West Bay Energy review

West Bay Energy is a company that provides business and residential buildings with a variety of services related to energy management. Demand response, energy auditing and benchmarking, renewable energy, energy storage, and behavior-driven energy efficiency are just some of the areas in which they excel. In addition, they provide software services for customers to utilize in monitoring and controlling their energy use and investments.
West Bay Energy review

West Bay Energy overview

West Bay Energy is a company that provides business and residential buildings with a variety of services related to energy management. Demand response, energy auditing and benchmarking, renewable energy, energy storage, and behavior-driven energy efficiency are just some of the areas in which they excel. In addition, they provide software services for customers to utilize in monitoring and controlling their energy use and investments.

What West Bay Energy has to say about itself

West Bay Energy is a forward-thinking energy company committed to fueling your future with green energy. We provide you the tools to save time, money, and energy because we are dedicated to your pleasure above all else because we all want to see a more sustainable future. We provide a wide variety of renewable energy options, such as solar, wind, geothermal, and more, all of which are trustworthy, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

West Bay Energy Solar Review

Year Started2018
Company Websitewestbayenergy.com
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, bifacial, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery systems.

West Bay Energy website review

Westbayenergy.com, the company's official website, seems to be well-made and updated. You may find the company's contact information, portfolio, and a wealth of information on the services they provide on their website. A safe payment gateway and frequently asked questions area are also provided for customer service. Westbayenergy.com gives off an air of professionalism, dependability, and trustworthiness. The website is regularly updated with new information, and questions from customers are answered quickly and thoroughly. It also follows the most recent protocols for online security, so you can be certain that your money is safe when shopping on the site.

West Bay Energy price policy

PackagesWhole House Solar System Package (starting at $14,570), Solar System with Storage Package (starting at $17,600), Grid-interactive Package (starting at $15,995), Grid-tied System with Backup Package (starting at $18,695), Interlock Solar System with Storage Package (starting at $17,995), Interlock Grid-Interactive Package (starting at $16,895), Interlock Grid-tied System with Backup Package (starting at $19,500), Outback Solar System with Storage Package (starting at $17,070), Outback Grid-interactive Package (starting at $16,250), Outback Grid-tied System with Backup Package (starting at $18,970)
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, PayPal and financing options
Payment discountsSenior Citizens Discount: 10%, New Customer Discount: 5%, Refer-a-Friend Discount: 10%, Military Discount: 10%, Volume Discounts: 5-15%, Early Payment Discount: 5%, Online Billing Discount: 5%

