GreenLogic Energy review

Our distinguished solar firm installs flawless solar power systems that enable Long Island individuals and commercial enterprises achieve unmatched returns on investment. See how it works in your house.
GreenLogic Energy review

GreenLogic Energy overview

Our distinguished solar firm installs flawless solar power systems that enable Long Island individuals and commercial enterprises achieve unmatched returns on investment. See how it works in your house.

What GreenLogic Energy has to say about itself

Serving the Long Island region for more than 15 years is GreenLogic Energy. Most of us live and work in this area. Building enduring connections with our clients, keeping our word, and putting up solar power systems that improve Long Island life are all values we uphold. Leading solar design and installation company GreenLogic has won several awards. Our achievements, which include several SunPower Excellence Awards and 2023 NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer - Gold Status, demonstrate our dedication to quality, client happiness, and sustainability. These accolades encourage us to continue installing solar panels in order to create a better future.

GreenLogic Energy Solar Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasNY, NJ
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, Energy Storage Solutions, Energy Efficiency Audits, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, Energy Monitoring and Management, Financing and Incentive Assistance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

GreenLogic Energy website review

A prominent banner of solar panels and a prominent call to action inviting site visitors to seek a free consultation can be seen on the homepage. Additionally, it emphasizes the company's vision and principles, with special emphasis on their dedication to sustainability and client happiness. The website gives comprehensive details about the many services and solutions that GreenLogic Energy offers. These consist of energy storage devices, electric car charging stations, solar installations, and energy efficiency techniques. Visitors may better comprehend the advantages of each service by consulting the pertinent visuals and descriptions that go along with it. Numerous client testimonials and case studies are included on the GreenLogic Energy website. These real-world examples show the company's expertise and accomplishments in putting renewable energy solutions into practice. The website contains a blog area with educational posts on subjects including sustainable living, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Visitors to the website may get in touch with the business via a contact page that includes a contact form, a phone number, and an address. Additionally, the website offers a "Request a Quote" option that makes it simple for prospective customers to start the procedure. Overall, the GreenLogic Energy website successfully communicates their knowledge of renewable energy, offers helpful information, and motivates prospective clients to act.

GreenLogic Energy price policy

Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer
Payment discountsCash discounts

GreenLogic Energy online reputation

Overall, based on consumer feedback, it seems that GreenLogic Energy is a respectable and dependable firm that places a high priority on client pleasure. Customers praise the great quality and knowledge of the sales and installation crew, as well as the large monthly savings on energy bills, which is indicative of the overall favorable attitude. The business deserves praise for managing the procedure from evaluation to installation with professionalism, openness, and speed. Customers are grateful for the skilled installation of solar panels, the installation crew's politeness and diligence, and the project manager's promptness in keeping everyone informed and on schedule. The business' dedication to professionalism and expertise is recognized and commended.There are, however, a few unfavorable reviews that point out certain flaws. One client notes a problem getting an electric CO since a basement finish didn't fit the criteria, which led to extra costs. Another client said that they had problems accessing and maintaining their system, getting timely help, and that follow-up and contact were frustrating. The majority of consumers seem to have a great overall experience with GreenLogic Energy, but there are still some areas that may be improved. Their services and reputation may be further improved by addressing communication and support problems and making sure that relevant rules are followed.
"The solar panels installed by Green Logic are top-notch. However, they did not mention that without a CO for a basement finish, you cannot acquire your electric CO. We have civic duties as well, such as installing an emergency exit window. It's been nearly three years since this reportedly became a law throughout the country. The basement was completed more than 34 years before we acquired the property, so this will add an extra $10,000 to $12,000. Brookhaven is a dangerous place to live." - Adam,
"In 2014, I made the investment and set up my own system. I didn't log in all too often, but starting in 2019 or so, I was curious to check how much electricity I was generating compared to how much I was using, per PSEG's records, and I was unable to do so. I made a few calls but didn't follow up further before the COVID outbreak. To give it another go, I waited until the fall of 2021. The firm got back to me swiftly, and a field person promised to send a technician over within two weeks. It is already February in the year 2022, and I have yet to see anybody. I re-contacted the firm, but I don't hold out much hope. To get something I currently possess and should have assistance for, I may have to get in touch with the manufacturer and pay a third party." - Edward
"Green Logic's solution guarantees a significant savings on monthly energy costs. The quality and expertise of the sales and installation staff, however, are what really set this organization apart. Their pride is admirable and deserving of praise." - Oswald
"Our solar panels look great, thanks to Green Logic's expert installation. The crew was kind, careful, and polite while working in our house. The project manager was available and kept everyone on the same page. Both the pricing and the quality of the materials used were exceptional. We're relieved it's over and that we discovered such a professional and reliable firm to deal with." - William
"Thank you so much for putting us on the solar map, JP Clejan and GreenLogic. Your professionalism, insight, and openness to sharing and generating ideas have been invaluable. up 2016, GreenLogic put up solar panels on our geothermal HVAC and new building's roof. Less than ten percent of our previous energy expenditures are now being incurred. Recently, JP has been quite helpful as we've spoken about how to safeguard against widespread blackouts in the neighborhood. Again, I appreciate it." - Arnold
"In my opinion, the firm and its employees are excellent. Andy, the sales guy, visited to my house to assess the project site, the orientation of my roof in respect to the sun, and the satellite overlay that reveals the solar array's precise placement and the impact of nearby trees on its power production. In addition, he conducted an assessment to ascertain the optimal scope of the system, as well as the associated expenses (without any sneaky upsells). Everything was quite clear, and I was given many pricing plans and explanations on how PSE&G's system works to make an informed decision. It took me around two months, give or take, from the time I made my final choice and signed the contract until everything was finalized. Once the contract was signed, the firm sent out installers and an electrician to assess the property's roof and determine the best location for the electric to enter the home and connect to the meter. It was quite easy, and the staff was very kind. As soon as the preliminary examination was over, I began interacting with the administrative team. Permits, ordering, installation dates, and everything in between were all handled with great clarity and transparency, and I didn't have to lift a finger. They were responsible for everything, down to the paperwork and permissions. Staff was really professional, which is not the norm. After I made my purchase, a pallet with the panels and hardware arrived at my house. They took care of the delivery, helping me unload it and placing it in my driveway without blocking my space. It took a few days for the installers to get to work following the delivery, since they had to schedule their work around the holiday. The installation crew was fantastic. There was not even a single screw or nail lying about; the work site was spotless. The neighbors were impressed with the job and the workers' pleasant demeanor, noting that they hardly stopped working (except for meals). I enjoyed myself well and would do it again if given the chance. If you're considering solar energy or any other alternative solutions, they come highly recommended from me." - Freddy
"Incredibly, GreenLogic works! John did a great job of explaining everything to me at the outset, answering all of my questions, and keeping in contact with me even while he was on vacation. Anne quickly processed the necessary permissions and kept me informed of what was happening behind the scenes. Last but not least, the installation was finished ahead of time, and it looks great. The least disruptive and effective service anybody has ever provided at my house. As always, I appreciate it." - Bob

