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Top Solar Companies in Saint Paul

St. Paul, the capital of Minnesota, is at the forefront of the movement for the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources, including solar, electric cars, and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The citizens of St. Paul have shown their dedication to sustainable energy by voting in favor of citywide measures to implement and study these eco-friendly alternatives. St. Paul is so concerned with minimizing the environmental footprint that it was designated a Solar America City as far back as 2009.

St. Paul’s principal power supplier, Xcel Energy, has offered subsidies and net metering alternatives to solar power customers to maximize the effectiveness of each solar panel. Many companies and residences may save substantial money thanks to net metering. They may fully use the power produced by their solar panels and reduce their reliance on the power grid.

St. Paul has seen an increase in solar panel installation businesses because of the city’s thriving solar power industry. If you want your solar energy system to be safe, dependable, and practical, you need to choose a respected firm to design and install it.

In this article, we will introduce you top five solar companies in Saint Paul to pick from.

MN Solar And More, LLC reviews

On our list of the top solar companies in Minnesota, MN Solar and More, LLC is one of the more recent entries. It …

All Energy Solar

Outstanding Regional Installer All Energy Solar

When it comes to solar power, you can put your faith in All Energy Solar. It provides solar panels for homes, businesses, farms, and even the government that are clean and sustainable.

Since 2009, the experts at All Energy Solar have made it their mission to build lasting, reliable partnerships with their clients. Because of its extensive experience in solar panels, the company can handle any phase of the installation procedure with complete confidence. the company is proud to have professionals in every aspect of the energy industry, from preliminary energy analysis and ideas to engineering and design, building, and monitoring.

When it comes to solar power, All Energy Solar is one of the few organizations that can provide a comprehensive range of services thanks to its dual construction and electrical licenses. As the pinnacle of technical qualification for solar PV installers and engineers, they also have NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) accreditation. Because of their extensive experience in the solar power industry, they can provide turnkey solutions for solar power generation that are guaranteed to work. Our first choice among the best solar companies in Saint Paul is All Energy Solar!

  • Most efficient panels on the market
  • National coverage
  • Cradle to Cradle sustainability certification
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Expensive
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

MN Solar And More, LLC

Outstanding Local Installer MN Solar And More

Class A electrical licenses are available to MN Solar. The technicians that set up your system will also be the ones to fix it if something goes wrong. The organization relies only on its team of highly skilled employees, never on outside help. We are a solar installation company whose whole staff resides in the Twin Cities region. When you buy solar from us, you won’t have to worry about us outsourcing the installation to a company in California, Utah, Wisconsin, or Illinois as you would with the majority of our competitors.

Solar panels are a significant financial investment with long-term benefits. Will these other businesses be able to provide you with service within a reasonable length of time when you need it? If you’re looking to make that kind of investment, MN Solar And More, LLC is there to provide yu the best service as one of the most advanced solar companies in Saint Paul.

  • Many financing options
  • Limited service area
  • Relatively short workmanship warranty
  • Negative

Sun Badger Solar

Local Solar Panel Provider Sun Badger Solar

Why we picked Sun Badger Solar as one of the best solar companies in Saint Paul? There are lots of reasons.

The staff at Sun Badger is well-versed in the solar sector and understands what they’re doing. The company’s solar professionals and those on the design and project management teams will go above and beyond to ensure that their clients are fully informed and enthusiastic about their new solar panels.

Eliminate the guesswork associated with selecting the optimal panel. When you work on a solar project with Sun Badger, you can be confident that you’ll be using only the most cutting-edge materials and equipment.

The company’s first aim is to help you strike the optimal balance between energy production and consumption so that you may maximize any financial benefits. As a result, you may be confident that you’ll receive the lowest possible prices.

You don’t need anything else to take control of your solar power. Thus, acting quickly is crucial. Sun Badger aims to get your system up and running in three to four months, whereas most installations estimate five to six months. This means you get your money back sooner and may invest it elsewhere.

  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • NABCEP-certified technicians
  • Relatively young company
  • Slightly limited service area

REAL Solar

Outstanding Local Installer REAL Solar

After Jason Edens and BJ Allen placed solar panels intended for a landfill on the roof of their Bemidji house, they decided to start the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL) to help others do the same. That morphed into a mission to assist people in rural Minnesota in lowering the cost of entry to the many advantages of solar panels. From 2000-2013, REAL expanded, providing solar design-build services to clients in central Minnesota and the remainder of the state.

