Option One Solar review

To ensure that your home solar system generates as much electricity as possible, we only utilize the highest quality, most efficient tier 1 solar panels in all of our installations. Our home solar package in California, Arizona, and soon Nevada includes a variety of installation methods to suit a wide variety of roof types.
Option One Solar review

Option One Solar overview

To ensure that your home solar system generates as much electricity as possible, we only utilize the highest quality, most efficient tier 1 solar panels in all of our installations. Our home solar package in California, Arizona, and soon Nevada includes a variety of installation methods to suit a wide variety of roof types.

What Option One Solar has to say about itself

Our founder, Jerry Thomas, was a member of the United States Air Force, and he got his start in the Aerospace project working on electronics for fighter jets. After serving his country, he was sought out by the Apollo Space Program and was promoted to the position of Electrical Supervisor. Option One has always insisted on nothing less than perfect performance. All of our infrastructure and internal procedures have been built to "space program standards" from the beginning of our journey. To guarantee the best quality, we exclusively use cutting-edge solar technology, equipment, and methods. We never take short cuts and are pleased to stick by every client we serve, which is how we have built our 5-star reputation.

Option One Solar Review

Year Started1970
Company Websiteoptiononesolar.com
Service AreasCA, AZ
Service Typesresidential solar power, sales and installations, hybrid solar systems, Roofing - Minor repairs, Roof replacement, Slate roofing
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and framed solar panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion battery

Option One Solar website review

The website of Option One Solar has a clear and polished design that makes it simple to explore and get the needed information. The homepage highlights the company's key beliefs, services, and purpose, providing visitors with a clear understanding of the company's objectives and potential. The website also has sites devoted to numerous energy-related subjects, giving users in-depth knowledge about solar energy, discounts, and government initiatives. Additionally, the business offers galleries of finished projects, accolades, and client evaluations to demonstrate the quality of their work to visitors. In general, the website successfully conveys the value proposition of the business and gives users the knowledge they need to make wise decisions.

Option One Solar price policy

Packagesa 6kW system would cost between $7,000 and $10,000 including installation and rebates. For commercial clients, the cost can range from $12,000 to $40,000 depending on the size and scope of the project
Payment optionsmajor credit cards as well as PayPal and Afterpay
Payment discountsdown payment discounts and rental discounts, discounts on eligible systems for members of the Victorian Solar Home Rebate Program and various other government programs and incentives, down payment, flexible financing, and rental-to-own options

