Jamar Power Systems review

Residential, business, and solar installation services are offered by Jamar Power Systems (JPS), a general electrical contractor with a California C10 license. Homebuilders, general contractors, businesses, non-profits, and private citizens are some of their clientele. They are one of the few manufacturing electrical contractors with substantial expertise in installing solar panels on new houses and retrofitting existing ones.

Jamar Power Systems overview

Residential, business, and solar installation services are offered by Jamar Power Systems (JPS), a general electrical contractor with a California C10 license. Homebuilders, general contractors, businesses, non-profits, and private citizens are some of their clientele. They are one of the few manufacturing electrical contractors with substantial expertise in installing solar panels on new houses and retrofitting existing ones.

What Jamar Power Systems has to say about itself

Jamar Power Systems is a full-service solar integrator and electrical contractor with a presence in Southern California. Beginning in 2007, the solar division was established. The business has installed solar power systems for several large commercial buildings in addition to hundreds of private houses. Of all the divisions in the organization, this one is now growing at the highest rate. The business is a top supplier of SunPower goods.

Jamar Power Systems Review

Year Started1984
Company Websitejamarpower.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesResidential Electrical Construction and Service, Solar Power System Design and Installation, Commercial Electrical Construction and Service и Electric Generator Installation and Service
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and gel batteries
CertificationsBBB, NABCEP, UNIRAC, UL, ISO 9001, ETL, PCI

Jamar Power Systems website review

The official website of Jamar Power is an attractive and professional-looking site, that gives the visitor an impression of the company's reliability and trustworthiness. The Jamar Power website gives thorough information about their goods and services and accessible contact information. The website provides significant customer assistance. Product and service reviews enable users to share their ideas and help others choose the best product. The website also has social media connections, a blog, and event information to keep clients updated. Jamar Power's website seems trustworthy to prospective clients.

Jamar Power Systems price policy

PackagesStandard Package starts at $2,295, Intermediate Package starts at $3,995, Premium Package starts at $4,795, Deluxe Package starts at $7,295, Advanced Package starts at $9,895
Payment optionsCredit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), ACH bank transfer, cash, and check.
Payment discountsBulk Order Discounts: up to 15%, Military Personnel Discounts: up to 10%, Business and Commercial Discounts: up to 10%, Senior Citizen Discounts: up to 5%, Seasonal Specials: up to 10%

