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Our environmentally friendly energy solutions result in utility bill savings of 25% to 100%. Along with comfort, indoor air quality, building safety, and longevity, customers also perceive changes. Unlike the majority of our rivals, EDGE was established as a "Home Performance" business. We have been obsessing over building science data and energy payback advising for the past 14 years while also adjusting to new science and research that has increased our focus on healthy houses.

Fast Facts
Year Started 2006
Service Areas VA, DC, and MD
Types Panels
Certifications MD – MHIC License – # 126720 MD - Master Electrictian – # 13228 Mont. County Electrical Contractor – # EB221863 PG County Electrical Contractor – # 47017-2015-0 DC – Unlimited General Contractor – # 410515000498 VA – DPOR Energy Analyst Form – # 2707 000066 VA – Class A General Building (BLD) (PTC) Contactor – # 2705 119932 A Alternative Energy Systems (AES) specialty license designation since 2009 NJ – Contractor – # 13VH08667900 EPA National Lead RRP Certified Firm – #NAT-27191-2
Warranty Options 25 Years
Payment_Options Cash payments, loans
Content Phone 888-586-3343
Main Office Address 6854 Distribution Drive, Beltsville MD, 20705
Website https://www.edge-gogreen.com/


2019 saw EDGE Energy join the US's 33 SunPower Master Dealers. We take great pleasure in our superb installations, bumper-to-bumper warranty, and first-rate customer service, and we have completed over 1,000 solar systems. In a nutshell, we excel at what we do.

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