Affordable Home Solar review

Residential solar installation, maintenance, and consultancy services are offered by Affordable Home Solar, a firm that specializes in solar energy. Affordable Home Solar has more than 30 years of expertise in the field and provides full services to clients wishing to lower their energy costs and transition to renewable energy sources. Along with its professional services, the business also provides financing solutions to assist consumers to save their energy expenditures.

Affordable Home Solar overview

Residential solar installation, maintenance, and consultancy services are offered by Affordable Home Solar, a firm that specializes in solar energy. Affordable Home Solar has more than 30 years of expertise in the field and provides full services to clients wishing to lower their energy costs and transition to renewable energy sources. Along with its professional services, the business also provides financing solutions to assist consumers to save their energy expenditures.

What Affordable Home Solar has to say about itself

We install more state-of-the-art solar power systems in homes and businesses throughout the United States than anybody else. We guarantee that every aspect of our service, from solar panel installation to system design, will be performed to your complete satisfaction. Knowing how crucial it is to make renewable energy affordable for everybody, we search far and wide for the best solar solutions to provide you with the most competitive prices. Come work with us at Affordable Home Solar, and we'll show you how to turn solar power into a long-term investment in your family's safety.

Affordable Home Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Affordable Home Solar website review

Those interested in learning more about Affordable Home Solar's offerings may do so on their official website, which can be found at They say they'll provide solar power to homes, businesses, and even government buildings. The website provides users with a wealth of information, including photographs, videos, and testimonials from previous clients. The website also has in-depth explanations of available payment plans and how to schedule an installation. Both the website and the firm itself seem trustworthy and reputable. Everything they give is well-structured and written like a pro. Information about how to get in touch with the company and how to get assistance with any problems or inquiries is provided. In addition, the website has an SSL certificate, which ensures the safety of all communications made via the site. As a whole, Affordable Home Solar's site inspires trust in its patrons as a dependable source of solar energy solutions.

Affordable Home Solar price policy

PackagesSolar System Bundle – starting at $14,380, Inverter Package – starting at $4,390, Solar Panels – starting at $2,040, Battery Backup System – starting at $3,299, Monitoring & Controls – starting at $390, Installation – starting at $2,680, Financing Options – starting at $35/month
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), as well as cash, check, and financing options.
Payment discountsZero-down financing: 0%, Cash discounts: 5-10%, Referral discounts: 10%, Customer loyalty discounts: 5%, Special offers: Up to 25%, Utility incentives: Up to 30%, Military discounts: 5-10%

