Just Energy review

When it comes to distributing electricity and natural gas in North America, just Energy is the undisputed leader. The flexibility of Just Energy's service allows you to choose when and how you use it. You may count on us to provide all of your energy needs, whether it be electrical power, natural gas, renewable energy credits, or methods to reduce energy use.
Just Energy review

Just Energy overview

When it comes to distributing electricity and natural gas in North America, just Energy is the undisputed leader. The flexibility of Just Energy's service allows you to choose when and how you use it. You may count on us to provide all of your energy needs, whether it be electrical power, natural gas, renewable energy credits, or methods to reduce energy use.

What Just Energy has to say about itself

With a focus on providing clients with electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy alternatives, Just Energy is a retail energy company. Just Energy is a household and business energy provider active in the US and Canada. Amigo Energy, Filter Group, Hudson Energy, Interactive Energy Group, Tara Energy, and terrapass are all subsidiaries of Just Energy.

Just Energy Solar Review

Year Started1997
Company Websitejustenergy.com
Service AreasTX
Service Typesenergy saving equipment, energy efficient lighting, renewable energy products and energy monitoring solutions, energy audits and energy monitoring systems
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup Batterylead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries
CertificationsEcoAct, ENERGY STAR®

Just Energy website review

Information on energy solutions for both residential and commercial buildings may be found on the Just Energy website, which is an excellent source. The website is simple to use and offers thorough details about their offerings in terms of both goods and services as well as prices. Additionally, the website provides useful resources including customer service contact details, energy-saving technology information, and energy-efficiency suggestions. Customers may also read corporate updates as well as articles on energy efficiency and cost-saving techniques on the firm's blog. For anybody interested in finding out more about energy alternatives, the Just Energy website is a valuable and educational resource.

Just Energy price policy

Payment optionsmajor credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts
Payment discountsa 10% discount for customers who subscribe to automatic payments, and a 15% discount for customers who choose to pay their bills in full within 30 days

Just Energy online reputation

The general assessment of Just Energy is divided based on the customer testimonials that have been supplied. While some consumers are pleased with the company's services—such as the variety of options, free nights, renewable energy, and cost savings—other customers have had unfavorable experiences. Customers cite the freedom to choose the best-fit plan, dependability, reduced monthly fees in comparison to other providers, and excellent customer service as positive features. Customers that take advantage of the free nights while working throughout the day claim huge bill reductions. Additionally, some people like the openness about taxes and fees. Negative encounters, on the other side, might point to poor customer service and insensitivity in trying circumstances. Some consumers complain that they are frustrated by the lack of support, slow response to their inquiries, and threats of power outages. Some consumers decided not to renew their Just Energy subscriptions as a result of these unpleasant experiences and instead switched to other suppliers. There are also mentions of invoicing problems, cancellation issues, and contract specifics. Customers' overall happiness with Just Energy seems to vary. While some people had excellent experiences and enjoy the company's products, others have had problems and complain about the customer service and level of service. Before making a choice, prospective buyers should carefully analyze both favorable and negative evaluations.
"I won't be replenishing with just energy alone. When their clients are through hardship, they are insensitive and unhelpful. I recently emailed them in advance of a due date to let them know I would be unable to meet my obligation, but they seemed unconcerned. They threatened to turn off my power the next morning if I didn't pay up. They haven't responded to my request to talk to a manager, and I've yet to go beyond the level of customer care person. I will never renew my subscription with them again because of this. No good can come from them. Poor support, and they clearly don't value their clients the way they say they do. Here is my second negative assessment of this awful firm for today, 1-4-23: This electricity provider is the absolute worst. That goes for both the customer support department and all of Just Energy's employees. A couple of months ago, maybe more, I submitted a negative review and I will continue to do so until people realize what a horrible business this is. They severed my connection and are now refusing to assist me. That's why I needed two days! In only two days!! You offered full payment, but they declined. I don't believe for a second that the customer support agent who put me on wait really spoke with a supervisor. Consider it only a ploy they're using to fool you into thinking they care about your well-being. The date of my next renewal is March 2, 2023. Sayonara, terrible business. Go ahead and try your clumsy English and weak strategies on someone else. Don't waste my time or yours by replying with a phone number I may use to voice my disapproval. You have no intention of doing anything about it." - David
"Very kindly, the Sam's Club cashier went out of her way to help me. My monthly rent is above $200 even though I just have a one-bedroom apartment. Recent use of $315 was despite turning off the air conditioner for about 75% of the time. I was forced to immediately change to a new service provider. My auto payments are less than my monthly power bill, therefore I won't be taking on another one. To avoid wasting your time and money, do not purchase Just Energy." - Joseph
"Power was turned off without my sister's knowledge while she was gone caring for me. She has worked here for two years and has never been late with a payment until now. After paying the overdue $70 energy bill, she asked that service be restored. I finally convinced her to contact TXU after we were without power for seven days and made three further phone calls. Within 2 hours, she got electricity restored. This electricity provider is the last one I'd ever suggest to anybody!" - Dylan
"A representative from this firm knocked on my door and assured me that my bills will soon decrease. The next day, I received an email with all the contract details; to my chagrin, the agreement was for 5 years and included certain costs he failed to disclose. Thankfully, I was able to cancel my contract within the required three days. My previous power provider welcomed me back with competitive rates. Anyhow, you may probably switch to another provider if you want to get out of this one, as most of them will pay that penalty." - Carter
"In the month of December, we made the big move. When I moved, I immediately phoned Just Energy to have my service switched over. asked that any communication with the previous address end in January. To cut a long story short, Just Energy has completely bombed at customer service, despite having 4 agents and 3 supervisors try to fix it. They charged me for February and March at the previous address even though they could not locate the initial phone call when I asked to cancel service. Despite having 3 supervisors promise to call me back, I have not received even a single call back. Since there's nothing they can do to change that, I can't endorse auto-pay any more. They pocketed the cash and are now requesting credit. For many years, I have been a satisfied client. My only option is to switch to a different supplier." - Santiago
"I've worked here for a long time. So far, I have not been let down. They provide a range of alternatives to help you zero in on the best fit. Since I work during the day, I really appreciate the free evenings and green energy they utilize. Since installing solar panels on my roof, I've decided to stick with this provider due of their reliability. I don't know anything about the other firms, but I can trust this one and they don't have the biggest buy back. Have a go at them. I did, and I don't feel any remorse." - Miles
"When we spoke to Sebastian about selling Just Energy at a Kroger, we knew it sounded too good to be true. Even though the rate is greater than we expected, we've been pleasantly delighted by the nighttime discount and solar buyback. They refunded us for canceling Reliant early, so we didn't have a bill for months and have only had to pay a little amount ever since. Oh, thank goodness! Excellent customer service; they take their time answering my questions. The only thing I can say is "YAY" right now." - Cooper
"My monthly rates have decreased from an average of $300 with CenterPoint energy to an affordable $54.00 with Just Energy. Sincerely, I put my time and effort to good use during my spare time, and the results have always pleased me. I'm glad I made the change. I was hesitant at first, but I made the plunge, and now I'm saving money." - Andrew
"I re-enrolled with Just Energy and was advised that, after taxes, my monthly power bill would be $50. They were completely honest. Taxes and fees add up to a little $6.90. Sometimes I have trouble loading, but other than that, they provide a decent service." - Kai
"Free evenings is a two edged sword. It all depends on how you put the strategy into action. I was spending $285 with Reliant, and considering that I work during the day, I couldn't fathom why I was paying so much. A sales associate contacted me when I was shopping at Sam's Club and told me he could assist me with my bill. At first, I was skeptical, but once I started taking advantage of the free nights and running all of my appliances throughout the night, my bill hasn't been more than one hundred dollars in over a year. If you work all day, I would suggest this to you 10/10." - Cameron

