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They concentrate on designing, setting up, and maintaining solar energy systems for domestic and commercial clients throughout the Southwest of the United States. Their goal is to provide customers with the best possible customer service and cost-effective, renewable energy solutions. Solar power and solar hot water system design, installation, and maintenance are among Advance Solar's key product offerings. For its consumers to get the most out of their solar investments, they believe in employing the most recent technology. System design, sizing and optimization, installation, and maintenance are all included in the services.

Advance Solar overview

They concentrate on designing, setting up, and maintaining solar energy systems for domestic and commercial clients throughout the Southwest of the United States. Their goal is to provide customers with the best possible customer service and cost-effective, renewable energy solutions. Solar power and solar hot water system design, installation, and maintenance are among Advance Solar's key product offerings. For its consumers to get the most out of their solar investments, they believe in employing the most recent technology. System design, sizing and optimization, installation, and maintenance are all included in the services.

What Advance Solar has to say about itself

The company's goal is simple: to strive for integrity in all areas of the business and to put customer needs first by providing exceptional 5-star service, quality and energy efficient products and skilled installations worthy of respect. The key to expansion and future success is to continually train team members in both the craft and the business they work in. Advance Solar's staff consists of some of the most qualified solar professionals in Florida, each with NABCEP and OSHA credentials and training.

Advance Solar Solar Review

Year Started1983
Service AreasFL
Service TypesBattery Bank Services, Ground-mounted System Services, Solar Electric/PV System Installation, Solar Roof/Shingles Repair, Solar Roof/Shingles Installation
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial solar PV panels.
Backup BatteryLithium Solar Storage Battery, the LiFePO₄ Battery, and the UPS Battery.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, InterNACHI, ECGBC, NYCRA

Advance Solar website review

Due to its frequent updates by a competent web development team and information about the company's products and services, the official website of Advance Solar gives the impression of being a reliable source of information. The website's credibility is enhanced by connections to the company's social media profiles. In addition, the website provides a section for consumer feedback where visitors can provide ratings and remarks, thereby augmenting the site's reliability and reputation. Please be advised that you can submit a concise contact request through the company's website.

Advance Solar price policy

PackagesBasic Package stars at $3,995, Standard Package stars at $7,495, Premium Package stars at $9,995, Premium Plus Package stars at $11,495
Payment optionsCredit card, check, cash, PayPal.
Payment discountsUp to 10% discount for cash payment, Up to 5% discount on advance payments, 8% discount on military purchases, 25% discount for first responders, 5% discount on multiple service plan purchases, 20% discount for members, 10% discount for referrals, First-time customer 10% discount

