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Indicom Electric Company provides commercial, industrial, and residential clients with turnkey solar energy solutions, including design, installation, and maintenance. Photovoltaic (PV) grids, solar thermal hot water, energy storage, off-grid solutions, and more are just some of the products and services they provide. From financial advice to solar project feasibility analyses, they cover every aspect of energy management.

Indicom Electric Company overview

Indicom Electric Company provides commercial, industrial, and residential clients with turnkey solar energy solutions, including design, installation, and maintenance. Photovoltaic (PV) grids, solar thermal hot water, energy storage, off-grid solutions, and more are just some of the products and services they provide. From financial advice to solar project feasibility analyses, they cover every aspect of energy management.

What Indicom Electric Company has to say about itself

Indicom Electric Company licensed installers and advisors are experts in solar energy products and custom designs made to suit your requirements. We work to develop systems and solutions that are durable, dependable, and economical as part of our commitment to renewable and clean energy. We will collaborate with you to build a dependable and inexpensive solar energy solution for your home or company, regardless of how large or little your project is.

Indicom Electric Company Solar Review

Year Started1994
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.
CertificationsISO, NEC, UL, OSHA, MPS, TUV, ETL

Indicom Electric Company website review

Indicom Electric Company is a very simple yet sufficient website in terms of informational material. It gives clients the fundamentals of the firm, including its goals, goods, and contact data. A website dedicated to helping is also available, detailing things like warranties and post-purchase care. The site isn't massive, but it provides enough detail to interest prospective buyers. There is no reason to suspect the genuineness of the services offered on the website since the business seems to have been there for quite some time. However, before making a purchase, it is wise to read reviews written by actual customers.

Indicom Electric Company price policy

PackagesSolar Panel System: starting at $7,650, Home Battery Energy Storage System: starting at $7,500, SolarHot Water Heating System: starting at $5,350, Water Pumping System: starting at $7,600, Solar Street Lighting System: starting at $14,400, Off-Grid Solar Panel System: starting at $7,500.
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and bank transfers.
Payment discounts10% discount for customers over 60 years of age, 10% discount for customers with a valid Indicom Electric Company solar loyalty card, 5% discount for all online purchases, 3% discount for customers who purchase 10 or more solar panels, 2% discount for customers who refer a friend, Free shipping

