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Across the country, governments are adopting a new program called community solar, which makes it possible for almost anyone to invest in renewable energy while also lowering their monthly electricity costs. We have signed up over 3,000 people to get sustainable energy credits from their local solar project, including homeowners, renters, and businesses.

Common Energy overview

Across the country, governments are adopting a new program called community solar, which makes it possible for almost anyone to invest in renewable energy while also lowering their monthly electricity costs. We have signed up over 3,000 people to get sustainable energy credits from their local solar project, including homeowners, renters, and businesses.

What Common Energy has to say about itself

Most homes are unable to install solar panels or other renewable energy technology because of restrictions on roof access and roof suitability. Common Energy is a solution to this issue because it allows nearly everyone to contribute to a renewable energy project using only their existing utility account and no additional equipment. New, sustainable energy projects in our area are connected to the grid through our collaboration with project developers and utilities. By displacing fossil fuels, the energy generated by these initiatives helps reduce pollution levels in your area. To put it plainly, when you donate to one of our initiatives, you are making it possible for everyone to benefit from cleaner air and an improved electricity grid.

Common Energy Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasNJ, NY
Service TypesFinancing and installation of solar energy, Grassroots Campaigns for Clean Energy Projects, Partnership with utilities, Research centers and initiatives,Raising awareness of the benefits of renewable energy
Types PanelsPolycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and advanced flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

Common Energy website review

For more information about renewable energy and their services, see the Common Energy website. The website is neatly laid out, with distinct parts detailing the goals, offerings, and success stories of Common Energy. Additionally, a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses numerous inquiries about renewable energy is included. The website also offers tools like the Renewable Energy Map, which displays the locations with access to renewable energy. All in all, anyone interested in learning more about renewable energy should check out the Common Energy website.

Common Energy price policy

PackagesInstalling solar panels typically costs between $15,000 and $25,000 without any perks or discounts
Payment optionsCredit and debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers cash and check
Payment discountsFederal and state tax credits, grants and utility rebates, funding options such as solar leasing and loan options from third party partners

Common Energy online reputation

It is evident from customer feedback that consumers of Common Energy have had a variety of opinions and experiences. Others complained about issues and were unsatisfied with the company's billing practices, customer service responsiveness, and the overall value they received, while some customers expressed satisfaction with the service and highlighted advantages like energy bill savings and the ability to maintain clean energy. Positive comments highlighted Common Energy's polite and helpful customer service, quick responses to questions, and the satisfaction of helping to reduce carbon emissions. Customers also valued the possibility of savings and the availability of renewable energy sources. Negative comments, however, were in reference to issues with billing accuracy, late or missed payments to energy providers, challenges with service cancellation, and challenges with dealing with customer assistance. universal power. When compared to their prior electricity providers, some customers expressed dismay at the lack of savings and thought the company's actions were dubious or deceptive. Despite the fact that Common Energy may have good goals and intentions, there have undoubtedly been times when clients have been unhappy with the company's services. The organization must address billing accuracy, communication, and customer support concerns in order to improve consumer happiness and trust, as demonstrated by this unpleasant experience. When deciding whether to work with Common Energy, prospective clients should carefully analyze both positive and negative evaluations.
"I joined Common Energy for all the good reasons you listed, but I left in February 2022 (when I discovered that my local energy provider was also engaging in these positive practices). Completely cutting off service from Common Energy will not be possible until November 2022. Incredibly ridiculous. Customer service is great, however I do not have ten months to spend countless hours figuring out how to cancel my service." - Deborah
"After they began paying my payment late or not at all while still charging me, I decided to withdraw from the program. I was assured that my final payment would not be taken until October 2022, but I was charged again just a week ago. I contacted them, but I have not heard back from them yet." - David
"Not sure how anyone else is enjoying their time with them after my terrible experience. About two years ago, I decided to join. They "set up my account" at last. After I had already paid my monthly bill to nyseg, they finally got it set up. They issued me a bill (which was the same amount as nyseg, no savings at all), and when I told them the bill had already been paid, they said I did not need to worry about it. My bank was automatically debited for a bill that had been "taken care of" two weeks before. How did they acquire access to my banking details? Who gave the OK to charge the car? For what reason was this invoice paid twice? How come the total did not reflect the money we saved? I have tried contacting them via chat and email multiple times with no success. Since they have my account and routing number to automatically charge me, I had to dispute the transaction with my bank, and it is possible that I will need a new bank account as a result. I refuse to have anything to do with this really dubious practice. I would advise you to stay away and stick with your current service provider." - Kevin
"This establishment is a fraud that will lock you into a contract with two separate payments. You have the utility company and this establishment to pay. They cost $200 in addition to your regular electricity bill but save you $20. Neat." - Sol
"Be wary of everyday energy. While the idea is fantastic, in practice, the company billing you for your electricity will either not pay your energy provider or will pay your bill late, putting you in arrears. If you want to keep your power on, you should regularly check both their bill and the website of your energy provider." - Janet
"My experience with Common Energy has been excellent. A significant inquiry into Central Hudson's billing procedures is currently underway, but I am confident that once those kinks are worked out, everything will be OK. I have faith in this firm and in the future of having multiple energy options. Only by helping new energy businesses get off the ground will this be possible. There is always a discount on my bill, so my cash stays where it belongs: in my pocket. The staff is really helpful and friendly, and they always respond quickly to my inquiries." - Anna
"Common Energy has great support for their customers. When I signed up, I had several questions about the subscriber agreement and disclosure statement, and I got answers quickly and politely. When I contacted to inquire about the monthly savings statements they provide or my electricity usage and solar farm allotment, I received the same helpful information as before. Even more than the money I am saving, I like knowing how much carbon dioxide I am preventing from entering the atmosphere. Common Energy has provided me with nothing but excellent service. They come extremely suggested by me." - Kevin
"I have been a happy Common Energy user for the past few years. As a renter, I appreciate being able to choose whether or not to participate in a communal solar energy program. Plus, I have been able to cut my monthly power bill by 10%. One of my neighbors ended up joining the plan thanks to my efforts. Scott and the rest of the team have been great in answering my many plan-related inquiries. If you are looking for a socially conscious group to donate to, look no further. Thank you so much, Common Energy!" - Tom
"About three months ago, I joined Common Energy. My monthly savings have been between $5 and $7 since I joined, and that is in a studio apartment. If you own your own home, you should do it. The service is more tailored to your needs, unlike NATIONAL GRID's. They also offer a bonus for referring others. Which is wonderful since both you and your friends/family who sign up for the service receive rewards for your thriftiness. The language on Bill's is simple to understand. And the ENTIRE PLANET is because to you!" - Victoria
"I had no idea it was that easy to advocate for cheaper, cleaner energy. I am thrilled to have the option to invest in a nearby solar farm and do my part to lessen the planet's carbon footprint. I can not wait to let my friends and family know that they can join, too! The individual I spoke with at Common Energy was very helpful and knowledgable about their services." - Nancy