Just Energy Social media

facebook.com linkedin.com
The Facebook page for Just Energy is attractive and offers useful, educational material regarding energy-saving measures and environmental programs. On this website, you will find client tales and testimonials as well as periodic information about forthcoming events and projects. The portal also has several prizes and provides insightful advice on how to save electricity. Customers may also reach their customer support department by clicking on a link on the page. In general, Just Energy's Facebook page serves as an interesting and educational resource for users and anybody else interested in learning more about energy-related topics.The Just Energy LinkedIn profile is a useful site that offers news about their goods and services, information about forthcoming events, client testimonials, and job vacancies. Customers may read intelligent articles regarding energy solutions in the "Insights" section of the website. Additionally, there is a "Discussion" part where users may initiate discussions, post queries, and examine responses from energy experts. Additionally, prospects may submit applications in their "Jobs" area for open opportunities. Overall, the Just Energy LinkedIn profile is a useful tool for both job seekers and consumers to keep informed about the firm and to learn more about future employment prospects.
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Just Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews4972.3


Just Energy Pros & Cons

  • Variety of energy solutions for both residential and commercial properties
  • Various payment options and discounts
  • Energy saving equipment
  • Installation costs can be pricey
  • Limited service areas
  • Not available in all states

Just Energy Final Conclusions

Just Energy is an industry-leading energy supplier that provides a comprehensive selection of energy-saving solutions for business and residential customers alike. Customers have access to a variety of energy-related goods and services, including those that save energy, produce renewable energy, manage energy, and conduct energy audits. Just Energy takes great pride in the high level of customer service it provides and is dedicated to delivering to consumers solutions that are environmentally friendly, dependable, and affordable. They furthermore provide a selection of payment options and incentives in order to make the offered energy solutions more budget-friendly. Just Energy has a generally favorable image among its clientele and has been a market leader in the energy business for a significant number of years.

Just Energy locations

Main Address5251 Westheimer Rd #1000, Houston, TX 77056, United States
Phone Number8662883105

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