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As a comprehensive solar energy supplier, Legacy Solar is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of customers in northwest Wisconsin. From the first consultation and site evaluation through the final, professionally installed, code-compliant product, we have got you covered. Everything from communicating with your electric utility provider to filling out applications for grants, we have got you covered.

Legacy Solar overview

As a comprehensive solar energy supplier, Legacy Solar is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of customers in northwest Wisconsin. From the first consultation and site evaluation through the final, professionally installed, code-compliant product, we have got you covered. Everything from communicating with your electric utility provider to filling out applications for grants, we have got you covered.

What Legacy Solar has to say about itself

In 2002, Legacy Solar was founded with the intention of contributing to the spread of sustainable practices and the provision of alternative energy. We do more than only plan and set up solar power systems; we also provide training and guidance. Through the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, we offer many different solar energy workshops. On the Training Page, you may see all available classes.

Legacy Solar Review

Year Started2002
Company Websitelegacysolar.com
Service AreasWI
Service TypesSolar installation, energy storage and energy efficiency services for residential and commercial customers, maintenance and repair services for solar energy systems, and advice and support
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion battery
CertificationsSEIA, NABCEP

Legacy Solar website review

The website for a firm called Legacy Solar sells solar installation, energy storage, and energy efficiency services to both residential and commercial clients. The website has easy navigation and is user-friendly. All material is readily accessible, and every page is designed to load fast. The possibility to receive a free solar quotation as well as the company's services are clearly displayed on the site. The success of the business in providing top-notch solar services is also successfully shown by the photographic slideshow. Links to corporate and mission-related websites, a blog, and a FAQ section are provided, along with further details on their services. Overall, the website for Legacy Solar is attractive and effective in conveying the company's goals and offerings. It is aesthetically attractive, offers quick access to information, and makes it simple for users to discover the products they need.

Legacy Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCredit cards, cash, checks, financing options
Payment discountsDiscount for those customers who pay the full cost of the system in advance by check or bank transfer, system installation discounts if you use SunPower or Dividend Finance to finance your system

Legacy Solar online reputation

According to customer testimonials, consumers had a mixed reaction to Legacy Solar. Positive evaluations emphasize the team's professionalism and experience, praising Kris Schmid in particular for his adaptability and creativity. Customers like Legacy Solar's collaboration with electricity companies, help with paperwork, and general level of professionalism. Positive evaluations also note affordable prices and the joy of receiving reliable service.There are also some evaluations that are mixed, in which consumers express pleasure with the installation's ultimate result but point out small problems including poor response times, misunderstandings, and delays in obtaining required permissions. These consumers believe that customer communication and attention to detail may need some work.Negative evaluations, on the other hand, suggest an unsatisfactory Legacy Solar experience. These clients complain about aggressive salespeople, unskilled installation teams, property damage during installation, and poor system performance. Some consumers complain about delays, inaccurate information, poor workmanship, and a lack of response to their issues.Conclusion: Even though Legacy Solar has gotten praise for their knowledge, affordable prices, and reliable service, there are still certain areas that might be improved, especially in terms of communication, paying attention to detail, and handling problems as soon as they arise. Before deciding whether to deal with Legacy Solar, prospective clients should carefully examine these points and do extensive research.
"This firm made me feel like I was being cheated. The salesman lied to convince me to leave my old employer and join Legacy. I was assured that in the event of a blackout, the system would keep my complete home running, air conditioner and everything. As time went on, I learned that was not the case. When I inquired about financial assistance for going solar, I was informed I would get a check for $2,500 two weeks after the system was installed to help with the first year of payments. The timing of the installation was terrible. The work did not finish until December of 2022, while it did not get started until February. From July to November 15th, there was a piece of equipment on the ground beside my house. There were many missed workdays due to the system installation. The salesman also assured me that until the job was finished, I would get weekly phone calls from him or someone else in the organization. Two calls came in to me. All other upgrades required me to actively seek them out. The most recent white lie included a call I made to report a problem. Two of the three refunds I requested via the system were confirmed to be possible. While the sales representative assured me that Legacy would return any money made before the system was fully installed, the company's policy prevented them from doing so. In addition to the $2500, I would also get a refund of all previous payments." - Keisha
"I asked Legacy Solar for a price on solar panels not too long ago. The sales man was kind and knew his stuff, but the whole thing was sluggish and chaotic. The proposal arrived later than planned, and there were a few irregularities that needed explanation. The installation proceeded well once the contract was signed, and I am pleased with the end outcome." - Noah
"I was not really impressed with Legacy Solar. The team was skilled, so the installation went off without a hitch. Miscommunication regarding the installation date and a short delay in acquiring relevant licenses were two examples of the minor complications that arose along the route. I think there is space for improvement in terms of client communication and attention to detail, but the technology itself is working as planned." - Benjamin
"The installation of my solar panels by Legacy Solar was a mistake. The salesperson was aggressive and did not listen to my issues. It seemed like the installation personnel was unskilled and came late. During the installation, they messed up my roof, and I had to contact them many times to have it fixed. In addition, I am dissatisfied with the system since it has not been working at the stated levels of efficiency." - Ethan
"I was really dissatisfied with the service I received from Legacy Solar. Delays, misinformation, and shoddy craftsmanship plagued the installation procedure. The installers did a sloppy job and did not clean up after themselves. The system's inability to provide the promised energy production and the subsequent need for many service calls further compounded the problem. After all I went through with them, I cannot endorse Legacy Solar." - Jacob
"My 5kW grid-tied solar PV array at my Danbury, WI, cabin was installed and commissioned with the help of Legacy Solar. Kris Schmid helped with coordinating with the power provider, installing the various parts of the system expertly, and giving advise on how to integrate the various parts of the system. He helped me fill out the necessary paperwork for the government's financial aid programs. When it comes to delivering his expertise for bespoke solar energy projects, Kris is both adaptable and creative." - Mason
"I have hired many different contractors over the years, but working with Legacy Solar was by far the nicest experience I have ever had. For any project, big or little, I would use these folks without hesitation. Over the years that this firm has provided installation service for my house and business, I have seen time and time again that I can trust them. And both their costs and the quality of their work are really reasonable." - Olivia
"Exceptional work by Kris Schmidt. Everything from the first consultation through the last training session exceeded our expectations. If you are thinking about getting a solar PV system, he is the guy to go to." - Charlotte
"I really enjoyed Legacy. The job was completed on schedule and within our budget, much to our satisfaction. Excellent in that it provides a straightforward explanation of available choices." - Emma
"Kris was pleasant to work with and provided invaluable assistance in developing the optimal system. The few problems we have experienced with the inverter after installation have been quickly resolved by him." - Harper

