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Inty Power is an expert in renewable energy and offers customers cost-effective turnkey energy solutions. Along with a wide range of services, Inty Power also offers goods like solar panels. The business also provides complete solar package deals in addition to project services. Inty Power seeks to advance sustainable development and renewable energy in the area.

Inty Power overview

Inty Power is an expert in renewable energy and offers customers cost-effective turnkey energy solutions. Along with a wide range of services, Inty Power also offers goods like solar panels. The business also provides complete solar package deals in addition to project services. Inty Power seeks to advance sustainable development and renewable energy in the area.

What Inty Power has to say about itself

With Inty power, energy is once again in your control. They provide an incredible solar experience in addition to the greatest possible degree of customer service. In terms of the amount of time it takes to install the system, this firm routinely achieves results that are superior to those achieved by its rivals. While other businesses need around ninety days, this company has the system operational in only forty-five days.

Inty Power Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesResidential and commercial installations and repairs, electric vehicle charging installation, safety inspections, solar system installation, and preventative maintenance
Types PanelsPolycrystalline and monocrystalline panels, flexible and semi-flexible panels
Backup BatterySolar+lithium batteries, solar-only batteries, and energy storage systems
CertificationsUL, CE, CSA, TUV, ISO, FCC, RoHS, ETL

Inty Power website review

Inty Power's official website looks decent. From the very beginning, customers are greeted by various animations with the company's products and upcoming projects. The site has sections About Us, Services, and Contact. At the bottom, in the right part, you can notice an online chat with the manager, which is very convenient. The site has built-in customer reviews, which will play into your hands when choosing a company to turn to. You don't have to call and ask the managers about everything because the site has detailed information about all solar panel packages with the description and capacity of each. In conclusion, we can conclude that the site is very informative, user-friendly, and full of content.

Inty Power price policy

PackagesBasic Solar Package starts at $5,499, Essential Solar Package starts at $7,499, Premium Solar Package starts at $9,499
Payment optionsVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal.
Payment discountsNew Customer Discounts of up to 15%, Volume Discounts of up to 10%, Multi-Product Discounts of up to 10%, Long-Term Contract Discounts of up to 8%, Seasonal Discounts of up to 10%, Military and Veterans Discount of up to 10%, Referral Program Discounts of up to 10%, Loyalty Program Discounts of up to 5%

