Honey’s Air & Solar review

Honey's Air & Solar provides service to homes in and around the Modesto region. Every member of our team is a qualified energy expert who is also enthusiastic, knowledgeable, certified, and committed to their work. Our goal is to reduce your monthly electricity costs by designing and installing a solar energy system that is reliable and long-lasting.
Honey’s Air & Solar review

Honey's Air & Solar overview

Honey's Air & Solar provides service to homes in and around the Modesto region. Every member of our team is a qualified energy expert who is also enthusiastic, knowledgeable, certified, and committed to their work. Our goal is to reduce your monthly electricity costs by designing and installing a solar energy system that is reliable and long-lasting.

What Honey's Air & Solar has to say about itself

You and your loved ones may find safety and comfort in your own home. At Honey's Air & Solar, we treat our customers with honesty and courtesy at all times. Honey's Air & Solar was founded with the intention of becoming the go-to HVAC contractor in Modesto and the surrounding region. Honey's Air & Solar has been around for a long time, so its service trucks are a common sight.Honey's Air & Solar promises honest and straightforward HVAC repair and installation prices. We back brand-new systems with a 10-year warranty and service with a 2-year guarantee.

Honey's Air & Solar Review

Year Started2021
Company Websitehoneysair.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesAir Conditioning Services, Heating Services, Solar Panel Installation, Solar Panel Maintenance, Indoor Air Quality Solutions, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Commercial HVAC Services, Emergency HVAC Services
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsNot specified

Honey's Air & Solar website review

Visitors may simply reach areas like Home, About Us, Solar Power, Air Conditioning, and Contact Us thanks to the website's user-friendly navigation menu at the top. Even when you scroll down the page, it is still simple to navigate because to the fixed menu. The company's services are briefly described on the front page, with an emphasis on solar energy and cooling solutions. It has a standout call-to-action (CTA) button that nudges site visitors to ask for a cost-free estimate. The website also includes client endorsements, which raises the legitimacy of the business's offerings. The section on solar energy offers thorough details on the advantages of solar energy, the installation procedure, and the various financing alternatives. It has a solar calculator that enables customers to determine how much money they may save by converting to solar power. The informational and well-organized material makes it simple for visitors to comprehend the advantages of solar energy. Visitors may easily contact the business using the contact page's contact form, phone number, and address. Additionally, a map is provided for simple access to their actual location. There aren't any extra communication channels on the website, like chat or social network connections, that can boost user engagement. Overall, the Honey's Air & Solar website efficiently sells its services, offers insightful content, and fosters client trust. A pleasant user experience is facilitated by clear design, simple navigation, and educational content. However, expanding the number of communication methods and having a social media presence might help a website perform better.

Honey's Air & Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options
Payment discountsCash discounts, Financing discounts, Referral discounts,Seasonal or promotional discounts, Bulk purchase discounts

