SolarFlair Energy review

When it comes to solar power, SolarFlair Energy, Inc. has you covered from every angle. We provide our customers with both the design and installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

SolarFlair Energy overview

When it comes to solar power, SolarFlair Energy, Inc. has you covered from every angle. We provide our customers with both the design and installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

What SolarFlair Energy has to say about itself

Since 2007, the proprietors of SolarFlair Energy have been servicing residential and commercial customers in their community. If you go with SolarFlair, their team will take care of everything for you. SolarFlair's in-house staff will be by your side throughout the whole process, from the no-pressure, consultative sales phase to the moment when power is turned on to your new system. SolarFlair has the know-how to get you set up with solar panels; they have completed over 1200 installations and been chosen as the preferred Solarize Mass installer in more than 25 municipalities around Massachusetts.

SolarFlair Energy Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasMA, RI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) panels
Backup BatteryTesla, LG Chem and Enphase Energy
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

SolarFlair Energy website review

The review of the company's website has yet to be created.

SolarFlair Energy price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCredit card, cash, check, bank wire, or PayPal
Payment discountsDiscounts for residential customers, financing discounts are available for those customers who finance their purchase from an approved lender

SolarFlair Energy online reputation

The company's performance and customers' happiness have clearly differed based on the conflicting consumer comments about Solarflair Energy. Some consumers have praised Solarflair for its great installation, quick warranty service, professionalism, and knowledgeable employees in order to share their pleasant experiences with the firm. These clients are really happy with their solar systems and have saved a lot of money on electricity. Additionally, several clients have praised Solarflair for their participation in municipal contracts and their professionalism in managing each step of the procedure.There are, however, a number of unfavorable reviews that raise significant issues with Solarflair's customer support and guarantee fulfillment. Customers have complained about the company's slow response times, reluctance to respect warranties, and lack of contact. There have been occasions when customers had considerable delays in the activation of their solar systems or problems with those systems that Solarflair could not adequately address or remedy. Customers have been frustrated and dissatisfied as a result of these bad encounters, which has caused them to voice their unhappiness and write bad internet reviews.There are also claims of financial malfeasance, including the taking of consumer deposits for battery backup systems without any further explanation or development. Since clients believe their money has vanished without a trace and efforts to contact the firm have been disregarded, these instances have further undermined faith in Solarflair.In conclusion, there are a variety of opinions expressed by customers concerning Solarflair Energy. While some clients have reported great outcomes, praising the excellent installation, expertise, and energy savings, others have voiced serious concerns about subpar client support, a lack of response, and failures to uphold warranties. Online evaluations are unfavorable as a consequence of the claimed problems with communicating and keeping promises, as well as the claims of financial malfeasance. In order to restore consumer trust and provide a consistent and positive experience for all of their customers, Solarflair must address these problems as soon as possible and take the appropriate action.
"When Solarflair set up my system, they did a fantastic job. They performed an outstanding job. The first couple of years of warranty service were also excellent. They responded quickly, replaced the faulty panels, and identified the source of the issue. It is clear that the firm is no longer the same. Without paying $250 and waiting two weeks, they would not even come out to investigate why my (still under warranty) machine is down. Instead of listening to me or looking at the images, their head installer was very disrespectful and refused to even consider the possibility that I had correctly detected the issue. I had enough and decided to voice my discontent to the company's president. His visit confirmed my findings, but he refused to replace the faulty component under warranty. He stopped responding to my e-mails after I requested a home visit to install the new component I had purchased. I had to take matters into my own hands and replace it. I spent an hour on it. It is clear that these men made an extra effort to avoid assisting a client whose issue required no effort to resolve. To remain a satisfied client, they could have easily detected the issue from my images and had a technician out with a new component ($110) in half an hour. Instead, I lost a month of work due to system downtime, and they lost a client who was upset enough to write negative online reviews." - Customer
"They requested that we cover two more expenses that were not included into the original agreement. One included meeting an unanticipated condition set by the municipality in order to get a construction permit. The dripping of our old water heater's pressure release valve prompted us to construct an expansion tank for the hot water system." - Anonymous
"That company stinks. The company is ignoring the guarantee. I have had no luck getting them to address my issue. I can not even get a response from them" - Mark
"Deposits (of $4,000 or more each) for battery backup systems were taken from more than 15 consumers as part of the Solarize Mass initiative in northern Berkshire County by SolarFliar. We have not heard from the firm since May of 2021, and it is already 2022 and we are still waiting. They ignore both phone and email inquiries. SolarFlair is the place to go if you want your money to disappear without a trace and no response from the business for years." - Liz
"If I could, I would give them a failing grade. Less than nine years ago, we had panels placed. They were informed when my wife saw that production was declining in August. In November, they visited and unplugged the system without telling us why. They eventually admitted that we had rodent damage and would need expensive repairs after asking us several questions over the course of several months. They eventually provide us a quotation without a timetable for repairs months later. Additionally, they provide us little protection against the same critter harm recurring." - Greg
"Our municipality has contracted SolarFlair to provide residential solar system installations. They handled each stage with professionalism, although the whole procedure took considerably longer than I had anticipated. Turn-on occurred roughly 11 months after the deal was signed. They would probably move faster if the economy was in a sluggish cycle. If you ask me, Solar Flair is the way to go! However, please take your time." - Somervillen
"My system's installation and wiring by Solarflair went well. They completed the job by the due date, and were pleasant and easy to communicate with throughout the process. Krystal, the company's project manager, spared no effort to ensure that we met the SREC II deadline for connectivity. Both she and the installers were professional, honest, and pleasant to work with. They were accommodating to my requests and resourceful when faced with challenges. After just 29 days of using the system, I have already saved 75% of the energy I would have otherwise drawn from the grid." - gibs
"In 2014, we had SolarFlair install 24 solar panels. We had to have eight more panels put in since we extended our home. After being very satisfied with SolarFlair's first installation, we decided to hire them again. Again, everything about working with them, from sales to administration to installation, was top-notch. Yesterday, we put in the extra eight solar panels. Shortly before 7 a.m., the crew showed there, and they did not all depart until well after 7 p.m. The installation staff was just as kind, tidy, and well-trained as the rest of SolarFlair. The team members I spoke with yesterday all agreed that SolarFlair is a great place to work. Totally understandable on your part." - Rick
"From first contact through post-installation service, we have been nothing but satisfied. The sales process was stress-free, and they were thorough in determining the optimal system dimensions. A Solectria (local firm) inverter was installed at no additional cost by SolarFlair. When I learned that SolarFlair did not use freelancers, I was ecstatic. Each and every person we encountered went out of their way to be kind and considerate of our time. Working with SolarFlair was an absolute pleasure, and I give them my highest recommendation." - Flower
"From the first consultation through the final installation, SolarFlair was a pleasure to work with. The workers have a high level of expertise, energy, and professionalism. Quick responses were given both over the phone and through email. Their prices were low, and they helped us navigate the many rebate and tax benefits so we did not have to. The work was done efficiently and with little disruption to our home-based company. We are really pleased with our system, and we can not help but wonder why more of our neighbors have not made the switch to solar energy. We suggest SolarFlair for that purpose." - MegK

