Solar Landscape review

A firm called Solar Landscape specializes in solar energy solutions, from full turnkey solar installations to maintenance and energy-efficiency improvements. Along with tools for solar education and knowledge, they provide cutting-edge solar solutions for both industrial and residential applications.
Solar Landscape review

Solar Landscape overview

A firm called Solar Landscape specializes in solar energy solutions, from full turnkey solar installations to maintenance and energy-efficiency improvements. Along with tools for solar education and knowledge, they provide cutting-edge solar solutions for both industrial and residential applications.

What Solar Landscape has to say about itself

Team Solar Landscape is dedicated to giving you items for solar landscaping that are state-of-the-art. Our team is made up of competent professionals that are excited about their work in the areas of social change and energy efficiency. Future improvements to the landscaping business will be made possible by our excellent goods. We take pride in our work and are dedicated to offering top-notch products, services, and solar system monitoring. Because of our cutting-edge technology and commitment to environmental responsibility, we are certain that you will be satisfied with our services.

Solar Landscape Solar Review

Year Started1985
Service AreasCT, NJ, NY
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Electrical Contracting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and hybrid panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Solar Landscape website review

If you're in the market for solar energy solutions, go no farther than Solar Landscape's official website, Case studies from satisfied customers and recognition from respected organizations complement the comprehensive coverage of the firm's offerings. You may also access the firm's blog, which is regularly updated with fresh, relevant posts and corporate news, from this page. The website seems like it was built by professionals; it's simple to navigate and the information is presented clearly. It's well-organized and has a detailed frequently asked questions section. Finally, clients can rest assured knowing that the information shown on Solar Landscape's official website is accurate and comprehensive.

Solar Landscape price policy

PackagesBasic System - starting at $3,000, Advanced System - starting at $5,000, Professional System - starting at $10,000, Service Plan - starting at $600, Design Consultation - starting at $475, Installation - starting at $1,500, Maintenance Plan - starting at $400, Monitoring System - starting at $1,000, Remote Monitoring - starting at $200, Additional Panels - starting at $500, Battery Backup - starting at $1,500, Off-Grid Backup - starting at $2,500
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and debit cards, as well as PayPal and personal checks.
Payment discounts10% off for referring a friend, 10% off for military personnel, 25% off for customers who book 6 months of maintenance in advance, 10% off for seniors, 10% off for customers who choose to pay upfront for a full year of services

