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Rennergy LLC is a clean energy provider that focuses on solar power systems. Installation of solar panels, upkeep of existing systems, and storage options for excess energy are just some of the services provided by this business. In addition, they provide fiscal remedies for lowering the cost and increasing the availability of renewable energy sources.

Rennergy LLC overview

Rennergy LLC is a clean energy provider that focuses on solar power systems. Installation of solar panels, upkeep of existing systems, and storage options for excess energy are just some of the services provided by this business. In addition, they provide fiscal remedies for lowering the cost and increasing the availability of renewable energy sources.

What Rennergy LLC has to say about itself

A clean and sustainable energy source for the whole planet is what Rennergy LLC aspires to provide. We concentrate on clean energy technology as well as renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Our goal is to provide everyone with cheap access to sustainable energy. We are committed to assisting our clients in achieving their energy efficiency objectives via the use of cutting-edge technology, specialized knowledge, and exemplary customer service.

Rennergy LLC Solar Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasNJ, NY
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and deep-cycle batteries.

Rennergy LLC website review

The official website of the business Rennergy LLC is It gives comprehensive details on the company's services and its available goods. It also includes contact information, job openings, and other pertinent information. The website has pertinent material and seems to be well-designed. The website is trustworthy since it has an SSL certificate that secures it. Customers may read about the most recent news and corporate developments in the blog area of the website. In conclusion, Rennergy LLC's official website is a reliable source of information.

Rennergy LLC price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation: Starting at $9,000, Solar Panel Maintenance: Starting at $1,500, Solar Battery Storage: Starting at $4,500, Solar Water Heater Installation: Starting at $5,000, Solar Pool Heating: Starting at $3,000, Off-Grid Solar Power System: Starting at $15,000, Solar Lighting System: Starting at $2,000, Solar Energy System Monitoring: Starting at $1,000
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and bank transfer.
Payment discounts10% off for first-time customers, 5% off for repeat customers, 5% off for bulk orders, 5% off for referrals, 10% off for military members, 5% off for seniors, 5% off for local businesses