Jamar Power Systems online reputation

The firm is doing an excellent job of offering high-quality service and goods, according to our analysis of customer reviews of Jamar Power Systems. Most customers are happy with how well the product works, how reliable it is, and how good the customer service is. Some buyers have grumbled, though, that the prices are a bit higher than for similar products. Most people who use Jamar Power Systems' services and products are happy with them. They keep coming back for more, which says a lot about how reliable and skilled their business is.
"Without a doubt, Jamar Power Systems is the worst business I have ever had the displeasure to deal with. I'm not sure I'll ever use them again because of the terrible customer service I received. The staff was inept, impolite, and unhelpful, and it took them an eternity to solve my power problem. I called reputable electricians who had to repeat the work since Jamar Power Systems did such a horrible job. Additionally, their price is a total scam. I would strongly advise staying as far away from this firm as you can." - Jeremy C.
"I just installed a new generator on my property with the help of Jamar Power Systems. My experience can only be characterized as absolutely horrible. The whole procedure was very expensive, cumbersome, and badly run. The job itself was of poor quality, and not only were the charges much too high, but the engineer made corners during the installation that resulted in several subsequent issues. I was assured that the generator would be installed and operational fast and effectively, however the whole procedure took far longer than expected and led to a flawed installation. In addition, when I contacted them for further assistance, they didn't respond and offered no assistance at all. I regret ever doing business with Jamar Power Systems, and I strongly advise staying away from them. They are excessively costly, unreliable, and ineffective." - Eric F.
"Jamar Power Systems has let me down so much. They placed my solar panels barely two months ago, and now they are broken. The panels are already so full of flaws that I may have to have them changed earlier than I had anticipated, despite the fact that they claim to have used the finest quality materials and installers. The durability of their service and goods worries me much. Their technicians are hard to reach, and customer support has been useless. I'm quite dissatisfied and would not at all suggest them. Find someone else to avoid the headache." - Dave C.
"I purchased a home with solar panels, but it need a new roof. It took months to install the panels on the roof after arranging the new roof. When I realized something was off, I found out that the roof installation worker had made mistakes and patched them up. It took months to repair their damage and the roof had to be rebuilt. They wouldn't allow me break my agreement. I'm not kidding when I say that it took several hours on the phone and around 50 calls to higher-ups at Sunrun to have the panels properly replaced. The panels are no longer working after six months." - Mesa T.
"They perform terrible job and are even unable of mounting the panels in the right orientation. After that, you will continue to tell me that I am to blame. There isn't a single person working there who isn't an idiot, but you just can't seem to get a reasonable response out of anybody. They don't seem to get the concept that people have jobs and can't answer the phone while they're at work for whatever reason. They are engaging in reprehensible business methods, and they ought to be shut down immediately!" - Berry M.
"We engaged JAMAR POWER SYSTEMS to monitor our solar array to ensure peak performance when our previous solar contactor went out of business. We were aware of a panel or micro invertor that wasn't functioning properly. JAMAR got in touch with us very away, set up a technician to come out and make the changeover, and ordered a new micro invertor (which was still covered by warranty). The technician arrived on time, was kind, educated, and extremely effective. The price of the service call was cheaper than the first estimate. We are pleased with JAMAR POWER SYSTEMS and eagerly anticipate their continued monitoring of our system and performance of any required repairs or modifications. We are happy to suggest JAMAR to our loved ones." - Rick L.
"About 8 years ago, when we installed our first solar system, we initially worked with Jamar Power Systems (JPS). It was a pleasure working with them. When it came time to examine the system, the City of Escondido praised them for their expertise, efficiency, and knowledge. They not only gave us excellent service and knowledge up front, but they also helped us with problems we had with parts of the system breaking years later. They effortlessly offered warranty service. When Enphase released a new product, JPS supplied us with answers to our inquiries and once again gave us outstanding installation of our upgraded system. They're someone I'd suggest to everyone I know." - Ryan G.
"We made a few calls to several solar providers when my wife and I decided to research solar energy. The only business that really had the time to address all of our inquiries and genuinely appeared to recognize that this was a significant choice for us was Jamar Power Systems. They didn't push anything on us at all. The savings, the possible tax credits at the time, and the installation procedure were all well explained. When we agreed to work with Jamar, they carried out what their proposal had promised. There are none. I definitely recommend Jamar Power Systems if you want an excellent solar experience at a cheap price." - Phil F.
"Before choosing JAMAR Power to build our solar system in early 2017, we carefully considered four competing offers. The most thorough and simple-to-understand assessment was given by the JAMAR representative. He patiently responded to all of our inquiries and was highly informed. No high-pressure sales techniques were used. All of the JAMAR staff delivered exceptional, kind, and competent service during the installation. There were no unforeseen expenses or charges. Four years into its operation, our solar system has not needed any service calls. We produce more power than we use most months. A complete service business, JAMAR. We have hired them to conduct additional panel repair and non-solar house electrical updates for us over the last four years at extremely fair costs. Requests for services have always been met with fast responses. For your house, inquire about the Sense energy meter! We are very happy JAMA Electric clients, and we will continue to put all of our future solar and electricity service requirements in their capable hands." - Roger B.
"At my house, Jamar Power Systems created and set up a sophisticated solar system with battery backup. From the owner to the electrician, every one of their staff that I dealt with was a joy to communicate with. The organization has a wide range of expertise. Contract negotiations were enjoyable since they were intelligent, professional, and free of any pressure to buy. I want distinctive and specific personalization. It took some time for us to both realize what I desired clearly. The business was patient enough to go through the design process with me until the specification was exactly what I needed in a bespoke design. We agree that I would engage a roofing professional to prepare the roof for solar installation because of how complicated my roof is. In addition, I hired a general contractor to manage all of the work, including the painting and roof work. The installation was finished as planned while I was gone. When I got back, I was amazed at how well-kept the installation was. It seems to have been there forever. The contract fee was paid for the task to be done. The solar is now operating as intended. In line with expectations, more power is generated during the longer summer days. When using the bespoke battery backup, it is possible to cut off the SDG&E grid without even seeing a flicker of light inside the home. The battery backup, which is subsequently replenished by the solar panels, keeps the house's energy flowing in the case of an SDG&E outage. To significantly cut electricity use, the project involved replacing lightbulbs with LED lamps. The finished system is less disruptive to the environment and nearby residents than a loud natural gas backup generator. Overall, this solar system has a little environmental benefit and provides energy for the computer, refrigerator, gas heaters, a few lights, phones, etc. when there is a power outage. Its economic return will also increase as the price of electricity rises." - Derek P.

Jamar Power Systems Social media

The Facebook page for Jamar Power Systems, a solar energy firm, does not have an appearance that is both contemporary and professional. There is a block of information about the firm that can be found on this page. This block of information contains the location, the hours that the company is open, a link to their website, and the corporate phone number. The feed is devoid of content, since there is not a single post, and there is not a single person subscribed to the page, despite the fact that the page was formed in 2013.
The organization's profile on LinkedIn looks really professional. However, the lack of posts in the page feed is striking. This makes one wonder whether clients can trust the company to provide quality services. Over 250 people have subscribed to the page! The solar energy company has become quite popular. This means that both current and new customers can easily get all the important and relevant information about the benefits of this company. In addition, you can find out what Jamar Power Systems does here! Information about events and activities that the company is involved in, as well as current projects, can be found here.
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Jamar Power Systems average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews574.8


Jamar Power Systems Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Geographical Limitations
  • Limited Financial Resources
  • Heavy Competition

Jamar Power Systems Final Conclusions

Jamar Power Systems is a respected and effective supplier of electricity and energy that serves both residential and commercial customers at reasonable pricing. The company takes pride in serving both types of customers. People have a positive impression of them because of the professional manner in which they complete projects. This favorable perception is most likely attributable to the fact that they are productive and provide superior service to their clients. They come out on top because of the fact that their clients have, on average, awarded them 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars, making them the most popular option.

Jamar Power Systems locations

Main Address9830 Prospect Ave Ste D Santee CA 92071
Phone Number6194487770

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