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Urban Design's goal is to aid the environment while meeting the energy demands of commercial and residential clients. The plan is to create solar sector employment while cutting energy bills and carbon emissions. Urban Design Solar provides solar systems of the highest quality and performance at reasonable prices.

Urban Design overview

Urban Design's goal is to aid the environment while meeting the energy demands of commercial and residential clients. The plan is to create solar sector employment while cutting energy bills and carbon emissions. Urban Design Solar provides solar systems of the highest quality and performance at reasonable prices.

What Urban Design has to say about itself

For businesses and homes in California looking to reduce their reliance on conventional energy sources, look no further than Urban Design. Its objective is to come up with emission-free, long-term fixes that have little environmental effect. Expert personnel on staff are dedicated to meeting all of the customer's needs, from conducting initial energy audits to designing and installing finalized photovoltaic systems.

Urban Design Solar Review

Year Started2006
Company Websiteurbandesignsolar.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesConsultation, Installations, Expansions, Maintenance, Design, Repairs.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid.
CertificationsBBB, SEIA.

Urban Design website review

The primary website for Urban Design is quite intuitive and user-friendly. The site is structured into several major areas and accompanying subcategories, making it simple to explore and get the information you need. The website is also user-friendly on all devices and has a contemporary aesthetic. Before making a purchase, customers may acquaint themselves with the company's goods by perusing each product page, which includes a thorough description, photographs, and papers that go with each product. When a concern arises, it is simple to contact customer support since the company's contact information is prominently displayed on each page. In general, the website of Urban Design is user-friendly and stocked with helpful data.

Urban Design price policy

PackagesResidential Solar at $10,000, Commercial Solar at $25,000, Agricultural Solar at $45,000, Solar Inverters at $3,000, and SolarEdge at $1,500.
Payment optionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Apple Pay
Payment discountsMilitary Discount: 10%, Senior Discount: 10%, Multi-system Discount: 10% – 15%, Refer-a-Friend Discount: 10%.

