"Avoid this firm like the plague, please. They have been quite dishonest, causing me a great deal of financial and logistical trouble. To begin with, contrary to what their salesperson assured me, your solar loan payments would not "replace" your power bill. Both are now due from me. My ducts, presumably, have also been shut. After hiring a different business to inspect the ducts, I discovered that Greenify had simply overlooked my problematic duct without informing me. After I complained about the duct seal, they did pay for it. If you don't know a lot about house renovations and solar energy, I wouldn't advocate dealing with this firm." - Cooper R.
"The business put up solar panels, insulated the attic, and tinted the windows. The greatest window tinting I've seen. There were zero issues with the service provided. The insulation was put in the attic without thinking about the secondary access point. They messed up and blew the insulation straight over the opening, so I have to perform extra work to make it functional without compromising the added insulation. While the solar panel installation was flawless, the company's estimates of my energy needs were so far off that my system is only about half as large as it needs to be to sustain the billing structure they projected in their documentation." - Ayden T.
"I went to a meeting with Greenify to learn more about their services. I did a lot of research and had already met with eight other businesses. Greenify's quotation was the second highest we got, and their salesman was the most aggressive we encountered. I considered four other firms before settling on Greenify. There was a price difference of almost $6,200 compared to the competition, of which two were supplying premium panels. Thank goodness I prepared well for my appointment with these gentlemen." - Levi G.
"After visiting with one of the proprietors and reading several positive evaluations, I decided to engage this firm. The folks that work here are fantastic, by the way; they're pleasant and competent. Before the gas company came to complete the job, I had a blower test done. To get my refund from the gas company after Greenify installed caulk and weather-stripping (at a cost of several thousand dollars), one of the other owners came up, looked at the paperwork, and simply put in the figure that I required. The work wasn't checked, and the blower test wasn't redone. This is another proof of the company's dishonesty. Someone else may be hired to perform the same task for considerably less money. From my perspective, they were dishonest and overpriced for the kind of service they provided." - Blake E.
"After spending over $65,000 with Greenify to insulate, replace, and install solar panels on my house, I was informed that a new roof would be required in less than two years. When I had to get a new roof earlier this year, Greenify cost me more than $6,000 to remove and replace the solar panels. I would go around for a more affordable provider since I know they are making a fortune. Even if they have a quality product, they are going to charge you an arm and a leg for it." - Parker N.
"I was listening on the radio when an advertisement for a home energy assessment came on. During their visit, Greenify was able to zero in on the precise areas where we were losing efficiency and provide us with a variety of workable solutions. They drafted a number of service alternatives at varying costs, and we discussed which ones would have the most impact on our energy bills while still fitting within our budget constraints. The quality of service provided was exceptional. The staff kept me updated on their arrival time, were kind and respectful toward my wife and children who were home throughout the project, and went above and beyond the scope of their original assignment. Cole came to our house one more time after the work was done to explain the rebates and make sure I knew how to maximize my refund." - Alex F.
"The whole time Greenify has been putting solar panels on our home, they have been fantastic. Carson was great, and the whole team is really helpful and accessible. Carson was patient with me as I asked questions and explained things to me as many times as I needed until I understood them. We are delighted with today's solar panel installation. Greenify's emphasis on whole-house energy efficiency rather than simply solar is pretty cool; it's different from anything else out there and has helped us significantly lessen our impact on the environment. It was nice to obtain solar panels and new windows to make the house more energy efficient. Greenify comes with my highest recommendation." - Josiah H.
"In addition to installing solar panels at a lower cost than the competition, Greenify also improved the insulation in my attic, added a radiant heat barrier, and sealed up my leaky window frames to make my home more energy efficient. Bryan has been my agent and he has been great at explaining everything to me. His level of skill, understanding, and service to clients is unparalleled. What sold me on Greenify was the company's comprehensive approach to solar energy and residential energy efficiency. Strongly suggest!!" - Colton M.
"They did a home energy assessment for me after I was actively looking for a firm to help me make my home more energy efficient. They did a fantastic job of getting me up to speed on the results and letting me know how to prioritize. They came back a few days later with a more complete report and suggestions. There were three different packages to choose from, or I could make up my own. I appreciated his detailed explanation of our choices. The house envelope sealing was completed the next day by a team of three employees who came to my house. They completed the task quickly and with great courtesy. I want to install a radiant barrier in the spring." - Brian D.
"Greenify has been wonderful for me. They briefed me on the procedure and the best strategies to maximize our return on investment from the very first phone call we had. We were also made aware of rebate opportunities. The house assessment was comprehensive, and the heat-map pictures revealed the drafty spots. They not only pointed out what needed fixing, but they were also eager to provide a hand with some home improvement ideas I had. The turnaround time for emails and phone conversations was quite short, and the task was completed efficiently. The workers who did the actual labor were courteous and thorough; they even showed us their daily progress. As a whole, Greenify is a great tool for anybody interested in saving money and energy around the house." - Eric O.

Greenify Energy Savers Social media
Not many people liked the Greenify Energy Savers Facebook page. The design of the site is fairly simple, with most of the content consisting of blogs and images related to energy efficiency. The site doesn't provide anything original, preferring instead to direct visitors to third-party resources. At first glance, the site may seem trustworthy, but you should look for other sites to learn more about the business. Some of the photo videos and links provided on the site are very entertaining and informative. The page's professional appearance and helpful initiatives are credible, despite the small number of subscribers.
You can learn more about Greenify Energy Savers, a solar energy startup, on LinkedIn. It has a small number of followers and offers few details about the firm or its wares, suggesting that it is new and unpopular. Because of this, you may have doubts about the page's reliability. Neither the firm nor its activities have been reviewed, and just a smattering of details are available. The latest update on the page was about six months ago, so communication is not happening very often. Since so little information is available about the firm online, it gives the impression of being unfamiliar and perhaps unreliable.
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Greenify Energy Savers average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews954.7


Greenify Energy Savers Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Knowledgeable
  • Inflexible pricing models
  • Limited customer service
  • Limited customer options

Greenify Energy Savers Final Conclusions

Greenify Energy Savers is a company that helps homes and businesses save money on their energy bills. To help their customers save money, they offer energy audits, weatherization, and programs to save energy. People seem to be very happy with Greenify's services overall since they always get good reviews.

Greenify Energy Savers locations

Main Address8535 s. 700 w. Suite E Sandy, UT 84070
Phone Number8019484464

2 local offices

Utah – Sandy 8535 S 700 W Suite E, Sandy UT, 84084
Wisconsin – Superior , Superior WI, 54880

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