Greenlink Energy Solutions review

Greenlink Energy Solutions is a renewable energy firm that focuses on installing photovoltaic solar panels for both business and residential customers. LED lights and other energy-efficient items are only a few of the energy-efficiency solutions provided by this business.

Greenlink Energy Solutions overview

Greenlink Energy Solutions is a leading industry innovator and a market leader in renewable energy. They specialize in offering environmentally responsible solutions for use in commercial as well as domestic settings. Greenlink Energy Solutions is committed to lowering its customers' carbon footprints and overall energy expenditures via the provision of services that are both individualized and highly effective.

What Greenlink Energy Solutions has to say about itself

For more than ten years, Greenlink Energy Solutions has offered home remodeling services and energy-saving solutions to its clients. They take care of any problems with homes or structures using state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Greenlink's personnel are insured and qualified to guarantee safety. Accidents happen, and that's never good, but the business bounces back fast. Their field personnel is also very skilled and knowledgeable.

Greenlink Energy Solutions Solar Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasIL, WI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryDeep-cycle lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and flow batteries.

Greenlink Energy Solutions website review

The data shown on, the company's main site, is reliable. The website is user-friendly and packed with relevant information such as the company's background, future events, personnel biographies, and contact data. The website's encrypted payment processing is another way the corporation demonstrates respect for its customers' right to secrecy and security. There is also a website where you can easily contact customer service with questions or concerns. In sum, is a reliable website for up-to-date information.

Greenlink Energy Solutions price policy

PackagesGreenlink Home: $0.08/kWh, Greenlink Essential: $0.09/kWh, Greenlink Essential Plus: $0.10/kWh, Greenlink Premium: $0.11/kWh, Greenlink Premium Plus: $0.12/kWh, Greenlink Complete: $0.13/kWh
Payment optionsVisa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Check, E-Check, Cash, Money Order.
Payment discountsEarly Payment Discounts of 5-10%, Group Discounts of up to 15%, Referral Discounts of up to 5%, Senior Citizen Discounts of up to 10%, Military Discounts of up to 10%, Multi-Project Discounts of up to 10%, Financing Discounts of up to 5%

