Idahome Solar review

Since we handle every step of the process in-house, you can rest certain that we are well-versed in the subject matter at hand. Since we are engaged in the whole solar process, we are able to provide comprehensive answers to any questions you may have concerning solar panels, electrical systems, and the solar process.

Idahome Solar overview

Since we handle every step of the process in-house, you can rest certain that we are well-versed in the subject matter at hand. Since we are engaged in the whole solar process, we are able to provide comprehensive answers to any questions you may have concerning solar panels, electrical systems, and the solar process.

What Idahome Solar has to say about itself

The solar energy experts at Idahome Solar are among the best in Idaho. We have over 25 years of expertise installing and maintaining solar panels in Boise homes, and our workers are fully trained, licensed, and insured. Since we handle everything in-house and never hire outside help, our clients can rest certain that any service rendered in our name will be carried out properly and by qualified specialists. Give our locally based, family-run business a chance to demonstrate our abilities and inform you of the many advantages solar power may provide.

Idahome Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasID, OR
Service TypesAdvice, design, installation, monitoring and maintenance, financing options and energy saving calculators
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline panels, as well as hybrid
Backup BatteryTesla Powerwall and BYD

Idahome Solar website review

On the website Idaho Home Solar, solar energy systems for homes and businesses in Idaho are promoted and installed. Modern website design features include an easily seen navigation menu and call-to-actions that are simple to follow. Along with an in-depth explanation of the services they provide and how to build a solar system, it includes a thorough review of solar energy's advantages. Potential clients can access and engage with the material on the website more easily since it is responsive across all devices. A blog and FAQ section are two other useful tools that provide further details about solar energy. Customers may remain up to speed on the most recent solar energy news by visiting the website, which also contains connections to social media profiles and consumer feedback. Overall, Idaho Home Solar looks to have a website that is well designed and meets the demands of its target audience.

Idahome Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $5,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCredit card, check, bank transfer, and cash.
Payment discounts25% discount for customers who pay in full at the time of installation

