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For homes, businesses, and even nonprofits, My Solar Sun can design and install a fully operational solar power system from start to finish. We are experts in offering energy-saving strategies that improve ROI and lessen environmental impact. Getting set up with solar energy is a breeze thanks to our knowledgeable staff of engineers, installers, project managers, and customer care reps.

My Solar Sun overview

For homes, businesses, and even nonprofits, My Solar Sun can design and install a fully operational solar power system from start to finish. We are experts in offering energy-saving strategies that improve ROI and lessen environmental impact. Getting set up with solar energy is a breeze thanks to our knowledgeable staff of engineers, installers, project managers, and customer care reps.

What My Solar Sun has to say about itself

If you're looking for eco-friendly power options, go no further than us. Our goal is to help build a better world by offering our clients sustainable energy options. We put in extra effort to guarantee excellent service and consistent solar output for our clients. If you're looking for a solution, we provide options for you across residential, business, and telecommunications use cases. We at My Solar Sun are thrilled to be in the front of this movement toward a greener, more sustainable future.

My Solar Sun Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, and polycrystalline.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, and lead-acid.

My Solar Sun website review

My Solar Sun's official website, found at, looks to be well-designed and often updated. It lists the company's offerings, contact information, and other pertinent data. The firm is trustworthy and its work is of high quality since it has been certified by several international organizations. The website is available in many different languages and has helpful hints for anyone considering switching to solar power. Therefore, it is reasonable to state that, the company's official website, is a trustworthy and reputable resource for receiving expert solar energy services.

My Solar Sun price policy

PackagesEconomy Solar Panel System Package: $6,950, Premium Solar Panel System Package: $12,950, Deluxe Solar Panel System Package: $18,950, Custom Solar Panel System Package: Price Varies, Solar Battery System Package: $8,950, Solar Attic Fans: $995, Solar Water Heating System: $3,500, Solar Pool Heating System: $4,500, Solar Window Film: $2,400, Solar LED Lighting Package: $2,150, Solar Deck & Walkway Lighting: $1,190, Solar Motion Lights: $450
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, wire transfers, and money orders.
Payment discounts10% discount for military veterans, 10% discount for seniors, 5% discount for those who refer new customers, 10% discount for those who purchase two or more solar panels, 10% discount for those who purchase a solar water heater