Honey's Air & Solar online reputation

According to the input from consumers, there have been positive and negative comments about Honey's Air & Solar. While some clients have had pleasant interactions and have commended the business for its professionalism, first-rate service, and prompt response, others have had negative experiences and have voiced their displeasure with different elements of their interactions with the business. Numerous testimonials that speak favorably of customer service point out the helpfulness and professionalism of the employees. Special recognition was given to Audra, a Honey's salesperson, for her expertise and thoughtfulness. Customers praised the thorough explanations and absence of coercion throughout the sales process. Aside from their professionalism and cleanliness, the installers were lauded for causing the least amount of interruption to the customers' homes. Positive remarks were also made on the organization's response to inquiries and issues. It is well known that Honey's Air & Solar responds swiftly and is eager to address problems and concerns. However, some customers have voiced worry and annoyance about certain elements of their experience. One client complained about a hefty markup on replacement components, which he thought was disproportionate in comparison to market rates. Customers' complaints about their solar panels have caused them to dissuade others from making solar energy investments. Additionally, there were grievances with communication and planning. One customer claimed that his meeting had been unjustly postponed, while another complained that there had been a breakdown in communication that led to missed notices and rescheduling. Customers were disappointed and unsatisfied with the company's customer service as a result of this event. While some clients have praised Honey's Air & Solar for their professionalism, responsiveness, and excellent service, others have complained about the company's price, suggestions, solar panel problems, and scheduling in particular. When assessing a business, prospective customers should take this variety of experience into account.
"We noticed the air conditioning wasn't blowing as coldly last week, so we gave you a call. The technician and the communication were both excellent (5 stars). The technician was kind and thorough in his explanation of the issue and the proposed solution (replacing both the single-run and dual-run capacitors; 5 stars). It was after 6 o'clock and the price was a little steep, but the item was already disassembled. The following day, I checked up the price of the two capacitors and was a little taken aback to see that they ranged from $15 to $30 on most parts sites. The capacitors cost me $205 and $215, respectively, before my yearly maintenance plan discount of 20%. I understand the need for a profit, but that's a crazy 500% markup! I would recommend getting a quote from Honey's Air & Solar before giving them the go-ahead to replace any items. Unfortunately, everything were perfect up until I did some homework. The technician was excellent yet again." - Matthew
"After inspecting my system, a technician discovered that there was no freon and, most likely, a leak. and you were so hasty in advising me that my air conditioner was shot. I brought up the alternatives, which I indicated cost tens of thousands of dollars. The technician stated it would be too expensive, so I may as well purchase a new system. However, after getting a second opinion from a nearby expert a few days later, we discovered there was only a lack of freon; after adding some, the system began functioning well. Honey's Air and Solar is so eager to push a replacement system on you that they don't even bother to provide any alternatives." - Chris
"Ten years have passed. After a few micro inverters, finally. Totaling 37 comic book pages. Even though I have solar panels, I still have to spend $400 a month for power. I have a higher bill than others who don't have solar. They attempted to fix it by spending additional money. Not successful. They attempted to switch out the microinvertors. Not successful. They come out nearly year on the dot to address the same problem. They are useless. My family and I now have such a negative impression of solar panels because of this business, that I actively discourage anybody I encounter against using them or buying solar panels in general. My wife and I go to great lengths to make sure everyone is aware of our worst fear. I finally had some third-party solar energy consultants inspect my array and energy use. Both sources confirmed to me that they are useless. I should probably be overproducing since I have so many more panels than I need. The app and tracking mechanism only seems to be reliable sometimes. The firm needs to be harassed for weeks before they respond. Solar still isn't worth it, and you should stay far away from this firm." - Peter
"The Honey Air van was too tall to fit beneath the tree in front of the house, so the driver drove back and forth, scratching the roof of the van with the tree branches and getting the limbs trapped in the ladder. Tree is low, the driver reports. Disrespectful and rude. It was a falsehood, of course, that he used the lack of available parking as an excuse.The service manager is currently unavailable. I would not employ this firm. The worker had very low character." - Sara
"It's curious that all I ever hear are excuses and that Honey insists they have to postpone everyone because of the heat. However, I know of a customer who scheduled maintenance after I did and who got their appointment confirmation on the same day I did. It seems that they exclusively postpone appointments for returning customers. In other words, not brand new ones. I'm sick and tired of hearing your justifications. Up until now, I've always come here whenever I needed help. On May 1, 2021, I scheduled maintenance for today, June 18. In the month of May, I double checked that they had my updated contact info. I did not get a call, so I decided to check in today. They contacted the incorrect number when they tried to notify me about the rescheduling of my repair. What's more, I've waited for six weeks already, and they want me to wait for another six. CUSTOMER SERVICE OF THE WORST KIND!!" - Paul
"Some idiot from the home warranty business wanted to come out and put in a new HVAC system for me. They showed up and claimed the ducts were shot, which is something no warranty would pay for. I put in a call to Honeys, and Audra was fantastic. The attic fan and other features were installed after another two weeks. We're big fans of it. As it turned out, we didn't need any brand-new ducts. The installation staff was professional and very neat. Not much was required of me. I have no regrets about ditching the warranty in favor of Honeys." - Kelli
"We had to relocate the HVAC control panel. Honey has mended the wall where the previous one was. Shawn, the skilled decorator that he is, expertly textured, dried, and painted the repair. The patch's former location is now invisible. He was able to get a perfect color match. Is my work up to your standards?" he inquired. We were completely content. He exceeded all of our expectations. The result was excellent. Shawn Nelson comes highly recommended from us. He completes tasks well every time. He was punctual, competent, and conscientious, and he even tidied up after himself." - Emma
"Honey's Air & Solar built our heating and cooling system in 2018. Since our first contact, they have been quick to respond to any questions or concerns we've had. Regular maintenance visits from Honey's have resumed. Everyone we've had dealings with has been nothing but kind and competent in their job. Honeys may be more costly than competing brands, but their products and services are worth every penny. The firm provides genuine guarantees for its products. After two years, our WiFi-enabled thermostat still hasn't been fixed, but they've been on top of it and have been really helpful. They are incredible!" - Charlotte
"Our experience with Honey's Air & Solar was excellent. Because of problems with the supply chain brought on by Covid, our heat shield failed, and we were left in the cold for months. When our heater broke down, it was still under two years old. Honey's sent a technician, Joshua, who promptly identified the problem and offered a workaround. They called us the day after the component arrived and set up a repair appointment. Since then, there have been no problems at all. Bravo to Joshua, whose advice was right on. Honey's was quick to respond, and their communication was open and honest throughout the whole process, even when other HVAC providers were unable to help. Their service to customers is outstanding, and we are grateful." - Rose
"We found Honey Air in a Costco kiosk, and as far as I'm aware, the company takes great care in selecting the suppliers it works with.From our Sales Rep. Audra to the install tech. Jose and his colleagues, everyone at Honey Air gave us with exceptional service. When we met with Audra, she went out of her way to explain the features and benefits of various HVAC system configurations. There was zero pressure, and she was very well-versed in all of the alternative payment plans. She did a pre-appointment check-in and a follow-up visit to our house on the day of the installation. We're glad we went with Honey Air because of her kind demeanor and attentive service. The installers were kind and skilled; they talked me through each step of the procedure before beginning work and answered my questions as they went. After installing flooring in our house, the workers left the place spotless and I didn't have to lift a finger to make sure everything was in order. Jose and his colleagues took the time to not only show us how to use the Honey thermostat app, but also to go through the company's offerings and answer our questions. We are really delighted with the new units and the service we got from Honey Air, and we will be recommending them to our friends and family without hesitation." -Adrian