In 2014, the Design-Build division of REAL split off into its own company, REAL Solar. The company has planned and implemented over 4 megawatts of solar systems across residential, commercial, off-grid, utility, and government markets from its solar-powered office and installation headquarters along Hwy 371 near Backus, Minnesota. The company is made up of a tight-knit group of competent builders and engineers dedicated to offering the best possible solar panels to every one of the clients. So that everyone may enjoy solar power advantages

These principles serve as the foundation for their teamwork:

  • Transparency. You will be able to see the whole process of installation from the moment you contact its non-commissioned sales staff with your query until the building team hands you the keys to your brand-new system.
  • Quality. REAL Solar supplies solar panels installed by trained, qualified, and licensed professionals. Through a collaborative effort, REAL Solar can provide its clients with the most beneficial Solar PV systems possible.
  • The determination to put money into the futures of one’s customers, employees, and the surrounding area. Many of the company’s workers have invested in solar energy to power their homes and businesses.

For many years, REAL Solar has been a “real” go-to design-build contractor and partner for charitable endeavors, including Community Solar for Community Action, Solar for Schools, Skip the Grid, and Habitat for Humanity. As an independent enterprise, REAL Solar contributes a percentage of its profits to REAL’s Solar Assistance Program, which provides financial aid to low-income households who install solar panels.

  • Affordable solar solutions
  • Long company history
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Installs many top-tier brands
  • Full-service company
  • No leases or PPAs accepted
  • Large company size sometimes leads to below-average customer service

Optimum Solar Group

A Noticeable Regional Installer Optimum Solar

Optimum Solar Group is committed to environmental responsibility and community service. Traditional “in-home” solar consultations produce greenhouse gas emissions and may be avoided by switching to paperless electronic signing systems. Optimum Solar Group is our last but not least choice on the list of the top solar companies in Saint Paul.

Optimum Solar Group gives $50 to a local charity for every solar panel installation they carry out. They support the Give Power Foundation’s solar power initiatives with a monetary contribution. Powering food production, desalinizing water, lighting schools and emergency shelters, and preserving land are all problems that may be solved with the right technology. Optimum Solar Group is proud to support people in need and is grateful to all customers who have transitioned to solar power.

Optimum Solar has built a no-pressure, ultra-convenient consultation platform for its clients, meaning they won’t have to deal with a “High Pressure” salesperson who comes to your house to give basic information and a formal price. Using this simplified procedure, you may have all your concerns addressed in a way convenient for you, your time, and your lifestyle.

The mission of Optimum Solar Group is to make solar energy affordable for everyone. The consensus is that solar energy resources must become economically viable for the masses to adopt them. This is possible because of Optimum Solar Group’s effort to bring down the price of solar energy for regular people by establishing a network of strategic relationships throughout the United States.

  • Great customer service
  • Certified SunPower dealer
  • Relatively affordable
  • Many years of experience
  • Only one equipment brand offered
  • Relatively small service area

Caveats of Going Solar in Saint Paul

Consider the amount of solar energy that can be generated at your location before considering how to put solar power best to use at home. Since solar panels can harness the power of both direct and dispersed sunlight, the United States has a plentiful solar resource for residential solar electric systems. However, the quantity of electricity produced by a solar energy system at a given location is contingent on the amount of sunlight reaching the design and the size of the solar power system.

The monthly power consumption of the typical St. Paul residence is estimated at 810 kilowatt hours (Kwh) by the Energy Information Administration. For the duration of a year, this amounts to around 9,720-kilowatt hours of power use.

One kilowatt (kW) of solar panels installed on a St. Paul house will generate roughly 1,250 kilowatt hours (Kwh) of electricity per year. Therefore, an 8 kilowatt (kW) solar power system is required for the typical St. Paul home to balance its energy demand completely and maybe even produce a surplus.

The proposed structure is as follows. For domestic rooftop solar installations, solar panels with an output of 280 watts are commonly used. These panels are around 39 inches wide by 69 inches tall and need approximately 18 square feet of roof space to accommodate one panel. As a result, the area required to accommodate 1 kW of solar panels is around 65 square feet. To generate 8 kW of solar electricity, about 29 of these panels would need to be installed in this house. This solar array would need 515 square feet of space on a decent roof facing south. The system seen in the image has a power output of around 6 kW and was constructed in St. Paul.

The figures above are only one example of a home’s solar power system; every installation differs. Before installing solar panels on a home’s roof, professionals evaluate the property’s orientation to the sun and other environmental factors. This enables the determination of the required number and arrangement of solar panels to provide solar energy to the house.

Check out our list of the best solar companies in Saint Paul, contact them, and start saving money and helping the environment with solar panels!

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