GreenLogic Energy Social media
GreenLogic Energy has a Facebook profile named "GreenLogic LLC" that is authenticated with a verified blue checkmark. The page is mostly focused on advertising the business's renewable energy-related products and services. The GreenLogic Energy branding appears on the avatar, ensuring consumer familiarity with the company. A short summary of the company's goals and services is also provided on the website. Solar energy, renewable energy, and sustainability-related information are routinely published on the website. Posts contain a selection of educational articles, marketing materials, project updates, and business news. The material strives to inform, captivate, and promote the advantages of renewable energy to the audience. Customers may submit evaluations and ratings in the reviews area of the page. Customers have given GreenLogic Energy favorable reviews, expressing pleasure with their services, professionalism, and installation quality. The website periodically posts movies showing off their solar installations, client reviews, and educational articles on sustainable energy. To reach a larger audience, advertisements may sometimes be put on the page. These commercials often promote their products, deals, or forthcoming events. Overall, the Facebook page for GreenLogic Energy does a good job of showcasing their knowledge of renewable energy solutions, interacting with their audience, and advertising their products.GreenLogic Energy's LinkedIn profile is a great resource for learning about the company's background, offerings, and position in the market. A quick introduction describes GreenLogic Energy as a sustainable energy firm that focuses on solar power. The company's dedication to provide green energy options to industrial, commercial, and institutional clients is highlighted. According to their about page, GreenLogic Energy is a startup with 11-50 people. The Southampton, New York headquarters of the corporation is also noted. The page's "Specializations" section details the company's primary offerings. Solar panels, batteries, energy management software, and charging stations for electric cars are all examples. GreenLogic Energy highlights its collaborations with pioneering businesses including Tesla, LG, and Enphase Energy. Current workers of GreenLogic Energy are featured on this page. By showing staff biographies, job descriptions, and professional backgrounds, it provides a glimpse into a company's employees. To sum up, GreenLogic Energy's LinkedIn profile does a good job of showcasing the company's dedication to sustainable energy solutions, its industry collaborations, and the expertise of its employees.
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GreenLogic Energy average reviews

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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews604.9


GreenLogic Energy Pros & Cons

  • Energy Independence
  • Long term investment
  • Government incentives
  • Weather dependency
  • Space Requirements
  • Maintenance and repair

GreenLogic Energy Final Conclusions

Due to its efforts in the field of renewable energy, GreenLogic Energy has developed a remarkable reputation. Numerous pleased clients have applauded the company's emphasis on offering cost-effective solutions and generating considerable monthly energy cost reductions. Many households now have access to attractive, effective solar energy systems because to the utilization of premium solar panels, materials, and installation skills. The professionalism and expertise of GreenLogic Energy's sales and installation crew is one of its best features. However, a number of unfavorable evaluations have been published that highlight GreenLogic Energy's shortcomings. Despite these small drawbacks, GreenLogic Energy has built a solid name for itself in the sector. The business has been successful in assisting many consumers in making the switch to sustainable and renewable energy by concentrating on customer happiness and affordable alternatives. Maintaining your great reputation depends on removing and improving the flaws pointed up in unfavorable evaluations. In general, many happy customers regard GreenLogic Energy to be a trustworthy and competent company that comes highly recommended for its expertise, transparency, and installation quality.

GreenLogic Energy locations

Main Address97 North Sea Road Suite 3, Southampton, NY 11968
Phone Number6317715152

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