Midwest Solar Power review

Midwest Solar Power is a solar energy company that not only designs and installs solar energy systems but also maintains and repairs them. They perform work for residences, commercial establishments, and manufacturing facilities in the Midwest region of the United States.
Midwest Solar Power review

Midwest Solar Power overview

Midwest Solar Power is a solar energy company that not only designs and installs solar energy systems but also maintains and repairs them. They perform work for residences, commercial establishments, and manufacturing facilities in the Midwest region of the United States.

What Midwest Solar Power has to say about itself

Midwest Solar Power aspires to be Madison's go-to solar installation company by providing reliable service at a reasonable price. There is much more to a solar system than just the panels themselves, and it's important to consider how those other components will interact with the building's framework before proceeding. MSP can tailor a system to your specific installation's requirements and energy goals.

Midwest Solar Power Solar Review

Year Started2009
Company Websitemwsolarpower.com
Service AreasWI
Service TypesInstallation, Construction, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and bifacial solar panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead-acid, and saltwater batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, ICC, NECA, OSHA , UL

Midwest Solar Power website review

Midwest Solar Power's Web site, mwsolarpower.com, presents the business and its offerings very well and in detail. It's cutting-edge, simple, and straightforward. Chamber. Additional features of the site include a blog, user reviews, and a contact page. The site has informative, well-written, and relevant content. It is evident that the company takes great care to provide a reliable and complete information resource. Overall, this is a good site that can be relied upon as a reliable information resource.

Midwest Solar Power price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Installation: Starting at $13,000, Commercial Solar Installation: Starting at $19,000, Solar Panel System Maintenance: Starting at $1,000, Solar Panel System Monitoring: Starting at $400, Solar Panel System Monitoring and Maintenance Package: Starting at $1,400, Battery Backup Systems: Starting at $2,500, Solar Leasing & Financing: Starting at $2,500
Payment optionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Cash, and Check.
Payment discounts10% Discount for Senior Citizens, 5% Discount for Military Personnel, 5% Discount for Multi-System Purchases, 5% Discount for Cash Payments, 5% Discount for Referrals