Legacy Solar Social media

The Legacy Solar Facebook page is interesting and active. The page includes a variety of postings regarding the company's services, business news, pictures, client success stories, and videos. Additionally, a call-to-action button leads viewers to the business' website. Potential consumers will find the page to be well-designed and enticing. With material pertinent to the business and its offerings, the postings are regularly updated and interesting. Additionally, there are chances for clients to communicate with the business and provide feedback. The Legacy Solar Facebook page is generally well-maintained and successful in building a compelling presence on social media. It establishes a relationship with clients and clearly conveys the company's purpose and offerings.
Legacy Solar's Linkedin profile offers a comprehensive introduction to the business. A chronology containing current entries and updates about their initiatives is included, as well as information about their services, goal, and beliefs. Customer testimonials and staff comments round out the page's full presentation of the business. In addition, the site serves as a recruitment tool for potential Legacy Solar employees. Legacy Solar's Linkedin profile, as a whole, does a great job of conveying the company's values and offerings to potential customers. Potential clients may learn a lot about the business and what they can expect from working with them. It also has information on solar power and other forms of sustainable energy that may interest potential buyers.
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Legacy Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews15


Legacy Solar Pros & Cons

  • Flexible financing options
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Attractive warranties
  • Initial cost of installation may be expensive
  • May require regular maintenance
  • Local zoning laws may limit installation size or location

Legacy Solar Final Conclusions

With a reputation for excellence and leadership in the solar energy sector, Legacy Solar is a major participant. The business has developed a solid reputation as a trustworthy and creative supplier of solar solutions, significantly advancing the field of renewable energy. The Legacy Solar constantly produces remarkable results in terms of performance. From small home installations to significant commercial and utility projects, the business has successfully conceived, developed, and executed a wide range of solar projects. Installation of solar panels, system integration, and energy management systems are among their specialties. The dedication of Legacy Solar to excellence and efficiency has resulted in the development of high performance solar systems that provide the best energy output and long-term dependability. Legacy Solar also has a stellar reputation within the sector. Their dedication to provide individualized service and unique solutions is clear evidence of their devotion to client satisfaction. With a focus on collaboration, Legacy Solar works closely with clients to comprehend their particular energy requirements and create specialized solar solutions that optimize energy savings and environmental advantages. The company's image as a trustworthy provider of solar energy has been further cemented by the positive feedback and testimonials this customer-centric strategy has garnered. The dedication of Legacy Solar to sustainability extends beyond its clientele. The business actively supports the development of renewable energy technology and promotes a more environmentally friendly future. They are engaged in cutting-edge research and development, looking for new ways to boost the effectiveness and accessibility of solar energy. Legacy Solar consistently provides its clients with cutting-edge technology and solutions while being at the forefront of industry advancements. Overall, Legacy Solar's success and standing are a tribute to their expertise, dedication to excellence, and dedication to client pleasure. As a consequence, they have gained a solid reputation as a pioneer in the solar energy sector and significantly aided the worldwide shift to renewable energy sources.

Legacy Solar locations

Main Address137 W. 1st Ave, Luck WI 54853
Phone Number7156534295

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