West Bay Energy online reputation

West Bay Energy has generally been well-received by its clientele. Their quick response time, reasonable prices, and friendly staff have won them many fans. Various commentators have pointed out that costs vary based on factors like consumption and location, but I find the overall value to be rather favorable. While the majority of customers have had a positive experience, a few have had concerns about the staff's inability to meet their specific requirements or respond quickly to their questions. West Bay Energy has, generally speaking, done a great job serving its clients.
"The squad was a bunch of rookies. I had to tell them to stop drilling through our floor because they were making too many holes in the wall trying to locate a stud. The wiring in our main panel wasn't properly secured, which contributed to a fire in our bathroom. Two more seasoned experts came out to troubleshoot and identify the original crew's faults after they called the fire department and West Bay Energy's emergency number. The final tally of the losses has not been tallied up yet." - Brayden K.
"Terrible support staff; I never felt like they cared about me as a client. After months of working on my solar panel project with no layout design changes despite repeated requests through email and phone, I was informed two weeks ago that a new design is in the works and that I should hold off on accepting the existing one for another two weeks. After waiting a while and calling again, they told me that the layout change had not been recorded or noted and that they could file a request to do so, but that it would take at least three more weeks before the redesign was implemented. Extremely dissatisfying and unpleasant." - Luke V.
"I really need a minus star option. This is perhaps the most dishonest, poorly run, and unhelpful business ever. How ridiculous. Think twice before committing to any commercial dealings with them. In addition, have your lawyer review any paperwork you'll be signing. The West Bay Energy employees we dealt with lied to us and gave us false information, and now we're caught in a 12-year contract and can't even obtain an estimate for the following year to purchase the panels. We were in a hurry to close on the purchase of a pre-existing home that already had panels installed. Two staff from West Bay Energy were very helpful in explaining our responsibilities to us. They were completely incorrect. The panels are now our obligation regardless of whether or not we ever sell the home. The Bay Area is loaded with fantastic alternatives. There's no use in dealing with a corporation that provides a subpar service or product." - Liam H.
"After the recent price drop, I decided to give West Bay Energy my solar business because I have West Bay Energy and I like it. Since my purchase in June, life has been hell. I've waited in limbo for almost five months and hardly any contact. I've sent numerous emails and made several phone calls. It is completely impossible to get an honest answer. I will never see that $100 again as it is non-refundable. Avoid their solar panels at all costs." - Carter A.
"Putting solar panels on my roof was perhaps the worst decision I've ever made. I can't count how many times West Bay Energy has called to tell me to reset the external box. I was going to sign paperwork to refinance my home when I received a call informing me that the loan had been canceled because West Bay Energy had placed a lien on my property. I give them a call to find out what's up, but after an hour and thirty minutes on the line, I give up and call it quits.No one picked up the phone to help. While I waited for West Bay Energy to respond, my loan agent was ready to go through with the application. I have reached a point of uncertainty. Doing your research before deciding to install West Bay Energy panels on your home, is recommended to anybody considering doing so. There's got to be a more convenient option somewhere." - Owen M.
"When it came time to build my new solar system, I knew I wanted to go with West Bay Energy. The Energy Consultant arrived on time for our demonstration session, clearly explained everything, and made herself accessible to answer any concerns we had thereafter. The installation crew worked quickly, was polite, and kept the property tidy during the process. The electrical contractor was punctual, professional, and present for the final inspection to guarantee the project was completed to code. My friends in the region who are into green living will surely hear about them from me. They provide excellent items and flexible payment plans. We appreciate everything that WBE has done to make a difference." - Justin R.
"Our West Bay Energy was expertly installed by a fantastic crew. Their level of professionalism was outstanding. They were punctual on both days of the installation, which took two. The hardware setup took place on Day 1. The group originally deliberated on the most effective route for the conduit and arrived at a highly visually beautiful design that made the conduit almost undetectable to the untrained eye. The job done was comprehensive and meticulous. The staff was professional and well-versed in the services they provided. Their faith in West Bay Energy and its offerings has inspired me to become a loyal client. I have nothing but praise for this product and the people behind it." - Connor B.
"Even though it's still early, I've been really satisfied with West Bay Energy's management of its solar program. West Bay Energy has done an excellent job of keeping me, the customer, apprised of the status of my order at every stage, from the signing of contracts to updates on permits and scheduling. Both the solar panel installation crews showed up on the scheduled day. Everything was installed expertly and finished in a single day. A week later, the city sent an inspector with a West Bay Energy representative for the inspection, and all that's left is for the utility provider to give its stamp of approval. The West Bay Energy app is great; it has a wealth of information. I completed my research before deciding on West Bay Energy, and I feel that I got good value for my money." - Aaron M.
"The installation took exactly 7 days, as predicted. The roofers that worked on our house were great to work with. Thanks to the efficient operation of the solar roof and power wall, we have significantly reduced our reliance on grid energy. When I signed up for the roof, West Bay Energy's pricing was lower than it is now, and they honored that lower price when they installed the roof nine months later. I had previously had an estimate for a new conventional roof with solar panels from another firm, and the West Bay Energy pricing was better, and it will be much cheaper after I receive the tax credit. Since the allocated sales agent is too swamped to respond to your calls, please use the general West Bay Energy energy support line instead." - Robert T.
"For us, West Bay Energy was a fantastic choice. Some competitors were as much as three times as expensive, and they didn't even include a battery. We have 12 kW of panels and a reasonably priced battery. Competitors warned us that West Bay Energy had terrible service for its customers. However, the contrary was true. They answered all of my questions quickly. They were able to complete everything by the due dates. They expedited the procedure and made it easy to understand. If you're one of West Bay Energy's detractors, I urge you to consider the merits and drawbacks of spending so much more on the same product by hearing from actual West Bay Energy buyers. There was no mystery about West Bay Energy's method. Strongly recommended." - Thomas P.

West Bay Energy Social media

In terms of credibility and competence, the West Bay Energy Facebook page is unmatched. Its blue, grey, and white color scheme is contemporary and attractive. Contact information, company goals, and service information are all easily accessible and presented clearly to the site's visitors. There are now over 200 followers, and the page is often updated with corporate news. Pictures and videos of the firm's completed projects are shown with insightful blog entries. In addition, in the page's footer, you'll find a link to their main website. Overall, this is a well-designed, credible resource that will help bring in new clients.
The solar energy firm West Bay Energy has a LinkedIn profile. The website has some nice moving pictures and a lot of good content. There are also a few reviews from satisfied customers. It seems like not many people follow this page since there aren't too many comments or likes. In addition, there is a dearth of data regarding the firm itself. It's hard to know whether this LinkedIn profile can be trusted despite its professional appearance owing to the lack of subscribers and information.
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West Bay Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews11


West Bay Energy Pros & Cons

  • Responsive customer service
  • Reliable energy provider
  • Competitive rates
  • High Cost of Services
  • Limited Service Areas
  • Lack of Technology Updates

West Bay Energy Final Conclusions

The renewable energy experts at West Bay Energy. They provide solar power systems for homes and businesses. its customer service and dependability have gotten rave evaluations from its customers. West Bay Energy has received rave ratings from its satisfied customers.

West Bay Energy locations

Main Address6260 39th St N STE I Pinellas Park, FL 33781
Phone Number7272886744

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