PosiGen review

Solar electricity for everyone is a goal of PosiGen. In particular for underprivileged populations, we want solar to be accessible and inexpensive. We enable families in these areas to invest in their homes, cut their energy expenses, and move toward a better future by making solar more affordable via our solar leasing program.
PosiGen review

PosiGen overview

Solar electricity for everyone is a goal of PosiGen. In particular for underprivileged populations, we want solar to be accessible and inexpensive. We enable families in these areas to invest in their homes, cut their energy expenses, and move toward a better future by making solar more affordable via our solar leasing program.

What PosiGen has to say about itself

The inhabitants of New Orleans worked to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina's destruction. They sought to improve, maximize, and decrease the cost of their residences. There were 16 various programs available at the time to aid in the stronger rebuilding process, but in reality, only wealthier locals could take use of these schemes. Families in underprivileged neighborhoods, who made up a significant portion of the population in New Orleans, were unable to afford these housing improvements, which further disadvantaged them in comparison to wealthy families. The founders of PosiGen were concerned about this imbalance and decided to take action. We were certain that we could assist those who were struggling to repair their houses and start new lives. So we started working. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we could bring solar to these areas by offering it in a manner that no one else does: we base our prices on savings. We won't install the system if the client won't benefit financially from adopting solar. Why? Considering that our customers come first and not our money. Our approach immediately demonstrated its viability; people were eager to invest in solar since it was improving their lives. PosiGen expanded swiftly, and we now install hundreds of solar systems year, delivering solar (and savings) to households all throughout the nation.

PosiGen Solar Review

Year Started2011
Company Websiteposigen.com
Service AreasCT, LA, NJ
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film
Backup BatteryLG Chem and Tesla Powerwall
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

PosiGen website review

The website features a simple, contemporary layout. A huge banner on the site includes a call to action button to arrange for a free energy assessment. The website's main objectives are to advertise PosiGen solar panels and home energy efficiency services. The website offers simple and straightforward explanations of the advantages of solar energy, the operation of solar panels, and the cost reductions that can be achieved with solar energy. Customer endorsements and case studies are featured on the website to highlight happy PosiGen users. The website has buttons leading to the business's social media pages as well as a blog with articles about solar power and energy conservation. The PosiGen website seems to be well-designed and educational overall, with an emphasis on educating prospective clients about the advantages of solar energy and the company's services.

PosiGen price policy

Payment optionscash, check, credit card, and financing options
Payment discountsdiscounts for cash payments, for military personnel and veterans, discounts for teachers

PosiGen online reputation

It seems from consumer comments that customers have had a mixed reaction to PosiGen. While some consumers have had favorable interactions with the business and its employees, others have had bad interactions due to poor customer service, a lack of communication, and problems with installation. One customer complained about the company's failure to get in touch with him and the contract being terminated after two weeks. Another client had two unfinished installations and communication issues with a sales representative, one of which led to a fire. Additionally, they complained about the company's bad customer service and lack of reaction. Another customer, on the other hand, had a favorable encounter and commended his sales representative for being informed, amiable, and helpful during the whole selling process. Overall, it seems that although though PosiGen provides a promising solution, some customers have had negative customer service, communication problems, and installation troubles. For a business to keep its good name and keep its clients, it is critical to resolve consumer concerns and enhance customer service.
"They supposedly left a VM to set up installation on a landline answering machine by the time we reached the Installation steps. We requested that they get in touch with us through phone or even email, but they never did. They terminated our contract after two weeks of being "unable" to contact us. I've called them multiple times in an effort to postpone the installation, but they've refused since they've already broken the contract. I now have to start from scratch. How wasteful six months were. Prices now are very different." - Roz
"It's taken forever, and it's not done yet. They essentially vanished once they agreed to the deal. Since then, I've been unable to contact the sales representative. Instead of just one incomplete installation, they completed two. Just assured me it's alright after setting my breaker box on fire. Never pick up the phone. like never at all. The standard answer from customer service, which must be outsourced since they know nothing and have no access to anything, was "I'll have someone contact you." moment I implicated the city, they finally got off their butts. The last time I heard from them, they left me a voicemail pretending to be a human and assuring me everything was ready when it wasn't. I notified the person on the phone that it wasn't finished, and they said, "I'll have someone contact you," which, as with other promises, never happens." - User in New Orleans
"I agreed to install 12 solar panels for Posigen in exchange for a $20,000 contract. Without providing any supporting documentation, they claimed the project would now cost $60,000 four months later. Do not believe a word they say." - Brian
"My solar hot water heater has been leaking in the dip pan for a month now, and no one has visited my home. I've phoned multiple times to request the removal of this solar water heater. This solar hot water heater has been in place for ten years as of March. Nobody at that firm seems unwilling to assist, however. I wouldn't advise using this business. really bad management." - L Stevens
"Surprise, the expensive Entergy bills are back. Posigen said (after several unsuccessful tries to connect) that they had noted the issue as not functioning a month earlier. Never arrived or made a call. I spoke with a customer service manager after several disconnected calls (don't utilize their call back feature; nobody ever calls back). She kept me waiting for a very long time before saying she had no idea and would call me back. They continue to attract new clients, install bad, outdated materials, are unable to keep up with system maintenance, and provide the worst customer service (not the people, the system). Until they are able to satisfy their current consumers, they must be prevented from gaining new clients." - Gemma
"PosiGen's ideas make it feasible for everybody to be eligible for solar panels at a reasonable price. Although everything sounded too wonderful to be true, everything is accurate and positive. From the beginning to the end of the sales process, our salesperson, Alison, was (and still is) the MVP. And is still on the scene now to assist in any manner. She is competent, affable, and knowledgable, and she helped us feel at ease and secure in our choice to proceed. It was much appreciated that the proposal presentation was summarizing and informative. We are certain that our selection of PosiGen was the correct one." - Lisa Shilling
"We just had our solar system built, and we are grateful every single month when our power bill comes in. Our installation and all subsequent customer service were vastly improved by David at Posigen. They consistently respond to our inquiries and worries very away. We are very grateful that David and his staff introduced us to your business." - Karen Chandler
"We have and will continue to advocate for Posigen among our friends and family. We had a great time. Every time we contacted, Bonita Sanders-Mills, our salesman, was accessible to address our inquiries. She was comforting, kind, enthusiastic about the group, and amiable. I hope I didn't overlook anybody, but Bonita and the other people we spoke with, Brittany Fortuna Bello, Genfry, the installation crew, the electricians, the technician, and Debra ALL demonstrated amazing 5 star customer service and Posigen representation. We are grateful to everyone we have encountered along the way. Many thanks, Posigen!" - White Family
"As a part of the program to conduct an energy audit, Posigen collaborates with the state of Connecticut. They ensure that your home is energy efficient by swapping out all of the lightbulbs with LED lights and checking for leaks in your ductwork. Along with making sure your attic is properly insulated, they also check your doors, windows, and other project-related elements. I'm simply waiting for the municipal inspection right now." - HRider
"I must express my gratitude to the PosiGen team for their amazing work. They fulfilled all of their promises, and they stand behind the job they do and the information they provide. PosiGen was the best out of the firms I spoke with. They fully stick by their promises to clients when they tell them that they would be there to repair and improve anything that goes wrong or is incorrect. Once again, I want to thank you for my solar panels." - Michelle Ng