Urban Design online reputation

Finally, we can state that Urban Design Solar gives a high-quality service to its consumers. Customers have applauded their customer service for being timely and educated while offering affordable prices. However, some consumers have complained that the installation procedure is time-consuming and pricey. Overall, we can state that Urban Design Solar provides clients with dependable and cheap solar solutions; however, potential customers should be informed that there may be some delays and charges associated.
"When nothing goes wrong, they provide excellent customer service. (Each time I talked with the customer service representatives, the women were great.) According to what they said on the sales call when I bought the system, I believed they were meant to be keeping an eye on my system. I had to catch it after going without any energy for a month. After that, I waited for the proper person to call me back for two weeks. I attempted to be more specific when I asked why they hadn't seen this problem. We have far too many clients for us to be keeping an eye on your system, they said. You wouldn't expect your auto dealer to be aware when your vehicle needs an oil change, would you? However, if a serious issue, such as a loss of energy production, were to arise, I would anticipate hearing from them. My wife saw one of their technicians working with our system on the side of our home two weeks ago before I ever called. However, not even the owner, Sean, is aware of what the individual is doing or why. Just the fact that they have "moved on" and are no longer employed there. They treated me like an idiot for even speculating that they would be watching the system they said they would be watching. Then, two weeks ago, they perplexed me by sending someone to haphazardly debug... If they weren't able to monitor it, how did they realize anything was wrong? Why don't they notify the clients when one of their staff will be on the premises? Why are they unaware of what that individual was doing? I am aware that things do happen and that nothing is flawless. However, the way the individual who afterward revealed themselves to be the owner treated me was inappropriate. This is how the owner handles the clients despite the tens of thousands of dollars invested. Just be careful. There are many trustworthy businesses, but this one is not what it seems to be. Ironically, it was the positive customer service evaluations that led me to choose this business!" - Cobbler R.
"This solar provider does not have a good reputation. Following the acquisition of our solar system from Urban Design, we recommended the company to a couple of our friends, both of whom subsequently bought solar systems from Urban Design. Urban Design asserts that they would pay a referral fee, however, they have deceitfully avoided fulfilling their promises for both referrals despite having enough opportunity to do so. If that is how they handle clients on the back end, then I have no reason to trust what they claim on the front end of the business. After making an investment of $30,000 to $40,000 in a system and assisting Urban Design in closing two further transactions of an equal or better value, the referral fee, if any, that was provided would undoubtedly be insignificant. On the other hand, once you commit to doing anything, you should follow through with it." - Bryan W.
"The previous summer, Urban Design installed a solar roof system for me. They did not check the roof nor did they encourage me to have it inspected before they installed the solar panels. Recently, I had my yearly maintenance for my air conditioner, and the technician noticed that my roof was in terrible condition. After I requested an inspection from a roofing contractor, they advised that the roof should be replaced. The cost of replacing the roof was increased by a factor of two since it now included the expense of dealing with the solar panels. I wish they'd been more forthright and mentioned getting a roof check before we installed the solar panels on your roof. They risked losing a sale by installing solar panels on a roof that would likely need replacement sooner rather than later, but they were unwilling to risk it." - Robert L.
"In 2017, we had our solar energy system installed, and we had a wonderful experience with both the installation and the start-up of the system. To bring things up to date, our inverter has been experiencing communication problems, and both the installer and Urban Design have been giving us the runaround. Rhi, an employee at the company, is unprofessional, unhelpful, and downright unpleasant. She is also one of the people that work in the office. Because I was becoming angry over the problems with the system, she laughed at me, yelled at me, and then abruptly ended the call with me today. I strongly suggest you spend your one thousand bucks somewhere else where the quality of the customer service is higher." - Shanta I.
"They were successful in driving me out of business. Naturally, since they did not want to appropriately install our solar panels. Since the installation, we've had a brief! We are never provided with any information on how to check the production of our solar panels. To make a long story short, we now owe PGE over $2,000 for the amount of power that our solar panels should have been producing over a year. All this while continuing to pay the credit company for an ineffective product. It's probably for the best that they've gone out of business. Just be careful, and work with a firm that has a track record of successfully operating for a significant number of years." - Carol K.
"During this very busy period when the price of NEM2 is transitioning to the more costly NEM3, I'm in the process of purchasing solar panels. Every representative of Urban Designs has been wonderful, really helpful, and understanding of my many phone calls and emails. They provided me with the ideal design placement for the panels and had a reasonable price. The site walk worker spent an hour on my roof in the pouring rain and was still grinning when he was done. Communication was flawless after I received the employees' mobile phone numbers. Their generic phone number method is bothersome, employing a third party that asks so many questions every time you call. However, I'll be understanding since they are overloaded with work. Upon the installation of the panels, I'll update my evaluation" - Scott Y.
"Every single process was simple, every query was addressed, and every single individual was professional and considerate from our first encounter with the owner to the last notice. With PGE, the installation process took two weeks. Done. The installation process took three days, the county inspection occurred the next day, and PGE signed off the following week. So quickly. Every one of them, including the owner and the office staff as well as the roof team, was a pleasure to deal with. Rock stars Mackenzie, Natalie, Aliza, Cody, and Chad were! Sean picks terrific employees as HE is a good employee! and the cost. They outbid three other bidders and received MORE panels than the competition. They are sincere. No upselling of unnecessary equipment will be attempted. They do not utilize fear to promote the business. Excellent craftsmanship, a lifetime warranty, a price that is competitive, and wonderful people. If you're still seeking, employ Urban Design." - Krissy C.
"In Chico, California, at the Skyway Tool Center, we used Urban Design Solar to install a sizable solar array atop our structure. We get plenty of sunlight, but before having the solar system put in in 2015, we were paying massive power bills for years ranging from $800 to $1600 each month. We solicited quotes from several solar installation businesses in the Chico region, but after careful consideration, we chose Urban Design Solar. They arrived right away and installed the system fast and effectively. They installed a system that we LOVE without making any errors during the whole process. In the summer, our PG&E bill was $1600 per month; by the fall and winter, it was only $200 per month. In the four years after we had this solar system installed, we estimate that we have recouped our investment. Urban Design Solar's owner and staff are kind, competent, and diligent workers. I strongly advise." - Sherry G.
"During the previous year, Solar Design was responsible for the installation of our household solar system. Before making our decision, we had done our research on them. We learned about them through several different employees. Their professionalism, the competitiveness of their prices, the friendliness of their office employees, and the cleanliness of the work that their installers execute were consistently praised in the evaluations. They lived up to our expectations, and we couldn't be happier as a result." - Carrie W.
"Urban Design Solar is a very professional, community business that is a pleasure to work with and offers excellent pricing and workmanship. A triple-A rating is not high enough. I recommend them to anyone interested in saving money by going solar. Hats off to Urban Design Solar, you’re the best." - Ray V.

Urban Design Social media

The Urban Design Facebook page is a comprehensive online reference for the latest information on solar power. News and updates on a wide variety of issues, from technical specifications to environmental sustainability, are posted on the site often. Photos and connections to related sites round out the wealth of information available to readers. The site's design and content are both commensurate with the quality one would expect from a business of this kind. As a result, it has garnered a sizable following interest in studying solar power.
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Urban Design Pros & Cons

  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Innovation
  • Limited Capacity
  • Limited Coverage
  • Maintenance

Urban Design Final Conclusions

There are both raving and ranting reviews about Urban Design online. Value for money, solar efficiency, and helpful service are all highlights of their goods. However, several consumers have complained about how unreliable and incompetent their installation crew has been. Urban Design, although providing exceptional customer service and high-quality solar products, may improve its dependability. As such, the company rates Urban Design a 7 out of 10.

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Main Address4742 Skyway Road, Paradise, CA 95969
Phone Number5308091079

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