Top Solar Companies in Norcross, Georgia

Top Solar Companies in Norcross, Georgia

How To Save Money When Hiring a Solar Company In Norcross, Georgia

Firstly, understanding Georgia’s law and regulations regarding solar power is vital. The state allows “power purchase agreements.” It legalizes leasing solar equipments to homeowners, which can minimize initial investment. A competent company will elucidate these regulations.

Georgia’s solar equipment permitting cost is lower than the national average. Homeowners can file for “clean energy property credit” and receive a 25% cost reduction. A proficient solar company should assist homeowners in applying for such benefits.

Climate is another consideration when investing in solar power in Norcross. The city receives an average of 218 sunny days and about 51 inches of rain annually. An effective solar panel company would know how to improve efficiency despite rainfall.

Additionally, the quality of equipment should be a determinant. Georgia’s extreme weather calls for more durable solar panels. Quality companies will provide sturdy equipments, even though they may cost more initially.

The company’s customer service capacity is also a significant point to consider. They should assist with technical concerns, difficulties during unfavorable weather, and necessary repairs.

Lastly, knowledge of the local grid and utility rates is essential. A satisfactory solar company must help homeowners strategize to buy less power during peak pricing periods. In conclusion, these considerations can guide homeowners when choosing a solar company in Norcross.

What Is the Price Situation of Solar Installers In Norcross, Georgia in 2023?

Based on data, the average cost of solar installation in Norcross, Georgia stands at $13,500 after tax credits. This expense represents approximately a 3 kW solar panel system, which is the average system size for households.

Key factors driving this cost include:

• Georgia’s Solar Easements Law: This state regulation maintains an individual’s right to access sunlight. Consequently, this can potentially increase installation disputes, thus causing a slight surge in costs.

• State Incentives: Georgia provides tax exemptions for solar power installations, reducing the total cost for homeowners.

• Climate Condition: As Georgia has sufficient sunlight year-round, it provides an optimal environment for solar energy generation.

Moreover, future trends suggest a potential decrease in solar panel costs. Projections for 2023 indicate a decline of nearly 4% in the prices of solar installations, resulting from technological advancements and an increase in competition among solar firms.

Thus, while Norcross, Georgia’s solar installation costs are marginally higher, the state’s favorable laws and conditions make solar power a viable option for residents.

Find Best Solar Installers in Norcross, Georgia

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    5470 Oakbrook Pkwy Suite H, Norcross GA, 30093 2.3 mi
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    1745 Corporate Dr, Norcross Georgia, 30093 4.1 mi
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    3116 Marjan Dr, Atlanta GA, 30340 5.2 mi
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    2725 Mountain Industrial Blvd A-6, Tucker GA, 30084 5.9 mi
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    3015 Mattison St, Duluth GA, 30096 6.2 mi

Incentives and Tax Credits

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Provided at a federal level, this tax credit enables owners to deduct 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from their federal taxes. Designed to encourage more people to invest in solar power, the credit applies not only to homeowners but also to commercial businesses.
Net Metering Net Metering in Georgia is a significant benefit for solar energy users. This policy allows the homeowners to send the excess power produced by the solar panels back to the grid. The utility credits the excess power and uses these credits to offset the costs of power drawn from the grid when the solar power system is not producing enough electricity.
Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing PACE Financing holds potential for solar power projects in Norcross, Georgia. It covers the upfront costs of green initiatives such as the installation of solar panels. The expense is repaid over time and gets tied to the property, not the individual owner, making it a reliable, long-term investment strategy.
Local Rebates and Incentives Some utility companies within Norcross, Georgia, offer supplemental incentives for going solar. These rebates, which can range from $10 to $175, are designed to further offset the overall cost of solar installation and improve energy efficiency within the area.

Can Solar Increase Home Value in Norcross, Georgia?

1. Prime Real Estate Uplift: Lauded as the Sunshine State, Georgia attracts a “solar premium”. Homes equipped with solar panels often fetch a higher market price. The solar installation bolsters a property’s worth by offering sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions.

2. Reduced Energy Costs: Homeowners pocket significant savings with solar energy. The diminished reliance on conventional electricity directly translates to reduced monthly bills.

3. Tax Incentives: Georgia legislation offers robust tax credits for solar investment. Homeowners can offset a chunk of the initial setup costs, increasing their ROI exponentially.

4. Resilient Home Energy Source: Per Georgia’s Climate Action Plan, solar panels increase a home’s resilience. In the face of frequent outages, solar energy ensures a secure and reliable power supply.

5. Eco-Friendly Investment: According to recent data, Georgia residents are becoming more environmentally conscious. A home with a solar system aligns with this growing eco-friendly mindset, making it a hot commodity in the housing market.

In line with Georgia’s regulations, a solar-bolstered home unequivocally stands as a savvy, sustainable, and profitable property investment.

Should Residents of Norcross, Georgia Hire a Professional Solar Installer Or DIY?