Indicom Electric Company online reputation

Indicom Electric Company, in general, is a trustworthy business with excellent customer service. Numerous clients expressed their satisfaction with the costs for the services as well as the competent and welcoming staff. However, a few consumers expressed displeasure with the service's quality and a few more with the length of time it took for customer support queries to be answered. Overall, Indicom Power Company is a great option for referrals and power requirements.
"It's awful when issues the construction permission, the inspector shows up a month later and is taken aback to find no installation has taken place. The permit was obtained two months ago, and yet no installation has taken place. The following day after installation, I received three separate bills from them, but they were completely assistance in terms of installing or understanding the many programs I needed. Identify a business that values its clients." - Adam S.
"The electric company was held responsible for the project's delay. The price tag would go up if the job was delayed. They recommended I sign a document declaring the project officially underway to assuage my concerns. That would put me on the hook for the cost of a solar installation whose timeline is indefinite. I was not helped by such an approach. We are no longer working together on this project. They disappeared without a trace without returning my deposit, as promised. They made a compelling case, but I'd rather do business with an honest organization." - Katelyn M.
"I have no more ideas!!! In June of 2021, I will have central air and 26 solar panels with two batteries. Everyone was very kind and helpful, and then nothing happened when all the firms arrived to take measurements and provide their permissions. But look, several people around here have had their panels up for a while already!!! I'm ready to quit my current employer and get my deposit back. What's taking you so long??? Soon it will be summer, and then I can turn on the air conditioner with the help of my solar panels. I beg of you, hurry up!!!!! It's driving me up the wall, man." - Lucas F.
"I chose this business because Cory was helpful and quick to respond to all of our many queries. Customer service declined after being transferred to our Ambassador. It's as though the job was done by myself. I have often been told that my application for permits is still in process. I can't believe nobody is checking in on this. It's not the first time they've flubbed a big opportunity. Also, nobody ever returns calls or picks up the phone when I call them. On Friday, I contacted the office repeatedly but got no response." - Jesus T.
"Despite having solar panels on our roof for 17 weeks, they have failed to switch them on. Excuses include the following: need roof photographs, need better roof images, need even better roof images, and ultimately, can even better shots be taken? The assessor was unwell, then the assessor went on vacation; are we still in elementary school? The justifications seem a little bit ridiculous to me. And 19 weeks have passed since then." - Carlos E.
"I was sent to these people by a colleague, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Prompt, pleasant, and effective. I assumed having a ceiling fan installed would be a simple task, so we had one done. Their expert was helpful and kind throughout the whole process, and he even made ideas that would end up saving me money." - Luis C.
"Second Home Pet Resort is a small company that I own and operate in north Phoenix. We have 17,000 square feet and 25 employees. Since I do not have the budget for a full-time maintenance worker, I must depend on specialty contractors. In the last six months, I have used Indicom Electric twice and both times was completely satisfied. Their service specialists are well-equipped, kind, and ready to assist you. The technician on the previous visit dropped the fixture lens while re-installing it after changing a sodium bulb on a 10-foot ladder. The technician assured me that they would repair the broken lens at no extra charge. They took the cost of the lens and shipping off my bill and installed it without any prompting from me. When it comes to our electricity requirements, I will stick with Indicom." - Diego H.
"My Solar Panels are fantastic! My close friends and I have all decided to start using Indicom Electric Company. My wife and I had a lot of questions regarding solar energy, and a representative from Indicom Electric Company, was very helpful in answering them. He was kind and attentive in addressing our many questions regarding the equipment he was selling. From the first consultation to the final deployment of my Solar Panels, it was a joy dealing with trained experts at every stage of my project. The installation crew was always courteous and competent. If you're in the market for solar energy, go no further than Indicom Electric Company." - Cole R.
"When we bought our house in October of 2017, the system was already built, and Colin has been a tremendous help in getting me to grips with it. I was able to change the ownership of the system to my name with his assistance, and it is now re-uploading data so that we can investigate the cause of the problem. Our system was first set up in 2014/2015, and I'm excited to work with Colin and Indicom Electric Company to improve and upgrade it." - Wyatt J.
"The first two solar companies that expressed interest in working with us performed a poor job of keeping us informed, so I was apprehensive to cooperate with a third. My first interactions with Indicom Electric Company were positive. Dominic is fantastic in his role as a communicator. Despite their hectic schedule, he always keeps me informed of our progress as a buyer. Our involvement with either our association was unnecessary, and neither was the inspection procedure. All they required was that we keep certain commitments and be at home at particular times. Even though it took a while, Dominic made sure that everything was ready by the end of the year. Both the service and the new power bill have exceeded our expectations. Please keep providing such excellent service to your customers, Indicom Electric Company." - Richard H.

Indicom Electric Company Social media
Information regarding solar energy options may be found in abundance on the Indicom Electric Company Facebook page. With a variety of intriguing postings regarding the company's services, it seems orderly and competent. New information is often added to the website, and pieces typically include interactive elements like polls and comments. With many favorable customer evaluations, it seems to be a reliable and trustworthy source of information. A lot of the page's visual material, including images and videos, serves to both showcase the company's services and highlight the quality of its work. With over 200 likes, the page is fairly well-liked and well-maintained given its popularity. The website, blog, and other social media profiles of the business are likewise well-liked. account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

Indicom Electric Company average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews15


Indicom Electric Company Pros & Cons

  • Highly Experienced
  • Cost-Effective
  • Quality Assurance
  • Limited resources
  • Limited geographic reach
  • Dependence on Weather

Indicom Electric Company Final Conclusions

Indicom Electric Company is a business that offers superior goods and services at reasonable pricing. Their dedication to quality, service, and experience has been lauded by many who have utilized their services. Rapid responses, knowledgeable technical assistance, and timely deliveries are all highly valued by clientele. Their items are confirmed as safe and reliable and are of a high grade. Customers adore their services because they are dependable and they get excellent care from the staff.

Indicom Electric Company locations

Main Address3402 E. Wier Ave., Phoenix AZ, 85040
Phone Number6022766343

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