Pacific Sun Technologies review

Since launching in 2007, Pacific Sun Technologies has provided residential and commercial solar panels for over 13 years and has risen to the position of the industry's top solar panel supplier. At the most affordable cost, they provide their consumers with the best items on the market. Find out how much you may save by contacting the team of specialists that can assist you.

Pacific Sun Technologies overview

Since launching in 2007, Pacific Sun Technologies has provided residential and commercial solar panels for over 13 years and has risen to the position of the industry's top solar panel supplier. At the most affordable cost, they provide their consumers with the best items on the market. Find out how much you may save by contacting the team of specialists that can assist you.

What Pacific Sun Technologies has to say about itself

Solar energy is Pacific Sun Technologies' forte, and the state of California is well served by its products. Pacific Sun Technologies was founded by a group of professionals in the field of renewable energy, and they have since assisted innumerable residents of California in making use of solar power. Its cutting-edge architecture converts solar energy into usable electricity for Californians' homes and businesses. The renewable energy solutions offered by Pacific Sun Technologies are both affordable and sustainable.

Pacific Sun Technologies Solar Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar system installation, maintenance, repair, solar panel cleaning, battery backup system, inverter diagnostics, home energy monitor.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and energy storage systems.
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, SRCC.

Pacific Sun Technologies website review

The official Pacific Sun Technologies Solar website is ordinary and unimpressive. Site visitors may learn about and evaluate the range of solar panels on sale from the business. The website also provides access to the company's YouTube channel and several social media platforms, as well as a blog covering developments in the solar energy industry. The official Pacific Sun Technologies Solar website gives off a reliable vibe. It is a trustworthy informational resource that offers a wealth of details regarding its offerings.

Pacific Sun Technologies price policy

PackagesHome Solar Systems start at $17,000, Commercial Solar Systems start at $55,000, Solar Installation starts at $2,500, Solar Panel Warranties: $1,000.
Payment optionsCash, PayPal, major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
Payment discounts10% off for military, 10% off for veterans,15% off for senior citizens, and 5% off for customers who purchase more than one system.