PosiGen Social media

facebook.com linkedin.com
PosiGen is a household solar energy supplier with a Facebook page for news and updates about the business. The page has 3,000 total followers, and its posts get 2.6% on average interaction. An advertisement for a free solar valuation firm received 858 likes, shares, and comments, making it the most well-liked post on the platform. Overall, the page functions effectively and seems to be a useful tool for connecting a business with possible clients. The shared articles are worthwhile, and there is a decent amount of interaction. The business could think about using extra promotional strategies, including competitions and prizes, to entice even more subscribers and engagement. They should also use more graphics in order to draw viewers in and engage with them more effectively.Providing news and updates from the business is the only focus of PosiGen's LinkedIn profile, which offers home solar energy. His posts normally have an average interaction rate of 0.3% and he has a total of 4,700 followers. An advertisement for a free solar valuation firm is the most well-liked post on the website, with 59 likes, shares, and comments. The page is performing well overall, but the business could boost its visibility on LinkedIn by posting more often and with a wider variety of material. By replying to comments and continuing the dialogue, they might gain from more active interaction with their fans. In order to reach a larger audience and increase interest in their material, businesses could also think about employing LinkedIn advertisements.
YouTube Channel 104 Subscribers

PosiGen average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2143.2


PosiGen Pros & Cons

  • offers high quality solar products.
  • various payment options and discounts
  • energy saving products and services
  • the shutdown can take several days and can be devastating to the home
  • solar energy is expensive
  • not available in all areas

PosiGen Final Conclusions

PosiGen offers high-quality solar goods and services and is a licensed solar panel installation. To make solar energy more accessible and cheap, they provide a range of payment choices and rebates. They also provide energy-saving goods and services to assist lower energy bills. Overall, PosiGen's effort is admirable and has shown that everyone, regardless of financial level, may have access to sustainable energy solutions. PosiGen is a wise alternative for people wishing to make the switch to solar energy since their qualified goods and skilled technicians can assist guarantee a successful installation and extended system life.

PosiGen locations

Main Address145 James Dr E Ste 300, Saint Rose, LA 70087-4006
Phone Number866-767-4436

10 local offices

Louisiana – Baton Rouge 10935 Perkins Rd Suite C, Baton Rouge LA, 70810
145 James Dr. E Suite 300, St. Rose LA, 70087
Connecticut – Bridgeport 304 Bishop Avenue, Bridgeport CT, 06610
Connecticut – Wethersfield 100 Great Meadow Rd Suite 205, Wethersfield CT, 06109
Connecticut – Danbury 98 Mill Plain Rd Suite 2C, Danbury CT, 06811
Massachusetts – Ludlow 280 Moody St, Ludlow MA, 01056
Massachusetts – Lowell
New Jersey – Ewing 1600 Olden Avenue Unit 10, Ewing NJ, 08638
New Jersey – Livingston 651 Old Mt Pleasant Ave Suite 250, Livingston NJ, 07039
Pennsylvania – Plymouth Meeting 400 Davis Dr Suite 400, Plymouth Meeting PA, 19462

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