Rennergy LLC online reputation

Overall, Rennergy LLC has given its clients excellent service. Numerous clients have complimented the business for its dependable and beneficial services, highlighting the pleasant and competent employees. However, some clients have complained that the services may be both pricey and sluggish. Although a tiny percentage, most clients have been quite happy with the services offered.
"Our solar panels were installed by Rennergy starting on November 9th, 2020. That was when our horror really began. Rennergy caused significant harm to our homes but did little to save the earth. There was a lot of smoke coming from the ceiling fans and surge protectors, and the appliances were turning on and off. Fried home electronics! According to the electrician, he failed to wire in a neutral ground. I'm wondering whether it was a lot worse than that. After being transferred between Rennergy representatives for the last six weeks, we have now reached the company's insurance department, who informed us that Rennergy would not be responsible for replacing any of our damaged items and that we should instead speak with our own insurance provider. WHAT? How can I stand this? BEWARE!" - Kyle S.
"By submitting my info online, I was able to get an initial price estimate. A house visit was set for February 13-15, approximately a month in advance. They originally indicated they'd arrive on 02/13, but now they say they can only make it on 02/17 between 8 AM and 6 PM. I waited all morning for a call, and when I finally got one at 10:10 AM, they said, "We're sorry, but we can only come on March 18." Are you kidding me? You all are completely insane. People's time is valuable; please quit wasting it. Folks, If you value your time, please consider my critique. It seems like a ragtag group of amateurs is operating this place." - Parker B.
"Awful support for customers. While installing my solar panels, they messed up my home to the tune of almost $5,000. It took 8 months from the time of damage to the time when they told me I should be compensated. Four months have passed since the harm occurred. Claims processing is delayed, they say, since the city's "Permission to Operate" is required. Approximately another 4 months. After that, your claim will be handled in 90 days. It took weeks to get the necessary components to fix my kitchen." - Oliver F.
"Poor support during every stage of the installation process. 40k for a 4-battery setup. It took about a year to put in place. Next, battery issues cropped up right away. Never did all four batteries hold a charge. We will now move on to the panel concerns. This is the second time I've seen this issue, and the system is presently operating at half capacity. Still, you have to wait two weeks for them to contact you to schedule an appointment. And yet, you continue to pay them every month, even if the mechanism that was intended to help you save money is no longer doing so. Simply fantastic. The worst kind of individuals are these." - Jaden T.
"In 2019, we made the investment in a Solar system for our house. Our adviser provided excellent service. We agreed that Rennergy's would be beneficial, and we discussed the possibility of purchasing other items like a powerwall. Yet it was short-lived. This horrible service must end. Agent responses take a few weeks to arrive. After the hail storm a few years ago, it took over a year to have our system restored, and the cost to replace was half as much as the whole system with installation (it took about 6 hours, and they quoted me several thousand dollars). While the initial outlay may be more." - Max G.
"Rennergy is an excellent solar solutions provider since it is neither too large nor too small to provide personalized service. You may expect first-rate assistance, comprehensive data, and competitive rates, all delivered via cutting-edge control panels and methods. The installation will be complete in a few of days thanks to the hard effort of the staff. They will follow up with you when the installation is complete and answer any questions you may have. Support and monitoring after the sale is included. If there is a problem, they will be aware of it and will either contact you or fix it themselves. Excellent work!" - Brayden D.
"Rennergy is your best option if you want to lower your power costs and do your part for the environment at the same time. After doing some research, I decided that Rennergy was the only business I would trust to install my solar panels. After three years, my investment in the solar energy system has more than paid for itself and I am thousands of dollars ahead of where I would be without it. I haven't had to pay for electricity in over three years since I am able to build up a surplus with my utility company during the months when my production exceeds my use. Finally, Rennergy has been accessible and responsive whenever we've had queries or small challenges. Obviously, I endorse Rennergy to everyone who is serious about reducing their electricity costs." - Luke K.
"To install solar panels in my home, I contacted four or more companies. The team was most receptive to my needs and wishes and took them into consideration when developing the blueprints for my infrastructure. Everything from getting an estimate to installation and subsequent maintenance went great. The energy credit in my fall, winter and spring bills more than covered my summer energy bills. In my opinion, this is quite remarkable. If I wasn't satisfied with Rennergy, I wouldn't recommend them to my many friends." - Charles P.
"Although solar has its detractors, you can count on Rennergy for expert assistance: 1) identifying shadow profiles throughout the year to maximize solar panel installation, and 2) describing the roof's connection to the current one. Connecting the system to the internet to enable continuous monitoring and reporting; suggesting equipment kinds; 4) executing all electrical connections and validating all work; 5) coordinating with local utilities; 6) connecting the system to the internet. I have already told others about Rennergy and how pleased I am with the system he built for me in November 2021. It's the best option." - Jason E.
"Rennergy has done a fantastic job overseeing the installation of our solar panels, and we couldn't be happier with the results. It reduced our monthly energy bills by two-thirds. The entire team took on the job in a hurry to meet the deadline, and despite a busy schedule, did an excellent job. They are trustworthy and have proven to be competent, willing to explain and efficient in obtaining permits, installing an online monitoring system and tracking progress to ensure rapid expansion. There were no issues with the solar panels, and Rennergy was constantly in contact, providing guidance and answering any questions that arose." - Luis H.

Rennergy LLC Social media
Rennergy LLC is a company whose Facebook page is devoted to discussing alternative energy sources. They provide options for both home and business use. You may find details about their most recent offerings in addition to sustainable energy-related news, guides, and guidance on their website. They've been going strong since 2002 as a comprehensive renewable energy provider. They are dedicated to delivering sustainable, low-cost, and efficient energy options. You may also get details about forthcoming events and other happenings on their site. Their mission is to expand access to renewable energy sources.
The goals and services of Rennergy LLC are summarized on their LinkedIn profile. It includes the company's mission statement, history, and executive team. Along with job vacancies and career prospects, it also offers corporate news and updates. The website also has success stories, links to other businesses, and client testimonials. Additionally, it offers details about the company's goods and services as well as insights into the market, happenings, and resources. The page also includes connections to other social media profiles and the company's website.
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Rennergy LLC Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Responsive
  • Innovative
  • Limited financial resources
  • High upfront cost
  • Lack of brand recognition

Rennergy LLC Final Conclusions

Homeowners may turn to Rennergy LLC for green energy alternatives since they are a solar energy provider. Solar panel installation, battery storage, and efficiency enhancements are just a few of the many services they provide. Customers have given Rennergy LLC great marks across the board, praising the company's expertise, competitive pricing, and helpful staff.

Rennergy LLC locations

Main Address105 Lock Street, Suite 215 Newark, NJ 07103
Phone Number9738247804

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