Honey's Air & Solar Social media

The arrangement of the website is expert and attractive to the eye. The corporate logo and tagline are visible on the cover shot, which strengthens the brand's visibility. The corporate logo is also the profile image, guaranteeing consistency across platforms. The website often publishes articles about solar panels, air conditioning, and heating. The articles, advice, promotions, and updates on the company's initiatives and successes are all included in the postings. The writing is excellent, and the topic is pertinent to the intended audience. The page has a respectable degree of involvement, with many likes, comments, and shares on the majority of the articles. The comments area demonstrates that the business regularly responds to consumer questions and feedback, which promotes credibility and confidence. Customers may post reviews and ratings in the page's dedicated reviews area. The majority of evaluations are favorable, which attests to the business's professionalism, expertise, and top-notch customer service. Videos showcasing their services, installations, and client testimonials are periodically posted on the website. An obvious call-to-action button on the website invites visitors to ask inquiries or schedule an appointment with the business. Overall, Honey's Air & Solar's Facebook page efficiently promotes its services, interacts with users, and maintains a favorable perception of the company.
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Honey's Air & Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews31794.9


Honey's Air & Solar Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive Services
  • Energy efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Limited availability
  • Limited number of services
  • Competitive market

Honey's Air & Solar Final Conclusions

As a result of its outstanding results and trustworthy services, Honey's Air & Solar has established a solid reputation in the market. They continually serve their clients with top-notch goods and services as a leading supplier of solar energy and air conditioning solutions. Honey's Air & Solar stands apart in part because to their dedication to client happiness. Prioritizing customer knowledge, they provide specialized solutions in line with their specific demands. Their staff of seasoned specialists has a wealth of experience and expertise, guaranteeing that they provide practical, workable solutions. Customers have given Honey's Air & Solar high marks for their outstanding customer service. The good evaluations emphasize the staff's friendliness, expertise, and understanding, praising individuals like Audra in particular for her attentive care and thorough explanations. The installation team received accolades for their efficiency and professionalism, which made sure that the procedure for the customers went well. Customers have, though, voiced some complaints and worries. The apparent high cost of replacement parts is one ongoing issue; buyers claim there are huge markups above market rates. Some clients now feel as if they are being overpaid for certain services or goods as a result of this. Generally speaking, Honey's Air & Solar has established a strong reputation for excellent performance and dependable service. Many clients have chosen them because of their dedication to customer satisfaction as well as their expertise in solar panels and air conditioning. Whether installing solar panels or installing air conditioners, Honey's Air & Solar constantly provides top-notch service that meets and exceeds client expectations.

Honey's Air & Solar locations

Main Address501 Bitritto Way Modesto, CA 95356
Phone Number2095661978

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