Inty Power online reputation

Customers of Inty Power have, on the whole, provided favorable evaluations. The vast majority of individuals have voiced their contentment with the level of communication and the quality of the job. On the other hand, there are certain negatives to consider, such as personnel and salespeople who are impolite. Furthermore, there were instances in which the company would make a promise just to breach it afterward and refuse to haggle with the customer.
"I have no clue about their customer service, however their sales staff can be a little nasty. They had the nerve to contact me about solar while still blocking my driveway as they strolled about my neighborhood, making it extremely difficult to go outside to conduct errands. When I explained that we had a contract and who it was with, the sales representative Rob persisted in setting up a return meeting the next day after texting me to confirm. We are under contract with another business once again, according to my wife, and I contacted Rob before the meeting to let him know. I did not want to waste his time since we were in contract with another company once more, I texted. I afterwards disabled his phone since I didn't want to hear from him again. Rob made the deliberate decision to be at my door 90 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. While I was working, I disregarded the doorbell, and eventually he departed. He is ready to phone the police but is unsure whether he will try again. His automobile obstructing my driveway is seen on camera. If he doesn't stop, I'll report it to our HOA and the police. At this moment, this firm is terrible, and I will inform anybody who inquires about my experience. Do not enter someone's home without permission!" - Nikolas D.
"The very worst business ever! In this day and age, they do not even have an email address since they do not wish to communicate with the clients whose houses and property they vandalize under the pretense that it is a solar installation. 97 days from the beginning of the work till electricity is produced! The very worst example EVER DO NOT USE IT!" - Mike W.
"We had these panels for two months, but they were useless. Getting a technician to rectify the work that they first botched was like pulling teeth. I didn't ultimately get someone out here the next day until I made constant calls and had to go to one of their offices. He stood outside his window when he arrived and was just disrespectful. Spend less time worrying." - Adriana B.
"I believe that the seller misled me into buying something I did not need because he offered me contradictory information; for example, he told me I could return the panels, but it turned out that I could not. This suggests that I was duped into making a purchase. You need to be careful and the company needs to define what services they represent." - Jake G.
"Solar Sandy, who engaged Inty Power, was hired by me. Communication has been problematic. On June 25, my system utterly shut down. I gave up leaving voicemails, web messages, and an email, and I was eventually able to reach a live person. It will take until July 17 before they can even inspect the problem, I was told. Given that we are paying SRP, I estimate that this will cost me at least $320. Blane was extremely helpful on the phone, but this does not make up for the delay and expense associated with my new system not functioning. I will keep you informed of any developments. I paid far too much for this system given the poor customer service I have received." - Todd E.
"All members of the installation team were kind and respectful. They were productive workers who completed the task without incident. To persuade them to get their ladder removed, we had to phone them many times. It took them a few days after the panels were placed to have the craftsmanship validated and switched on. We are currently using 100% solar and have not seen any hiccups or power outages since it passed with flying colors. APS came out to check on everything. We have had a variety of electric devices running simultaneously, and the system continues to function well. Well done! I will tell all my relatives and friends about your business. " - Angela S.
"This place has many loyal customers! I had my first solar panel system installed by Inty roughly four years ago. Both the service and the installation went well and were finished in a reasonable amount of time. Since then, the family has grown in size and age, acquiring more authority. In addition to it, we included a swimming pool. Called them once again to ask about adding additional panels. The installation went off without a hitch, and the service is still fantastic! Communication was excellent throughout the whole process." - James R.
"In the past, I wrote a review that was absolutely NOT pleasant in any way. I feel obligated to point out that of all of the solar firms that we have worked with, INTY POWER is without a doubt the most impressive. We had a lot of communication problems, but they have all been resolved, and I would HIGHLY suggest INTY to my friends and family, as well as anybody else who is seeking for solar energy. Johnathon has gone above the call of duty to ensure that we are well taken care of (even when it wasn't really his responsibility to do so)" - Daphane D.
"Peter provided me with outstanding service that was flawlessly executed. Inty Power takes care of everything from the beginning to the end of the process, and they are a pleasant company to work with. The procedure of installation was carried out in an exceptionally professional manner. They are responsive and quickly ready to provide support in any capacity. They come with my highest recommendation for your solar system." - Chandra G.
"This business was suggested by a neighbor, so I phoned them with the aim of hiring them to assist us with our own solar installation. We chose to have them construct an 11.2 kWh system for us after meeting Shaundra and seeing how well she organized our setup. The construction is really sturdy, using strong schedule 40 tubing and top-notch mounts (it's on the ground). Additionally, they made it such that future additions of panels would be simple. The fact that Shaundra completed and filed the paperwork for us under a USDA program that offered incentives to small rural companies is significant to me. We like viewing the energy they create on the app since the panels and inverters are of such good quality. I'm really delighted we completed this project, and I'm pleased with Inty's work." - Cammie T.

Inty Power Social media
Because the publications feed is kept up to date in such a consistent manner, the official Facebook page for Inty Power gives off an excellent impression. There are around 330 people who fall under the category of page subscribers on average. This page provides essential details about the company, such as its address and operating hours. Users very seldom express their approbation, despite the fact that the publication feed is filled with films and photos that are extremely enticing. The page has an engaging appearance and offers the user information that is necessary.
The official LinkedIn page for Inty Power lacks professionalism. Despite having 80 followers, the company does not post anything to its news feed; there are no current job openings. Other than the information section, which contains the geo, phone number, opening hours, and a link to the official website, there is no other content on the page. In conclusion, we can conclude that this page contains no useful information.
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6 Subscribers

Inty Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews574.3


Inty Power Pros & Cons

  • Competitive prices
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Quality products
  • Questionable quality control
  • Unreliable product delivery
  • Limited product offerings

Inty Power Final Conclusions

Inty Power has received a rating of more than 4 stars and positive evaluations on the whole. The vast majority of evaluations left by customers are favorable, and they consistently highlight the high quality and reasonable price of the items. However, some purchasers have complained about troubles with customer support and the challenge of returning undesirable purchases. In all, it seems as if Inty Power is a firm that offers excellent value for the money; nevertheless, the company's customer service could need some work if it wants to enhance its reputation.

Inty Power locations

Main Address819 W 22nd St Ste 105 Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone Number6026541500

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