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Seapoint Solar is pleased to have established itself as a market leader and a top innovator, thanks to cutting-edge technologies. Due to its careful and dependable work, emphasis on client education, and top-notch customer service, Seapoint Solar has established a solid reputation as the finest solar panel installation. If you have any inquiries about their process, contact Seapoint Solar through email.

Seapoint Solar overview

Seapoint Solar is pleased to have established itself as a market leader and a top innovator, thanks to cutting-edge technologies. Due to its careful and dependable work, emphasis on client education, and top-notch customer service, Seapoint Solar has established a solid reputation as the finest solar panel installation. If you have any inquiries about their process, contact Seapoint Solar through email.

What Seapoint Solar has to say about itself

Seapoint Solar is one of New Jersey's leading solar installation and maintenance companies. Seapoint Solar designed, engineered, and installed all of their solar systems. Seapoint Solar offers specialized solar financing for residential, business, and non-commercial projects. It provides solar panel rental with FREE installation, solar panel purchase, and operating and capital leases for Seapoint Solar commercial projects. All elements installed by Seapoint Solar are manufactured in America. It is serving Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Seapoint Solar is installing roof mounts, ground mounts, and custom carports for solar-powered vehicles. Seapoint Solar is a certified NABCEP member, a SEIA Chamber of Commerce, ASES, and BBB member, and a registered sustainable business in New Jersey. Seapoint Solar is an LG Partner and a Solaria ProPartner.

Seapoint Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasNJ
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium ion batteries, lead acid batteries and flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, BBB, ASES

Seapoint Solar website review

The Seapoint Solar website is a credible and attractive media outlet. The site provides detailed information about the company and its services. The webpage lays out the main benefits of solar energy and sets out the business objectives. Each service, its benefits, and possible customer savings are described in detail. Testimonials and case studies are featured on the website in a dedicated section. As a result, potential customers gain more trust and credibility. Visitors can contact Seapoint Solar through the website in several ways. Visitors can submit a request for pricing or information using the contact form on the company's contact page, which also lists the company's contact information. Thus, it is easier for potential customers to interact with the business. Links to Seapoint Solar's social media pages on the website, including Facebook and LinkedIn, allow site visitors to connect with the company on various social media platforms easily. The Seapoint Solar website is generally aesthetic, educational, and user-friendly.

Seapoint Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer
Payment discountsBulk purchase discounts

Seapoint Solar online reputation

The overall assessment of Seapoint Solar is that it has a mixed reputation among consumers based on the customer testimonials that have been supplied. People dealing with the firm have expressed positive and negative experiences. On the plus side, Seapoint Solar has several advantages that clients like. The company's owner, Vince, is praised for being friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the solar sector. It also provides affordable rates for high-quality equipment. Customers value the business' instructional approach because it enables them to make knowledgeable decisions at their speed without feeling rushed. On the downside, though, there are major worries voiced by disgruntled customers. Some reviewers have questioned the company's business ethics and made accusations of fraud since they claim they employed subpar equipment and violated the contract's conditions. These unfavorable evaluations demonstrate a lack of confidence and discontent with the business's procedures; some even claim that the appropriate authorities are still investigating the matter. To guarantee that your solar project is done properly and by the agreed conditions, thoroughly analyzing a company's reputation and track record is crucial. Mixed reviews suggest that experiences with Seapoint Solar vary significantly.
"Regarding business ethics, Seapoint Solar is far and away the worst company I've ever dealt with. Vincent Imperiale, the business owner, is a compulsive liar who uses charm to get you to buy poison. He'll tell you he'll install the panels and inverters listed on the contract you signed, but he'll use whatever is cheapest to make a profit. Not only did he do this to me, but he also did it to two of my relatives and two of my closest friends, all of whom I had referred to him. I urge everyone reading this to phone the NJ AG's office and confirm that he is now under investigation. Even if my life depended on it, I would avoid contact with this thing." - Kristo.
"Keep an eye out!!! A COMPLETE SCAM of a business. Vince, the proprietor of Seapoint Solar, was spotted by our PV installers putting in low-quality inverters and Chinese PV panels. Per the contract, He was supposed to install Enphase inverters and Solaria panels, but he was skimping. After finding him flaking out on the assignment more than once, I had no choice but to remove him from the team. To my knowledge, he has helped five other persons with their PV Projects. Chester/Monroe Twp. and the New Jersey Attorney General are now looking into allegations of fraud." - Robert.
"Five local businesses gave me quotes to install solar panels on my roof. I looked into every offer for solar panels and inverters to be sure the quality was there to back up the price. Seaport Solar's bid was competitively priced and included some of the industry's top equipment. The business owner was accessible and helpful. He oversaw the whole undertaking, making frequent visits to the site to ensure quality control. " - Jennifer.
"My wife and I appreciate the time and effort Seapoint Solar put into educating us. Unlike other organizations that we had met with, Seapoint Solar effectively handled our expectations. The proprietor, Vince, took a hands-on approach and made himself available at all hours. We were assured that our utility bills would be negligible aside from a little connection fee. Our largest utility bill in the last six months was only $4.47. Family and I recommend Vince and Seapoint Solar." - Michael.
"Seapoint Solar is where I got my setup. My wife and I visited numerous firms, and after careful consideration, we decided that Seapoint Solar was the best option. Vince, the proprietor, and his team are all seasoned experts in the solar industry. Vince patiently showed us several panels and mounting alternatives. We had previously spoken with three other firms before deciding on Seapoint Solar. It seemed like everyone was trying to sell me what was best for their firm rather than what would benefit my loved ones. Seapoint Solar was unique in that they didn't try to force us into choosing before we were ready." - Arnold.
"After interviewing seven different solar energy companies, we decided on Seapoint Solar. The company's owner, Vince, was pleasant to work with and had a wealth of information on the solar field. We were able to make an informed decision on "our time" because of his detailed explanations of all of our available alternatives. Unlike most solar representatives, who insisted we sign contracts before we knew what kind of panels would be installed on our new house. If somebody asks for a recommendation, I will always give them a plug for Seapoint Solar." - Jessica.
"I consulted with four other local solar firms before meeting with Seapoint Solar's owner. Only Seapoint Solar had the time to explain everything to my wife and I. There was really well-informed, forthright, and honest. Solar energy's method was easy, eco-friendly, and effective. Our expectations were effectively controlled, and Seapoint Solar expertly led us through the solar installation procedure. If you're looking into solar energy or have any questions about whether or not it's a good fit for your household, go no further than Seapoint Solar." - Robbie.

