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For residential, commercial, and industrial clients, REP Solar is a top supplier of distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage systems. The business offers turnkey energy solutions that let clients take charge of their energy generation and consumption while lowering their energy costs and environmental impact.

REP Solar overview

For residential, commercial, and industrial clients, REP Solar is a top supplier of distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage systems. The business offers turnkey energy solutions that let clients take charge of their energy generation and consumption while lowering their energy costs and environmental impact.

What REP Solar has to say about itself

REP Solar is a renewable energy firm that aims to provide companies and homes with safe, affordable, and sustainable energy options. Our goal is to deliver solar power solutions that are clean, dependable, and affordable to lessen people's reliance on fossil fuels and the overall impact on the environment. Our mission is to usher in a more energy-aware era by providing exceptional customer service, top-notch engineering, cutting-edge technology, and years of expertise in the solar sector.

REP Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery systems.

REP Solar website review, the site's official domain, presents as polished and expert. It includes product descriptions, user reviews, and frequently asked questions, among other things. It also has an online shop where clients can make safe, encrypted transactions and access a plethora of helpful materials. The combination of these factors gives the impression that the company can be trusted. Important factors to consider when selecting an online business, such as their privacy policy and security procedures, are shown clearly on the website. What's more, all the evaluations and testimonials from satisfied customers seem like they were written by the same person, which would indicate that the company cares deeply about its reputation among its clientele. In general, may be relied upon.

REP Solar price policy

PackagesComplete System Package – Starts at $4,999, Solar Panel Package – Starts at $3,999, Power Inverter Package – Starts at $2,499, Solar Battery Package – Starts at $1,699, Mounting System Package – Starts at $599, Off-Grid System Package – Starts at $18,999, Upgrade Package – Starts at $1,099
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), as well as PayPal.
Payment discounts10% discount for larger orders, 5% discount for repeat customers, 10% discount for referrals, 10% discount for military personnel, 10% discount for veterans, 5% discount when paying with an EBT card, 15% discount for government entities such as schools and non-profits.