Idahome Solar online reputation

Idahome Solar has gotten a lot of excellent comments from clients, according to customer feedback. The majority of reviews commended the team's tenacity, honesty, skill, and experience. Customers have been pleased with the outcomes of their solar installations and have applauded the business' dedication to offering top-notch customer service. Lou Evans was particularly praised for his expertise and capacity to create unique solutions. Customers' delight at the possibility of limitless, free electricity and future equity rises is evident. One unfavorable review, however, expressed worry about the false information that was given throughout the selling process. Idahome Solar received criticism from the customer for utilizing false data and failing to answer their inquiries. This reviewer expressed sadness and said that the lack of apparent openness prevented him from supporting the business. Given the possible debt accrued over an extended period of time, it was emphasized how crucial it is to perform independent research and verify quotes. Additionally, a complaint was made about the salesman's pushy approach, which was deemed undesirable and inconsistent with the company's claim that it is a reputable local firm. Despite the generally excellent experience, one client brought up outstanding problems with installing and monitoring the solar system. In conclusion, despite the majority of good evaluations that praised Idahome Solar's experience, professionalism, and commitment to the local community, a few drawbacks were also brought up. These unfavorable evaluations have sparked worries about shady sales practices, the ignorance of certain salespeople, and unsolved post-installation problems. Before contacting any solar installation company, prospective consumers should do extensive research, ask comprehensive questions, and evaluate their unique demands.
"Idahome was a book I tried so hard to like. I read the testimonials online, and everyone seems to love them. Plus, they are a small, community-based business, which is always a plus. The sales crew is really quick to respond and cares about its customers. Zach, the sales person, was chill and patient as I took my time reviewing the proposal. After Zach's promised follow-up week had passed, I had further inquiries. I began investigating the claims and statistics used to sell solar as a bargain. I sent Zach several questions through email, and he promptly and comprehensively replied. The difficulty is that their whole estimates and plan are predicated on the assumption that electric prices would increase by around 4% yearly. I was told that rates had increased by eight percent over the course of a year. On paper, this makes solar energy seem to be a steal. The issue is that it is not true. The estimated eight percent hike applies primarily to the bill's Power Cost Adjustment, Fixed Cost Adjustment, and Energy Efficiency sections, which together make up just approximately fifteen to twenty percent of the total. However, their estimates are very deceptive due to the fact that the 4% yearly increase is applied to the whole bill. As a result, the "Cost of Doing Nothing" they provide you is a total fiction meant to convince you that solar is the best option. I emailed Zach again to point this out, but I have not heard back from him in about a month. Consequently, I regret to say that I cannot endorse Idahome Solar. Maybe they will take this as a lesson and cease intentionally deceiving buyers. I can not help but wonder how many individuals have fell for this without checking the accuracy of the information they were given. Zach was honest with me when he told me which parts of the cost had gone up, so I have little hope that they would alter their approach. In conclusion, you should do your own investigation and double-check any provided quotations. Idaho has reasonably priced electricity. Although solar energy has its uses, I do not believe that it is always the best decision to incur substantial consumer debt and spread the payments out over a period of 25 years just to install solar panels. Finally, think about the warranty and the business that provides it. Currently, solar businesses are thriving because to government tax subsidies and incentives. Without additional government action, those credits will expire at the end of 2023, and it is unclear how solar enterprises would do in 2024 and beyond without the support of government subsidies. Something to chew on!" - Brian
"One of your neighborhood door knocker sales guys approached my partner and children forcefully yesterday. While they were playing outdoors, this stranger came up to my family and would not allow them come inside or stop their aggressive sales pitch. It is a shame you claim to be an Idaho business and yet resort to this kind of shady business practice. This is very unacceptable in my view, and if I were you I would seek elsewhere for a solar installation provider." - Robert
" I got a clueless salesperson from Idahome Solar. There was no concrete plan for installing a solar panel system on my property, but his evident goal was to convince me to sign a contract based on estimations of how much money might be saved with solar. When I asked him about connecting the solar panels' output to our home's electrical system, he fumbled for a response since he had no knowledge how such systems are properly constructed. Instead of sending DC electricity from the solar panels to a central inverter, I inquired whether they use microinverters and feed AC power via Romex to the electrical panels. He said, "What is Romex?" How ridiculous! A guy who is supposed to answer inquiries regarding the wiring in the building has no idea what Romex is. However, after speaking with Idahome's manager, Tyler, over the phone, I was informed that, until AFTER the consumer signed a contract, Idahome Solar does not invest the time necessary to find out how they can really transfer solar-generated electricity to your house electrical panel. THEN they invest the time required to determine whether or not it is even possible. I decided to learn more about this topic after my extraordinary encounter. The launch of Idahome was in August of 2020. How many of the current 123 positive Google reviews are really accurate? Is it true that in just 16 months they have installed 123 units? If you are in need of solar energy, my recommendation is that you find a reputable rival ASAP." - Ralph
"My solar panels, battery, and backup generator were all professionally installed by IdaHome. Both the purchasing and setting up processes went well. There are, however, a few remaining tasks on the generator and system management checklist that must be attended to. I have been unable to have these issues resolved despite it being weeks after installation. This is a significant investment, so positive feedback is especially appreciated." - Ken
"The gentleman who was scheduled to arrive at 4 p.m. on June 1, 2022, did so promptly. He answered my solar-related inquiries, therefore I am guessing he knows what he is talking about. He would question, "What is keeping you from doing it right now?" when I said I needed time to consider my options. It should not really make a difference; if I want more time, I should be given it. On June 6, 2022, he was meant to get in touch with me, but he never did. He warned me that I would not "probably get it" if I saw it as an investment, and maybe that was the problem. Another problem is that they are unsure whether enough panels, vents, and other components can be installed on my roof. whether I do not know whether a good enough system can be implemented, there is no use in having a credit check performed. That is a small penalty for something that may not even be conceivable. Prior to attempting to get a contract and doing credit checks, it may be prudent to do the necessary groundwork to verify the system's viability." - Alex
"Working with Idahome Solar was a pleasure. In spite of a few hiccups throughout the application and permission stages at the County level, the team persevered and produced excellent results. Integrity, honesty, competence, and expertise all at the highest levels. I love showing off my Idahome Solar setup and think everyone should investigate the possibility of lowering their monthly energy costs in this way. They kept their promise right from the start. I am a skeptic by nature, and this proposition looked too good to be true. No, it wasn't. This is something I would suggest to everyone." - Jerry
"Give Lou Evans an hour of your time if you are even considering about installing solar panels on your property. He will sell you on the technology, which is the future of energy, and design a system specifically for your roof's orientation. You may determine for yourself whether Solar makes sense once he crunches the statistics. The efficiency of the investment may surprise you. We are excited about the prospect of free, limitless electricity for the rest of our lives. Eventually, you may want to sell. Get your task done. The new buyer will reimburse you for your whole initial investment. Except for the 30% Federal Tax Incentive, the amount you spend will have an immediate and visible effect on your home's equity. If you let Lou handle the statistics, you stand to gain a lot and risk very little. The electricians and installers were top-notch in every way. Mikalia in the office schedules all appointments and inspections." - Linda
"Idaho's premier solar energy provider. I have met many members of their staff, and they are all wonderful people. All-Idaho-based team that is both highly competent and committed to its local community. Their high-caliber output is unmistakable. They help out local organizations by donating money and their time." - Jennifer
"Tyler acted in a really competent and helpful manner. He was a pleasure to work with. If there was an issue, he worked diligently to resolve it." - Le
"I was skeptical about solar energy until I heard Josh Hodges speak. When it came to planning and doing the work on schedule, Idahome Solar was fantastic. It is awesome that my solar panels are finally producing electricity. They also provided me with an app to monitor my daily power output. Idahome Solar, led by Josh Hodges, comes well recommended." - Michael