Common Energy Social media
The Common Energy Facebook page is committed to growing the movement for renewable energy and informing users about its advancement. The page constantly posts current news and events pertaining to the renewable energy business and has more than 2,600 followers. The page also includes global success tales and illustrations of advances in renewable energy. Additionally, links are provided to numerous academic and business resources to help keep readers up to date on the development of renewable energy technologies. Additionally, the page promotes interaction by allowing visitors to join conversations and express their thoughts and queries. The page's current and skillfully written information promotes productive dialogue. The page is professionally handled and frequently highlights events and activities connected to the Common Energy aim. The portal also includes unique content, like encouraging quotations from professionals in the sector and videos with success stories. All in all, anyone looking for information about the renewable energy movement should benefit from visiting the Common Energy Facebook page.
A wonderful resource for staying current on news and activities pertaining to the renewable energy movement is the Common Energy LinkedIn page. The page was established in 2015, has about 10,000 followers right now, and consistently publishes relevant, up-to-date stuff. The page frequently publishes articles on subjects including renewable energy legislation, clean energy initiatives, and sustainable energy development. The page also offers statistics and information sources that might aid visitors in better comprehending the subtleties related to the topic of renewable energy sources. The platform also invites users to submit their personal stories and experiences with renewable energy, which further promotes involvement. The page is well-managed and tries to enlighten its followers about the advancements being made in the field of renewable energy. The content on the page is educational, timely, and engaging. Overall, the Common Energy LinkedIn profile is a useful tool for anyone looking to stay current on advances in the renewable energy industry.
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Common Energy Pros & Cons

  • Cost savings in the long run
  • Professional installation
  • Quality products and support
  • Upfront costs can be expensive
  • Requires ongoing maintenance and monitoring
  • Regulations and incentives vary by location

Common Energy Final Conclusions

Common Energy is a forward-thinking energy firm that focuses on providing homeowners, businesses, and communities with solutions that utilize renewable sources of energy. Common Energy assists individuals in gaining access to renewable energy at an affordable price by utilizing cutting-edge technology and data-driven tactics. Common Energy is striving toward the creation of a future that is powered by renewable energy sources by providing customers with a variety of services, such as the installation of solar panels, energy storage systems, and educational programs. Visitors to the website for Common Energy can gain additional knowledge regarding the company's mission and services, as well as discover information regarding forthcoming events and recent news stories. Common Energy's forward-thinking strategy contributes to the creation of a brighter and more sustainable future.

Common Energy locations

Main Address201 Varick St, Suite 178, New York, NY 10014
Phone Number8448999763

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