UniSolar review

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality solar energy solutions possible by providing expert design, engineering, and permitting services for PV solar systems, including solar energy generation projects, tailored to their specific needs and goals.
UniSolar review

UniSolar overview

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality solar energy solutions possible by providing expert design, engineering, and permitting services for PV solar systems, including solar energy generation projects, tailored to their specific needs and goals.

What UniSolar has to say about itself

We aim to strengthen our position as a leading company in the fields of local project development and design by offering our clients cutting-edge, environmentally friendly services that also result in significant cost savings for them on their electricity bills.

UniSolar Review

Year Started2016
Company Websiteunisolar.us
Service AreasNY
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, Solar System Design, Solar Financing, Solar System Maintenance, Solar System Repair, Solar System Upgrades, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Solar System Monitoring
Types PanelsThin film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNot specified

UniSolar website review

The website features a simple, contemporary layout with a backdrop color of mostly white and accents of blue. The design is well-organized, making it simple for users to move between the many areas. The top of the website features a clear and easy-to-use navigation menu that users can utilize to reach pages like Home, About, Products, Solutions, and Contact. Regardless of scrolling, the menu remains fixed at the top for ease of access. The homepage has a sizable solar panel banner and a quotation request call-to-action button. The origins, purpose, and ideals of UniSolar are described on the About Us page. A portion of the website devoted to resources contains a dictionary of solar jargon, installation manuals, FAQs, and warranty details. Users may get in touch with UniSolar in a variety of methods, including through the contact page's contact form, phone numbers, and physical location. For ease of location, a map is also included. Users may connect and remain up to speed with the latest news and developments by clicking on the links in the footer that go to UniSolar's social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Overall, UniSolar's website does a good job of showcasing its offerings, expertise, and dedication to sustainable energy solutions. Positive user experiences are facilitated by user-friendly design, educational content, and straightforward navigation.

UniSolar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash or check, Credit or debit card, Solar loans, Solar Lease Agreements or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Home equity loans or lines of credit
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

UniSolar online reputation

Online reputation information will be added as it becomes available.

UniSolar Social media

facebook.com account not registered
A business that specialized in the creation of flexible solar panels is called UniSolar. Information about the company's profile, activities, and relationships with people in the sector are available on their LinkedIn page. On the website, they highlight some of their distinctive product lines, including flexible solar laminates and building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Updates on UniSolar's projects, products, and industry news are shared on a regular basis. They provide examples of their accomplishments, collaborations, and involvement in solar energy-related activities. To engage the audience and help them comprehend their goods, posts often use visuals like photographs and videos. The website features UniSolar workers, which provides insight into the company's talent pool. The duties, expertise, and experience of each employee are highlighted in their employee profiles. There is a sizable following on UniSolar's LinkedIn profile, which shows the amount of interest in their goods and sector. UniSolar has connections to other businesses, groups, and experts in the area of renewable energy. Overall, UniSolar's LinkedIn profile successfully shows their successes, demonstrates their competence in flexible solar panels, and interacts with others working in the renewable energy industry. It acts as a platform for news sharing, engaging with subscribers, and developing a powerful network in the industry.
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UniSolar average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviewsNo reviewsNo reviews
AVGNo way to count


UniSolar Pros & Cons

  • Flexibility
  • Peel-and-Stick Installation
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Bankruptcy and Unavailability
  • Low Efficiency
  • Outdated Technology

UniSolar Final Conclusions

According to their description, UniSolar is a manufacturer of thin and flexible solar panels for use in renewable energy sources. They emphasize their dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the supply of renewable energy options. However, a number of events have negatively impacted UniSolar's image. Nearly 10 years ago, the business had financial issues that ultimately led to its filing for bankruptcy, which had an impact on the goods' accessibility and support. The poor efficiency of UniSolar panels in comparison to conventional silicon solar panels, which led to reduced power output for the same surface area, was one of the key issues. Furthermore, safety concerns have surfaced as high-profile fire accidents using UniSolar products have been recorded, casting doubt on the dependability and safety of its modules. Customers are searching for more dependable and effective substitutes, as seen by the dwindling popularity of UniSolar panels, especially given how quickly the price of conventional solar panels is falling. Overall, financial troubles, subpar efficiency, security concerns, and a little market penetration hurt UniSolar's business. As a consequence, before making any investment in solar power solutions, potential purchasers should exercise prudence and think about more dependable and cutting-edge solar panel firms with a stronger track record.

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Phone Number8008706105

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