Idahome Solar Social media
The Facebook page for Idaho Home Solar is a fantastic illustration of how to utilize social media to promote a company. Posts providing in-depth descriptions of their services, client testimonials, and links to blog articles are often added to the website. Additionally, Idaho Home Solar shows their dedication to customer service by providing prompt and courteous responses to consumer concerns. They also employ images (such as pictures and videos) to demonstrate their installations in use and to inspire new clients. The business converses with its fans by posing queries, holding competitions, and disseminating interactive media. Overall, the Facebook page for Idaho Home Solar is attractive and successfully advertises the business's services.
The LinkedIn profile for Idaho Home Solar is professionally made and gives a concise description of the business and its services. It includes references to their website, picture galleries, and client comments. The platform also provides employment openings and details about future events, which might be utilized to connect with prospective clients. Additionally, Idaho Home Solar utilizes their website to connect with new team members by sharing information about employment vacancies, perks, and employee success stories. This is supplemented with regular updates that emphasize the company's vision and principles and keep followers informed of the most recent information. Overall, Idaho Home Solar's LinkedIn profile is a fantastic illustration of how to utilize the network to develop connections and advertise their services.
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Idahome Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1974.9


Idahome Solar Pros & Cons

  • Quality parts from well-known manufacturers
  • Support from knowledgeable and experienced staff
  • Financing options
  • Limited geographic reach
  • Not available in some areas of the state
  • Potentially higher upfront costs than other solar installers

Idahome Solar Final Conclusions

Idaho Home Solar is a reputable provider of solar energy services in the state of Idaho. They have an experienced and knowledgeable team that provides excellent service and quality parts from industry-leading manufacturers. Their prices are competitive and they offer several payment options, as well as discounts and financing options to help customers manage their investment. Idaho Home Solar also has a strong presence on social media and provides helpful resources, such as a blog and FAQ section on their website. Of course, their availability and range of services are limited to the state of Idaho, so customers in other states may not be able to take advantage of their services. Overall, Idaho Home Solar is an excellent choice for solar energy services in Idaho.

Idahome Solar locations

Main Address6149 N Meeker Pl, Suite 110 Boise, ID 83713
Phone Number2087935909

2 local offices

Idaho – Eagle 866 N world cup lane, Eagle ID, 83616
Idaho – Boise 6149 N Meeker Pl, Boise ID, 83713

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