Seapoint Solar Social media
To interact with its audience and share pertinent solar-related material, Seapoint Solar uses its Facebook page ( The page sometimes contains business changes; the most recent solar information was provided in 2019. The page extensively uses visual elements, including customer reviews, business news, and images and videos of solar energy installations. Users can leave ratings and recommendations in the "Reviews" area of the Facebook page. The page occasionally promotes its goods and services, such as flash deals or introducing new products. This allowed members to learn and take advantage of any exceptional deals. By connecting the Facebook page to the Seapoint Solar website, subscribers will find it simpler to learn more about the company's offerings or get a price. The Seapoint Solar Facebook page is a helpful resource for reaching out to customers, disseminating information, and advertising their goods.
The Seapoint Solar profile on LinkedIn ( is mainly used for professional networking and spreading information about the company's activities, market trends, and job openings. On the LinkedIn profile, the organization consistently updates the most current projects, successes, and milestones. Solar energy, renewable energy, and sustainability are all topics covered in the website's content. Considering that Seapoint Solar periodically announces job openings on its LinkedIn page, professionals searching for work in the solar energy industry can get in touch with the company. Along with some fundamental personnel information, the Seapoint Solar team members are emphasized on the website. This humanizes the brand while also showcasing the abilities of the firm. The page interacts with readers directly, responds to comments, and participates in relevant sector discussions. By visiting the link on the LinkedIn page of Seapoint Solar's website, users may easily learn more about the company and its products. For talent scouting, professional networking, and business news, Seapoint Solar's LinkedIn page is often a good source.
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Seapoint Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviewsNo reviewsNo reviews


Seapoint Solar Pros & Cons

  • Competitive Pricing
  • High-Quality Equipment
  • No Pressure Sales Approach
  • Communication Issues
  • Unreliable Owner
  • Quality Control Issues

Seapoint Solar Final Conclusions

Although the business's work has some great characteristics, serious issues raised by unfavorable evaluations must be considered. The firm gets a 4.63-star rating on average. On the plus side, Seapoint Solar has certain advantages in its functions and performance. Customers value competitive pricing and the usage of high-quality solar panels and inverters. However, there are major accusations of dishonesty, fraud, and subpar artistry. Numerous evaluations claim that the business installed equipment of lesser caliber than what was specified in the contracts, and there have also been complaints of poor communication and unsolved problems. These issues seriously question the company's reputation and the ethics of its business activities. Given these conflicting opinions and significant worries, I would hesitate to suggest Seapoint Solar to prospective customers. Anyone contemplating their services must conduct extensive research, read further customer evaluations, and obtain recommendations from past clients.

Seapoint Solar locations

Main Address3 Myers Drive, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062
Phone Number6097051747

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