Sol Luna Solar review

A supplier of solar energy, Sol Luna Solar works with houses and businesses of all sizes. They provide off-grid system design and installation in addition to installing batteries and solar panels. They stand out from the competition because of the high caliber and dependability of the solar energy they provide to consumers.

Sol Luna Solar overview

A supplier of solar energy, Sol Luna Solar works with houses and businesses of all sizes. They provide off-grid system design and installation in addition to installing batteries and solar panels. They stand out from the competition because of the high caliber and dependability of the solar energy they provide to consumers.

What Sol Luna Solar has to say about itself

Sol Luna Solar is happy to be your go-to company for durable, eco-friendly solar panel installations. We are dedicated to helping our commercial, industrial, and residential clients reduce their energy costs and their effect on the environment via the use of state-of-the-art solar energy equipment. With many years of experience, our trained crew is committed to offering first-rate installation services and helpful guidance to every one of our customers.

Sol Luna Solar Review

Year Started1991
Service AreasNM
Service TypesInstallation, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Sol Luna Solar website review

Sol Luna Solar has a user-friendly website with plenty of information on the company's solar panels and related services. Specifics about the product, helpful hints for setting it up, and discounts and deals are all available to site visitors. A customer support number and a blog with informative content on solar power are also provided. Since the website is maintained and updated by the firm itself, users may assume it is reliable. In addition, there is a review area where visitors may see what others have to say about the company's offerings. This makes the website and its information more credible. In addition to its solar information, Sol Luna Solar provides external connections to sites. This shows how seriously they take to provide readers with reliable data.

Sol Luna Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Hot Water System Package: Starting at $6,600, Solar Photovoltaic System Package: Starting at $21,800, Solar Pool Heating System Package: Starting at $8,600, Low-Profile Rooftop Solar System Package: Starting at $15,300, Pole Mounted Solar System Package: Starting at $17,000, Ground Mount Solar System Package: Starting at $21,000, Roof-Mounted Solar System Package: Starting at $10,500, Solar Carport System Package: Starting at $25,000, Solar Water Pump System Package: Starting at $11,600, Battery Backup Solar System Package: Starting at $16,400
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), as well as PayPal.
Payment discounts10% off the total cost of installation for new customers, 5% off the total cost of installation for recurring customers, 10% discount on product upgrades and add-ons, 15% off for referrals, 10% off for renewable energy projects, 10% off the cost of installation for members of the military.