My Solar Sun online reputation

Customers' opinions of My Solar Sun are divided; some praise the company's helpful staff and high-quality offerings, while others have had negative encounters. In general, the goods and services provided by My Solar Sun are of high quality and the company makes every effort to satisfy its clientele. It's vital to remember, however, that each customer's journey is different, and that some may have had unpleasant encounters that can't be overlooked. Overall, My Solar Sun is a reliable and fruitful solar partner because of its dedication to its customers.
"Everyone has a lot on their plate, regardless of their occupation, but that should never be an excuse to mislead or disrespect clients. I hope their product is worth the 177 days of hassle it took to install solar panels on my roof. I'm giving a second star since the service staff did a great job of listening to our concerns and taking action to resolve them in a quick and courteous manner after we lodged many complain" - Malik C.
"I'm revising my previous evaluation, since I did contract with My Solar Sun to have solar panels and a battery system installed. The installation of the solar panels went well, but the batteries have been a nightmare. My Solar Sun has given me four separate dates for battery installation, and each time they've missed the deadline without giving me any notice. Despite my repeated calls and emails, they continue to miss the promised delivery date. I signed the contract with My Solar Sun two years ago, but they have yet to begin installing the batteries." - Simon F.
"When we had this firm install our solar panels three years ago, it was a wonderful experience. Getting Tesla batteries installed by My Solar Sun was a nightmare, therefore I'm only giving them 2 stars. It's been almost two and a half years since we made the order, and we still haven't had them set up. We are cognizant of the fact that the epidemic has hindered progress. But shipping the batteries took 2 years. There have been four transitions in project coordinators due to employee turnover. Worse, nobody seems to mind how things are going with the work until you start calling all the time. Nobody followed up with us after we sent batteries and no one responded to our emails until we contacted again. They reported a query over a construction permit. The inquiry was made two weeks ago, and it concerns an obsolete layout?! They should have contacted us before submitting the outdated design. If you're thinking of working with this firm, I urge you to reconsider." - Axel J.
"The first phase of sales and setup went well. Everyone we spoke with was kind, informative, and helpful. We were given a wide variety of systems and items to choose from. Our prompt and efficient installation team completed the job in record time. Approximately at that time, chaos ensued. There was a severe lack of efficiency in their cooperation between the city and the power provider. We were on our own to discover which inspections had been completed and which had not, as well as to locate the required documentation for submission to the city. We were informed that the inspection and approval process would take between six and eight weeks. Six months after the installation began, we are now fully operational." - Myles T.
"The inverter failed after 2 years, and the firm is unable to replace it with a working one. There has been no planned repair date for the last 5 weeks. Inverter is still not working. After more than three months, my computer finally crashed. In addition to repaying the loan I took out to finance the solar panel system, I am now also paying the going rate for power. The firm (when they answer the phone) is still giving me the runaround and insisting there's nothing they can do. A very unhappy client!" - Pedro O.
"My Solar Sun is an excellent choice. My husband and I had solar panels installed by My Solar Sun from February to June of this year. Our interaction with the firm throughout the solar panel installation process was professional and fruitful. There is no doubt that when I had questions, the personnel there was quick to answer them and honest with me. They were warm and kind from the start, and they often updated me on their plans to make sure I was happy in my position. The price was also manageable. Because of this, I am happy to recommend My Solar Sun to anybody thinking about installing solar panels." - Ala T.
"Last summer, I had solar panels put on my roof by My Solar Sun. Overall, I'm happy with the results. The first contact I had with the company was quite forthright in their description of the system, the associated costs, and the advantages I would reap. After I signed the contract, My Solar Sun handled all the necessary permits and paperwork, so we could swiftly go to the next phase after each one was authorized. So far, the system has been performing well. After the system was officially put into operation, I saw that one of the panels was broken. Despite several attempts at contacting the project manager, I heard nothing back. Several months later, two people showed up to do the necessary repairs. This is the section that left me feeling dissatisfied. Outside of that, I have no complaints about My Solar Sun's involvement in this project." - Lukas D.
"When comparing the three solar firms I contacted, I found that My Solar Sun offered the best value and was the most well-organized. They predicted a three-to-four-month time frame including everything from planning and approvals to activation, and they stuck to it. They were able to handle supply chain concerns with the panels without delaying the timeline. I am really satisfied with the array, and the installation was done neatly and properly. I would highly suggest them and utilize them again if I were to ever install solar panels on another home." - Dominick F.
"Working with My Solar Sun this spring was a great experience overall. They promptly answered my many inquiries through email and phone. The whole thing was fast and easy. Within 8 weeks of signing the contract, we received power from our solar panels. Having their own team of installers is a nice perk. On the day of the installation, I visited with the technicians at my home, and they explained everything in detail. There is no hesitation on my part to endorse My Solar Sun." - Roberto P.
"My Solar Sun provided us with excellent service. We researched numerous options and ultimately decided to go with My Solar Sun because of their superior goods, wealth of informative technical content, prompt and complete installation, etc. We appreciated that every step, from concept to completion, was handled internally, rather than by a third party. It was also helpful that they took the time to explain all of our alternatives when there was a possibility of a shift in the sorts of panels we could utilize. Highly recommended." - Maximus R.

My Solar Sun Social media
The solar energy firm My Solar Sun has a sizable fan base on the social networking site. With its modern orange design and detailed descriptions of the company's offerings, the website presents an authoritative image. Customers who have inquiries about the company's offerings may get such answers quickly and simply. To further illustrate how solar energy works and how it can be used to power houses, we have included a section with before and after images of installations. Since it is administered by authorized personnel, it may be relied upon as an authoritative resource. The website has a handful of promotional films for My Solar Sun's various offerings. It also provides a link to the company's website, where interested parties may read more about the business and the advantages of solar power. account not registered
YouTube Channel
2 Subscribers

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My Solar Sun Pros & Cons

  • Passionate
  • Innovative technology
  • Local Service
  • High Initial Investment Cost
  • Limited Spare Parts
  • Variable Weather

My Solar Sun Final Conclusions

My Solar Sun is a provider of solar energy solutions for homes around the country. They cater to the client's demands and financial constraints by providing free site surveys and individual bids for each job. Online reviews for My Solar Sun are overwhelmingly good, with consumers praising the company's reliability and dedication to quality.

My Solar Sun locations

Main AddressPO Box 49131 St. Petersburg, FL 33743
Phone Number7278886000

2 local offices

Florida – Saint Petersburg 6090 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg FL, 33707
6120 Central Ave, St. Petersburg FL, 33707

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