Option One Solar online reputation

It is evident from the client feedback that Option One Solar has had both favorable and negative ratings. While some clients had favorable interactions with the business, complimenting their professionalism, helpfulness, and caliber of work, others voiced complaints about various elements of their interactions. Positive reviews emphasized the competent sales staff, attentive customer support, speedy installation procedure, and satisfactory solar panel performance. Customers were grateful for the clear lines of contact, quick responses to their questions, and the high caliber of the final product. These clients said Option One Solar met their commitments and offered a satisfying service. Negative comments, on the other hand, brought attention to problems with customer service, tardiness, and lack of professionalism. The complaints varied from failure to live up to expectations for installation and performance to troubleshooting challenges and poor communication. The system had technical issues, some customers reported damage to their property during the installation procedure, and there were disputes regarding additional expenses or warranty coverage. These clients complained bitterly about their encounter and suggested that others look into other possibilities.It is crucial to remember that different customers may have different experiences, and these evaluations show a variety of viewpoints. Prospective clients must to carefully study both favorable and unfavorable reviews, do their own research, and assess whether Option One Solar corresponds to their own requirements and expectations.
"We purchased our system from them a little under three years ago, and to this day I would never recommend them to anybody. After I paid them $30,000, they wanted to drill holes in my ceiling and floor to run a communication cable from my attic to my living room, and then put another wire down the wall of my child's bedroom. Instead of spending $150 on a wifi adaptor that the installer said me would be installed at no cost, I decided to look into other options. The wifi adaptor was first supplied for free, but the owner demanded payment when we made it clear that we did not want a wire drop through my floor. And then, to top it all off, when I told the owner what the installer had stated, he called my wife a liar and claimed it had never happened. Then, I did not do quality assurance, and a year later, I discovered a few broken roof tiles that the installers had left for me (who the hell goes up on their roof to inspect experts' work?). Our inverter's communication board just died (it is just 3 years old), and although the warranty covers the component, the firm wants to charge us a minimum of $350 to restore it since it is more than a year old (carefully check the tiny language of your contract with these crooks). Debbie, who works in customer service (or whatever she is called), is really arrogant and disrespectful. I informed the owner it was one of the worst decisions I have ever made and that I highly advise anybody looking for solar energy to seek elsewhere. After spending over $30,000 on unnecessary repairs due to a mistake made by the company's electricians and solar panel installers, I am hoping to decrease the amount of time I spend working with them." - Rocky
"None of the stars. Nobody cares about anybody else around here. Lacks business acumen and regard for others. Get out of here!" - Elena
"I reached out to them for a solar installation estimate. I made a reservation for 10 a.m. today using their website. I scheduled this appointment throughout the day yesterday, when I was too busy at work to pick up the phone or even look at my phone. Later that night, Ashton, a sales consultant there, phoned to assure me that my appointment had been received and that everything would go well. All it required was some specifics about my use habits to recommend the most suitable product for me. I missed his call last night, so he tried to confirm our 10 a.m. appointment again this morning. This time, he asked for my service account number. Back at the office, I told my wife I would be home at 10 to see the solar consultant and go through the process of getting solar panels. Her time was as precious as anybody else's, since she had a number of errands to do today. The representative emailed me at the same time as the phone contact, but he said he needed my account number or data about my yearly kilowatt-hour (kWh) use again. However, he said they will schedule a meeting after exchanging emails. I believed I had previously scheduled an appointment for 10 a.m. today on your website. Second, I have learned the hard way not to share my account information with anybody. I responded to his email by telling him that, according to the data I had retrieved from Edison's website the day before, my electricity use is seldom more than 5 kilowatt hours. A 5kw or 6kw would be fine, and I thought we had an appointment at 10 of the clock this morning, so I told him that. on an hour and a half after he was meant to meet at my house, he responds at 11:30 and says, "Yes, that is right, but we need information on your use in order to accurately evaluate you. To be of service, please contact me as soon as possible. And yet... I told my wife to meet me at the office at 10 of the clock since I believed we had an appointment today. After that, I clarified that I had just described my consumption and that I had taken the figures for the current year from Edison's website. However, I did confess that I had made a mistake in calling them, since he had failed to show up for the scheduled appointment and my wife had stayed at home in vain. From now on, I ask that you halt any plans. His short "no problem, I understand," was his response. No explanation, no apologies. Wow, it is a great beginning for a business! Sadly for them, I had planned to install solar panels within the following month. I called three additional businesses, but none of them came to me until I gave them my bank details. Do not hire this firm. Their lack of attention to their customers is alarming." - Robert
"I had a solar panel system installed by Option One Solar not too long ago, and I have mixed thoughts about the whole ordeal. Their support staff was helpful and kind, which was a plus. They were really helpful in answering my queries and directing me to the best system for my house. The experts were skilled and quick, and the installation went off without a hitch. However, I am skeptical about how well the solar panels will function. They do produce electricity, and my energy bills have gone down a little, but not as much as I had anticipated they would. Given the size of my initial expenditure, I had hoped for a more noticeable reduction in my monthly energy bills. Moreover, there are sporadic power outages due to technical faults with the system." - Scott
"My interactions with Option One Solar were quite upsetting and discouraging. Their lack of responsiveness and lack of professionalism in customer service was apparent from the start. My original inquiry was unanswered for several days despite my repeated attempts. The representatives were unresponsive even after I repeated my concerns several times.Getting it set up was a major hassle. The installation took significantly longer than expected because the technicians were late. They were not prepared and ended up trashing the place and breaking some stuff in the process. Option One Solar was unresponsive and unwilling to compensate me for the harm they created when I raised my concerns. The solar panel installation itself has been nothing but a source of frustration. It never lives up to expectations and produces significantly less electricity than forecast. My energy bills have not gone down much despite multiple service calls and attempts to remedy the issues. I feel as though I have wasted a lot of money on a system that does not work as advertised." - Jim
"The gold standard of home solar panels. After contacting maybe a dozen other installers and doing extensive research on the various system components, I finally settled on Option One as the only business I felt comfortable entrusting with such a substantial and consequential investment. The lines of contact were always open, and my sales rep, Tracy, was always more than eager to respond to my inquiries, whether he knew the answer himself or needed to consult with a superior. Option One continued to answer calls, messages, and emails long after its competitors had ceased doing so. They were completely reliable in every respect. The finance department's Esmeralda was the nicest person I have ever met; she clarified everything for me and set my mind at ease about the contract and financing. She was very responsive to my requests for minor adjustments and answered all my inquiries with grace. Respect to you, Es! And Natasha, the project coordinator, was excellent. She took care of every detail of the installation from the time I signed the contract until it was completed. She is great at what she does, from answering my concerns and keeping me up to speed to expertly managing the roofing work, permits, installation, and inspection. I am relieved that she is working on my assignment. And the exhibition itself was a fantastic adventure. During the (incredible) one-day installation, Brandon, Ian, and Andrew were speedy, efficient, respectful of the area, and responsive to my queries and concerns at all times. They were cool people to hang out with and had interesting conversations with. The electrical work that Steven and Victor performed for me (I had a major service panel update) is neat and tidy, and it gives the impression that they know what they are doing. Victor took great care to ensure that the new stucco looked good, even going so far as to choose paint in a hue that was an exact match. The installers went above and above to ensure the quality of the finished product (there are too many examples to name here, but suffice it to say that they worked on the house as if it were their permanent home).The completed product looks fantastic and has performed flawlessly thus far; if any issues arise in the future, I have full faith that Option One will be on it immediately. I have zero complaints about the business, its employees, or its procedures and output.Coming from someone who is skeptical and conducts much too much research, I am relieved that I opted with Choice One. Do not be hesitant to reach out to them; you can expect excellent service and results. Many thanks to everybody!" - Matthew
"Option One Solar is without a doubt the greatest company out there; they were there every step of the way to inform us, address our concerns, and keep us informed. Ashton was the first solar energy professional we spoke with, and he was fantastic. He was very informative about solar energy and its benefits, and he did not put any pressure on us to make a quick choice. We had a fantastic project coordinator in Brianna. From weekly updates to prompt responses to my inquiries through email and text message, you guys have been great. For a long time, I was on the fence about whether or not to hire a professional, but after hearing about Option One, I decided to give them a try. For any and all solar-related work, I wholeheartedly endorse them." - Marc
"Problems arose during the installation of my solar panels. Whatever could go wrong, did go wrong. It poured on installation day. It usually stays bright, but it poured that one day. The installers were skilled and tried their best, however they were unable to finish the task. There were problems with the inspections, which slowed down progress. Nonetheless, I had no problems communicating with the office workers. They overcame the challenges of the task to do a fantastic job in the end. Events occur. I can not give a bad review since they ultimately fixed the problem. That is the sign of a corporation that takes pride in its work and is willing to back it up. When things go well, it is simple to provide a glowing evaluation. I am giving this a perfect score even if nothing worked. In any case, they saw to it that the task was finished, and done so well. Nothing else would satisfy me. Honestly, I do not know. Absolutely. They can do anything if they can fix the problems I had with the project. Last but not least, top-notch communication and final product quality. In addition to a sunburn, I also have the sun's vitality to fuel me. Even though I still get them, I take pride in the fact that my lifestyle has become more sustainable and cost-effective." - Mark
"They performed a fantastic job installing, and they are quite pleasant to deal with. They worked quickly and efficiently, finishing the installation in only one day. Throughout the process, Brianna, the service adviser, was really helpful and informative. Option One Solar is who you should hire, in my opinion." - Jared
"For a long time, I did not give solar much thought since I was too nervous to speak to the salespeople at the large box retailers. My decision to explore into solar energy was swayed when I saw that a neighbor on my street had added panels to her 10-year-old system. Positive feedback was unanimous for Choice 1. When I reached out to them for a quotation, I was immediately struck by how genuine, polite, and professional they were. They were never aggressive or evasive, and I always felt like I could trust them. I obtained a few more offers for a comparable system size, and they were all around the same price, with far worse support. Option One is wonderful since they do not subcontract the installation out to anybody else. Many of these smaller solar firms are just intermediaries who increase the number of people involved in any given transaction. Having everything in one location really facilitated operations. For finance, they collaborate with two excellent sources. Ana was a terrific person to talk to at first since she was straightforward and honest in her explanations of the situation. My project manager, Amber, kept me apprised of progress once a week. The staff they brought out was pleasant to work with and did a thorough job of installing everything. Option One Solar comes highly recommended." - Kyle