Choosing the right route for solar installation in Norcross, Georgia, takes careful thought. Leveraging professional expertise brings significant perks. Experts understand the manifold local regulations. Their adeptness ensures legal compliance. They’re also proficient in maximizing solar efficiency, comprehending Georgia’s sunny climate dynamics. Such specializations minimize installation errors too. They hasten system longevity and assure a sustained return on investment.

However, professional services accrue higher upfront costs. This can be a deterrent for budget-conscious residents. Despite such costs, the advantages of professional installation remain.

Opting for a DIY approach has its merits. Primarily, it eliminates labor costs, drastically reducing initial expenses. This can be attractive to financially savvy homeowners. Additionally, undertaking installation provides personal enrichment. Learning new skills is a rewarding pursuit.

That said, DIY installation comes with pitfalls. It requires a vast understanding of the state’s legal restrictions, as well as certain technical know-how. Given Georgia’s complex permitting process, this could prove daunting. Missteps here can lead to fines or the system being shut down.

In conclusion, while DIY projects may initially save residents of Norcross, long-term value is found in professional installation. Propelled by understanding of local regulations and climate, the latter ensures compliance, longevity, and optimized solar efficiency. Therefore, it’s a solid investment for the sun-soaked residents of Georgia.

How To Find Solar Installer In Norcross, Georgia

Understanding the local climate is vital. Norcross, Georgia, enjoys over 200 sunny days per year. This provides an optimal playground for solar energy production.

Secondly, state laws and regulations favor solar power utilization. The Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act of 2015 permits solar leasing. This decree encourages solar uptake in residential areas through manageable payments.

Third, state incentives can sweeten the deal. The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers clear advantages. A reduction in federal tax liability can result from installing solar panels.

Geographical knowledge is paramount. An experienced installer is aware of the local zoning laws. They also respect the area’s flora and fauna during installation.

Then, there’s customer satisfaction. Georgia ranks high in consumer experience surveys. Previous users’ satisfaction levels with solar services provide guidance.

The economic impact merits a mention. The steady decrease in solar panel prices is encouraging. With lower prices, residents enjoy significant utility bill savings.

Lastly, servicing and warranty provisions are crucial. Reputable installers offer substantial warranties. They also provide timely and efficient maintenance.

As a resident, awareness of these factors can lead to a sagacious investment. Stake your claim in the growing solar market, while benefiting from economical and ecological advantages.

Is It Worth To Invest in Solar in Norcross, Georgia?


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How we estimate solar installers?
    Our decisions hinged on several heavyweight factors. We poured over client reviews and ratings, it’s indispensable. We delved into their professional expertise and experience, gold standards indeed. Then, the quality of solar products used by each installer played a massive role – nothing but top of the line. Installers’ accreditation and certification were non-negotiable prerequisites. We considered costs and financing options – affordability is king. Lastly, the cherry on top: post-installation support, headquartered by solid warranties and excellent customer service. All these elements combined guided us to our prime lineup of solar installers. It’s fiercely competitive out there, but we believe we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème for you.
  • In rolling out solar power in Norcross, Georgia, we assessed several key factors. These include high sun exposure rates, the sustainability-focused population, and favorable local legislation. We took into account the city’s positive disposition towards green energy. We saw Norcross’s sun-drenched landscapes as perfect for solar installation. The local government backing renewable energy highlighted potential partnerships. Finally, the community’s heightened environmental awareness cemented the opportunity for solar transition.
  • Spot a bang-up solar installer in Norcross, Georgia, by looking out for a few vital pointers. Check the company’s track record and reputation for starters. Inquiry about warranties offered is a must. Ensure to evaluate their expertise; being knowledgeable about different solar energy systems is a big plus. Reviews from previous clients can shed light on their dependability. Pricing is crucial; keep an eye on cost-effectiveness but don’t sacrifice quality. Having certification from relevant bodies adds credibility. Finally, give continuous support and maintenance services considerable thought. Opt for a solar installer who offers all these, and you’ll be as bright as the Georgia sunshine.
  • Not necessarily. Choosing a national solar company for your needs in Norcross, Georgia, has its perks such as possessing more financial resources and standardized processes. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Local installers provide benefits, too. They typically have a robust understanding of local solar markets, offer personalized solutions, and deliver high-touch customer service due to their locality. Moreover, with lesser overhead costs, local solar services can often offer lower prices than their national counterparts. Therefore, it’s essential to factor in your unique needs and circumstances when making this decision.
  • Not all firms made our top solar installers’ list in Norcross, Georgia. We’ve built our rating on stringent benchmarks. These include customer satisfaction, reliability, and demonstrated expertise. Excluded companies may lack positive customer testimonials. Others may have failed to exhibit a consistent track record. Some poorly communicated between teams, affecting project execution. Furthermore, companies needed to display ongoing commitment to solar innovations. Those not keeping pace with the latest industry advancements didn’t make the cut. Thus, while all installers completed competent installations, unfortunately, some fell short in key areas.


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