Advance Solar online reputation

In general, Advance Solar offers high-quality services to its customers. Customers are generally satisfied with the products, as well as with the friendliness and competence of the staff, and the availability of a long warranty. Nevertheless, some customers note that the tariffs could be made more competitive, and the quality of customer service could be improved. Despite this, Advance Solar provides services that meet customer expectations, and many customers note that all of their experiences have been positive.
"A connection to the solar panels began to leak exactly one day after they were installed. After three days, a technician fixed the leak, but it seems that while doing so, he damaged two of the recently placed roof tiles. At the same time, my roofing contractor was working on the roof, and he had just finished an examination of the roof, which revealed that there were no damaged tiles in the vicinity of the panels. When challenged by the roofing contractor, the technician claimed that he was unaware that he was the one who caused the damage. A modicum of integrity would have gone a very long way in this situation." - Tony K.
"a terrible experience. A sales representative signed a contract with me for a certain price before calling the next day to inform me that they were unable to fulfill that pricing. I was informed that they were withdrawing. The operations manager phoned me and stated he wouldn't fulfill it either since they were too busy and didn't need the business to do so. Very subpar commercial product. Never believe anything sales representatives sign or agree to. The operations manager also suggested that the sales representative's "broken English" may be the problem." - Josh T.
"used this business for years! They suddenly don't have the time to maintain and repair their equipment when it has to be changed. They do not support their job before having it completed for them by another person. Before they could reach us, they indicated it would take 4-6 weeks. After that, they promised to assist us locate someone who could do the task and would then call us back. We waited more than 100 days for a response from them! We had to phone them and express our disappointment in their terrible business practices and extended wait. called him back before I said anything hurtful. They had time to call us back 15 to 20 minutes later with the name of someone who could handle it. We won't ever do business with them again, and we won't ever suggest them to anybody! Very dissatisfied! The worst service we've ever had!" - Jane L.
"We just purchased a new home and utilized Advance for the solar installation. Contract was signed shortly after the closing in late June, but we didn't hear from them again until October, the day before they made the installation decision. All of the documentation was given to FPL and approved before the installation, which was swift and clean. When I phoned Advance to let them know, they said they couldn't guarantee when someone would be able to come switch the system on and demonstrate how to use it. That was two weeks ago, and there has been no answer. They did made sure to get their cash before FPL ever gave the go-ahead. The system has been on my roof for approximately a month, and while it has been given permission to run, it is currently costing me money with no return on my investment." - Shawn C.
"I contacted Advance Solar on July 17, 2020, about a leak in the passive solar system they put up for my pool on my roof approximately 1.5 years earlier. On my roof, a PVC connection was dripping water since it wasn't correctly attached. The person I talked with claimed that the panels themselves had an 11-year warranty, but he or she was unsure about the pipe and that the only way to be certain was to send a team out to inspect it. I contacted again after a week had passed with no answer, and this time I was told that someone would be sent out the next day to look at it. A guy announced his arrival and stated, "I'm here to fix your solar" that day. I had assumed they would examine the apparatus and inform me of its warranty status. Instead, they replaced around $11 worth of PVC fittings and cut out the problematic line before sending me a $266.00 charge two days later. They had to return the next day to complete their repair since it was also leaking. I objected about the size of the bill, the fact that nobody told me they would charge me a service fee of $129.00 to just come look at the device, and the fact that nobody asked me before "fixing" it for an outrageous sum. After speaking with a "manager," who promised to "see what he could do for me," I received a charge for $243.00. He deducted $20. You're welcome. This was unethical and unprofessional conduct, in my view." - Lawrence V.
"In 2010, after relocating to Venice, I utilized Advance Solar. I phoned Advance Solar in 2021 after storm Ian tore off half of my roof panels, and I was thrilled to see that they were still in operation. Jose saw the system, provided me a quote, and scheduled the installation. On my account, it had to be delayed once, and Jose was really simple to work with. He even returned to the home to take down the last panels, saving the rest of the crew's time. Jose is attentive and professional without being stuffy. That gave me a lot of confidence to believe in him and the company. Additionally, he added bigger pipes to the pool system. I am completely satisfied with how things are now operating. I appreciate Advance Solar repairing my equipment." - Deb P.
"Fantastic customer service; Roberto was a pleasure to deal with! After deciding on Advance Solar & Spa, we bought solar panels and a spa and we couldn't be happier. Roberto went above and above to make sure we had a wonderful time and that we got the greatest deal! By choosing this, we have already saved a significant amount of money. He patiently and knowledgably guided us through the whole procedure, addressing all of our queries. It was all simple and uncomplicated. I heartily endorse his services! We are delighted that everything is up and running nicely on our system!" - Stephanie P.
"This is a business that I would wholeheartedly recommend to others. The professionals doing the service arrived promptly, spoke politely and kindly, and acted in a professional manner. When the sales team inspected my pool solar system to see whether or not it should be replaced, they were honest about the fact that the systems they install are not appropriate for the sort of roof I have. They provided me with other contact information for businesses that were capable of servicing the equipment that is presently installed. They did not place a high premium on the SALE. I value their integrity and the direction they have provided." - Deana C.
"Although my tale is really lengthy, the short version is that I love advance solar. I had previously worked for a business that closed. When I phoned Advanced Solar, Sue kindly took the time to study my issue and arrange for Chris to leave as soon as she could after I described my situation to her. He arrived here and was immediately kind and courteous. He gave a thorough explanation of everything. remained to allow the system some time to make sure it was operating properly. My solar journey up to this point has been quite stressful, but now I feel certain that my system will be operating as intended and that I have a reliable firm to contact for any maintenance or more panels I need." - Kymberly P.
"My solar panel system was installed by Advance Solar and Spa around three years ago. They performed a terrific job at the time, and my system functioned well until around six weeks ago. I called Advance Solar, and they were able to identify the issue and are resolving it. The staff at Advance Solar have been wonderful to deal with, and anything that needed to be fixed was covered by warranty. I met the business's owner, Danthe, today. Dan came at my house to get my system working properly, and he was incredibly knowledgable and answered all of my concerns. Anyone wishing to build a solar system should contact Advance Solar and Dan, Sue, and Danny." - Debra R.

Advance Solar Social media
The site's layout and design are both very expert and quite appealing. It has been kept in good working order and is current with solar energy's most cutting-edge advances. More than 3,900 people follow the page and often interact with one another. There are some helpful links and postings, as well as videos. The information provided is accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy. The design of the page is professional looking and easy to navigate. Both the images and the films are vivid and full of life. It seems like a reliable place to learn more about solar power and associated goods.
On LinkedIn, Advance Solar and Energy Inc. is listed as a reliable solar energy company. The page is well-designed and features the brand's distinctive green and yellow color scheme. The page has about 2,800 followers and appears to be gaining popularity. The site has a lot of information about the business and products. This includes information about new projects, job openings, and business news. Numerous positive customer reviews about Advance Solar and Energy Inc. affirm its reliability and serve as a trustworthy recommendation.
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Advance Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3164.6


Advance Solar Pros & Cons

  • Technical Expertise
  • Green Energy Solutions
  • Warranty
  • Cost
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Limited Solar System Sizes

Advance Solar Final Conclusions

It is commonly recognized that Advance Solar offers reliable, reasonably priced services that satisfy every client's expectations. Numerous clients comment on the quickness of the company's customer care and the successful outcomes of its work, which cannot help but suggest that many customers are happy with the caliber of service provided by the business. People who opt to deal with Advance Solar often only have good things to say about the business and are happy with their decision. On the basis of this, we may conclude that working with the firm over the long run makes sense.

Advance Solar locations

Main Address2431 Crystal Drive Ft. Myers, FL 33907 USA
Phone Number2399397446

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