ProSolar Hawaii review

You can trust that PRO SOLAR HAWAII will provide you the attention and information you need to make informed decisions about your solar energy system.
ProSolar Hawaii review

ProSolar Hawaii overview

You can trust that PRO SOLAR HAWAII will provide you the attention and information you need to make informed decisions about your solar energy system.

What ProSolar Hawaii has to say about itself

PRO SOLAR HAWAII installs solar panels and delivers solar energy solutions. We provide grid-connected, off-grid, and backup power solutions. Your Electric Bill Can Be Minimized or Eliminated! We provide turnkey solar energy solutions for homes and businesses, including the design and installation of solar panels.

ProSolar Hawaii Review

Year Started2003
Service AreasHI
Service TypesDesign, installation, maintenance and repair of solar systems, thermal systems, solar water heating, storage and integration of batteries
Types PanelsMono- and polycrystalline, thin film
Backup BatteryTesla, LG Chem and Enphase

ProSolar Hawaii website review

The official website for ProSolar Hawaii, a solar installation business in the Hawaiian islands, is located here. It includes comprehensive information about their offerings, a portfolio of prior installations, client endorsements, and more. Additionally, the website has an interactive solar calculator that may be used by visitors to determine the savings and cost of installing solar. The website is user-friendly and generally well-designed. It is jam-packed with knowledge-based material that enables users to swiftly understand the business and its offerings. The design is simple and contemporary, and all of the material is authoritative and interesting. To further engage visitors, the website also includes useful graphics like pictures of previous installations.

ProSolar Hawaii price policy

PackagesFrom $7,000 to $15,000
Payment optionsCash, check, and all major credit cards
Payment discounts5% discount when paying by cash or check, 5% discount for referrals and a special discount for military personnel

ProSolar Hawaii online reputation

According to the consumer testimonials, ProSolar Hawaii often gets favorable comments from its clients. Based on these testimonials, it can be concluded that ProSolar Hawaii is a respectable business with top-notch customer support and affordable prices. The following are the main ideas from the reviews: Customer support Customers praise the ProSolar Hawaii staff for their promptness and professionalism, praising people like Ryan, Danny, and John in particular. The support crew is commended for their efficiency and promptness in solving problems or offering help. Work product quality: Numerous clients have praised ProSolar Hawaii for its excellent quality of work. They express pleasure with the company's solar panel systems' performance and the installation procedure. Competitive pricing: Customers praise ProSolar Hawaii for its reasonable prices and value. Customers have notably mentioned that ProSolar's costs were the lowest of the choices they looked at. Smooth procedure: Several reviews point out the simplicity and convenience with which ProSolar Hawaii made the installation process possible. They value the company's help in securing relevant approvals and managing the appropriate formalities with government bodies and utility providers. Despite the bulk of evaluations being favorable, a few unfavorable incidents are reported. One client complains about the job's completion being delayed and receiving inadequate communication. Another client notes problems with the service and a failure to transmit data to the utility provider, which led to increased expenses. It is important to highlight that, based on the general good comments from other customers, these unpleasant experiences seem to be the exception rather than the rule.
"Don't have anything to do with this firm. Ryan is a bad apple. Over 10 months ago, I gave him over $28,000 to put solar panels on my Waikoloa home (the last payment was due upon completion of the job, at which point he would have actually had to do anything). He continues to make reasons to avoid working (none of which are his fault, of course). He has been ignoring my emails and requests for information for the last month, and he hasn't provided me so much as a timeframe for actually fulfilling the contract (btw: he is a lousy communicator as well:(). Since he obviously doesn't want to perform the work, I offered to pay him extra to simply have it done, or to just take a refund. But he refuses to take any action. Instead, he sees no problem with not doing the task for which he was hired and instead prefers to sit on a large sum of my money. When I asked him when he planned to do the task he was hired to accomplish (and which should have been done months ago), he said, "When." My plan is to file a complaint with the DCCA and then consult with attorneys and/or a jury to determine next steps. Not what I'd anticipate from what should be a simple exchange, at least if the individual had any honesty in him. Don't deal with an arrogant person who feels they deserve payment whether or not they do the assignment. Look for a new employer." -Terence
"For our PV installation, we turned to Pro solar Hawaii. Danny handled the sale, while Randy was responsible for the laborious installation. The quality is OK, but I have issues with the service. The system does not send any data to HECO, and our bills remain high over a year later because to the subpar service given by Qcell. Don't use them if you want to avoid frustration. If I had known that, I wouldn't have hired them." - Alice
"While on the phone, Ryan of Pro Solar was really impolite and disrespectful. We had a tiny issue with a microinverter going out, but the system is still covered by the guarantee. His words are complete nonsense. When he found out we are on the Hilo side, he became unpleasant and abrupt, and eventually hung up. Almost little ability to convey ideas at all. A direct swipe at a complete jerk. That firm has lost my business forever! WARNING! and BUYER BEWARE!" - Kimo
"The services provided by ProSolar Hawaii are considered to be among the finest on the Big Island. John checked over my setup and made recommendations based on his findings. In essence, he claimed the system seems to be sound (except that it is not functioning!) He suggested I contact the maker (Outback in Arlington, WA) for assistance. He took images of my system and the instructions on the system and indicated he may know someone who has information that might assist me after I informed him that Outback is a non-responsive business. After that, we lost contact entirely. I suppose I just don't see why they don't want to assist me despite their tempting ads and high ratings. I am not in need of any free assistance. I'm here as a paid patron. (The phone call was free.) You're getting what you paid for, I suppose." - Michael
"It was a continual uphill battle, but we managed to get our system up and operating. Permit fees were paid but no applications were submitted. The scheduled installation of the system was often postponed, and when the installer finally did arrive, he made a lot of noise for many hours as he worked. No phone contact was made to arrange for the ladders to be either down or picked up. Final payment is being requested before the necessary permissions have been issued. Six months later, everything is wrapped up, but dealing with the firm was a major hassle throughout. Since working with Pro Solar was a nightmare at every turn, we hired a second electrician to assist us in getting the system connected and set up so we can monitor our energy consumption online as instructed by the utility company." - Melanie
"Ryan and the rest of the ProSolar Hawaii crew can set up a solar panel system for you, no matter how big or little. If solar panel installation is something you're thinking about, don't hesitate to contact Danny or Ryan at Prosolar. They have the best rates and customer service, making them the best option for a significant purchase like solar panels for your home. Their work is of the highest standard." - Ashish
"You can trust Ryan and the rest of the ProSolar Hawaii team to install a solar panel system of any size. The price of the system and the potential savings on Helco power were both nice surprises when I initially chatted with Danny from ProSolar at a house exhibition in the Sheraton back in March. Everything was very simple since they took care of getting all the necessary permissions and following all the necessary procedures with the government and Helco. Everything is set up and running well at this point. You won't regret getting in touch with Danny or Ryan at Prosolar if you're considering installing solar panels. When it comes to a major purchase like solar panels for your house, they provide the finest prices and customer service. The quality of their work is unparalleled. Many thanks to Ryan, Danny, and the rest of the guys that put up my solar panels." - Chris
"Our system, built by ProSolar Hawaii in December 2016, has functioned well up until this year, when a microinverter stopped working. (The remainder of the array continued to function normally.) Within a week after receiving the replacement, they had already installed it. The support team was terrific, and we now have full functionality. The website and mobile app are both functioning normally as of today, thanks to Ryan's final adjustments. Well done!" - Jason
"We just upgraded our solar setup so that we can now store energy in batteries, heat water, and charge our Tesla. The ProSolar team is hardworking and committed to ensuring a successful completion of your project. They are prompt and effective. If you're looking for a solar company, we strongly suggest them. Aloha!" - Bob
"The installation of my solar panels was quick and easy. Once the state gave its okay on the permission, they arrived the day after I asked them to. Because I prefer to get my money's worth, I researched four different solar firms before deciding to work with Ryan and John at ProSolar Hawaii. They were the cheapest option, plus they gave me 6 more panels on top of the 14 I was going to get from the other three firms. I plan on installing air conditioning in my home next summer, and I will definitely use them again. Fantastic service, reasonable prices, and helpful staff. There is no need to put off going solar as long as there are firms like this one around. Solar panels from ProSolar Hawaii are within reach of everyone who can pay for power. Really appreciate it! What a fantastic time!" - Daniel