Midwest Solar Power online reputation

As the region's go-to solar energy expert, Midwest Solar Power is a regional leader. Customers rave about their helpful staff, low prices, and professional installations in their overwhelmingly positive online reviews. Midwest Solar Power has been praised for its accessibility and knowledge. The majority of their installations can be finished in a single day, and this is something that customers have remarked upon. A lot of people who live in the Midwest turn to Midwest Solar Power when they need trustworthy solar power services.
The solar panels cost $15,000 but only produce 55% of what was predicted. They won't get back to me and clearly prefer that I leave. They resolved the issue by cutting down a large tree that was blocking my neighbor's view. They forgot to factor that into their equation! During the summer months, I pay very closely to what I did before I installed the panels. Don't come near here! - Maverick O.
In the month of December 2019, I had 20 panels installed. It's a ground mount designed to take advantage of the abundant sunlight in my backyard, resulting in zero or nearly zero net electricity costs from our utility provider. We've borrowed $34,000 for it and have never entered winter with any savings to tide us over. Now that we've had the system for over half a year, we're only spending $150 per month on it while continuing to pay the utility company between $150 and $200 per month. Early this summer, I contacted Midwest Solar Power and learned that the company had improperly installed the entire system, meaning that it now receives only 90% of its expected sunlight. They forwarded a satellite image of my land, highlighting numerous trees that could have been removed to increase output. Having them cut down would set me back around $12,000, and they are clearly fully mature trees in 2019. Since it was THEIR mistake, nobody will contact me about making any adjustments, such as adding more panels or moving the entire system, for me. I'll revise my rating upward if they come through and make things right, but for now, they've completely let me down, and I have nowhere else to turn. - Caleb L.
The question-and-answer process is painfully slow. You need to persist if you want to get anywhere with them. Since March 18 (when we were told, I'm working on it and will call you back to answer your questions"), we have heard nothing. After that, we lost contact with them. Don't stop sending emails and voicemails. In order to finish hooking up the electricity, a wall was damaged on December 13 and has yet to be repaired. The panels perform admirably, especially when exposed to bright sunlight. Not so much if snow or frost has settled on it. There's also no simple way to remove the snow. Frustrated by their lackluster assistance to customers." - Jaxon K.
At the outset of our installation, I had a positive encounter with Midwest Solar Power. The technicians who performed the installation seem to have done a good job. However, after a year, my system's energy output has decreased by 50%, and I have received no explanation as to why from the company. There was no response to my calls or explanation given. Still responsible for making payments on a system that is failing to deliver on its promised energy output. - Andrew T.
We scheduled our installation for September 2020 and were told it would take place by the end of the year. During the installation process, we called to ask about its status multiple times. In March 2021, we were able to finish installing everything. And we had to call back a few times before we were told to call our electric company to get it approved so we could turn it on. They haven't responded to our calls or emails, and we need a bill from them for taxes. Poor quality of service. - Joshua R.
Midwest Solar Power did a fantastic job with the installation of my solar panels. They informed me well in advance of the schedule change, and my project was moved up in the schedule due to the favorable winter weather. Before I contacted any potential installers, I combed through a number of online resources for information on residential solar panel systems, gathering details such as the specifications of the various components and the costs of installation. Their web presence and webinar, which highlighted local companies, were included. I reached out to a total of 4 businesses. I decided to go with Midwest Solar Power after hearing their pitch and meeting them in person; we then exchanged proposals. My questions were met with the utmost authority and clear, concise explanations. They kept in touch with one another and handled the necessary paperwork and applications for permits. They were punctual, did a good job with the installation and programming, and tidied up after themselves. - Logan K.
The label describes itself. It's a must-have quality in any reliable business. The company's handling of the situation has been highly professional from the start. Midwest Solar values its clients and wants them to be informed throughout the duration of their projects. A complete solar power solution, is here. Best of all, they were right in our backyard, and your business helps keep their doors open. All members of the group were cheerful and courteous. Since COVID required them to remain indoors, they remained masked. They arrived promptly and didn't leave a mess. This level of perfection is unimaginable, but they achieved it. At last, we have a system that will serve us well for the foreseeable future. We decided to splurge on the alpha rec panels rather than settle for a lower-quality option. Aside from that, I hope they'll keep up the excellent work they've been doing in the future. - Owen D.
After carefully vetting numerous competitors, we ultimately decided to go with Midwest Solar because of Samuel, one of the company's owners. They handled getting the necessary permits, provided the highest quality solar panels for the lowest price, and set up the arrays without a hitch. If you need solar work done, you should hire Samuel and his crew. - John T.
Our 10.5kW system installed by Midwest Solar Power LLC went off without a hitch. When we asked five different businesses for details and price quotes on a home security system, we got a wide variety of responses, from aggressive sales pitches full of gimmicks to radio silence or long delays in answering our questions. Midwest Soar Power's manager responded quickly to all of our inquiries, scheduled an on-site visit (with COVID practices in mind) to measure my roof and design the system that would work best for us, and provided a price quote that was both reasonable and comprised of high-quality materials. In order to aid in our decision, he detailed the benefits and drawbacks of each type of component. Our questions about available financing and rebates were also answered by him. There was zero pressure during any of this one-on-one time. His communication with Alliant Energy about scheduling and paperwork after the contract was signed was precise and helpful. The installation was completed a few days early, and the crew was professional and pleasant to work with throughout the entire process. The entire system, including all electrical connections, was installed in three days with no visible remnants left behind at the construction site. Once we received approval from Alliant to begin operations, we activated the system and are now generating electricity, the status of which can be monitored online or with a mobile app. It was a perfect success! Midwest Solar Power is a safe bet for anyone looking for a similar setup. - Joseph H.
Roughly 9 years have passed since we've had access to the Solar System. Problems have been nonstop, and our powder bills have hovered around $600+ every month, sometimes higher when the air conditioners were on. Unfortunately, our inverter has just blown up. Midwest Solar came out to give me a quote and offer advice on our system after I was given the runaround by other solar companies. My power bills have dropped by about $900.00 since Midwest Solar came and fixed everything, and all I can say is THANK YOU. Being a neighborhood business makes getting answers to questions much simpler. The staff at Midwest Solar Power is without peers. They are always so kind and helpful. They're more than just a business, by a long shot. I appreciate it. - Wyatt A.

Midwest Solar Power Social media

Midwest Solar Power's social media presence is professional looking, with a unified brand aesthetic. However, there is little information and a tiny fan base. The material includes testimonies, basic information about solar energy, and postings regarding the installation of solar panels. There is also no mention of the company's services, warranty information, or anything else that would set them apart from other solar energy providers. The page is probably reliable for news and information on the solar energy business from the firm, despite its lack of followers and specialist knowledge.
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Midwest Solar Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews125


Midwest Solar Power Pros & Cons

  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Affordable
  • Reliability Issues
  • Limited Reach
  • Dependence on government incentives

Midwest Solar Power Final Conclusions

Solar panel installation and solar energy solutions are the core business of Midwest Solar Power. Every one of their clients receives individualized service, whether they're a large corporation or a single homeowner. Many clients have voiced happiness with the quality of their services and goods.

Midwest Solar Power locations

Main Address816 Walsh Rd Madison, WI 53714
Phone Number6083542063

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