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In California, Stellar Solar specializes in the design, development, and building of distinctive solar systems for private, public, and non-profit organizations. Stellar Solar has assisted hundreds of customers in lowering their energy expenses and having a positive environmental effect because of its expertise in the energy sector and dedication to providing the highest level of customer care.

Stellar Solar overview

In California, Stellar Solar specializes in the design, development, and building of distinctive solar systems for private, public, and non-profit organizations. Stellar Solar has assisted hundreds of customers in lowering their energy expenses and having a positive environmental effect because of its expertise in the energy sector and dedication to providing the highest level of customer care.

What Stellar Solar has to say about itself

Stellar Solar is California's top provider of green energy solutions. After over 20 years in the industry, Stellar Solar has established its reputation as an enduring and reliable supplier for all solar energy needs. Stellar Solar seeks to deliver tried-and-true sustainable energy solutions customized to each customer's specific energy needs by providing a great selection of residential and commercial solar energy solutions. Stellar Solar's seasoned and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing outstanding customer support and the best solar energy options available.

Stellar Solar Review

Year Started1998
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, energy storage systems
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, C-10, OSHA, UL, LEED

Stellar Solar website review

Stellar Solar's official website,, is an educational source. The website of the solar energy firm in California is user-friendly and simple to use. It addresses energy solutions, home and commercial solar installation services, and solar finance. Additionally, the website offers immediate professional consultation as well as online quotes. Customer reviews and news about the solar business are also included on the website. Because it has frank customer evaluations, comprehensive information, and a current blog with market news, the website is reliable. The website offers comprehensive contact information and uses high-resolution photos and videos to showcase current projects. A frequently asked questions area, practical energy calculators, and client checklists are just a few of the numerous features on the website. Overall, is a well-liked, reputable, and well-created website.

Stellar Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Starter Package: Starting at $17,995, Complete Solar Package: Starting at $20,995, Solar Plus Package: Starting at $25,495, Ultimate Solar Package: Starting at $29,995, Solar Leasing & Financing Package: Starting at $0 Down, Pool Solar Package: Starting at $13,000, Battery Backup System Package: Starting at $6,500, Roof Mounted Commercial System Package: Starting at $20,000, Ground Mounted Commercial System Package: Starting at $35,000, "Stellar Solar Select" Maintenance Package: Starts at $10/month, Extended Solar System Warranty: Varies - Contact Stellar Solar for Details
Payment optionsCash, credit cards Discover, Mastercard, Visa
Payment discounts0.5% Discount on Bulk Orders, 10% Discount for Military and First Responders, 15% Discount for Senior Citizens, 5% Discount on No Interest Financing, 5% Discount for Referrals, 10% Discount for Referring New Customers, 5% Off SunPower products