REP Solar online reputation

Customers of REP Solar have, on the whole, been pleased with the results they've gotten from the company. The vast majority of customers said that their purchases were useful, high-quality, and arrived on time. They also liked how helpful and knowledgeable REP Solar's customer service was. However, REP Solar's extended lead times have been a concern for some of its clients. They have also found that the installation is more expensive than with other firms. In sum, the majority of REP Solar's patrons have been pleased with the service they've received.
The owner is a self-centered cheat. He first wasn't going to pay me anything, but he threatened to not pay me until I removed a terrible review I posted. After altering my review to comply with his payment request, I have decided to return to telling the truth. Everyone should be aware of this. - Louis S.
Worst business ever. My bill keeps going up, even though they assured us that everything was fine on their end and they could not install additional solar panels in the foreseeable future. The panels were not installed where they were specified. We also need a new roof, but it is too expensive to remove the old panels. They do not respond to our attempts to terminate the contract with them. - Jalen D.
Working with this firm has been an absolute headache. Before entering into this agreement, careful reading is required. There are many concerns and inquiries, but REP Solar has not addressed any of them. Even after we decided not to work with them since there was no clear value to us as customers, they continue to send us spam emails every single day. Constant barrage of REP Solar gibberish, even after blocking them, reporting as spam and calling the administrator. This has been the worst nightmare imaginable! - Dennis O.
They don't seem to take much care in customer service for a business whose main goal is profit. Despite receiving the incorrect system (which has not even been installed or tested; it has only been put on my roof), I was informed that I was still responsible for making my first payment within the first sixty to ninety days. The finance company I am using told me they had nothing done to show for their efforts. I felt pressured to sign documents without being allowed to ask questions, which was unsettling. My husband explained to the office worker that we did not want to continue working with this individual and that a supervisor will be in touch to discuss our next steps. We've been the ones calling for the last two months, but nobody has taken responsibility for the situation. - Donald M.
One of your workers wasn't wearing a face shield. The MS medications I use have lowered my immune system. I snapped a photo of the worker with my phone and would really appreciate it if you could reassure the worker of the significance of protecting their face with a mask. As a resident of Hemet's Casa del Sol Mobile Home Park, I'd want to express my gratitude to you on behalf of myself and any other vulnerable community members who may also call this park home. - Chris W.
We used REP to install solar panels, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Jaime and Scott did the installation. They arrived promptly, were kind and efficient, and completed the work to perfection. The way Jaime outlined the process was incredibly helpful. Jaime went above and above by obtaining the flashing and solar panels after he ended work on the second installation day, rather than the next morning when I noted that we had an evening function. This ensured that we would be able to make it to our event without having to worry about being late since he and Scott would come to our apartment before 8:30AM and do the job in plenty of time. - Finn G.
If you're thinking about getting into solar, I highly suggest you check out this firm. REP Solar has been in constant communication with me from the moment I first inquired about having solar panels installed on my roof. Now that we've finished, my satisfaction with this firm is at an all-time high. The installers did an outstanding job, and I want to single them out for particular praise. They have been punctual, kind, and hard-working as they raced to finish the installation before the deadline. - Pablo W.
I've been with REP for five years and I work in the solar business. In that time, I have stopped by more than a dozen building sites. The quality of installation by REP is top-notch. Both Tony and Pano are top-notch workers in the building industry. Determining the size and composition of the system about payback is one of the most challenging aspects of selecting a solar contractor. What will work best for your institution and the financial advantages of doing so are both clearly explained by REP. - Jayson E.
Rep Solar is fantastic in every way: they have superb rates, knowledgeable staff, and exceptional service. REP listened to my one million" questions and built a fantastic system for us; their in-house professionals installed it with no hitches, and the finished product looks fantastic on our one-story structure. After more than a year of operation, our system continues to reliably reduce our monthly power cost from $1,000+ to less than $40. Highly recommended! REP Solar." - Reid T.
We have been using REP solar panels for a year now and couldn't be happier with our decision. To start with, their salesman, whose name is Brian the solar guy", is awesome. He patiently answered all my questions and was always there for us. The installation was completed in record time and the entire crew was friendly and courteous. After one year, our energy costs were down over $2000 from the previous year. Our panels and production were flawless. Brayan kept in constant contact with us throughout the year so we didn't feel like we were just a number when the project was completed and the firm disappeared. Finally, I am happy we chose this firm as they beat out at least ten others and gave us the lowest estimate. I have already told many of my friends and neighbors about them. If you are even remotely considering installing solar panels, please contact REP and ask Bryan for an estimate." - Ryker H.

REP Solar Social media
Solar energy provider REP Solar serves industrial, institutional, and household clients. Since its inception, the page's Facebook page has gained over 690 likes. There is a professional appearance to the website as a whole, with well-organized postings, photographs, videos, links, information, and client feedback. Mission Statement: "More accessible and affordable for everyone" is the company's stated mission to make solar energy. Given its long history free of customer complaints and negative reviews, it seems to be a reliable business. Potential clients may see that there is a real person behind REP Solar, which increases their level of trust in the brand.
REP Solar has a profile on LinkedIn, the page is not credible as it has few followers and does not back up its claims with any media outlets. Very little information about the organization, including its mission and staff, is contained in the brief description provided on the site. It is hard to tell if the site can be trusted without seeing a visual representation of the firm. This has led to low sales and an unreliable reputation. It is not the best resource for accurate information about solar energy.
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REP Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews204.6


REP Solar Pros & Cons

  • Green Energy Solutions
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Limited Customer Service
  • Limited Product Selection
  • Expensive

REP Solar Final Conclusions

The leading provider of rooftop solar systems is REP Solar. It offers dependable, customer-focused solar solutions that are adjusted to meet the requirements of both households and businesses. Due to its emphasis on providing high-quality goods and services, the business has established a solid reputation with its clients, earning a five-star rating on several review sites.

REP Solar locations

Main Address170 N Maple St #105 Corona, CA 92880
Phone Number8557450073

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