Pacific Sun Technologies online reputation

Pacific Sun Technologies is a Southern California-based firm that provides solar power systems to commercial and residential clients. Customers have been delighted with their professional approach and exceptional customer service, despite certain challenges with their services (such as components not being properly connected). Customers are generally pleased with the solar panel installation, efficiency, and responsiveness of the company. Some clients, however, have complained about a lack of information, schedule changes, and attentiveness on the part of the business. If Pacific Sun Technologies fixes the few reported faults, it can wow with its service.
"They don't share their ideas or their progress. The timetable will then be changed without your knowledge or consent. They don't know how to pay attention to consumers. or be aware of what their clients want. Make a favor to yourself and choose a new solar company." - Raul N.
"Everything went well up until a snag. The readings were incorrect immediately upon installation. Dale quickly abdicated responsibility and laid the blame on the program. It turns out that Pacific Sun mishooked a component. Keep away." - Eva S.
"In 2019, shortly after moving into the newly constructed home, we hired this firm to put Bird metal netting around the base of our solar panel. They said that their netting is the industry's safest. I phoned them today (five years after installation) because a piece of netting had been inexplicably taken away from the base of the panel. When I called the firm, they said that birds sometimes pull metal fences away and that it was initially fastened to the panel by adhesives. "ADHESIVES"? They said that their netting was the greatest in the industry, and installation of it cost $700.00. In other words, I now have to shell out 140.00 (tech call cost) plus 15.00 (panel fee) for pigeon abatement (pest control) before they return and install the broken panel. Please enquire about the information I neglected to request before evaluating this firm. Unfortunately, they do not voluntarily provide this information. Once again, $700.00 was spent on a glued-on metal fence." - Ernest Y.
"I must say how completely unsatisfied I am with Pacific Sun Technologies. To cut down on our energy bills, my family and I decided to buy a solar power system from them two years ago. But instead of that, our power costs have significantly climbed despite the solar system that was built. I asked Pacific Sun Technologies for help, and they didn't respond that well. Without any actual direction, I just got a couple of emails with generic suggestions to attempt to fix the problem. The phone system just sent me back to the same boilerplate email address when I called, thus no one has returned my calls. Overall, I am extremely dissatisfied with Pacific Sun Technologies' solar energy system and customer service. Our time and money were completely wasted, in my opinion. The issue still exists even after two years of contacting them, and we are stuck with a huge electrical bill as a result." - Rex K.
"Pacific Sun Technologies let me down badly. After putting up a solar energy system, I noticed a spike in my electricity costs a few months later. I tried to get some answers from the organization, but their customer care was useless. I wouldn't put my friends or family up for Pacific Sun Technologies." - Tedd R.
"Dale guided me every step of the way. After doing extensive research and obtaining quotations for the precise system I needed, Pacific Sun Tech came in lower than their rivals and with superior equipment. The REC 370s and two 10 kW enPhase backups were chosen. This includes modernizing my house's outdated electrical panel. From purchasing to installation, it took roughly 4 months. Not PST, but rather county and municipal planning backlogs, were the main cause of the delay. After the actual installation, which took two days, our house was almost completely off the grid and could be if we so desired. The funding process was simple and speedy. Dale responded to the few inquiries I had about tax credits. Overall, I heartily recommend Pacific Sun Tech to anybody in Southern California who needs solar installation." - Gerard S.
"With our new solar system, we are ecstatic. Dale's educational YouTube tutorials supported our equipment choice. Then, he and his Pacific Sun crew promptly and expertly provided everything as promised. Our 400w Q-Cell panels are already generating more than we had anticipated. And, since I'm a touch geeky, I like the Enphase Micro-Inverters, which let us monitor the power output in whatever way we like: by day, by hour, or even by individual panels. Choosing PacSun over the other two companies we looked at was simple. very recommended" - Nick J.
"She has been amazing in my experience with Pacific Sun Technologies, and she still is. With the aid of my salesman Jonny, her journey was smooth from beginning to end! Regardless of where I was in the process, Jonny addressed all of my questions and worries and unquestionably gave me the confidence I needed to choose Pacific Sun Technologies for my solar requirements. I was handled with the greatest respect even after the installation, which included a charger for my Tesla, was finished. I had a problem with a defective Tesla charging wire that resulted in an electrical spark at the outlet. Even though the issue was not the company's responsibility, Jonny made sure a technician came to my house the next day and fixed it without charging me extra. The method is excellent, and I wholeheartedly endorse utilizing this business." - Lebon V.
"The whole process was effortless from beginning to end. Dale was straightforward and highly knowledgeable about the systems they provide. He addressed all of my inquiries and allayed my anxiety. There was no hurry. Shayla was on top of everything, and she kept me informed of every step of the process. The staff arrived early on the day of installation and completed it quickly and professionally. happy with the services provided. I'm grateful." - Joanna F.
"This was without a doubt the finest interaction I've ever had with a contractor. These are the people you want to install your solar panels, not anybody else. expertise in roofing is just as crucial as experts in solar, of course. Ian, the foreman, was excellent. He completed my first walkthrough in one visit, and the installation process took two days. He spent the necessary time responding to each query I had along the route. His crew was organized and effective, and they all cared about my pleasure. Overall, it only took 33 days from the time I called about getting solar to the time I turned the switch and went live (the majority of that time was spent waiting for Edison to grant us approval!). amazing experience with an amazing business." - Tonny D.

Pacific Sun Technologies Social media
You will immediately see that Pacific Sun Technologies' Facebook page is filled with images and videos, customer testimonials, information about services offered, and contact information. However, the site hasn't seen any new postings in a long time. The company page is hardly ever updated, so it appears static. The result is a page that doesn't attract much attention from fans or followers. Pacific Sun Technologies could be much more effective in attracting potential customers if it paid more attention to presenting its products and services and interacting with its subscribers. account not registered
YouTube Channel
17100 Subscribers

Pacific Sun Technologies average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews264.8


Pacific Sun Technologies Pros & Cons

  • Eco friendly
  • Customizable
  • Experienced
  • Customer service
  • High prices
  • Incorrect installation

Pacific Sun Technologies Final Conclusions

Installation and maintenance of solar panels and other solar energy hardware are only two of the many services offered by Pacific Sun Technologies. Customers are impressed with Pacific Sun Technologies' quick responses, reasonable costs, and high quality of service. Some consumers, however, have griped about the lengthy appointment wait times and inconsistent availability of information regarding solar panel costs. When searching for a company to install solar panels, Pacific Sun Technologies is a top option.

Pacific Sun Technologies locations

Main Address41775 Elm St Ste 102 Murrieta, CA 92562
Phone Number9513081800

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