ProSolar Hawaii Social media
The work of ProSolar Hawaii, a solar installation business in the Hawaiian Islands, is highlighted on this Facebook page. It includes testimonials from clients, details about their offerings, exclusive discounts, and more. The webpage's main objective is to promote ProSolar Hawaii's services and draw in clients. The page appears to be well-managed overall. Potential clients will find it appealing because it is frequently updated with new content. Each post is engaging and educational, and the staff actively responds to subscriber inquiries. Because it is intended for a local audience, the content is identifiable and authentic. The page also includes top-notch photographs that highlight the company's work and raise the overall appeal of the page.
The work of Prosolar Hawaii, a solar installation business in the Hawaiian islands, is highlighted on this LinkedIn page. The page contains broad details about the business, such as its goal statement, services, and staff. Additionally, it gives potential customers a chance to communicate with corporate staff. Overall, the page is expertly managed and kept current. It gives visitors a better idea of the business by providing thorough information about the team members and services offered by the company. Additionally, a "Resources" option is included, which offers extra details about the solar industry as well as links to other useful sites. The portal also has captivating visuals, such photographs and videos, that draw visitors and entice them to stay and browse more.
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7250 Subscribers

ProSolar Hawaii average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews73.9


ProSolar Hawaii Pros & Cons

  • Quality installation and equipment
  • Experienced and certified professionals
  • Multiple financing options available
  • Limited availability in some regions
  • Longer installation times than other contractors
  • The cost may be higher due to the location of some installatio

ProSolar Hawaii Final Conclusions

Prosolar Hawaii is a wonderful option for residents of Hawaii who are interested in making use of the ample sunshine that is available on the islands. They provide solutions for solar panels that are of a good quality, are installed by competent specialists, and are reasonably priced. In addition to this, they provide their customers with a variety of services, warranties, and discounts, and they collaborate with their clients to identify the most advantageous financing solutions. Customers have a very positive impression of their company due to the high level of professionalism and quality throughout their interactions with them. Anyone interested in making the transition to solar power should give Prosolar Hawaii serious consideration.

ProSolar Hawaii locations

Main Address74-5583 Luhia St A7, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, United States
Phone Number8083391106

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