Stellar Solar online reputation

It should be mentioned that Stellar Solar received largely positive evaluations. Numerous clients commended the firm's items for their high quality, competent customer service, and speedy installation. However, several people were dissatisfied with its offerings and shoddy customer support. You can infer from the overall rating that unfavorable remarks are the exception rather than the rule. In the end, current clients considering installing solar panels suggest Stellar Solar.
"I purchased solar from this firm a year ago, and I now face a sizable year-end payment. Since the panels or system must not be functioning correctly, I have been trying to get them to fix the issue for five months, but they won't act or send someone out. They really don't give a damn. I would never advocate for anybody to use them. All of my friends who installed solar at the same time with different firms had no bill at year's end despite charging two cars, often using their jacuzzi, etc. I don't. This increased bill has no justification. My buddy lives in the same area, so they attempted to claim the weather, but that was incorrect. Compared to before I installed solar, my costs have increased!" - George O.
"It is quite upsetting when a business breaks its commitments. After Stellar Solar visited our home and reviewed many solar system possibilities, including the addition of batteries for overnight usage owing to our health issues, we had great hopes for them. However, after many requests for a quotation, we never heard back from them. It's disappointing to see them promote their services via email promotions while shirking off-the-cuff client support. Finally, due to their lack of professionalism and consideration for our time, we are unable to recommend this business." - George T.
"Customers should be on the lookout for this business' dishonest tactics. I was informed on the day of signing that the interest rate was 12% rather than the 4% I had been promised since I was not a "preferred member." Through one of their lenders, they provided a separate loan at 5%, which was still a hefty interest rate. Their improper installation resulted in harm and a delay, but no compensation was provided. The promised referral fee was never delivered. Both the workmanship and the customer service were poor. I advise you to search elsewhere." - Oliver G.
"I had a negative experience with this business. The firm claimed they didn't have time to assess my proposal and were no longer accepting PACE programs, despite having booked a consultation a week in advance and calling off the appointment an hour before it was set to begin. They continued to work with two PACE firms, however, which was in direct contrast to everything I learned throughout the course of the week. They obviously didn't care about giving me the best answer for my requirements; they were just interested in initiatives that would make them money. Extremely frustrating was the lack of prompt response and customer service. I wouldn't advise using this company." - Ethan O.
"In 2014, I used Stellar Solar for a project and was happy with the results. However, my cost considerably climbed when I added three more panels in 2016. After looking into it, I learned that a wiring problem had caused my solar service to be out of commission since October 2016. Despite their sales representative's assurance that they would let me know if there were any problems, the operations staff failed to do so, and I was unaware that I needed to regularly check on my system. I had been paying for 29 panels for six months, but none had been produced. Even though the technician fixed the issue, I won't suggest Stellar Solar to anybody." - Elijah K.
"Going solar might be frightening to consider when you have high power costs and potential rate increases. It's understandable that this buyer completed extensive research before choosing Stellar Solar. They produce the energy they require with fewer panels because they employ high-quality Sun Power panels. The company's solar technology specialists answered all of their inquiries and made sure they understood everything. In order to give a reasonable pricing overall and save as much money as feasible, Stellar Solar also performed a detailed investigation. The installation proceeded well, only needed two days to complete, and passed inspection with flying colors. Stellar Solar receives an extremely high recommendation from this client." - Charlie K.
"Stellar Solar has my highest recommendation! You should definitely choose Stellar Solar if you decide to go solar! I made the correct choice to have solar panels placed on my home (roof mount) around seven years ago. My father advised me to choose Stellar Solar since they are the finest because he had done it a few years before (his was a raised ground installation). After 10 years, my dad's stellar solar system is still functioning well. I always want to do my own research, however. I did a ton of research on several solar firms and came to the same conclusion as my father that Stellar Solar would be the best option. Steller Solar was incredibly attentive, answered all of my concerns right away, patiently walked me through the process, installed my solar system swiftly and expertly, and did it for a very reasonable price. Stellar Solar is the best solar business you can find." - Alina H.
"Working with Stellar Solar to build our PV solar system was a blast. After looking into and speaking with a number of businesses offering various products, warranties, and service levels, we decided on Stellar Solar and our sales manager, Dave. We choose SolarEdge because Dave offered excellent product information at a reasonable price. There were no aggressive sales techniques or threats to rescind promotions, in contrast to other businesses. Dave and Stellar Solar were very honest and helpful, and they gave us all the details we needed to make an educated choice. Anyone thinking about installing solar should really consider Stellar Solar." - Bob M.
"Before a colleague suggested Erin Presley of Stellar Solar, we were completely overwhelmed by the solar installation procedure. We felt more at peace once she clarified the distinction between buying from a solar provider and a third party. Installation may be completed in five weeks, and the result is outstanding. The app is easy to use, the communication was great, and the warranties provide security. We encourage Stellar Solar to everybody who inquires since this is not an investment that should be trusted by just anyone. Being disconnected from the grid feels great." - Dima L.
"Although I ultimately chose a different business for my solar requirements, Stellar Solar was a great candidate. They have very competent sales representatives and timely, friendly customer service. Their high-quality product is another incentive to think about using them for your solar installation. I would suggest Stellar Solar to anybody seeking for solar solutions since overall I had a good experience with them." - Alex R.

Stellar Solar Social media
Stellar Solar is quite active on social media, and its Facebook page is particularly noticeable. More than 4200 people have liked and followed the page. The profile is well-made and contains a lot of helpful information. The page includes links to the company's main website, additional social media accounts, and other relevant contact details. The postings are updated nearly daily and include client-friendly information as well as samples of previous work. Customers participate by leaving likes and comments on each post, which includes a picture or video, links, and hashtags. With more than 130 comments, the business has a stellar rating of 4.8/5 in the reviews area. Anyone interested in solar energy or willing to work with the firm should visit this website.
Stellar Solar has a page on the networking site LinkedIn. The page has a high-quality layout, and all of its information is easy to understand. There are only 843 people who have registered on the page, which is not a lot. The resume talks about what the company does and what it specializes in. The business page is getting increasingly famous because it has all the contact information people need. There are three helpful posts with links to papers, videos, photos, and hashtags. Overall, anyone who wants to move to clean energy should check out this page.
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574 Subscribers

Stellar Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews2344.8


Stellar Solar Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Innovative
  • Comprehensive
  • Limited Service Area
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Long Payback Period

Stellar Solar Final Conclusions

Stellar Solar has established itself as a trustworthy, customer-centric provider of renewable energy solutions. Numerous clients remark on Stellar Solar's high-quality products, knowledgeable customer service, and quick installation times. Nevertheless, some consumers report varied experiences with the business. In spite of this, Stellar Solar has a largely positive reputation on social media, indicating that consumers searching for solar solutions should at least consider this company.

Stellar Solar locations

Main Address5122 Avenida Encinas, Suite B Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone Number8667876527

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