SolarFlair Energy Social media account not registered
In Ashland, Massachusetts, there is a solar energy business called Solarflair Energy. Residential and business clients in the greater Boston and New England regions may take use of the company's design, installation, and maintenance services.The organization's objective and vision are stated on its LinkedIn page: SolarFlair is dedicated to creating a better future with the help of renewable energy options. They work hard to provide their clients the absolute best in solar energy services, goods, and technical innovation.The portal also provides information on the company's services, such as residential solar panel installation, which includes specifics on the kinds of panels they employ, and commercial solar system design and consultancy.The portal also includes links to movies showing Solarflair's work as well as endorsements from clients and staff. The portal also provides information about job vacancies and career prospects within the business. This LinkedIn profile is a great platform for Solarflair to connect with prospective clients and team members. It gives an easy-to-navigate platform for seeing client feedback and job vacancies and clearly explains the services the business offers.
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SolarFlair Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews213.9


SolarFlair Energy Pros & Cons

  • Uses highly efficient and reliable PV solar panels
  • Offers customized quotes for installations
  • Offers cash and financing discounts for residential customers
  • Relatively high cost for installations
  • Limited to certain geographic areas in the Northeast U.S.
  • Potential installation delays due to weather

SolarFlair Energy Final Conclusions

All things considered, SolarFlair Energy is a knowledgeable and trustworthy option for solar energy solutions in the New England region. The business's top-notch goods and services guarantee that clients get the greatest solar options available. They are a desirable option for both residential and business consumers because of their affordable costs, convenient payment options, and discounts. Superior solar energy solutions are something that SolarFlair Energy is known for offering, from design and installation to maintenance and financing.

SolarFlair Energy locations

Main Address3 Industrial Park Rd, Medway, MA 02053, United States
Phone Number5082934293

3 local offices

Massachusetts – Ashland 190 Pleasant Street, Ashland MA, 01721
Massachusetts – Medway 3 Industrial Park Rd, Medway MA, 02053
Massachusetts – Framingham 11 Mayhew St, Framingham MA, 01702

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