Sol Luna Solar online reputation

Customers have generally enjoyed doing business with Sol Luna Solar. The majority were delighted with the business's customer service, affordable costs, and job quality. Some consumers complained that additional documentation made the installation procedure take longer than anticipated and that the professionals took longer than required to finish the task. Customers were generally happy with the outcome and appreciated the professionalism and attention shown to their project. Sol Luna Solar is a fantastic choice for solar energy solutions as a result.
"The installation of our solar panels occurred throughout the summer. It has been 6 months since no effort has been made to connect it to the electrical grid. That means we aren't drawing from, adding to, or consuming any energy from the grid. Futile and expensive. The installation was completed successfully since Sol Luna Solar was paid in full and did not leave until they were. Representatives have just one line of response: "We DO NOT KNOW." That's the worst possible response." - Henry J.
"On December 9, 2020, I had my panels placed. Unfortunately for the inverter, they were put as the snow was falling. Since installing solar panels, I've been having issues. Multiple visits were made by the service provider. The method was only effective for a total of two months. Two separate postponements of my previous service call were made without informing me. Do NOT rely on Solluna Solar!" - Adam S.
"I can't even begin to describe how awful it has been dealing with Solluna Solar. Two separate Solluna Solar employees botched the installation of our solar panels, resulting in property damage, and now, eight months later, we are still paying for the panels but have yet to get them activated. I'm sure everything will be wonderful once the panels are installed, but this has been the most frustrating purchase I've ever made. It would be too nice of me to rate their service staff poorly because of the poor quality of their job." - Brody N.
"I made an early 2020 investment in a 12 kW solar power installation. More than four months have passed with the system still not working. I have sent many emails but have received no answer. After persistently trying for almost a month, we were rewarded with a reply. I can't believe you guys scheduled a service call a whole month in advance. A technician arrived and confirmed the inverter was faulty, but they weren't using a Solluna Solar inverter. I was promised a response within the week. Nearly a month later, they reached out to set up a return visit for the repairs. They added a further four weeks to the original plan. The service I received was the worst I've ever seen. Before signing with Solluna Solar, please carefully examine the following. It seems like a lot more responsive firm would be somewhere else. Make sure to negotiate a time frame for repairs and responses in any contract you sign with the company you choose. Meanwhile, I'm back to spending > $33k per year on power." - Tristan M.
"Solluna did a fantastic job of installing the solar panels and power walls but failed miserably in turning the system on. Due to Solluna's oversight, the system was not certified for net metering even though it was installed in July. The security system was paid for months ago. Solluna must now submit the payment to the electricity supplier. Since Solluna did nothing for three months, we had to take the initiative. No sooner had we completed our final check than we learned that the company owed the electricity supplier. In early November, Solluna sent a check and promised to deliver it within a week. The check has been in their possession for three weeks now, but the post office still hasn't picked it up. This is absurd. Failing to sell excess energy to the grid for $150-$250 a month. Disgusting service!!!" - Alex O.
"Sol Luna's quote for upgrading my older home's electrical system to 200 amps was the lowest and included all necessary work. No one else was interested in submitting a proposal for the electrical work. That seems like something that would be included in the installation process. According to Sol Luna. But Sol Luna also has fantastic customer service, and their installers were kind and considerate, so it's not only about the low price. They made everything, from sizing a system to financing to working with the energy provider to supplying papers for my tax credit, quite simple. A minimum of signatures was required. The documentation is taken care of by them. In comparison to other installers, they are the only ones I'd suggest. They can understand immediately." - Julian K.
"Sol Luna met our expectations in terms of timeliness and cost. The panel racks are sturdy and attractive. I know the precise daily output because of the garage's monitoring system. There are 14 solar panels on this home's rooftop. It produced 673 kWh in May of 2016, which was a wet month in Santa Fe. After accounting for all of last month's home consumption and charging my Leaf electric vehicle, the power provider still owes me $28." - Austin T.
"Our new system is 11 KWh in size. Sun Power and Affordable Solar were two of the five businesses from whom I received estimates. I conducted a lot of research comparing various firms and technology, and I was difficult to deal with since I am an Electrical Engineer. Mark (the CEO) was really helpful and patient, providing me with all the information I requested and more. He made extra efforts to win our company over. Their inverters are much better than the mini inverters utilized by the other firms I contacted for price estimates. It felt like the sales tactics of the other organizations I contacted were less than forthright, as they all gave me incredibly high first quotations before lowering them significantly in subsequent estimates. It's not like that with Solluna. A reasonable and honest estimate right from the bat, with very little room for further discount after extensive haggling. The price offered by Solluna Solar was 15% less than that of the competition. With the money I save, I could buy entirely new solar panels for my roof and still be ahead of the competition 25 years from now. If you're thinking about getting solar panels and happen to reside in the area where this firm operates, take my advice and give Solluna Solar a phone." - Jason D.
"Their team installed 30 solar panels on our roof in one day. The task was completed with precision and efficiency from day one. I received two bids for this job and both were $8k less than the next lowest bid. If I were in their shoes, I would have hired these people without even considering alternatives. Absolute experts!" - Luis C.
"Recently, I had solar panels placed on my roof by Sol Luna Solar. We compared many quotes for solar panel installation before selecting Sol Luna Solar. While both companies offered the same prices, Sol Luna Solar's presentation was more streamlined. Our landscaping surrounding the home was a major concern throughout the building process. We also had no idea how long the team would be here or how much of an inconvenience it would be when they set up a whole new system. It took about a day and a half. They didn't make a single noise or change anything. The system performed as intended. Sol Luna Solar put out a detailed and well-organized tax application for the state tax credit. I followed their application instructions, and the request was granted in a matter of days. The state's official website indicated a wait time of several weeks. They said the fast processing time was due to the application's thoroughness and proper presentation. Sol Luna Solar got it perfect from start to finish. They have my wholehearted recommendation. As daunting as this undertaking was, you've made it far less so." - Sebastian W.

Sol Luna Solar Social media
The Facebook page for the solar energy company does a great job of summarizing the firm's aims and beliefs. The website exudes professionalism thanks to case studies, customer testimonials, and images of finished work. The website has been examined and found to be reliable, with current and correct information. This website seems to have a significant following, with many users writing often about the services it offers. The website's posts include a broad variety of solar energy-related subjects, from how-to articles to how-to photographs. Given that it covers a variety of subjects, from how-to manuals to discount codes, the information is fairly illuminating. The site's enormous online following and nifty features speak to its appeal. The Facebook page for the solar energy company is up-to-date, reliable, and expert, and it has a variety of information.
It seems that the Sol Luna Solar firm profile on LinkedIn is genuine. Its design may be showing its age, but it is nonetheless eye-catching. There aren't many visuals on the website, but there are many connections to other blogs and reviews. With just around 100 followers, the page is still finding its footing in the social media world. The vast majority of consumers are satisfied, and their testimonies imply that Sol Luna Solar is a trustworthy service. In addition to having a stellar reputation, the firm is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This page's overarching goal is to facilitate consumers' access to clean, dependable solar power.
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Sol Luna Solar average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews15


Sol Luna Solar Pros & Cons

  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Experienced
  • Difficult installation process
  • Limited energy output
  • Weather and seasonal variation

Sol Luna Solar Final Conclusions

Throughout the United States, homeowners, businesses, and even government agencies may have solar power systems from Sol Luna Solar, a renewable energy firm. Customers have spoken highly about Sol Luna Solar, praising the company's high-quality goods and responsive, expert support staff. People generally appear pleased with their interactions with this business and willing to sing its praises. 4.5/5 stars.

Sol Luna Solar locations

Main Address56C County Rd 65, Dixon NM 87527
Phone Number5054558875

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