Greenlink Energy Solutions online reputation

Greenlink Energy Solutions is an energy supplier that provides options for reducing one's energy use. Customers are consistently satisfied with their service, and many rave about the variety of offerings, helpful staff, and competitive pricing. According to their clientele, Greenlink Energy Solutions has assisted several individuals in lowering their energy use and associated carbon footprints. Customers have mostly given the firm excellent feedback on review websites, complimenting its speed, friendliness, and ease of use.
"I really hope they add a 0 Star soon!!!! WARNING: They will ask for a payment, but refuse to provide the promised rebate. To have their system up and running, Greenlink Energy Solutions has to be paid in full. They say they would give you $700 back when you set up the system. It's been nearly 30 days since my system was activated, yet they still say my refund check will arrive "after" activation. The stupid mode has been triggered. I want payment immediately. Notice - 15 March 2019 Greenlink Energy Solutions assured me that my refund money will arrive by now, but I have yet to get it. Indeed, they'll ask for payment before installing or even activating the system." - Tony W.
"Their score is zero, and although the installation was satisfactory, I suggested adding two more panels since, as a former rental property, I didn't trust the previous year's consumption numbers for my family. My salesperson didn't believe I needed more solar panels after looking at my consumption history, so we just installed one. I'm now stuck with a higher electricity cost than I had expected. Help for the customer? not at all; it's been three weeks since I first tried to speak with someone about this issue, and the whole time I was instructed to contact a different department, told to wait a few weeks for a callback, and then abruptly disconnected. Don't purchase solar panels from this business if you value good customer service. Not only was the system poorly built and plagued by technical failures, but it also required many service visits before it finally started functioning as intended. The shopper should use caution." - Robin N.
"Someone from their solar program came out to speak to us. This sales work was excellent. After their sales effort, they demanded an upfront payment of $500 merely for an estimate. We sent them $500 since we were assured on company letterhead that our investment was completely risk-free. We have tried calling to get a refund, but have been put on hold for up to an hour before being informed that someone else would need to contact us back. No one ever returns our phone calls. All the negative feedback suggests this is their sole revenue stream. Avoid this firm at all costs. If your panels ever broke down, I shudder to think of the service you'd get from them given their terrible reputation for customer care and lack of regard for their clients." - Devin G.
"If you can help it, stay away from having Greenlink Energy Solutions install your solar panels. They put in panels, and within six months, we had a leaky roof and a severe mildew issue inside the house. Despite the fact that our home insurer held Greenlink Energy Solutions responsibly and paid out a claim to repair our roof about a month ago, I still haven't heard back from Greenlink Energy Solutions about when they plan to remove our panels (for which they are billing us $5000). It takes at least 20 minutes to get through to customer support every time you call. We can't handle it right now, but someone will be in touch within the next 48 hours. As a result, no one will get in touch with us. These people are dishonest and uncaring, and they don't care about their clients." - Cole S.
"I am a current customer and I can tell you Greenlink Energy Solutions knows that their sales force lies to the customers and they never keep their promises. The first one is that I pay more for electricity now that I did when I had no solar panels. The sales rep explained that if the power ever failed, during the day, the panels would continue producing electricity and would function as a backup. If we wanted a backup at night, we would need the battery. It is not true, the system only works as long as the power company supplies power, If the power cuts off from the city, the solar panels will not run the house. When we discovered these things we called them immediately and they informed us that they cannot control what their salesperson states or misrepresents, that they can only go by the contract, and that we should have read it and called them for answers. I informed them that I did read it with their salesperson, who is their representative, and he answered the questions and explained them in a different way. I would never recommend this company to anyone, they do not stand by their salespeople and use them not to accept responsibility. AGAIN BEWARE!!!!" - Auke T.
"We were worried about the cost and having to deal with high-pressure salesmen when we decided to go solar. We interviewed four different firms before settling on Greenlink. The lady we met with was quite helpful; she not only walked us through Solar's operation but also swiftly responded to any concerns we had. We found the company's employees to be helpful, kind, and fast to answer. They took care of getting the necessary permits, submitting for SRECs, and giving us some financing choices with zero interest if we needed them. Everyone was on time, tidy, and productive throughout the installation and setup of the system. We enjoyed our time spent with Greenlink's crew and would suggest them to anybody thinking about Solar. Our monthly power expense is around $412.00 since we have a 6-acre farmette. After we included in the federal tax credit and SRECs, the total cost of our 74-panel system was $15,200. In only four years, the system will "pay for itself." - Erik L.
"Greenlink has been fantastic for us; they're a safe bet. The PV system was planned in December, and the crew began installing spray foam insulation and the rest of the system the same month. It's been functioning well for approximately 4 months now. Knowing our alternatives were more important to us than memorizing every nuance of this technology. You may choose how much depth you want them to discuss. No communications with the utility company, local government for permits, or any other entity involved in the installation of a PV system are necessary at any point. It's ALL THEIR DOING. Our sales representative took the time to explain all of the options before we made any commitments. Extremely easy to get along with! Greenlink's responses to my many inquiries, concerns, and requests for appointments were always prompt and helpful. If necessary, they may even direct you to a bank that specializes in green energy loans where you can get a low-interest loan. (your refunds will pay for most of the expense, but it may take some time for them to arrive) The staff was pleasant to have in the home; they were courteous, clean, and efficient. In addition to tidying up before leaving work. The yard was always immaculate when they departed each day. It's really lovely (mostly invisible really). Indeed, it does the trick. It's exciting to observe your progress on the app as you generate more and more energy. DO IT! You won't be let down." - Harold K.
"Energy Management by Greenlink Two of my crawl spaces and my attic have just been insulated with spray foam, and my attic is insulated with cellulose. An infrared camera and a blower door test were used to conduct a comprehensive energy audit. The auditor described everything in a manner that was simple to grasp. She was incredibly thorough and detailed. She revisited the site many times at various points in the project to check on the development and make sure that air leaks were being fixed. Each element of the project was properly discussed and queries were welcomed. The owner and his crew of five insulators were excellent in every way. As compared to similar insulators, the price was fair. I learned a lot and was satisfied with the results. The procedure was easy and the work was excellent. If you need insulation work done, use this firm without hesitation." - Manuel G.
"My residence was visited by the Greenlink crew on a July day that reached highs of ninety. The team was very flexible, showed there on time, and was eager to get to work. Their attention to detail and expertise really astounded me. The employees went above and beyond what I expected, and even after a long day's work, they took the time to talk about how their work will help me become more energy efficient. I recommended Greenlink Energy to more than a dozen individuals, and they all wanted to know who completed the job." - Riken P.
"If you've ever had to hire consultants, builders, or other service providers, you know that everyone has their own unique approach, skill set, and personality. I was impressed with Greenlink's attentiveness to my needs, thoroughness in doing an energy assessment of my whole house, and comprehensiveness in crafting a customized strategy for my property. I was able to absorb a great deal of information without ever feeling compelled. It felt like some installers were more concerned about adding additional panels than making my house more energy efficient. As an efficiency geek, I loved that the Greenlink design featured not just better insulation but also air sealing, new fixtures, central heating and air conditioning, and solar panels. My house has never been comfier and my bills are substantially lower. Five years is about what I can expect for a return on investment. 1) The communication from Greenlink was top-notch. Greenlink took care of my issues when necessary adjustments were made due to permits or other variables and I was kept in the loop at all times. 2) They always took great care and cleaned up after themselves while they were here. Clean vacuum lines were all that was left on the carpet while they were inside working or in the attic. After a day of work in the open, they cleaned up the area. This demonstrates a keen eye for detail, in my opinion. Thirdly, the solar panel installation site was spotless. There is no visible wiring, and everything is neat and tidy. People continue to comment on how modern it is. Greenlink was absolutely fantastic, and I would not hesitate to suggest them. From the items to the service to the overall communication, everything was excellent. I can only speak highly of them." - Victor O.

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You may rely on Greenlink Energy Solutions, a reputable solar energy provider, to offer high-quality solar energy solutions. The website is user-friendly since it is straightforward to use. The website also offers tips and insightful industry information. The information is current and relevant to the subject. The page has a polished appearance and a pleasing layout. Regretfully, there aren't many people that subscribe to the page. This is explained by the page's need for more aggressive promotion. Like any other company, Greenlink Energy Solutions is attempting to increase its online presence and exposure.
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44 Subscribers
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Greenlink Energy Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews734.9


Greenlink Energy Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Environmentally conscious
  • Experienced
  • Innovative
  • Limited Geographic Reach
  • High Cost
  • Limited Product Range

Greenlink Energy Solutions Final Conclusions

Greenlink Energy Solutions provides solutions for reducing a building's energy use for both residential and commercial establishments. In addition to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and solar energy, their breadth of offerings also includes energy audits and lighting retrofits. The lack of a strong presence the firm maintains on social media contributes to its overall low level of recognition. Greenlink receives good marks across the board for its customer service and the thoroughness of its energy audits, among other qualities.

Greenlink Energy Solutions locations

Main Address3006 Forest View Road Rockford, IL 61109
Phone Number7797743378

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