Affordable Home Solar online reputation

Customers have generally given Affordable Home Solar positive feedback. Customers have appreciated their quality goods, quick installation timeframes, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service. Reliable and durable have been used to characterize the finished product. On the other hand, several people had trouble comprehending the many choices provided and encountered small installation delays. Nevertheless, Affordable Home Solar has established itself as a trustworthy solar company that provides excellent value.
"Our solar inverter has been malfunctioning since we got it installed over a year ago. There has been no sun for seven weeks. I have a solar loan and am also paying for energy. Every time I call, I am told that it is temporarily out of stock. Next steps, then? I refuse to maintain two separate subscriptions. They keep telling me it's been ordered, but they're not doing anything to assist me. Is it time to call a lawyer yet?! Any updates? It's been almost 2 months and yet nothing. This is absurd. Costing me over $800 per month with a solar loan and power. It's amusing to see so many one-star reviews about Affordable Home Solar. We regret ever working with them." - Joshua W.
"This is the WORST business ever!! We connected with all of my neighbors at once, and I was informed that I wouldn't get a bill for three months. On or around May 23rd, they'll arrive to put in panels. NO BOX! Then I was informed that inverter boxes are temporarily unavailable. This firm has invoicing and payments set up and ready to go!!! And guess who still doesn't have solar power in August? I plan on speaking with a lawyer to determine my legal options....I would rate it with zero stars if I could. OUTRAGEOUS IN THE EXTREME" - Daniel F.
"Well... The service has deteriorated during the last several years. Since my inverter broke in August, I've heard nothing except excuses from customer support. I still haven't had anybody from Affordable Home Solar out to service my malfunctioning system. Even though the warranty still applies to everything. Both the solar system and the electricity bill are now my responsibility. Normally, I would never post a poor review, but since August, I have had such an awful experience that I feel I have no other option." - Jayden B.
"I have never encountered worse customer service than I did at Affordable Home Solar. My setup is less than a year old. Since I first suspected it was a problem with the utility company, I called them in February, shortly after moving there, and explained the situation to them. I've been attempting to schedule a visit for them to repair my system ever then, but they never get back to me. No one is available to talk on the phone, and weeks go by with no response to emails. They are costing me money every day and I never hear back from them. My next-door neighbor has even tried to get in touch with the sales rep he previously worked with in the hopes of establishing a fruitful connection, but so far he has heard nothing. I have been sitting here with a broken system that is still under warranty for months. What a horrible situation!" - Noah J.
"In order to continue getting my promised 10-year incentive, I was informed in a letter that I had pay $700. An identical letter was sent to the three clients I suggested. Affordable Home Solar was the name I used. Luis ended the call by putting down the receiver. When I phoned again, he answered but then abruptly cut the line off. They have stopped returning my calls now. What a terrible business. Immediately notifying consumer protection agencies." - Anthony N.
"Affordable Home Solar installed an 8+ KW solar panel system for me after I upgraded my electricity grid. Not always the fastest at responding to emails, but sufficient, and I'd say the organization offers fantastic value overall. They showed up on the appointed day and completed the work without delay. The connection to PGE was handled without a hitch by the firm. A little issue (the array wasn't mapped in the mobile monitoring software) was promptly fixed, therefore I'd suggest it to anybody looking at solar power." - Jacob E.
"Overall, working with Affordable Home Solar was a great experience for us. In comparison to the other two installers we spoke with, we decided on them. Meo has all the qualities I look for in a service provider: he is informed, honest, and trustworthy. Christian, who was in charge of the installation crew, took the time to explain everything to me and guide me through the PG&E application. We found a tiny problem during setup, and Christian had someone there the very next day to fix it. Neo was helpful when I contacted him, but he might improve by being more aggressive with updates if projected launch dates shift. Overall, they're a great choice." - Ethan K.
"In 2018, we had Pedersen -Dean install solar panels for us, but they are no longer in business. It's been excellent so far, but we wanted to upgrade since we added an ADU and hope to purchase an electric vehicle soon. We located a list of approved Enphase solar installers, and I began conducting interviews. It appeared like the salespeople at the other firms either didn't know what they were talking about or attempted to pressure me into buying an unneeded system upgrade. Working with Meo Nguyen on the update was a pleasure. He took my requests into consideration and came up with a solution that would improve our living situation. David, another worker, came out and checked our system to make sure there were no hidden traps. Meo and David kept me up to date on progress and finished the job in a day. Excellent work; I've already suggested them to a friend who, like me, has a PD system and is considering expanding it. When they were on our property, they donned masks and followed other pandemic safety procedures. If I have any other solar-related jobs, I will use them again." - Michael R.
"I had a great experience with Meo/AHS installing my array back in early 2020. He helped me design the system, and handled install, permitting, inspection, etc. His pricing was substantially better than the larger, more established local competitors. The system has been running for 15 months now and it has performed to expectations. There have been no component failures or issues. Realtime online monitoring through Solaredge's application is quite good; it also allows you to report on generation over time so you can identify losses due to shading, other system issues, etc." - Alexander M.
"After giving residential solar power a lot of thought, I narrowed my options down to either Affordable Solar or a much larger firm. Having Meo (the proprietor of Affordable Solar) do the installation won me over. He has great skill and a wealth of information. He also charged me a reasonable fee. The installation took less than a day to complete. Meo's support staff is the company's crowning achievement. If there are any problems, please text or contact him. If anybody I know needs solar panels, Affordable Home Solar is the only company I will suggest." - William C.

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Affordable Home Solar average reviews

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Affordable Home Solar Pros & Cons

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Savings
  • Added Home Value
  • Limited Product Range
  • Financial Risk
  • Dependence on Grants

Affordable Home Solar Final Conclusions

To empower homeowners to become energy-independent, Affordable Home Solar provides solar equipment and systems at competitive prices. Customers appreciate that they are treated with respect and that an honest attempt is made to help them save money. Customers have nothing but praise for Affordable Home Solar.

Affordable Home Solar locations

Main Address4162 Marsten Avenue Union City, CA 94587
Phone Number5104688535

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