Solar Landscape online reputation

Customers of Solar Landscape had positive experiences overall. The majority of clients commended the caliber of their goods and services and noted their dependability and effectiveness. Customers also praised the staff's professionalism and helpfulness as well as their politeness. The installation procedure did take a while, and several consumers complained that they wished certain problems had been handled better. Customers were largely satisfied with their overall experience despite these minor drawbacks.
"I spoke with a representative a few weeks ago. Although the representative was kind and informed, I decided to keep looking since the price was too high. I was able to locate a another solar contractor who quoted me an identical installation for thousands less than Solar Landscape. Since then, Amir has called me multiple times, each time asking if we can meet so that they can give me a new quotation. I've made it quite clear that I'm happy to get an electronic estimate update, but I'd like not schedule another in-person appointment with a technician or salesperson. Amir says that's a no-no, which makes us laugh. My whole history is known to them. Since I haven't altered anything on my end, sending a fresh quotation through email as an attachment should be a breeze. It's obvious that Solar Landscape gives out high-ball quotations in the hopes that naive clients won't bother to shop elsewhere. Companies who don't make their best offer first should be avoided." - Ruben W.
"I am now in the midst of installing it as I write this. My first gripe is that they sent an expert to inspect my roof and make sure the solar panels were properly installed. I was offered a 10-year guarantee on my current roof and informed that if I installed 20 solar panels on the roof's sunny side, I would be set for life. A buddy of mine who is a roofer looked at the roof two days after the engineer inspected it and informed me I needed to replace it, which I did. My second gripe is that after installation began, I was told that the 20 solar panels would not fit because the roof had been improperly measured. My overall rating will rely on the outcome of this situation." - Luca T.
"To call it outrageous would be an understatement. How sad and dishonest these folks are. They sent someone to my home twice in a week to give the identical plan, wasting my time each times. Then they had the nerve to phone a third time to set up an appointment. They don’t value your time at all. Avoid them at all costs!" - Fabian O.
"To begin, the installers deserve the highest marks possible for their diligence and competence. The solar crew's craftsmanship was very impressive. However, the administrative support here is a complete mess. No one answers the phone or even responds to the most basic of emails. At Solar Landscape, there is a serious lack of coordination across different divisions. Engineering is not creating a layout for the site that is conducive to my preferences or even the guidelines outlined in the user guide for the machinery. Engineering was carried out without sufficient customer involvement and without concern for the physical reality of the location, while the sales staff botched up contracts and forgot important aspects. Now I'm attempting to contact customer support, but there doesn't seem to be a live person I can talk to. In my opinion, if you value efficiency and well-thought-out design, you should go elsewhere." - Colby L.
"Three years ago I had solar panels installed on my roof, and the company promised me they would last at least ten years. The roof needed to be replaced because it had been leaking for the last three years. I negotiated with Solar Landscape staff to reimburse me for the cost of removing and reinstalling the panels. There was a lot of shoving. Terrible attitude about fulfilling their responsibilities to their customers. The solar panels and roof will have to be removed and re-installed at my expense. Looks like I should file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office about this. They are so willing to sign people up for solar panels that they don't care about the condition of the roof, which is an important part of their presentation." - Angelo G.
"From beginning to end, working with Solar Landscape was a smooth procedure. the sales team's lack of pressure, to the prompt installation. They were open and honest throughout the whole process and were able to respond to any of our queries. The guys were very courteous of our property and completed the installation quickly. We were astounded at how smoothly the procedure was carried out. No difficulties or concerns. Everything was just how they had stated it would be when we got our first bill. best customer support available." - Pedro R.
"They were incredibly helpful with everything and did a great job with the installation. Electricity was an area of expertise. Wow, that's one fantastic group. They completed the task quickly, neatly, cleaned up after themselves, they could be trusted, and they knew what they were doing. If I had to do it all over again, I would hire this firm and this team. While I expected some hiccups along the way, I can't single out a single problem. It was just humanly flawless. I made many calls and received many offers, but I still had my doubts. I have complete trust in this firm, and my work here reflects that. Please help yourself and make the choice to work with good people." - Weston K.
"I couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism I received from this firm. I already had experience with solar, having installed a system myself six years ago. The first installation was fine, but this time I wanted to support a local business, so I contacted Solar Landscape. Everything went well from a communication standpoint, and I was kept up-to-date on everything leading up to the installation. The installers did a fantastic job and their work was much neater than the previous team. They followed up with SCE to make sure they could get started, and today my system is generating almost twice as much power as before, even though I have one less solar panel. I have no hesitation in recommending these people." - Emiliano T.
"I reached out to many solar power suppliers for price quotes. I provided each business with energy invoices so they could assess our use patterns and provide a solution. Solar Landscape's costs were competitive with the industry average, but their service was exceptional. They were very patient and timely in their responses. They spent a lot of time explaining solar to me and addressing my worries. Because of this, I ended up buying from them. I'm happy I went with them since the installation team was just as professional." - Drew J.
"I just wanted to follow up and express my gratitude to everyone who helped me out with my project at Solar Landscape. Solar Landscape was able to submit our application to the SGIP rebate program, offer battery backup for our whole home, and take advantage of the amazing refund since we reside in a fire zone and are on the medical baseline with SCE. Yesterday I got my rebate cheque, and today I got my most recent Edison statement, which I'm sharing here for emphasis. I can say without a doubt that this endeavor has improved the quality of our lives. My wife and I have been saving so much on our energy bill that we were able to use that money toward buying an electric car we can charge at home for free, freeing us from the grip of ever-increasing petrol costs. We'll keep our gas-powered car in the garage, but the financial independence Solar Landscape gave us is really priceless. To Solar Landscape, I say, Thank you!" - Charlie E.

Solar Landscape Social media
If you want to learn more about solar energy, Solar Landscape's Facebook page is a fantastic place to start. Company updates and a constant flow of questions and answers from customers keep the website fresh and engaging. All of the postings seem to be trustworthy, with factual information presented in an attractive way. There are a lot of individuals interested in the page, as seen by the over 1,000 followers it has. There are entries containing visual content like photos and movies, as well as links to relevant articles and downloadable files. Those curious in solar power can find a wealth of information on the Solar Landscape website.
If you're looking for reliable information about solar energy, go no farther than the Solar Landscape profile on LinkedIn. Since the material is routinely updated and delivers reliable information, it emanates confidence and is handled by competent solar energy professionals. The page, which has about 4,500 subscribers, has articles, stories and videos about solar energy. There are many of interesting and informative writings there on this perennial field. It also includes client success stories about how the company's services helped them save money on their power bills. The site's accessibility and current aesthetic have made it a hit. Therefore, more individuals may get the knowledge they need and keep current without exerting too much effort. You may rely on the information provided on this LinkedIn page on solar energy goods and services.
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Solar Landscape average reviews

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Google reviews24.5


Solar Landscape Pros & Cons

  • Affordable prices
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Professional staff
  • High Upfront Cost
  • Weather Conditions
  • Maintenance Required

Solar Landscape Final Conclusions

Solar Landscape provides a variety of solar panel installation services and is a market leader in the solar energy sector. In order to assist their clients reduce their power costs, their skilled specialists provide solutions that are both dependable and efficient. Customers of Solar Landscape have nothing but praise for the company's customer service and affordable rates.

Solar Landscape locations

Main Address601 Bangs Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ 07712
Phone Number8447652796

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