Option One Solar Social media

facebook.com linkedin.com
The Facebook page for Option One Solar has over 900 likes, which is fantastic for a page in such a narrow sector. Posts on the website provide useful information on solar energy and other energy-related issues while also promoting latest initiatives and offers for the firm. High levels of interaction (comments, likes, and shares) on almost every post are indicative of the page's popularity among the company's ideal customers. There is an open channel of contact between the firm and the clients thanks to the page's testimonials and answers to frequently asked questions. In general, the website advertises Option One Solar's offerings and gives clients a forum for feedback and inquiries.More than 300 people follow Option One Solar on LinkedIn, giving the business a fantastic platform to broaden its audience. The page strategically combines contributions from businesses and individuals, which keeps it lively and current. It includes articles displaying corporate news, current projects, accolades, and client feedback. Additionally, the website gives badges to users who follow, comment on, and share content, which boosts user interaction. Additionally, the page makes use of LinkedIn's advertising tools, which enables the business to target adverts to prospective consumers. Overall, Option One Solar's LinkedIn profile is a helpful tool for the business since it gives it a place to reach out to new clients and highlight its achievements.
YouTube Channel 208 Subscribers

Option One Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2344.9


Option One Solar Pros & Cons

  • Wide selection of solar panels
  • Comprehensive customer service
  • High-quality systems at competitive prices
  • Delivery and installation may take longer than with some other companies
  • Limited availability in certain states and regions
  • Could be expensive for some customers depending on size and complexity of system

Option One Solar Final Conclusions

A highly respected business with a stellar reputation in the solar energy industry is Option One Solar. They give exceptional customer service throughout the entire installation process and a large selection of high-quality solar equipment at affordable costs. They are a desirable option for clients searching for a complete solar energy solution due to their various financing choices, discounts, and payment options. Option One Solar is a dependable and trustworthy resource for anyone wishing to invest in solar energy because to its many years of experience and track record of successful projects.

Option One Solar locations

Main Address13581 John Glenn Rd. Suite A, Apple Valley, CA 92308
Phone Number8555026363

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